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Bloodline : The vow

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A kingdom for a kingdom, a sword for a sword, a kill for a kill, and a vow for a change. A great land Zuk is torn against itself when the two most powerful colonial empires savagely fight head-on to be the last and only standing empire. The Lions and the Hyenas will do anything in their power to gain the land of Zuk however, the two empires have no idea their most cherished royals-Damianos and Zoe- have fallen in love with each other and will stop at nothing to bring peace into Zuk. After the ancestors of both kingdoms send a message on the arrival of the chosen ones -who will fight to gain them Zuk. The two royals Damianos and Zoe take a clandestine vow to stay together forever. But what happens when the consequence of their vow rolls down to the chosen ones who even before birth were sworn enemies and change their destinies. The two chosen ones find love in the most awkward way in a land called Luk. Will love make them betray their bloodlines or will they stand firm and loyal to their life course to kill each other.

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 21

″You keep staring at me″ Shawn said still not breaking away.

″You are doing the same Shawn and I feel uncomfortable when you do that″

″You have to get used to it because I can’t look anywhere else″

Roxanne was about to speak when Madison came from nowhere and pulled her from her seat.

″Madison!″ Roxanne bellowed in surprise.

″Sorry Shawn, I need to talk to Roxanne″ Madison said and left pulling Roxanne along.

* * *

″How did you know his name Madison?″

″Exactly why I am here, I should have never left the two of you alone″

″Is something wrong?″

″I sent an article to your email. You need to read it now″ Looking at Madison, Roxanne pulled out the phone Ms. Megan gave to her and searched for the article. When she found the article, she gave Madison a questioning look and Madison nodded to her to read.

″Shawn Scott arrives in college after his two years away however, two years was not enough for him to mend his ways. Even after Brianna’s confirmation of the two being together, Shawn goes out in pursuit of the newbie in college, her name is still not known but she is a must-see individual. Shawn was seen getting into a cab with the newbie which was quite unusual because he never leaves his forever love, the black jaguar behind. To what extent will Shawn go to get the newbie″ The article was followed by pictures of Shawn and Brianna kissing and Shawn and Roxanne entering a cab.

″What is this?″ Roxanne asked

’What I was trying to tell you. You need to be careful, there is more to the article you can read later. Look, Roxanne, he looks deceiving, don’t let him get to you″

″Brianna, she was the one you were telling me of″

″Yes, he messes around with anyone in a skirt but he comes back to Brianna. She can’t light a candle to you that I will admit but still don’t let him get his way with you. Don’t give him the chance to laugh later with Brianna″ Roxanne hugged Madison tight and thank her.

″What are you going to tell him?″

″I know just what to do″ Roxanne pulled her ring from her hand and handed it over to Madison

″Keep this, I will be right back″

* * *

″Whatever your friend had to say was urgent″ Shawn said after Roxanne took her seat.

″Of course, it was urgent, she can’t watch me make a stupid mistake″ Roxanne spoke relaxed.

″I need you to listen Shawn″ Roxanne said taking Shawn’s hands in hers

″We have four kinds of people. The good and the bad, the living and the dead. That means there is a question we all have to ask ourselves. We are all two of the four. Where do you think you fall?″

″Strange question Goddess, where do you think I fall?″ Shawn asked circling his thumb around her knuckles. She was going to make him pay for making her feel wanted for more than her life course. She closed her eyes and tried to get hold of his mind but then, the voice spoke to her except this time, it carried a different message. ″You can’t hurt a part of yourself. You can’t do it, you will only hurt yourself″ The voice said. She ignored the voice and tightened her grip on Shawn’s hands without knowing she was digging deep into his palm. Gradually she was getting assess to his mind but it all changed when she got to the final step, she had no access to his mind, it was blocked. she had learned to use her powers to control or manipulate people’s minds but nothing of what was happening had occurred before. The voice came to her again. ″Sorry Inferna, I can’t let you do this to him. Sorry but I have to do this″ Roxanne felt weak the moment the voice spoke. The energy she had in her was draining and she felt things darken. ″Shawn″ She tried to call out to Shawn but it was late, her voice was too low to be heard by her herself. Everything around her came crushing down and finally, she lost consciousness. Shawn continuously asked Roxanne what was wrong with her but she was so lost in what she was doing to hear him. She had dug her fingers in his palm and he could feel it. It hurt so bad but he was too concerned about Roxanne to care. She let go of his hand and Shawn swiftly moved to her to find her unconscious.

