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Bloodline : The vow

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Chapter 22

Brianna rushed to Shawn’s house after she read the college article about them both, she was blood fuming and on top of it Shawn is nowhere to be found.

″He hasn’t been himself since we came back. He has been on and off″ Halsey said after she received Brianna into her home.

″It is late Halsey, where could he be. This stupid article will ruin my name in college″ Brianna fumed.

″His phone is off. What about his friends, have you contacted them?″ Halsey asked.

″No, they are all not reachable″ Brianna answered.

″Why don’t we go over to their place, I can bound him there when I get him alone″

″I can’t believe you will do this for me but Shawn is my problem now, you stay, I will go over to his friends″ Brianna hugged Halsey and left.

Megan woke up when she heard a knock on the door, she had fallen asleep waiting for Roxanne. She stood up from the couch to the door ready to put Roxanne to task but was disappointed when she saw Madison.

″Madison, it’s you″ She blurted.

″Is Roxanne back?, I’ve tried to call her but she is not answering her phone″ Madison said.

″No, I did not even realize when I fell asleep″

″Shawn, I have to find Shawn. He might be with his friend″

″What are you saying?″

″Ms. Megan, the guy who had Roxanne when she fell unconscious, I have to find him″

″I will come with you Madison, it’s too late, it’s almost ten O’clock already″

″One of us has to be here when in case Roxanne shows up. I will go find Shawn while you wait here. Then you can call me if she comes back″

″You are right. You go″ Megan took Madison’s hands in hers and smiled

″Thanks for helping dear, Roxanne could have never found a better friend″

″Come on Ms. Megan, this is what friends are for″

″She hasn’t known you for long but you are the only worthy friend here″

″Thanks but talking won’t bring her back will it? I will have to leave now″ When Madison left, Megan rushed back to Roxanne’s room to find some clues that led to the guy Madison spoke of but found none, she then moved back to the couch hoping Roxanne had not made any stupid move.

″Shawn, he will be nothing but trouble. I have to enquire about him. I need to know where he is from, can’t trust anyone right now″ She whispered to herself.

Lewis led the five girls out of the house he shared with the squad. The last one looked completely annoyed and pissed off.

″Alice, I am really sorry, Shawn is nowhere to be found. It’s not my fault you did not have fun tonight″ Lewis said.

″Do you think it’s nice to sit idle and listen to the soundtracks of people’s pleasure screams″ Alice growled.

″That is what you get if you are in for the toughest one but you are indeed a snake, you want to have a one-night stand with the boyfriend of your best friend. That is so hypocritical. ″ Lewis scorned

″You are no one to judge me so shut up and mind your business″

″Everything in here is my business and even if Shawn was here I don’t think he would have slept with you″

″Funny you, everyone knows how unscrupulous Shawn is. He will do anything to get under a girl’s skirt, don’t tell me he had a formidable two years away trip because two years changes nothing. I think he is flirting with the ’All hail supernatural newbie in college″

″You might be wrong there Alice, It’s been two weeks since he came and I can assure you I have not seen him with anyone″

″Don’t make me laugh my heart out, I’m sure as we speak he is having hot time sex with someone he will probably forget tomorrow″

″You have to leave, it’s late and the other guys are asleep already″ Alice gave Lewis an annoying look and took off. Just when Lewis got ready to sleep, there was another knock on the door. Angrily, Lewis opened the door to find a familiar face.

″Who are you, I’ve seen you somewhere?″ He asked. Madison pushed Lewis aside and moved inside the house which smelled like sex. She began to call out Roxanne’s name which woke Lewis’s other friends.

″Hey! what is wrong with you″ Lewis said as he ceased her bicep.

″Let go of me, Roxanne!″ Madison called out once again. Travis and the remaining squad came out to find the source of the noise.

″What is going on here?″ Alec asked rubbing his eyes. Madison looked at them, they were shirtless but had pajama pants on however Shawn was not part of them.

″Where is the other one?″ Madison asked

″Who are you talking of, are you crazy or what Madison?″ Travis said

″Where is Shawn?″ She asked again

″Shawn is not here, did you come all the way to wake us up with your madness″ Zedd asked annoyed

″I’m sure she has her pant with him and she desperately needs it back. Did your mama realize you lost one of your pants?″ Travis mocked and they all laughed except Lewis.

″Travis!, your mockeries are just too much. Shawn always tells you″ Lewis said

″I don’t need you to defend me″ Madison said

″I’m here for Shawn, he has Roxanne″ Everyone’s attention came to Madison when she mentioned Roxanne.

″Roxanne?″ Alec asked

″Didn’t you read the article from the college gossip, he was found getting into a cab with her″ Zedd said

″It’s very late girl, you won’t find Shawn″ Lewis said

″I’m not leaving till he shows his face and he better behave with her. If he lays a hand on her in her unconscious state, I will kill him″ Madison growled.

