The Smoke Fortress

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"You can't keep hiding it anymore!" He yells getting fed up with my need to push him away like he did so many times during my life. "Funny I think you've used the same line I did when you didn't want to raise your own children and had your wife and eldest child do it for you," I hiss trying to get under his skin something he's done to me for so many years. ~ Remy wants nothing to do with what she is inside and what her father has to say to her keeping it locked away. Remy would much rather let that part of her wither and die inside before she'd let anyone in to see the ruins of her soul until she meets someone who might just make her feel like those ruins are something more. Remy has spent her life trying to look after her siblings while her father only gives her money once every month, but what if she finally tries to look at the shadow that follows her everywhere? What if she doesn't like what she sees? What if the one person who makes her feel normal doesn't like it either?

Fantasy / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Unspoken Rule

She’s beautiful,” a rough, hoarse voice in a sad tone.

“Much like her mother,” another voice said in a quiet voice.

Cries filled the blaring white room that smelled of bleach, in the room stood a silhouette of a man next to a bed with the silhouette of a woman. In the arms of the woman seemed to be a crying newborn baby.

“I wish I could’ve seen you grow up,” the woman said while tears stream down her face in a hushed voice, she hands the baby to the man standing there.

“What’s her name?” The male spoke now joining the sad event that was unfolding before him as he took the baby from the woman.

“Remy,” she said but her voice seemed to come from everywhere around the room,

“Remy, wake up,”

As I open my eyes I see Cecilia’s face, I groan in an annoyed, sleepy tone as I move to lay on my left side, only to find Marcella sitting on her knees on the floor.

“What time is it,” I ask, guessing that my brothers are also in the room.

“6:30,” said a male disembodied voice.

I groan as the information settles in, “Did you make breakfast or is that why you all are in my room?”

I smile as I’m met with no response, judging from that the ladder must be correct.

“Alright, get out I need to get ready,” I said, sitting up to see Amadeus leaning against the left side of my room that has a small corridor that leads to my door with Toby standing in front of him with this favorite bee plush. They all left my room, leaving me to get ready.

As I head to my closet, I go through many shirts hanging on the racks, along with my pants, shorts, and skirts stored in dressers.

Standing there, I thought for a few seconds about what would look good for the not-so-busy day. Eventually, I opted for a black turtleneck paired with camo pants.

Once I set my clothes on the bed for after my shower, I grabbed my necklace with an aquamarine stone and a moonstone that hung in the shape of a teardrop at the end, my aunt had given to me when she found out I was leaving to be with the family my father made out in LA, and bracelet with a moss agate that lay against the bare skin of my wrist, it was given to me on my 18th birthday by Skye she said the stone symbolizes strength and that I’m stronger than I care to know, that sat on my right nightstand.

I made my way to the bathroom attached to my room and stood in front of the mirror analyzing my outfit and how I barely look or feel like a 21-year-old, not that I’d know what either of those feels or look like.

I try to shake the thoughts out of my head as I try to carry on with getting ready starting with taking a shower and brushing my teeth, after that, I blow dry my hair and walk out of the bathroom to put on the clothes I had picked out for the day and put on the jewelry that I hold dear to me and I wear almost every day.

Once I’m done and double-checked to make sure I didn’t forget anything, I walk out of my room and the kitchen to see my siblings chatting amongst themselves, paying no mind to finally appearing.

I set out the food that consisted of 1 omelet and 2 bacon strips with a cup of orange juice for all of us. As my siblings say their thanks, I sit down and look upon my sibling realizing how different they all look from each other, besides Cecilia and Marcella seeing as they are twins, and from me.

Amadeus has a light skin tone that still looks slightly tan from his love of the outdoors, he has dark brown hair that covers up his eyes when he lets it flop down and his unruly curls don’t make it any better. His eyes shine with a light hazel brown and his eyes are hooded, his nose goes down from his forehead just slightly and curves over and gives him a rounded version of a greater than symbol. His face is heart-shaped but his jaw is soft and rounded it gives him a kind of delicate tone to his sometimes reckless behavior and personality that sometimes makes you rethink some things.

Cecilia and Marcella have very light skin tones that look creamy-white that looks almost unreal like they were dolls made from porcelain. They both have brown eyes that change to a honey color in the sun their eyes are shaped like almonds that kind of give an innocent look to the both of them. Cecilia likes to keep her hair long as it waves down to her mid-waist where she likes it while Marcella likes it better to have short hair that goes to mid-neck length. They both share the same golden blonde hair color, they both share the heart-shaped face much like Amadeus's face shape.

Toby, the youngest of us, hasn’t yet grown into his features but for right now his here is more curled than Amadeus and still just as dark, his eyes rounded and blue like the ocean, and his face is round and has a childish glow to it.

I smile at all of my siblings' key differences and start eating but a question arises from Toby that makes the room go still.

“Remy, is dad coming today?” Toby asked innocently not knowing of the unspoken rule to never bring up our father when he isn’t here and the rule that the twins have with Amadeus, that they forgot to que Toby in on, which is evident on their faces as their eyes jump from one another as if they all blame each other for not telling the poor 5-year-old.

I know Toby out of all of us has no clue what our father is like, seeing as how I practically raised him, I still technically am, along with my other siblings besides Amadeus who was raised by Skye until he was 4 and she gave birth to Cecilia and Marcella who I began to help her raise along with a 4-year-old Amadeus.

“No Toby,” I sigh, “ Not today but maybe he’ll come by later this week,” I finish giving Toby some hope even though it didn’t look like either answer would faze him but, in truth, I have no clue when our father will pop up.

The only time we ever see him is if he’s checking up on the house to see if any repairs are needed or to give me money to take care of his kids and pay off some bills.

I never understood how my mother or Skye fell for him but I’m glad Skye left him but she left him at the cost of her kids.

I mean, don’t get me wrong she can still come around and see them whenever she wants, but she hasn’t even attempted to.

I can see Cecilia and Marcella looking at each other as if they are having their conversation in their minds and I can see Amadeus quietly eating his food.

Again I sigh and decide whether or not I should send them to school today. After a while, I think to ask them if they wanna go today and finish my food, I grab everyone’s plates and place them into the sink for me to wash later.

“I’ll give you guys an option whether or not you wanna go to school today but you better make it fast because it is already 7:30 and I need to get you there before 8:15,” I finish as I walk into the from a bit of the house past the stairs that lead to the kids’ rooms and grab my lanyard that holds not only my car keys but my house key and the key to open up the cafe I work at.

Amadeus walks up to me with the little ones trailing not so far behind him, I immediately see that they have their backpacks.

I shrug and open the left door as Amadeus opens the right for our younger siblings to go first. I’m met with the smell of morning dew and freshly cut grass, but, but, which helps me prolong the long day of work.

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