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Something Wicked

Chapter 10


Valen carefully extricated himself from around Ellie and stood, hoping to allow her to sleep for just a little longer. At some point they’d made it into the bedroom. They hadn’t talked much, but he wasn’t concerned. They had the rest of their long lives to delve deeper into the meanings of what it was to be a wolf. As he moved into the living room, trying to be as quiet as possible, he heard her stir.

“Bring food.” She grumbled after him before burrowing deeper into the covers. He smiled. “And check on the kids.” She added, without moving.

Valen intended to go upstairs first, checking that the kids were secure, before swinging through the kitchen and then going back to Ellie. Today was Saturday and therefore no one had anything pressing that should concern him at the moment. He wanted to spend the day with Ellie, locked in his room and, if they had time, perhaps go into more detail about all she needed to know about her new abilities. Only if they had time.

All of those plans came to a stuttered halt when he closed the door behind him and turned to face Evie, Jonah, Anabelle, and Tommy all lined up outside the door.

“Is my mom awake?” Evie asked. Valen glanced behind him at the now closed door.

“She can be. Do you need her?” Evie glanced at her comrades before grabbing Valen’s hand and leading him down the hallway, the entourage following.

“Nope. I need you.” She stated matter-of-factly. Bemused, now, Valen followed docilely as she led him all the way through the house and to the room she was now sharing with Anabelle. As the others filed in behind them, Evie closed the door and the four of them turned as one to face him, their expressions fierce.

Evie glanced at her companions expectantly, “Anyone want to go first?” It appeared she’d lost some of her nerve now that he was actually here.

Anabelle sighed. “Look, I’m sure you’re a great guy, but you’re still a guy. Aunt Ellie’s really the only family we have left, don’t hurt her.” The drastic measures that would need to be taken if such a thing occurred were evidently implied.

Valen held his hands up in surrender, trying to hide his amusement behind an innocent expression. “I can assure you, hurting her is furthest from my intentions.” He placed one hand over his heart. “You have my word.”

Both girls rolled their eyes at the admitted overkill but Jonah went one step further. He stepped forward and beckoned Valen down to his level. Once they were eye to eye, he took his seven-year-old finger and jabbed it into Valen’s chest.

“Not so much as a tear.” He stated fiercely. Valen’s wolf rose to the surface and he allowed his eyes to show green.

On our life. The wolf vowed. Rather than cowering or even breaking eye contact, Jonah stared at him for a few moments more before nodding and stepping away.

Hmmm, that usually has more of an effect. Valen mused. His wolf was silent but Valen had the impression he was contemplating their young friend.

* * *

He exited the girls’ room to find Tyson chuckling to himself in the hallway.

“You cannot possibly need me.” He groaned. Tyson shrugged.

“I’ve been trying to locate the SUV we saw leaving with Eric.” Valen’s wolf growled at the mention of the name.

“I’m assuming you haven’t had any luck?”

“Actually, too much luck. That make, model, and color had over two hundred sales this year alone.” Tyson shook his head. “It’s like finding a needle in a sea of needles. They all look the same without something more to distinguish the one we’re after.”

“Well, I’m hoping it was the only one with a homicidal maniac inside.” Tyson rolled his eyes but didn’t comment further. Valen sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “What else can we use?” He asked. Tyson shrugged.

“Nothing, unless Ellie remembers something else about that car.”

Something is wrong. Right on cue, her voice sounded in his head. She was picking up on he and his wolf’s emotions through the mate bond. Valen took a deep breath to calm his rising helplessness. Can I help?

Perhaps. We’ll discuss it. He felt her satisfaction with the answer and turned his attention back to his Beta just as the door behind him opened a fraction of an inch and Anabelle’s eye peaked through the crack.

“I heard you talking….about…” She didn’t seem to be able to finish the sentence. Tyson’s expression softened immediately and he knelt down, beckoning Anabelle forward. To Valen’s slight surprise, she complied, opening the door fully and exiting the room. She stopped in front of the door, however. “I can help.” She stated, still staring at Tyson, who nodded encouragingly.

“What did you see?” He asked gently. Anabelle closed her eyes for a second. Behind her, the door opened again and Evie stepped out before closing it, leaving the two boys inside. She stepped up to Anabelle and held her hand out, which the other girl accepted before opening her eyes again and nodding.

