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Book 1 Alester Locke is a 27 year old future Alpha that hasn't found his mate. Him and his Beta Marcus have both failed to find their mates for the last 9 years. They were forced by their Alpha to attend every Mate Ball and trip to other packs but it just wasn't in the cards. Not until the Blue Moon Pack trainees arrived for their two months of training. Marcus found his beautiful purple haired mate and completed bond on night one. Alester also found his mate but sadly his mate has gone through a lot of trauma and is terrified of everyone, including Alester. Alester was so happy but it can't last, his Alpha is ruthless and will see Alester's mate as a weakness so Alester does the only thing that he can think of to protect him, he rejects him. Kody Matthews is 24 and lived the first 22 years of his life as a slave to a more ruthless Alpha than Alester's. He was left to die all alone in the cells when the Alpha decided he wasn't a fun toy anymore. His future adopted sister Sadie and her mate, Brandon, found him, cleaned him up and brought him home. They then spent the next two years helping him to heal. Will Alester take back his rejection? If he does will Kody forgive him?

Fantasy / Romance
Nicole Davis
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I've Waited So Long


“Alester, Alpha Les would like to see you.” the guard informs me.

Of course he would. I suppose he doesn’t care that I’m busy trying to get ready for the next group we’re training. Once I’m outside the office I knock and wait for him to tell me to enter.

“Hurry up and get in here.” he yells.

“Alester I need you to head to the training house and get ready for the new group of trainees from Blue Moon.” I roll my eyes.

“Yes Alpha.” I replied.

“Also, against my advice they are sending two females, do not go easy on them”.

Goddess, he’s such a condescending asshole. I hate him so much.

“Of course not”.

He smirks almost murderously, “dismissed”.

I bow slightly showing my neck in submission before I hurry out the door.


Turning on my heel I head back into the office, “yes, Alpha?” I ask.

“Your mother would like for you to attend the mate ball”.

I sigh, “I know but I’m busy with the trainees and I really don’t want to go”.

“Fine, but she’ll be very disappointed. She’d like you to find her so you can give her grandcubs”.

I simply nod and leave. I have shit to do. I feel bad, all my mom wants is for me to finally find my mate, have a family and take over the pack.

I wonder what Marcus is doing. Marcus and I are like brothers. He’s my beta but because of a tragedy he had to take the position early. He’s lucky he doesn’t need his mate to take his position like I do. But like me, he’s also waited nine years for his mate.

“Alester, you ready for this training camp?” Marcus asks as he slams me against the wall.

“No, I wish I could just get out of here”.

“Want to go for a run?”

“Yes, let’s go”.

Marcus and I shifted right outside the back doors and ran straight out into the forest.

"Thanks for coming with me, I really needed to let Lucky out to stretch his legs.” he links me.

"Lex and I needed it too. Alpha asshole is trying to force me to go to the mate ball this year and I don’t want to”.

“I understand, I don’t want to go either. It’s been nine years, if I find my mate then that’s amazing, but if I don’t I will just have to get over it”.

We keep running letting our wolves have complete control. They playfully hunt each other and some of the wildlife they come across.

"Did you hear, this pack is sending females even after his “suggestion” they not come”.

“I did not, but that’s great”.

“Hands off Marcus, no fucking the trainees”.

"Damn it Alester, ruining my fun”.

“That’s what the clubs are for, stay away”.

He chuckles and Lex pounces at him and Lucky before we continue our run.

We ran around a lake in our borders. All in all it was about a thirteen mile run if you don’t count the goofing around. Our wolves, Lex and Lucky, love when we run because it helps keep them relaxed.

I link him that we should head back. We still have a bit of work to do before BlueMoon arrives tomorrow.

For the next two months we will be living in the house we built about a mile from the Pack house.

We built it because it was annoying having everyone spread out in the pack house and other homes around our lands so we built a ten bedroom house on the training lands.


I really didn’t want to get up this morning but then I remembered training means I don’t have to be here so I hurry and pack my shit.

I meet Marcus at the house around nine because we still have training to attend until the group gets here.

When they arrive there are seventeen of them. I was told sixteen but that’s fine, one of them will just have a room by themselves.

“Good morning. I know it’s been a cramped few hours, you’ll have some time to relax a bit later”. I say before introducing myself to give them a chance to settle a bit.

“I am Alester and this guy here is our Beta Marcus. We start bright and early, breakfast will be at four, laps start at four-thirty and hand to hand starts at five”. One of the wolves appears to be hiding behind two others. I don’t like that.

Marcus appears to be fighting himself and hasn’t said anything this whole time.

“I’d like you all to go inside and check the board to see who you’re rooming with and what room you’re in. You have half an hour to get settled in and then we will take you on a tour of our lands. Be prepared to be gone for a few hours”.

They all begin to file into the house, Marcus is staring at one of the females and she’s staring at him. He takes a few steps closer to her and she does the same.

“Mine.” he growls.

“Yours.” she says softly as she submits to him.

They then introduce themselves and I can’t lie, I’m insanely jealous but also very, very happy for him. He deserves this.

Just then the other female comes back outside, “Tessa, are you coming?”

Tessa seems startled, “Yeah Sades” she says before she looks back at Marcus.

“I’ll see you later.” she purrs at him.

“Yes you will.” he says back.

She winks at him and runs off. It’s nice to see him like this. I know he wants to mate her immediately but unfortunately he’ll have to wait.

“Congratulations, Marcus. She’s perfect for you”.