″Roxanne, speak to me...Goddess″ Shawn did not like the way her unconsciousness made him feel. He scooped her into his arms and went out of the restaurant to find Madison.

″What happened to her? What did you do? ″Madison asked when she saw Shawn approach with Roxanne in his arms.

″I have no idea, she just felt unconscious″ Shawn said. Seeing Roxanne so defenseless in his arms was scaring the hell out of him. It was as if a thousand fires had been set ablaze in him, he had to do something about it soon for her unconsciousness affected him″

″You stay here Shawn, I have to talk to the boss, we need to send her home″ Madison said and quickly left.

To Shawn, it felt it had been a million years since Madison left. He was going crazy and needed to get out of there before he vented his craziness on someone. When he looked down at the Goddess in his arms, he knew he had to leave. He quit waiting for Madison and walked further to find a safe place to teleport them both to his wooden house.

″Let’s look at the brighter side of things, what is Inferna doing here. The fact that my son is Leonidas doesn’t mean the hyena’s chosen one is called Inferna″ Halsey explained

″You are right, we need to look at the brighter side of things. But some part of me already hates her, I feel she is going to change things for Shawn″ Brianna growled.

″If this is going to make you feel better, I will use the power of bound the ancestors gave me over him″

″Really, you will use the power of bound?″

The power of bound, a special power reserved for the lionesses over their male clubs, was meant to be used in special occurrence when a mother felt her male child was on the wrong path and wouldn’t listen to anyone’s advice. It was a bound no one could disrespect. The power was first given to the lionesses by the ancestors when they realized the lions when grown took their mothers as nothing but a passageway for them to see the land, Zuk.

″Yes, we use it during crucial moments and this is one of those moments″

″I’m fully convinced now that you are capable of doing anything for me″

Madison hastened to Roxanne’s home to find Ms. Megan watching television after she came back to get Roxanne only to find out Shawn was nowhere to be found.

″Madison, you two are back already, I can’t wait to ask Roxanne about her first day at... Why are you breathing so heavily Madison?″ Megan asked

″Roxanne, Roxanne, is she in?″ Madison asked

″She fell unconscious″

″ Unconscious! You are not serious are you, Roxanne is too powerful to go unconscious″ Megan blurted out.

″She was talking to this young man and she went unconscious. He had her in his arms and I told him to wait but he did not. When I came back, he was gone″

″A young man″ Megan’s heart skipped a beat after she heard Madison.

″She gave me this ring″ Megan snatched the ring from Madison the moment she showed it to her.

″What is wrong with Roxanne? She is not supposed to take this ring off. I will be in serious trouble if she puts up with this behavior. She already acts strangely after she went missing. Madison, thanks a lot, there is no need to worry she will turn up″

″We need to find her″

″She will turn up, nothing will happen to her″ Megan led Madison to the door and shut it close after Madison left. She studied the ring in her hand with absolute fear. She had promised Achilleas Roxanne was not going to take it off. She knew she had to find Roxanne before the worse happened.

He sat beside her for hours but there was no improvement or reaction from her, she was still asleep. Darkness had approached and he was compiled to work with his weakness- fear- to bring light into the room. He heard a gruff from Roxanne and slouched beside her. Immediately he placed his hand on her forehead, the most beautiful hazel eyes stared up at him.

″Hey, I missed those eyes″ Shawn rustled. She kept staring at him stiffly and looked around her.

″How did I get here again?″ Roxanne asked

″You feel unconscious″

″Unconscious, are you crazy, I can’t fall unconscious″

″Then how do you think I got you here. I hope you don’t think I kidnapped you″

″It is now crystal clear that being close you only spells out trouble″ She said looking anywhere but at him. She sat up and pulled the blanket away giving it to Shawn.