“I saw the license plate.” She stated simply. She then rattled off the plate number. Valen glanced at Tyson with a raised eyebrow. He looked from one of them to the other before jumping back to a standing position.

“Right! On it!” He stated before rushing back down the hall. Valen smiled at the girls.

“Thank you, Anabelle, that was very brave of you.” He stated, Anabelle nodded and Evie squeezed her hand before smiling appreciatively at Valen. He left the girls and was heading back to Ellie when her voice sounded in his head again, this time tinged with amusement.

Food…He laughed out loud before swinging back through the kitchen, finally arriving back at his (their?) room several minutes later. When he entered the room, Ellie was standing in the living room examining his book shelves wearing nothing but his shirt from the night before. He froze, unable to move forward further as he marveled at her from across the room.

^ ^ ^


I heard the door and knew Valen had re-entered the room so I continued my inspection of his library. It ran the gamut from fiction to history and back again. When Valen neither entered further into the room nor said anything, however, I turned to face him.

“What?” I asked, semi-self-conscious as he stared at me from the doorway.

“I’ve made a decision.” He declared, finally closing the door behind him. “New mandatory uniform.” He eyed my wardrobe choice appreciatively and I laughed.

“Tyson would look ridiculous.” I managed. Then I spotted the waffles, bacon, and eggs he’d brought and rushed forward. “Thank you!” I stated, relieving him of his burden.

“Half of that is mine!” He called as I made it back to the bed. My only response was a snort before I dug in. I’m not sure if it was the werewolf thing or if Valen had gourmet chefs on hand, but it was the best thing I’d ever tasted.

Valen entered the room as I was devouring my third waffle. I’d decided a long time ago I wasn’t playing the ‘dainty flower’ card, so I didn’t try to hide my exultant expression or my mouthful of food. However, I was mildly surprised at the sheer desire that still lingered in his expression.

“What?” I managed around a mouthful of buttery, syrupy Heaven. Valen grinned.

“Werewolf appetite kicking in?” I swallowed, which was good because my mouth then fell open in shock.

“Is that what that is?” I exhaled, “Oh thank god.” Valen laughed outright this time but his gaze didn’t lose the heated edge. “What?” I asked again.

There’s a beautiful woman eating waffles in our bed and he’s not sure what to do. His wolf’s voice was, if possible, amused. I laughed out loud and my wolf’s laughter echoed in my head and across the mate bond. Valen rolled his eyes, but when he refocused his gaze on me, I felt the heat building in my core from the intensity.

“I’m pretty sure I could think of a few things…” He muttered, his voice husky. He sighed then, breaking the spell. “But there are things we need to discuss first.” He sat next to me and snagged a piece of bacon before I could stop him.

Ask your questions, Lalina. His wolf’s voice was gentle. What he’d said brought up something, however.

“That word, Lalina? What does it mean?”

“It’s derived from the Creole word for moon. It’s a title of honor in the pack, the mate of the Alpha.”

“Why Creole?” I asked, genuinely curious.

“Have you ever heard of the Rougarou?” The word sounded familiar but I couldn’t place why. I shrugged. “It’s a Creole legend, stems from the French legends of the Loup-garou, which are basically Catholic boogey men. The Rougarou is a man that turns into a beast. Legends vary, but that much is pretty consistent.

I contemplated that for a second. “Ok, I guess that makes sense. What about us, though? You said we’re not exactly immortal?” I prompted. As fascinating as our history no doubt was, and I really did want to know more, this matter concerned not only me but my children.

Valen shook his head. “We’re….” He seemed to be searching for the right word. “Durable. And we age more slowly. Some wolves are made, like you, and some are born, like Tyson and I.”

“You were born a werewolf? How does that work? How could you know?”

“Well, in our case, both of our parents were wolves and descended from a long legacy of wolves. It would have been stranger had we been human, although that has happened. There have been cases of wolves being born to human parents as well.” I laughed.

“I bet that’s interesting…” I was silent for a second before a horrifying thought occurred. “Oh my god do they come out as wolves?!” Valen laughed and it was several minutes before he could speak, during which time I continued to stare at him in horrified anticipation.

“Wolves mature just like humans do, although a little faster. Usually around eleven they start showing the signs but are unable to fully shift until closer to twelve.” I nodded.

“So, they don’t come out as werewolves.” Valen laughed again.

“No. Perfectly human, until eleven when they start craving their steaks a little more red.” I digested that information while I chewed on a piece of bacon. Fully cooked bacon.