″Your loss girl, if this will make you feel better, Shawn is out late with a girl and no one knows where they are, your loss Madison, the worse has already happened″ Travis laughed.

″You know what Travis, you are aggravating the situation you better shut your vulgar mouth″ Madison warned.

″You are welcome to stay then. I can bring you a pillow so you can sleep on the couch that is if you want to leave the same way you came tomorrow but if you don’t want that, my bed is available. It’s big for too and I assure you it is still cozy″ Travis mocked. Madison was about to say something when someone shouted Shawn’s name. Brianna walked into the house without knocking and demanded to see Shawn.

″We need popcorn here guys, things are about to get way more interesting″ Travis said and sprawled on the couch.

″Madison, what are you doing here? oh, it’s obvious, you are here to get laid″ Brianna snarled when she saw Madison.

″I’m not like you Brianna″ Madison reminded her.

″She is here for the same purpose Brianna″ Alec said and also sat on the couch.

″Why would you want to see my boyfriend?″ Brianna asked

″Your boyfriend you say, you don’t even know where he is. He has my friend Roxanne and you have to pray that he does not touch her because I will destroy that face of his that draws everyone to him″ Madison growled.

″What! he is with the newbie? That can’t be true, it is late he might be heading home by now″ Brianna said with her voice trembling.

″You look grim, what are you scared of Brianna, I heard you were always completely satisfied knowing your boyfriend was a man whore. You have nothing to lose here or are you scared″ Madison muttered.

″Scared of what?″ Brianna asked

″Stop acting dumb. I’m talking of Roxanne. I’m sure you have heard of her by now. She is the kind of girl you don’t even turn to look at because your eyes are always set on her once she is in view″ Madison said.

″Well I am not scared, I have nothing to lose″

″You do have something to lose here Brianna, get that Casanova of your away from Roxanne because if you don’t soon Shawn is going to forget there is someone called Brianna...″

″SHUT UP!″ Brianna yelled

″You two should fight somewhere else″ Lewis said

″Kill joy, let them stay and be at each other’s throats. It is always exciting to see girls fight over a guy who does not even remember they exist. I’m tired, I’m off to bed″ Travis mocked and left.

″I have nothing to do here″ Madison muttered.

″It will be difficult to get a cab by this time, I can send you home if you want″ Lewis said to Madison.

″No Lewis, I want to get home the same way I came here″ Madison said and left.

″Tell Shawn he has some explaining to do if you see him″ Brianna growled and left.

″Finally, some peace of mind″ Lewis said and locked the door. He followed the squad and left to bed.

It was still dark when she heard something beat fast against her ear. Was it all a dream? Was what she had experienced the night before true? There was only one way to find out. She raised her head to find her Ocean eyes still deep in sleep, she fell asleep on top of him with her head on his chest. She was about to move but realized he held her tight in his sleep. She seized the opportunity to scrutinize the erotic body beneath her. She moved her hand over his chest gently and kissed his nipple. She moved her hand between their bodies and felt his abs, he was a beautiful but muscular man and the display beneath his groin was a must-see. They had made love the night before and now his heartbeat woke her, she knew she could never get used to this. She felt his hands move down her back and knew she had woken him.

″Wake me up″ Roxanne muttered as she rested her chin on his chest.

″You are awake″ Shawn said as he tugged her hair behind her ear.

″No, I’m still in a dream″ She insisted

″This is reality to the core″ He whispered

″Mmm reality to the core″ She repeated and placed her head back on his chest.

″Sleeping on you is better than sleeping on the softest bed″ She continued

″Have you ever dreamt of the same thing twice?″ Shawn asked circling her ear with his fingers.

″No, is that even possible?″

″It is possible, I can prove it to you″


″By taking off where we ended last night″

″Mmm, I think we have something in common, I was thinking the same thing″

″I don’t know if you feel it too but I feel whole, I feel you were what I was missing all along. Damn it! I need you, Goddess, I wish the sun never shines so we could be here and I can have you all to myself. I’m stuck with you, I can feel it. You being here is like the switch of my life has just been flickered on and I’m functioning as I always should because there is current flowing through me, this, what I feel, it’s an unbreakable chemistry, I don’t know what to do with...″