″You must be hungry, I got something for you″

″I don’t want anything from you″

″You need to eat, that is if you don’t want me to carry you home. You need your strength″

″You don’t know me, Shawn. Stop showing fake concerns″ She said standing up

″I’m not showing fake concern Goddess...″

″Can you stop calling me that. I am not one″

″Look, I don’t know why I care about you but that does not matter, what matters is that I care″ Shawn moved to a cupboard and brought out the meal he had for her.

″You need to eat Goddess, I understand why you are angry at me but you can’t take it out on yourself″ Shawn said moving back to her.

″What is in there″

″Meat, what else″

Roxanne snatched the bag of meat from Shawn and left the wooden crib.

″I still don’t want you close to me″

″I will stay in here, you sit at the fireside to keep warm″

Megan still wondered around with the ring in her hand looking towards the direction of the door now and then. She was going to ban Roxanne from coming late at night after putting her to task. What worried her the most was what Madison said to her. She looked at the ring again and remembered when Roxanne was a little girl. Achilleas and her had gone to the guru to enquire about the vermillion ring.


″This is a great ring King″ The guru said

″The late Nepheli handed it to me. She said it would tame the Chosen one but I feel there is more to this ring″ Achilleas said.

″It is close to an amulet. It is for protection King″ The guru said.

″Protection from what?″ Megan asked

″Inferna″ The guru answered

″What has the late Inferna got to do with my daughter?″ Achilleas asked.

″Isn’t it strange the ancestors wanted us to name your daughter after Inferna. I knew from the start that something was wrong. Inferna proclaimed unrest until she had her revenge when she was dying″ The guru said

″So?″ Megan said.

″The late Inferna might be lingering around Inferna, She can think for Inferna when she is around her. As long as Inferna has this ring on when she is all grown up, the late Inferna will stay away″ The guru said

″I heard the late Inferna was not going to come back until someone orchestrated it″ Megan said

″You are right, If the late Inferna is around, it means someone might have called upon her soul to rise which will be bad″ The guru said

″She has to keep the ring on so she won’t be violent but most importantly, so the late Inferna won’t manipulate her″ the guru said

″Manipulate her in what way?″ Achilleas asked

″The late Inferna can go far with her revenge, she can make our Inferna follow in her footsteps and...″

″Don’t say that guru, that will never happen. Inferna is going to bring the lions to us″ Achilleas cut the guru short.

″But remember, there is nothing to fear if no one made a mistake in the past. Gaja, the love guru is far from reach, he might be dead. He is the only one who can help bring the late Inferna back and as long as no one has made contact with him, everything is okay″ the guru assured.


Megan became at ease knowing no one had contacted Gaja in the past. Roxanne leaving the ring behind would have no serious consequence. She moved to Roxanne’s room and placed her ring beside her bed cabinet hoping Roxanne was going to return on time.

″How was it?″ Shawn asked standing far and behind Roxanne.

″The nicest thing I have tried in Luk″ Roxanne confessed and moved to him.



″Too bad, would you like to know the best thing I have tasted in Luk″

″What is it?″

″You, it’s a shame the nicest thing you have tried in Luk is meat.″

″You are good at sweet-talking″ Roxanne moved into the crib and sat on a chair close to the cupboard.

″How can I sweet talk you when I can’t even think. You need to think to form wooing words″ Shawn picked the blanket and squat in front of Roxanne.

″I was serious when I said the best thing I have tasted was you my naïve Goddess″ He said staring at her

″Don’t look at me that way with those ocean eyes″ She took the blanket and wrapped it around her shoulder

″Ocean eyes, where did that one come from?″ Roxanne moved away from him to escape his question. That was supposed to be the name she had for him which she only knew. What a big mistake.

″Ocean eyes, I am still waiting for an answer″ He said moving slowly behind her.

″Do you think you are the only one who gives names″

″I love it″ He whispered in her ear. This time, he was so close she could feel the pressure build-up.

″I won’t be a pawn″ She managed to say.