“Why don’t I like my steaks redder?”

“Your wolf would. Once you change into your wolf the human half can separate a little more. When a young wolf changes for the first time they can go back to their previous diet as well. It’s really only that year or so until they change that you notice any wolfish characteristics while they’re human.” I nodded.

“Ok I can accept that. Next question.” Valen chuckled but didn’t interrupt so I ignored it. “You said Silver bullets are a myth. Can anything hurt us?”

“Gold.” At my aghast expression he chuckled again and continued. “Silver wouldn’t really work as a bullet anyway. It’s too hard of a metal. Silver bullets would pass right through us without doing any real damage. By the time our mind registered the wound it would already be healing. Gold is softer and the bullets would shatter on impact with our bones, leaving the fragments imbedded in the wound. The metal is poisonous to us, so the wound would be infected within seconds and the infection would spread.”

“We have a gold allergy?” I confirmed, Valen nodded. “Good to know.” I muttered, making a mental note to discard any jewelry I still had that was a possible risk (which admittedly wasn’t much). “What about-?”

Valen placed his finger to my lips. “Can I ask a question?” I nodded.
“How did you end up with Eric in the first place?” It wasn’t something I’d been expecting and I froze for a second. Valen back pedaled. “I’m sorry, I know it’s none of my business. I was just curious. You don’t have to answer.”

“No, it’s ok. I was just taken off guard.” I gazed into the distance, remembering. “We started dating in high school. Your classic football star meets cheerleader and falls madly in love story. Eric was different then.” At Valen’s expression I nudged him. “Really, he was. He was sweet and thoughtful and he didn’t care that I was weird.” Valen didn’t seem convinced but he didn’t comment. “The plan was to go to college after graduation, and I was accepted on an academic scholarship. Freshman year, though, I got pregnant with Evie, and my plans changed. I’m not sure when Eric did, but at some point, he became less thoughtful, less sweet, and he cared that I was weird, a lot. We fought a lot too.” I shook my head. “But he was never violent. Not toward me or the kids.” I shuddered and Valen put his arm around me, pulling me into him.

“Our wolves amplify the parts of us that are more…primal. Eric has to have always had the potential to be violent or his wolf wouldn’t be. Being a rogue doesn’t help that. Although I’m not entirely sure he is a rogue anymore.” At my questioning look he continued. “There used to be another pack near us, Cedar Falls. They were the epitome of violence.” He paused for a second, his expression somber. “They killed my dad.”

“I’m sorry.” I murmured, hating the sadness on his face. He glanced at me, his expression soft, before continuing.

“After that, the Alpha council decided they were too dangerous to allow to continue. Tyson and I led the team that decimated their ranks.” He didn’t exactly look proud of that. “It’s not something I like doing, but the pack was too brutal to let thrive. It was only a matter of time before their behavior was noticed by the wrong people, and then we’d be right back in the torch and pitchfork era. Plus, they were killing innocents for fun.” He shook his head, disgust on his features. “They needed to be delt with, so we did. That should have been the end of it, and until recently I thought it was.”

“What do you mean?”

“Eric’s behavior is too organized for him to be a traditional rogue. I don’t think he has a pack, but I think he’s tied to someone. Otherwise, he should have burned himself out by now. The Alpha council let slip that Cedar Falls is reforming their pack. It’s too much of a coincidence that they reappear at the same time Eric attacks you.”

“Do you think they knew who I was?” I asked. Valen shrugged.

“I’m not sure how they could have, because I didn’t until I saw you. But they certainly do now.” He hesitated. “That’s why I’d rather you didn’t leave the safety of the pack house until I can figure out what’s going on.” I sighed.

“I appreciate what you’re saying, I really do. But I can’t just sit here and hide. If I’m going to be your mate and I’m going to be the pack’s Lalina, I have to be involved. That means doing what I can to help you deal with Eric and Cedar Falls.”

“While I love that about you, it is making keeping you safe highly difficult and I would appreciate it if you would stop that.” He muttered, but his wolf disagreed.

You are my fierce warrior queen. His voice caressed against my mind and my wolf extended her own feelings in response. I hesitated, knowing what I was about to say next wouldn’t sit well.

“I need to go back to work.” I stated, Valen shook his head.

“It isn’t safe. I accept that you want to be involved in this fight, but sending you out into the world is an unnecessary risk.”