Roxanne kissed him before he could say any more ″Show me how you need me, I don’t need words″ She whispered. He took control of the kiss and it felt better than the first, every kiss set its new record, their tongues collided sending shivers down their spines. Still naked, he moved his hand to her buttocks and caressed her. She was so soft and pure and he was the first to defy her, take control of her body, show her he knew her body better than her by driving her crazy and he had every intention of making it stay that way though he did not know why he was so tied to her. He kissed her greedily and turned her beneath him as he kissed his way down her body. His lips were doing things to her, his tongue on her skin was electrifying her to moan to an unfrequented pitch. The way he touched her, as if she was so fragile yet firm, the rhapsody attached to his touch, he could make her quiver with a brush of his fingers. He spread her legs open as he moved further down to her belly button and twirled his tongue around it. ″I’m going to drive you wild with lust″ He said softly as he gazed between her opened legs. Roxanne was too maddened in the pleasure to make out what he said. He first kissed her sex and felt her tremble, knowing he drove her wild drove him wilder. He licked her sex again and she looked down at him with her mouth opened, not able to utter a word but just gasping sounds. He continuously sucked her and she held tight to the pillow her head rested on. When she could take it no more, she locked her legs together behind his back and moaned his name. He reached out for her hands and she obeyed putting hers in his. He trailed kisses back to her mouth silencing her moans and released his hands from hers. A groan escaped her when he slipped his finger inside her. If his mouth and fingers could make a lady trained for war so helpless and defeated she could just imagine what his cock could do to her again. ″No please″ she whispered when he pulled his fingers out. ″I told you I was not wicked. You are so fucking wet and I want to taste it all″ He whispered and placed the fingers he inserted into her into his mouth. She pleaded with her eyes for him to end her misery but he was too indulged in tasting her to give in to her plea. ″You taste like the delicacy Luk has tried ceaselessly and endlessly to find, you taste perfect, you taste just like you. Want to try?″ She nodded quickly wanting him inside her once again and he moved his finger inside her. When he pulled out, there was blood on his finger and he licked it off. ″A virgin and all mine″ he said and kissed her again. ″Tell me you are mine″ He said still kissing her. ″Yes, I’m your″ She assured. He raised himself still kissing her and put both of her hands above her head. ″Stay this way, don’t try to move your hands″ He ordered. ″What if I do?″ He looked at her for some time and grinned. ″This is your first time Goddess, I am trying my best to not be an animal with you, don’t let me throw that down the window. Don’t ever think about disobeying me when I am on top of you, you wouldn’t like it″ He whispered devilishly in her ears and kissed it. Even his orders made her wetter than she was, he moved two fingers in and out of her again and she embraced the feelings that begun to climax. She wanted to feel him, she wanted to hold his to know he was really there but he had ordered her. He pulled his fingers out again and brought it to her lips ″lick my fingers, taste yourself″ She immediately heeded his command and sucked his finger, he closed his eyes when her tongue rolled around his fingers and pulled them out quickly before he lost himself to her completely. ″You are a greedy one″ he said and tapped her nose with his finger. ″I wanted to taste as well, you have you for yourself all the time. How was it?″. ″Don’t know how it tasted to you but it tasted better on your fingers″ She confessed. ″It had access to your tongue because of me, I’m the reason you are this wet and I want it to stay that way. Don’t ever touch yourself until I say otherwise″ He said. ″ Touch my self, I have never touched myself″ She assured him once again. ″Good″ He said and kissed his way down to her nipple. He moved his tongue around one nipple and sucked as he caressed the other and all she could do was move her head back in pleasure and try not to move her hands. His erection hit her thigh as he directed it to her opening and she stiffened her hands. He slowly moved into her and rocked them both slowly. Being inside her was so right and bursting. He moved his head back as he rocked harder and faster and her moans heightened with the rhythms of his thrust. The faster he thrust the more they moved to the peak. Roxanne tried to subdue her feeling but it was too much the pleasure was rushing through her and it was too much to keep to herself, she finally moaned his name breaking into tears with they both completely lost themselves in the feeling of reaching their climax. ″Hey! don’t do this to me″ Shawn uttered softly and soothingly and he licked her tears. ″This is too much, it makes me want to cry″ She confessed. ″Don’t ever dare cry in my arms, I hate your tears, whether it is of pleasure or pain don’t cry them out. I won’t be able to forgive myself″ He warned but in a calming tone. ″Something tells me what we have is bad but it feels so good, it feels so right to have you inside me, it feels so right when your lips touch mine, tell me how to blend the feeling″ Roxanne said and he slowly pulled out of her, his cum moved down her thigh in access and he wiped it with the sheet. ″You can only choose one feeling Goddess, I feel the same too but I choose the one that wants me with you, I was not certain from the get-go but now I am sure of it. I think you stole my lines, I was supposed to say that″ They both laughed and Shawn cupped her face in his hands. ″I want every inch of you. You are a masterpiece, flawless. I should have done something right in my life to have you under me″ He kissed her again and surveyed every inch of her body with his touch and she made him defile her endlessly. They had become too intimate to let go and they had no idea their lives were taking a turn. They had made a commitment none of them would be able to escape and they were now one. One in flesh and blood. Though they knew no pain, they were going to feel each other’s emotions from now and their deepest darkest pain. While Roxanne slowly and subtlety lost her powers to Shawn, Shawn gained more and more without knowing and soon, they would have to face the reality of their forbidden passion. An emotional resonance.

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