″Who said you are?″

″Your actions″

″I’m sorry for what you saw today″

″I hate you. I hate you because you made me feel wanted and you took it away″

″I’m sorry″ He said still close behind her. She closed her eyes to drown herself in the pull he had on her. She wanted to not forgive him but it felt her own survival was dependent on her forgiveness. She wanted him far for he had a stronghold on her but she also wanted him close because that was the only time she felt alive. The voice came back to her ″You won’t be able to resist it for long. It will eventually happen. You might as well get it done with.″ The voice said

″I. Want. You. Out. Of. My. System″ She slowly said and turned to him


″I think I am fed up with thinking of you doing unspeakable things to me.″ She whispered to him

″What does that mean″

″This night, I want everything to end. I. Want. To. Feel″ She whispered into his ear on tiptoes.

″You don’t know what you want″ Shawn said trying not to give in. Only he knew how she made him feel and somehow she was right. This had to end and if it meant getting out of each other’s system then that it had to be done.

″And you know what I want. Don’t be ridiculous, you barely know me″

″I feel I have known you from a past life. We are not strangers Goddess, that I am certain of″

″Let’s continue from where we took off the last time and tonight we end it. Send me anywhere just make sure it is filled with euphoria and indeed what I read in those books″

″I still don’t know what was in those books″

″The night won’t wait for us. Let’s end this misery″

″Careful what you wish for″

″What I wish for, you are everywhere, in my head, around me and when I fall into sleep you are there, what is there to wish for when it has already been...″ Shawn turned her before she could finish.

″Stand still″ Shawn said slowly moving his hands from her waist upwards.

″You might want to close your eyes″ He rustled into her ear. He caressed the back of her neck and moved to the zip of her gown.

