Diamond's Edge

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One Flew Over

Chapter 9

How about that last chapter, eh? I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. As you may have surmised from the title, we’re back in Eric’s head now. This chapter contains violence and rape. Please, if you will have an understandably difficult time reading about those subjects, DO NOT read past the second set of stars. I promise, you will not miss any part of the plot by skipping that part. Cheers!

* * *

Eric was silent as the SUV sped up the highway, leaving Ellie behind. How dare she? His mind raged and he didn’t know if the thoughts belonged to him or the Intruder. He knew she was a whore, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t still his.

“Would you shut up!?” He glanced up, meeting the blonde woman’s glare in the rearview mirror before she turned her attention back to the road. He hadn’t realized he’d been growling out loud but now that he’d stopped, the silence was deafening. “What was your plan exactly?”

Eric glared at her again but she wasn’t paying attention to him. She also, apparently, wasn’t talking to him either, as she continued without his response. “She’s the Alpha’s mate and that was our only chance to take her out.” She huffed, “He’s never going to let her out of his sight now.”

Something she’d said had the Intruder agitated. Eric was having a hard time hearing her over his snarls. Apparently, though, this time she was speaking to him. Her red, manicured nails snapped in front of his face.

“What will she do if he tries to lock her up? Will she go along with it?” She demanded. Eric blinked, sifting through his sluggish thoughts as the Intruder continued growling in his head.

“She loves her job.” He managed, which was perfectly true. The woman rolled her eyes.

“How does that help us?” Her voice was sharp and the Intruder didn’t like it. Eric flinched, reaching up and pulling on his ear to relieve the pressure.

“She won’t miss any more work than she has to, no matter what.” He stated faintly. The woman smiled, the expression more of a sneer.

“I can use that.” He wasn’t’ sure if she was talking to him still so he allowed his mind to wander, giving the Intruder the reigns, falling into fantasy.

* * *

He pulled up behind Ellie’s ridiculous pet project of a vehicle and he could already feel the Intruder’s anticipation of blood. He opened his door, allowing himself to savor the feeling of triumph as he sauntered toward the vehicle.

He heard the car kick into gear just in time, and gripped the trunk in one clawed hand, lifting the rear wheels into the air. The tires spun as Ellie slammed her foot on the useless gas pedal, and Eric laughed, holding his free hand against the driver’s side and allowing the rubber to shred itself under his claws.

He let the car fall to the ground and heard the satisfying crunch as it bounced on the pavement. Ellie exited the car, slamming the door behind her. He’d forgotten how fiery she could be. He was about to say something when the Intruder growled, fury rolling off of him and through Eric.

He smelled it, then. The unmistakable scent of another man, another wolf.

Before the whore could speak, he had her pinned against the trunk of the car. Her eyes went wide with fear and what he knew to be desire.

“I’m going to fuck you until you forget his name.” He hissed in her ear as he yanked her shirt, tearing it off of her in shreds. He spun her away from him, slamming her down onto the trunk and grasping the waistband of her jeans.

They came off as easily as her shirt had. She cried out as his claws left a trail of blood down her back and ass, but it couldn’t be helped. If she’d merely been respectful enough to remain pure for him, she wouldn’t be in this position. Literally.

He chuckled darkly as he removed her underwear in the same way as her jeans, leaving another scratch along her side. She tried to stand, scrambling her lower body away from him, but Eric slammed her face against the car and yanked her back around.

“Eric, please, stop.” Her voice was watery but he knew her. She couldn’t get enough of this. If she truly wanted to get away, she could.

He growled, carefully releasing himself from his jeans with one hand and slamming her face into the rear glass with the other. This raised her body further up the car and placed her ass and pussy at a better angle for him. He just needed to decide which to take.

He chose the ass. If they had time, maybe he’d go for both but for now he wanted her writhing beneath him and he knew this would do it. As he plunged into her, she cried out. He kept going, burying his claws in her back and hip to keep her still.

When he reached his climax, the whore had gone still. He pulled out of her, allowing her bloody and broken body to slide to the pavement. The Intruder noted her lack of heartbeat before Eric realized her eyes were frozen and glassy. He glanced at her side, where his claws had pierced during their fun, but there was no life-threatening wound there. When he rolled her over, though, he saw where the issue had occurred.

He’d been so focused on her lower body he’d just grabbed her back to hold her down. In his eagerness, he’d pierced her spine. She’d probably bled out after that.

The Intruder laughed as Eric eyed the res of her body appreciatively. He’d always had good taste. Two pregnancies had ruined her for anything other than a quick fuck in the dark, but now that her ridiculous nagging had stopped he found he didn’t mind the look of her so much.

At the Intruder’s urging, he bend to her again. He recoiled slightly as the other wolf’s scent rose around her again before his mouth deformed into a silent snarl. He plunged himself into her body again, the pussy this time, and kept going until all he and the Intruder could smell was himself, the whore, and blood.

Eric smiled, his eyes still closed, and let the fantasy continue to play in his head.

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