“I have patients who depend on me. I’ve already been out for too long. My co-workers probably hate me.”

“I would rather they hate you than lose you.” His voice held no room for argument, so naturally I argued anyway.

“Send someone with me, then.”

That would be sufficient. Our queen can protect herself. At least Valen’s wolf was on my side. Valen growled, frustration on his features. I smiled, sensing his defeat, to which he responded with a glare.

“Apparently I’m outnumbered.” He grumbled. I laughed.

“I have to return to some sense of normalcy. So do the kids, but we can cross that bridge later. School is almost out anyway and half of their assignments can be handed in online.”

“Hang on, you don’t want the kids to be out because it’s not safe for them but yet you expect me to allow you to go to work?” I smiled innocently.

“Yes?” Valen rolled his eyes. “Being a werewolf doesn’t change the fact that my job is important to me and to those whom I care for every day. Plus, we’ve been short-staffed for, well, ever. They need me.” Valen sighed, defeated.

“Take one of the wolves with you, please.”

“Of course, just one question.”

“One?” I glowered at him and he held his hands up in surrender.

“How am I going to explain the sudden appearance of a stranger at my work place?” Valen contemplated for a second before his eyes brightened.

“They’ll be in wolf form. You work at a Vet clinic, no one will notice.”

“I’m pretty sure they’ll notice.” I muttered, Valen laughed.

“It’s part of the magic of the pack. No one will notice, I promise. They’ll see what they expect to see, which is a large dog.” I wasn’t sure I was completely convinced, but I wasn’t going to force the issue. Valen sensed my discomfort though, because he reached around me again, pulling me fully into his lap. “Ellie, as the Alpha, my protective instincts are basically off the chart. As my mate you receive the brunt of that, and I’m sorry. But this is who I am. I can’t let you go out there alone. If I had my way, you wouldn’t be going out there at all.” I smiled.

“I appreciate your trust in me. I will take someone with me when I go in on Monday. So…are you going to break it to someone that they have to play the faithful pet?” Valen laughed.

“Tyson will do it. His wolf loves it when people admire him.” He hesitated. “Besides, if I can’t be there, he’s the next one I’d send.” He wasn’t saying everything, so I voiced it for him.

“But you need him here. And he’ll help look after the kids.” Valen exhaled forcefully, visibly frustrated.

“True.” He closed his eyes. “Let me think about it.” I nodded before swinging my legs to the side of the bed and standing, breakfast tray in hand.

Before I could make it two steps, however, Valen wrapped his arms around my waist, tugging me back down onto the bed. “It is Saturday, neither of us have anywhere pressing to be, and I will take care of this later.” He stated, indicating the tray as he took it out of my hands and placed it onto the side table. He met my gaze, his own filled with desire. I was still getting used to that expression directed toward me, but I liked it. “Do you have any more questions?” He asked, his voice deepened. I shook my head, a smile playing on my lips. “Good.” Was all he responded with before fitting his mouth to mine, his hands wandering down my sides and underneath the hem of the shirt I was wearing. He gasped into my mouth as his hands reached my waist and he realized I had not, in fact, put any underwear on. This was mostly due to the fact that I didn’t have any down here, but I wasn’t exactly upset about it. He groaned, leaning his head against my neck. “Yep, mandatory uniform.” He muttered, I laughed before wrapping my legs around him and twisting so that I was straddling him.

“This is unnecessary.” I stated, pulling at the shirt he was wearing. He grinned and lifted it over his head, discarding it in the floor. “These too.” I indicated his shorts, to which he responded by rolling over, trapping me underneath him as he removed the material. The shirt I was wearing was next, joining the pile of discarded clothing in the floor. He pressed his mouth to mine again, his hands moving along my sides before tangling in my hair. I purred against him and then rolled again, straddling his waist but holding myself above him.

I lowered my body slowly, taking him into me inch by glorious inch. After a few seconds, Valen groaned and gripped my hips in his hands but I didn’t speed up my pace. When I reached the base of him, I wiggled my hips slightly before rising in the same motion and starting over again. “Ellie!” He groaned, gripping my hips tighter. I grinned this time and his expression darkened before he flipped us over again.

