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Alpha's Mage

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1000 years ago, treason had been committed, a luna queen had sacrificed herself for her Kind and an Alpha King had vowed to seek revenge. Now, centuries later, Erica Morris, who supposedly thought she was just an ordinary 18-year- human girl discovers life-threatening and overwhelming secrets. A clan once revered now hunted, a man craving to conquer the world and a girl's life entangled in this chaos.

Fantasy / Romance
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1000 years ago...

The war was over. Lives were taken. Peace and tranquillity were replaced by chaos and hopelessness.

He gazed at her and witnessed how, with every second, Death snatched his love, his mate, his queen, away from him into everlasting oblivion. There was no hope. No chance. He couldn’t take her to the castle because they both knew that she wouldn’t be able to make it.

Thus, they decided to savour those few painful moments of his precious mate’s life, here, on the muddied and bloodied forest ground, away from others.

He watched, numb and helpless, as a piece of him was being ripped away from him. No words were spoken yet their eyes expressed volumes.

Her chestnut tresses were a mess, her armour suit caked with blood, and her forest green orbs slowly losing their focus.

Her lips trembled ever so slightly but no words came out. Then it stopped. Her beautiful eyes were now hollow and lifeless.

A lone tear rolled down the Alpha king’s cheek as the beast inside him howled for the grave loss of his true love.

He felt an acute pain in his heart as his beloved had left him for eternity, taking away his heart with her.

Soon, more howls resonated in the dark forest, mourning the loss of their Luna queen.

The king of the beasts gazed at her with love and anguish.

“I will always love you.”

He whispered, his tone laced with emotions as his grip tightened on her cold frame.

“And...I will avenge your death.”

He vowed.

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