Bloodline : The vow

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A kingdom for a kingdom, a sword for a sword, a kill for a kill, and a vow for a change. A great land Zuk is torn against itself when the two most powerful colonial empires savagely fight head-on to be the last and only standing empire. The Lions and the Hyenas will do anything in their power to gain the land of Zuk however, the two empires have no idea their most cherished royals-Damianos and Zoe- have fallen in love with each other and will stop at nothing to bring peace into Zuk. After the ancestors of both kingdoms send a message on the arrival of the chosen ones -who will fight to gain them Zuk. The two royals Damianos and Zoe take a clandestine vow to stay together forever. But what happens when the consequence of their vow rolls down to the chosen ones who even before birth were sworn enemies and change their destinies. The two chosen ones find love in the most awkward way in a land called Luk. Will love make them betray their bloodlines or will they stand firm and loyal to their life course to kill each other.

Fantasy / Romance
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“Are you sure you want to do this?” Gaja asked trying to raise consciousness in the royals before him.

“Never in our entire lives have we been this sure” They proclaimed in unison. They both still couldn’t believe they were finally going to achieve their longtime dream. They looked into each other’s eyes as if searching for some iota of doubt. After some few minutes, Damianos broke the silence taking Zoe’s hand, he moved to the priest.

“I hope you both know what you are about to do?” Gaja asked cautiously. He had no intentions of being an obstacle for fate’s cause but he wanted them to know through his repeated questions that life was not always black and white.

“My hands are tied. It’s my duty to grant you your wish” he continued after he saw the tenaciousness in their reaction to his question.

“Then do what you are supposed to do and stop acting as if you have been constrained” Zoe muttered out.

“Yes, princess Zoe” Gaja said gasping

“Are you ready my light?” Damianos asked Zoe as he led her to the circle.

“Yes! Dami. It’s high time the two leagues stopped their perpetual raging war” she blurted out as they moved in a twirl making sure to not break their eye contact.

“Then let’s put the past war to rest” Damianos shrieked. They were both brought back to reality when Gaja cleared his throat.

“Let’s prepare the ritual for the vow” Gaja shrieked as he turned away from the two love birds who were oblivious of what was going to hit them hard when they were not looking.

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