As he pulled out of me, I moaned and he placed one hand against my lips while his other trailed down my body, fingertips barely grazing my skin. As he reached my thigh, he trailed inward, gently caressing the sensitive skin of my core before dipping inward, just with a fingertip. You’d think he’d plunged his whole hand in, the way my body reacted. Fire erupted from my core and outward, reaching the point of spilling over before receding. I gasped as my body cooled and Valen leaned forward, his lips finding mine just as he did plunge several fingers into my center. As the orgasm ripped through me, Valen crushed his mouth to mine again, swallowing my screams. He didn’t slow down, either, continuing to use his fingers to drive my body back to the brink after the first orgasm had played itself out.

As I felt myself building up again, he removed his fingers and placed his head at my entrance. As he slowly slid into me, agonizingly slow, he leaned forward again, placing both hands in my hair and holding me against him. We reached this climax together and ended, both breathless, wrapped around each other on the bed.

He must have sensed something across the mate bond, because as we lay catching our breath, his arms wrapped tightly around me and holding me against him, my back to his front, he sighed. “What is it?” He asked.

“I just feel…” I trailed off, completely in disbelief of what I was about to say.

“What?” Valen asked again, this time his voice hesitant. I rolled so that I could face him but didn’t put any distance between our bodies.

“I feel like I’m home.” I stated, and I could feel the blush heating my skin. I rolled my eyes. “I can’t believe I just said that. God that’s so corny.”

Valen nodded. “Absolutely.” He grinned, “Which is why I’m glad you said it first.” I laughed outright then, wrapping my leg around his hip and my arms around his waist and holding myself against him. I sighed, feeling my body relax. Before I could get too comfy, though, my wolf made her presence known in the form of a growling stomach. I laughed again.

“Werewolf appetite.” I stated, before staring at him pointedly.

“Alright, I’m on it.” He grumbled, but he grinned as he stood, putting his clothes on and making his way back to the kitchen.

^ ^ ^


Monday morning dawned far too early, in Valen’s opinion. He’d already finalized the plans for the day with Siri, who had gleefully agreed to accompany Ellie to work today. What Valen didn’t like, or didn’t like most, was that she worked over an hour away. Doable, but not without breaking a few traffic laws.

“Stop moping, you’re bringing everyone down.” Ellie chided from next to him as they made their way down the hall. He glanced at her,

“I am not moping, I am brooding, there’s a difference.” Ellie rolled her eyes,

We cannot protect you from so far away. His wolf’s voice flowed to her across the mate bond. If you had been on my side two days ago, we wouldn't be in this mess. He grumbled, and if wolves were capable of flipping the bird, his did it.

“Relax, she’ll have me.” Considering the hour, Siri was far too perky. She giggled, holding up a large, rhinestone-studded leather collar. “Look what I found!”

Ellie laughed, which didn’t make him want to carry her back to their room and lock the door any less. “That is amazing!”

“Right? If I were a pet, which I am absolutely not, but if I were, this is what I’d wear.”

“Are you ready?” Ellie asked brightly.

“Yes!” Siri responded at the same time Valen said,

“No.” Ellie rolled her eyes again.

“Stop it, you already agreed.” She smiled, “Besides, we’ll be fine. No one will mess with me when they see my guard dog.”

“Woof.” Siri growled, but the effect was ruined when she giggled and bounced up and down.

“I think I understand where Evie gets her crazy love for school.” Tyson muttered, looking as disheveled as he usually did this early in the morning. Behind him trailed all four of the kids, their expression ranging from half-asleep to quiet alarm. Ellie knelt in front of them, choosing to ignore Tyson’s remark.

“You guys be good, ok? I’ll be home this evening and as long as everything goes well, we can discuss getting you all back in school.” The two boys obviously balked at the idea but both girls seemed ok with it. Ellie knelt in front of Jonah, specifically, then, picking him up. “You gonna be ok?” She asked, Jonah thought about it for a second, clutching his teddy bear, before finally nodding. Ellie held him closer for a second before putting him back down and standing to face Valen. “Are you gonna be ok?” She asked wryly. Valen shook his head seriously and Ellie laughed again. He felt a small hand close around his fingers and looked down to find Jonah standing with him in solidarity. He squeezed and Jonah glanced up at him with a reassuring smile.

“Alright, we’d better go. We’ve only got about an hour to get there and it’s over an hour away.” Ellie smiled at the five of them.

“Be good.” Valen wasn’t sure if she was talking to him or the kids. Before she could turn away fully, he tugged her into his arms, fitting his mouth to hers.