″Are you sure?″ He whispered again as he pulled her zip down. She nodded not knowing what else to say. The adrenaline, her pulse quickened... ″I am an animal″ he confessed. ″ And who said I’m not″ She managed to say. Shawn smirked and slowly pulled the dress down her shoulder, he pulled it down her arms until the gown fell to the gown. ″But I won’t be that tonight Goddess. I am going to worship you″ He could as well strangle her, he kept moving his cold fingers around her back and she closed her eyes, how could he get to her with just the traces of his fingers on her skin. He moved his hand to her hair and released the band she used to tie it making her silky copper hair fall to her back. He moved her hair to rest at one side of her shoulder and connected his lips to the back of her neck. She could no longer stand without support, she leaned into him and he held her waist. He trailed his kisses down her back and he moved down till he got to her pant. He slipped two fingers at the band and turned to look at her for consent. She looked down at him and nodded. Still looking at her he held the band and tore it with one stretch. He stood and moved in front of her. ″You are more than beautiful both inside and out″ She was about to speak but was caught off guard when he took her and sat her on a chair. He once again squatted beside her and removed her glasses. He traced her lower lip line with his thumb and she immediately melted to his touch. ″Ever feeling I felt when we kissed last week was real, I would do anything to relive that moment and more″ His voice carried so much passion, she got drunk upon hearing it. She was under his spell and she did not know if what they were about to do would redeem them both but all she knew was, she would go mad the next day if he did not have his hands on her skin, his lips on hers...″ Let’s live this while it lasts″ She whispered. He took her left leg and slowly pulled her stockings down as he caressed them. He did the same to the other and placed them nicely on the hand of the chair. He looked up at her breast which was still in her bra and contemplated unhooking or destroying it. He finally decided and held the straps at the shoulders tearing them. Roxanne covered her breasts the moment her bra fell off but he pulled her hands away. ″Don’t be greedy, I won’t see them forever″ He said and stood to watch her Seeing her naked made him realized he had never seen a Goddess in the flesh until he saw you. ″You are the only Goddess in my eyes″ he whispered. ″Your ocean eyes″ She corrected. He kissed her and scooped her into his arms into the bed. She tilted her head as he slowly kissed her, slowly tasted her. ″Are you sure?″ he asked again breaking the kiss and leaning his forehead on hers ″We don’t have all night″ She answered. She held on to the back of his hair and he kissed her intensely. Their tongues linked sending messages worlds could not send to each other. He moved his hand from under her and moved it beneath her. He moved deeper into her like a hungry animal and she knew his hunger was ready to put away his starvation as well as hers. Their tongues played with each other harder and harder until the breath in them was gone, they no longer breathed oxygen but passion and each other, all they needed was each other. His lips were soft of hers, caring, gentle but savage. ″Want me″ She said when she caught her breath. He continued to kiss her but traced his index finger down her neck until he got to her chest. Still deepening the kiss, he caressed her breast-so soft. ″ I guess I’m the first?″ he asked. ″Yes″ She answered quickly and kissed him. ″You do not know how happy that makes me.″ He whispered into her ear and licked it. He tasted her ear down to her neck then her collar bone. He licked his way through her collar bone and ceased her other breast in his hand. A groan escaped her and she held tight to Shawn’s hair. He leaned deeper into her on the bed and slipped his hand in between her legs. She was so sensitive to his touch that she burst into a thousand pieces that moment. ″Careful″ She whispered. ″Hurting you will be equivalent to hurting me, you are in my arms, I promise it’s the safest place″ He whispered. ″I know″ She smiled. He knelt with both knees on either side of her legs and took off his shirt. Her jaw fell open the moment she saw him. There was no way this body belonged to a young adult like him. He leaned down to kiss her neck and moved back to her mouth. ″You are beautiful too″ She said when he broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. She passed her hand down his chest to his hip bone. ″I want to kiss you there″ She said pointing to his chest. ″No need to ask, the night is growing old″ She kissed his chest and it tasted like salt and lust blended. Her hand found his pants and she helped him undo them smiling up at him. His hand found its way back to her thigh and he slowly caressed and moved his hand to her clit, a shiver run down her spine and thousands of emotions run through her at the same time. She couldn’t take it any longer. She tightened the grip on his back as she could no longer suppress the way he made her feel. ″Please″ she moaned when she couldn’t take it anymore, he kept caressing her clit looking closely at her. ″I want you″ She pleaded. ″I know″ he whispered into her ear and kissed her again. ″I want you too″ he continued. ″But before that, I want to see you all over, worship you, please you, make sure you want me to the breaking point, I want you to feel the intensity of my need for you from the very first day but most of all, I want you to feel″ he said and bit her nose slightly. ″Your eyes. they are different″ Roxanne said and smiled. ″That is the effect you have on me″ He kissed her forehead and moved down to her thigh. He kissed her thigh upwards until he got to her sex. ″You are perfect Goddess, anyone will kill to have you this way, I want to magnify you like the Goddess you are″ he removed her legs from his waist and placed them on his shoulder. She used her legs to bring him closer as he kissed her sex. She held on to the bedsheet when his tongue circled her clit and he began to suck. She moved her head back in ecstasy as she tried to endure the mystic things he did to her. she pressed her legs to his back as he sucked her. He caressed her breast as he sucked her and she kept holding tight to the sheets she did not realize she was tearing it. He made her body feel new, feel older, and on edge. A moan escaped her and he let her go. She immediately moved her legs down and she looked at him, how could he leave her so frustrated with pleasure. ″You can’t just stop″ She cried. He got off the bed licking his lips and pulled his pants off. ″I can’t be that wicked″ he said. She took her time to examine him before he crawled back to her and her eyes got stuck when she got to his groin. ″ It won’t bite you know.″ He said when he saw her expression. She only looked at him and nodded, lost for words. He crawled back to her side and kissed her again. ″I will go slow″ He said. He was hard the moment he had her in his arms the afternoon but he had to be patient and here he was completely naked with her, skin to skin and nothing else. ″This is going to hurt a little″ He said. ″Kiss me, don’t make me realize it hurt″ she whispered. Their tongues lingered across each other’s as Shawn slowly moved into her entrance. ″It will only hurt for a few seconds he said as he stretched her, opened her, moved slowly into her. She began to pant slowly as she invited something new into her, he moved slower when she made her face in a grim and felt something, ‘that must be it’ he said to himself when he pushed through something in her. A sharp pain moved through her and she gave out a pang of pain. ″Easy, it is over″ He assured her, waited for a moment, and thrust into her at a slow pace. She nodded in agreement and smiled, it was over and he was making her feel. She moaned as he moved in and out of her accelerating the pace gradually. She closed her eyes but he ordered her to open them and look straight at him and she did. Her Vargina contracted against his cock as he moved deeper into her thrusting in and out trying his best to not act like the animal he was and give her an awful feeling. They both looked into each other’s eyes when he quickened the pace and she moaned with every thrust. The pleasure kept building up between them and Shawn kissed her. ″ I have never felt like this″ he confessed when his emotions begun to get the better of him. Shawn quickened the pace when he felt his cum at the end of his cock. The pressure kept building and building, Roxanne could no longer look at him but move her head back and moan as she dug her nails in his back. ″come with me″ As if her body was waiting on his words, they both came undone and Shawn collapsed on Roxanne as his Cum spilled into her. He had nothing to lose since he was from a different planet, spilling inside her would have no consequences. They both fell silent for what seemed like a long time catching their breath as they gazed at each other. They were both sweaty and utopic to understand what had just happened. Shawn lied beside her silently as he tried to understand the situation. How could she make him feel like he was doing this for the first time and how was he going to let her go now? he wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead and sighed moving his hand to wrap her. She gave in to his demand and moved closer to him placing her head on his chest. What she read in the books she found back in Zuk was a complete lie, what she felt passed the qualification to be written in a book, what just happened was just unexplainable. Undocumentable. What was she supposed to do now, she wanted to feel, get him out of her system but how was this supposed to help. In the books she read, there was no newfound feeling, it was just the act and it made her curious, but what she just felt made her wanton, she felt like a bag of aroused hormones still wanting more.

