Mated to the Alpha King

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After Lucifer erased Ameilya’s memories along with everyone else, she can’t remember what happened, but when you can’t remember your past anything can happen. ***** I turn around to find King Nicolas right behind me. My heart rate jumps, my body stiffens. He brings his hand up and moves a strand of hair out of my face, making me flinch. What is he doing. “Can I not admire my slave.” King Nicolas said in his British accent.

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

Ameilya POV

I was running away. They were going to catch me if I stopped for even a minute.

“Come back here, you slut.” The man behind me yelled.

If I didn’t start running faster I’m going to get caught.

I was going to get sold to the Vampire kings if I didn’t leave.

I trip on a branch.


“I got you.” He said and my world went dark.


My name is Princess Amelia Elena Luna Phoebe Destiny Margo Morningstar.

My journey started when the Vampires took control of the human world because they were tired of being in the shadows.

I was only 14 years old when it happened, they have ruled for over 100 years now. I had to be hidden from the vampire because they were killing the hybrids off.

I am now 128 years old in human years but since I’m half-vampire and Lycan, so I grow pretty slowly.

The only reason why I got caught by the vampires was that the Devil, my father, didn’t think it would be good to start a war with the vampires even though we had all the resources and manpower. So we surrendered, most of my siblings escaped but my father wants me in particular to get caught so being the naive child I was let myself get caught. My 2 sisters, 3 brothers, and I got caught along with all of our possessions, they didn’t think we were supernaturals so they wrote us up as humans and sent us to some school for humans to know our place and education. We wear special rings that conceal our powers, for some reason they didn’t take it from us.

I don’t really remember anything that happened before the Vampires took over but my father says it’s nothing and memory loss.

Right now I was in my room with my sister getting ready for the auction. They made us wear these super revealing clothing. It was a bra and booty shorts with heels.

“Elena you could have gotten hurt,” Izzy said. She was my older sister that got caught.

They call me Elena so no one gets suspicious.

“At least she’s okay.” Ellie, my twin sister said.

“Yup I’m all safe and sound,” I said with a wide smile on my face.

I finish packing my things, Derek, my older brother stepped into the room.

“I heard you tried to run.” He said.

“ I was going for a stroll,” I said shrugging my shoulders.

Derek was a Werewolf/witch, he was like a dean for the orphanage, he took care of all the kids, Anthony, one of my other brothers, twin of Derek, escaped and is in one of the packs close here. Marcellus, one of the oldest brothers, became a Vampire king.

“Well, it’s time for you guys to leave.” He said gesturing for us to follow him.

“You know you can cry if you want,” Izzy said.

“Stop playing yourself.” He said.

We get to the front door and open the door. The bus and all the other girls from the other orphanage were there.

“I love you tattoo buddy,” I said giving him a big hug, then my sisters said their goodbyes.

We hop onto the bus and get greeted by Vicky, the orphanage bully.

“I see you are here, slut,” she said.

She was mad because I stole her boyfriend, I didn’t even like him. But I do have a goddess completion.

We ignore her and sit down.

Somewhere along the way, I fell asleep


I was woken up to my sisters shaking me.

“Come on,” Izzy said.

We walk off the bus and there is a human woman, with two tall men behind her.

“All the girls that are 4’8 to 5’2 go on the red line, 5’3 to 5’7 on to the blue line, 5’8 and upon the yellow line.” She said.

Ellie and I went on the red line and Izzy went on the blue line then we followed her in the building that I even didn’t see.

“Before we start, I would like for all of you to know that a few of you have caught the Vampire Kings' eyes and might be bought by them.” She said. “ I will call out your names and you will step forward.”

“Vicky Monroe.”

“Sofia Sinclair.”

“Ellie Murray.”

“Doe Green.”

“Elena Murray.”

“Grace Fillmore.”

“Isabella Murray.”

“Millie Brown.”

We walked forward.

“Go into that room right there and wait for me to come back.” She said shoving us into the room.

As soon as she closed the door all the girls started crying.

Izzy sat there in silence. Ellie started crying on my shoulder, I tried not to but the tears came running down my face.

I soon stopped crying, at least Ellie was crying as quietly as she could but the other girl was letting it out.

For two hours I sat there. For two fucking hours I sat there and listen to all those girls cry.

When the door open, the girls went quiet.

“Wipe your tears and follow me.” She said.

I don’t know how she was being too calm.

She brought us all to a different room, it was dark there was hardly any light to see, but since I was a hybrid my sight was more heightened. There was a large table, eight throne-like chairs.

More light started to shine inside the room.

I could see that all the girls were horrified.

I turned my head to see a dead body in the corner of the room. Her body was pale, I could see that one of the King’s bit her neck, sucking the life from her body.

Vicky started screaming.

“She dead as hell.” Izzy joked, making me giggle.

“You guys the kings are already here,” Ellie said.

