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inutilis is the last born of twelve in the royal family of the fairies. he and his twin sister were truly hated because the birthing of him and his twin sister was the caused death of his mother and no matter how they try to prove their worth they are just ignored or given a cruel response but after their father sends them to a boarding school where for the first time, inutilis and his twin sister Dolor are outside the castle wall.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

was the year 157Bc when individuals discovered that animals besides people existed from the outset it nobody minded or saw anything amiss with them until Mankind got frantic for fixes and they developed eagerness it caused them to do absurd things the animals, for example, culling the plumes of an Angel or doing assessments and executing of these helpless animals. The people began to reprimand the helpless Beasts for each hardship as a pardon to execute them.

The animals became tired and cried and asked their different divine beings for someplace to go lastly, the divine beings heard them, and like that, an alternate domain was conceived.

prodigium regno which is meant beast domains. Furthermore, this was an alternate domain where every one of the animals currently lived yet before long wars began once again crazy things like who was higher and who possessed greater authority so the beast domains were partitioned into 3 spots.

The Monster Village: This was the place where each beast or mysterious Animal resided like Dragons, cyclops, Pegasus, and so on It is administered by (Typhon) The father of all monsters, everything being equal,

The sky: This is the place where each animal can fly or have wings associated with divine beings like Angels, unicorns, Shapeshifters, bird factions this spot is governed by the girl of Aphrodite, Harmonia.

The hidden world: This is the place where all evil presences and animals of the night lived like vampires, werewolves, and so forth It was governed by Arkhalla the sovereign of vampires

The introduction.

The Fairy Queen was pregnant for the twelfth time however she realized that the pregnancy planned to cause her passing because no pixie had endured having Twins, she didn't reveal to her significant other this since she cherished him and didn't need him to be concerned and dismal and true to form she kicked the bucket.

The King was angry, he did everything to bring back the one he cherished, he was in any event, willing to slaughter the twins to get her back however she was no more. For eternity. That was something he was unable to acknowledge

The ruler wasn't even ready to address the youngsters directly which drove him to name the kid inutilis which meant futile or useless and named the young lady Dolor which deciphers torment or laments. The two things he felt when the adoration for his life had left him.

Furthermore, these helpless kids experienced childhood in a particularly barbarous and bizarre climate where they had been abhorred exclusively for being conceived. Their dad the lord loathed them and their kin additionally censured them for the demise of their mom. The twins were constantly disregarded and regardless of how much or how often they attempt to substantiate themselves they would be censured and upbraided. The kids chose to stay away from relatives since they knew their place and went through the vast majority of their days in the library in the stronghold

What's more, following 19 years they are called by their dad interestingly and without precedent for their lives will venture outside the château dividers into an alternate jail-like spot.
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