″How is this supposed to help us?″ Shawn asked as he brushed his hand through her hair. She said nothing and moved closer to him.

″I don’t think I can let you go now. How was this supposed to get us out of each other’s system?″ He asked again.

″Just hold me, Shawn, I still think I’m in a dream″ Shawn kissed her temple and moved his hand from her hair, and placed it under her chin making her look up at him.

″This isn’t over Goddess, I am never letting you go now. Whether the night grows old or not″

″What about Brianna″

″I will take care of her, there is no need to be worried″

″I’m not worried. I know the nature of people and I love to win a fight, I just don’t like it when it involves a third person and that is you. I want to be certain in everything and now only you can make me certain″

″I don’t want you to think for once that I am using you. I am yours as you are mine″ He said and kissed her.

″Ocean eyes″

″Are you going to be calling me that?″

″I thought you said you did not care″

″Of course, I don’t, that is if you are the only one using it″

″You told me you were going to tell me the name of the place the next time I come here″

″Do you really want to know?″

″I wouldn’t ask if I did not want to″


″Mmm″ she responded to her name.

″No, I’m not calling you, I mean the name of the place is Roxanne″ He laughed

″May I know what or who inspired the name?″ Roxanne said smiling at him

″I will tell you the next time you come to Roxanne″

″You do have some pride. You think I will come back here″

″Oh, I know you will come back here. I will drag you here myself if you don’t″

″You won’t″ She said and moved on top of him.

″Dare me″ Roxanne brushed away his ego and laid on him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her again.

″You are in deep trouble Goddess. We will be coming here quite often″

″I am looking forward to it, Ocean eyes″

″The nice things in life are ephemeral″ Shawn whispered.

″Too bad I can’t talk about life″

″Why can’t you?″

″Because I am now experiencing it. With you″ Shawn took Roxanne’s mouth in his assuring her that she had not seen much of life, the best part was yet to come but what they did not know was their every attraction had its consequences back in Zuk. They had no idea their insatiable longing for each other was a curse to their homeland and the worse was, they had no idea they were sleeping with the enemy, longing for the enemy, craving for the enemy when their destinies were to hate each other, destroy each other and kill each other. The beginning of the end of Leonidas and Inferna II.

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