“Gross.” One of the boys muttered, he suspected it was Tommy. There was a sharp intake of breath as one of the girls elbowed him.

“Be safe.” He stated as she pulled away, she smiled again before turning and heading with Siri to the car.

* * *

Several hours later found him taking deep, measured breaths as he waited for the video link to inform him the Alpha Council had convened. The reason their meetings were virtual was because you couldn’t stuff that many Alphas in the same room and not expect there to be bloodshed. As it was, the video links barely kept them in check. Finally, a small chime sounded and the screen opened up to reveal the other Alphas.

“Alpha Adamas.” Alpha Ramsey’s voice was clipped, business-like. Holding no trace of the hostility that had been present that last time they’d spoken. Valen nodded in greeting before turning his attention to encompass each Alpha on his screen.

“I want the Cedar Falls leadership questioned regarding Eric Stogen.” Tyson and he had discussed several options before deciding the direct approach was best. As expected, the other Alphas weren’t exactly receptive to the idea.

“As we have already discussed with you-.”

“You can’t possibly-.”

Enough.” Valen wasn’t sure if his wolf had spoken or he had but the authority that rang from his voice silenced the other Alphas so he didn’t care. “Eric cornered my mate a few days ago while she and her children were re-entering my territory. My mate was able to hold him off-.” Tyson snorted,

She kicked his ass.

Valen continued without comment, “but he was assisted by another wolf. I want Cedar Falls questioned about who would have possibly helped him escape judgement.”

“We cannot risk jeopardizing negotiations before they’ve even had a chance to really begin.”

“If Cedar Falls is involved, negotiations shouldn’t begin.” Both Valen and Alpha Ramsey were on their feet again, breathing heavily. Valen recovered first, again, and sat down. “As is my right as an Alpha of this council I demand that Cedar Falls be questioned regarding Eric Stogen and his status, or lack-there-of, in their pack. If they’re not involved, no harm done. I’ll leave it to you on how and when this takes place, as long as it is soon.” He glanced at Tyson then and the call was ended.

“Wow, I think that may have been a record.” Tyson muttered, Valen glared at him. “I’m just saying, you usually at least make it through opening remarks before pissing someone off.” Valen rolled his eyes.

“Send a message to Beta Nations and make sure Alpha Ramsey follows through on his duties to bring Cedar Falls in.” Tyson nodded.

“Already on it, but you know he’ll have to inform Alpha Ramsey that you checked up on him.” Valen considered for a moment.

“It’s worth it if we can figure out who’s responsible for this. The faster we get Eric delt with the safer Ellie and the kids will be.” Valen glanced at the clock and Tyson followed his gaze.

“They’re fine or Siri would have called. I’m sure they’re busy. What with the many animals needing nail trims, and whatnot.” Valen smirked.

“Don’t let her hear you say that.” He warned, Tyson shrugged but grinned.

“Any way, I thought she didn’t work on Mondays?” Valen nodded.

“She doesn’t, but her manager asked her to come in since she was out last week and help them catch up on their case load. They’re pretty short staffed, according to Ellie, and they needed the extra set of hands.” Tyson eyed him,

“You know I never thought I’d see the day when my older brother, the Alpha, would allow someone else to dictate his behavior. I’m proud of you, Valen. I mean that.”

It was either that or we lose her forever. I was not willing to allow our stubbornness to get in the way. Valen’s wolf sounded proud and Valen rolled his eyes again.

“For the record, neither of us wanted to lose her, and it was my idea to give her space.” He stated to both the wolf and Tyson. Tyson nodded.

“Sure, it was.” His phone vibrated then and he glanced at it.

“Beta Nations already get orders from Alpha Ramsey to disregard everything you said?” Valen asked without looking up from his desk. When his younger brother didn’t respond, however, he glanced at him sharply only to find that he’d immediately began dialing a number on his phone. Rather than ask anything, Valen waited for someone to pick up on the other end.

“Beta.” It was Kristopher, one of their wolves on the police force.

“Are you certain of this?” Tyson’s voice sounded strained.

“Of course, sir. Double checked it myself.”

“Mobilize your unit and I will inform the Alpha. Await his instruction before moving further.”

“Of course, sir.” The line went dead. Valen was on his feet as Tyson ended the call.

“They found the SUV that helped Eric.” He stated as he moved toward the door, Valen on his heels. “It’s currently parked outside of Ellie’s clinic.”

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