“Thanks, Alester, now we just have to find yours”.


Marcus runs off to set up the water stations on the path we’re going to take up to the lake. Normally we don’t set up any stations but it’s been abnormally hot the last few weeks so I don’t want anyone getting sick.

"Mate!” Lex is fighting me.

He’s right, I smell the most delightful smell, my favourite smells, the forest after a storm and fresh cut grass. Lex and I usually go roll around in the grass after its been cut.

I follow the delicious scent to the room and standing there is the lone wolf. He stiffens and his breathing becomes laboured, he’s panicking.

“What is your name?” I ask gently.

“K-Kody” he stutters.

He hasn’t even turned to look at me, he seems so scared. Why didn’t Lex and I notice this before? Was he scent blocking?

“Kody, sweetie, are you coming?” the second female enters, Lex snarls at her for calling him sweetie.

“Who are you?” I ask coldly.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry I didn’t realize you had company. I’m Sadie, Kody’s sister”.

Lex relaxes when she extends her hand to us, “Alester,” I say back even though she should already know that.

“I’ll wait for you outside.” she says to him before she turns and hops outside.

At some point Kody had turned to face us, I took a step towards Kody and he took a step back.

“P-please d-don’t”.

He turns away, his heart beating incredibly fast. Shit... He’s terrified of me.

"Comfort mate.” Lex begs.

"We can’t Lex, he’s absolutely terrified of us”.

“Kody, please don’t tell anyone. If my Alpha finds out he won’t hesitate to kill you and I don’t want you to get hurt”.

I turn and leave him alone. I head to the room Marcus and I share, thanks for nothing Moon Goddess. I finally get my mate and I won’t get to keep him.


“Alester, what’s wrong?” Marcus asks.

“I... I found my mate, Marcus. He’s so fucking perfect, but he’s terrified of me... How come he’s scared of me?”

“Awe man, I’m sorry.” he comes closer and gives me a hug.

Normally we don’t show affection like this but sometimes when one of us is really down we make exceptions.

“Lex is so happy, he wants to go be with him and keep him safe. He’s fighting me so hard for control right now I don’t know how long I can stop him”.

Marcus just hangs out for a bit before we have to head out. He’s trying to distract us so we both calm the hell down.

“So... Is he hot?” I smack him upside his stupid head.

“Are you serious right now? I can’t mate him... Les will kill him.” I say sadly.

“I don’t know Alester, you’ve waited so long. I think he’d just be happy you have him and you can finally take your place as Alpha”.

“Absolutely not. He would see it as a weakness and kill him so I can mate a widow or unmated female. He’s been trying to mate me to Stacey as it is”.

Marcus crinkles his nose in disgust... That’s how I feel about it. Stacey annoys the hell out of me.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know how bad that was. Les hardly shares anything with me unless he has to because he knows my loyalty lies with you. You are my Alpha”.

I stare off for a few moments.

“If you want I can take the group out on my own”.

“Yes, thank you. I definitely need some time to think”.


I’m outside the training house with Sadie, Brandon, Tessa and the rest of our group when the one that isn’t my mate comes out.

“Hey guys, Alester had something come up with the pack and is in a call so I’ll be taking you on the tour”.

Marcus tells us that we’ll be going to the lake and Mason, Luke and Brandon all gode each other on wanting to race.

“Alright, follow me east about three miles, then north.” he shifts and takes off.

After about twelve miles we come up on the most beautiful lake, everyone just keeps running and jumps in but I’m not feeling it, Sadie stays behind too. I guess she wants to make sure I’m ok.

"So what was the deal with tall, dark and handsome earlier?”

“I don’t want to talk about it”.

“Kody, he looked like he was going to kill me when I called you sweetie... He’s your mate, isn’t he?

“... Yes”.

She looks at me and I can tell she’s excited.

"Kody that’s amazing, why do you look so sad?”

“Aside from the fact I’m not good enough? He clearly seemed upset that I’m a guy and he said his Alpha will kill me. I wasn’t even supposed to tell you”.

“Kody, you are an amazing wolf. You’ve proven that time and time again. I love you and he will too”.

I pout, ”I don’t think so“.

She pats my leg lovingly and leaves me to go be with her mate. I look around and see Tessa is making out with Marcus. I guess she found her mate too.

I zone out for a bit just watching the water when Marcus comes over to me.

“Hey, I’ve been asked to send you back to the house”.

“um... o-ok” I say before I take off.

I thought that it might be important so I didn’t take the same route we took to get here. I arrive and run through the door, I’m immediately slammed back against the door.

“Why are you afraid of me?” he asks, his voice laced with sadness.

“I-I-I’m a-afraid o-of e-everyone”.

He caresses my face with the back of his hand, I close my eyes when I feel the sparks that confirm our bond is real.

“I’ve waited so long for you.” he says as he inhales my scent.

“H-how l-long?”

“Nine long years”.

“I-I’m s-sorry y-you waited s-so long a-and g-got s-stuck w-with m-me”.

“Kody,” he whispers, “may I kiss you?”


Alester leans down and gently brushes his lips against mine. He snakes a hand around my waist and the other cups my face and steps closer to me leaving no space between us.

Alester breaks the kiss, “I’m so fucking sorry for what I’m about to do but I have to do this to protect you”.

I look up at him confused. What is he going to do?

“I, Alester Locke, Future Alpha of RavenWood Pack, reject Kody of Blue Moon Pack as my mate and future Alpha”.


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