When I look closer I see eight men sitting in the chairs.

They weren’t there before.

“Now, let’s get this started.” One of the kings said I was guessing it was King Cole.

I jump. His voice is scarier in person.

“I would love to hurry this up, I have work to do.” King Cole said.

King Cole had dirty blonde hair with blue eyes,

“Go ahead and tell us their names and information.” I recognized that voice better than anyone here. I was King Marcellus, my brother. He was tall, dark, with dark brown hair and brown eyes.

“First off, Vicky Monroe, she is 17, blood type is AB+, she is 5’11.” The woman said.

She’s a tall bitch and a big bitch. She's not fat but if she continues eating all that Cheetos she might just be.

Vicky had her head held high.

“Next, Sofia Sinclair. She is 16, blood type A-, she is 5’5.” She said.

Sofia didn’t move an inch.

“Next Ellie Murray, she is 17, blood type O+, she is 5’2.”

Ellie started shaking.

“Next, Doe Green, she is 18, blood type AB+, she is 5’8.”

She didn’t move.

“Next, Elena Murray, she is 17, blood type O+, she is 5’0.”

Breathe, Ameilya breathe. I tell myself.

“It’s going to be okay.” My Lycan Aria said.

“Next, Grace Fillmore, she is 17, blood type O-, she is 5’6.”

Grace starts crying.

God, she’s crying again!

“Next, Isabella Murray, she is 19, blood type O+, she is 5’5.”

Izzy held her head high and winked at King Rufus.

He stares blankly at her.

I try so hard to hold in my laugh.

“Lastly, Millie Brown, she is 17, blood type O-, and she is 5’4.”

The room was quiet for a while.

King Cyrus stood up from his chair and walked towards Millie and stared her down.

She didn’t dare look up, I could see that she was terrified.

“Your blonde hair reminds me of my mother, you will be my new slave.” He said with a smirk on his face.

What a weird complaint.

She followed him back to his chair. Not once looking up.

“I have one question,” King Cole said.” Who here is a Virgin.”

“All the girls are virgins but Isabella and Vicky.” She said.

“My name is Izzy, you don’t have the privilege to call me by my real name,” Izzy said, making Ellie and I scoff. “But, of course, King Rufus can call me anything he wants.”

King Rufus stands up and comes walking towards Izzy.

“I like this one, she has guts.” He said walking back to his seat, Izzy walking behind him with a smile on her face.

King Leith and King Xavier stand up.

Ellie knows that King Xavier is coming her way so she stops shaking.

“I’ll have fun with you.” He said walking towards the chair, she follows.

King Leith walks towards Doe, looking at her coldly. He grabs her hand and looks at her palm.

“Such soft hands.” He said it seemed like he was remembering a memory.

He walks back to his chair, Doe follows.

The only girls left were me, Vicky, Sofia, and Grace.

“Vicky, come here.” King Marcellus said.

Oh, this gonna be good.

She walks— no struts towards him, swaying his hips and all.

She stands behind him, even though she was smirking, I could hear her heart beating, she was on the verge of crying.

“You.” King Cole said.

Grace walked over there and stood there frozen like a statue.

King Lucius gets up and walks towards Sofia.

As soon as he stopped in front of her, she dashed.

I was waiting for that.

“Go, go, go, go.” Aria sang in my head.

“Run in a zigzag, he won’t catch you if you do,” Migizula said.

I mentally laugh.

I turn around to see the action.

He doesn’t run right after her for a while, as if to give her a head start.

When she is about 3 feet away from us, he vamp-speeds towards her, one arm by her stomach and the other arm her neck.

“You put this on yourself.” He said.

He tilted her head and dug his fangs into her neck, her screams echo throughout the room.

That fucked up, but at least she’s not dead.

Her heart rate was slow but she would still survive.

She goes limp in his arms.

I turn around to find King Nicolas right behind me.

My heart rate jumps, my body stiffens.

He brings his hand up and moves a strand of hair out of my face, making me flinch.

What is he doing?

“Can I not admire my slave.” He said.

Oh shit, I forgot Vampire can read your mind, goddamn it. Talk about invasive of privacy.

He walks back to his chair, I follow behind him.

Two guards walk in and pick up the dead girls body, and start to walk out of the room

“Wait.” I hear Izzy say.

She goes up to the body and shows us the dead girl's arm.

“This is our poor dead best friend, and Vicky’s sister,” Izzy said with a wide smile. “Ding-Dong, the bitch is dead.”

Vicky puts her hand on top of her mouth.

“That was a bit harsh,” Ellie said quietly.

“Tell that to my childhood trauma,” Izzy said. She walks back to Rufus’s chair.

The guards walked out of the room.

The Kings get up and walk out with all the slaves walking behind them.

We walk outside and get into a large Limousine.

Somewhere, along the way, I fall asleep with my head on the window slit.

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