Mated to the Alpha King

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Chapter 11

Nicolas POV

I watch as my angel sleep next to me. I try to get out off the bed but she was grabbing to my shirt.

I listen to her heart beat. I listen as her blood rushes around her body. I listen to her pulse beat in her neck.

I kissed her forehand, which made her smile in response.

I slowly get her hand off my shirt and get out of the bed. I give her a pillow to cuddle and she does right, hugging the pillow tightly.

I walk towards my desk and this kid about how she tried to seduce me earlier.

How she slowly took off her shirt on my lap. Watching as they moved with her every movement.

“We should have f*cked her. Our beautiful, sexy mate.” He growled.

“We have work to do.” I said and sat down in my chair.

I look through my files and find Ameilya’s file.

I open it and read her murder charges.

“Elena, Ellie and Isabella were charge with first-degree murder. They both kill six 9 year-olds and had no mercy in kill them. Their body were found mutilated, hard to recognize, organs were missing and still not found. They bodies were in the cellars under the school. When we took them into custody, they acted calm as if nothing happen or even that they have done it before. When they were spoke with them, Elena said “I said to kill them they were rat that need to be killed” even referred to as demons. Ellie said “I never wanted to kill them but they harmed Elena so we had to get them back” and started crying tears of joy saying “we saved your life’s and this is how you repay us, locking us up.” Isabella was unfazed and even confessed to taking there organs and burned them. She said “I open up their bodies and took there organs. My sisters had nothing to do with my vile obsession.” She even said “They put up a good fight for demons in human bodies.” We attempted to have them put in prison. They said they killed them but never said there names nor did they say where there bodies were, but we could’ve found sadistic children. We tried to test their metal care and we were told that they were mentally stable. We tried to even get false information but someone bought their bail which wasn’t possible for human but the judge insisted. There was no name. We let them go and we’ve been keeping a eye on them for a while until they get sold. But I think even when they get sold they’ll kill there master and find each other again and cause havoc.”

Wow, I have a badass mate.

I get up and left the room I had to get to dinner, ask Izzy and Ellie about this murder. I get to the door and I could feel the tension.

The door opens and I met by my ugly, flat-chested first fiancé..

“Nicolas, your here.” She said with with a squeaky voice.

“Leave me alone.” I said in anger.

Why the fuck is she here?

Axel growls.

I sit down and dive right in.

“What happen with the mruder of the six children at your school.” I said, my voice demanding answers.

All the pets, Marcellus, Lucy and Tobias stiffened.

“I read it in Elena’s file. Now tell me.” I yell again.

“I’ll tell him. It all started when we arrived at the school. Elena was pissed and hunger, Ellie was tired, and I was just irritated. We go into the kitchen. That when we met those demons that have been controlling the school. They were bullying two other girls. They was three girls and three boys. Ellie and I ignore them but Elena just had to open her mouth and tell them it’s mean to bully those who can’t protect themselves. She was so innocent when she was younger, so naive, but violent when angered. One of the boys walk over and punched her across the face.” She said.

I growl.

“Blood was gushing down her face, she wipes the blood from her nose, grabs the boys hand and breaks his arm. The other help their brother to the nurses office and I cleans Elena’s nose. A few days passed and we didn’t hear anything about them until, Elena gets jumped by all six of them, they got a butcher knife and slashes Elena’s lower back...” I’ve seen it before but never asked. “She came back with two broken ribs, a black eye, and a broken wrist. I cleaned her up and bathed her for two months before her injuries were fully healed. Then we went up to them and broke each and everyone of their legs. I, of course ,enjoyed how they thought they could fight us with their little bodies. After a month, Vicky came and they start picking on Vicky but we were the only ones that could bully her so we claimed out territory. For the next two months they pushed our buttons, well, actually Elena’s buttons and she snaps, she written a note and told them to meet in the cellar. We meet and we take them in pairs. We were fighting to kill. All of a sudden they get this all this large amounts of strength and we up our game. Ellie kill her pair in no time, but me and Elena played with ours, I killed mine by breaking their rib cage and there lungs eventually collapsed. I watched as they they drew their last breath. Elena sat there and watches as they begged for mercy, she said. “I only give mercy to those that deserve it. Meet you in hell.” She said and broke their necks. I then proceed to cut out their organs and feed them to wolves, I would never burn something so valuable. Elena even took a lock of their each of their hairs and buried them, I could tell she felt guilty but she didn’t regret it. She never gave us a reason why she wanted them dead but all we knew was they stoke fear into her heart. The only reason why I wanted them dead was because they weren’t human, nor were they vampires or werewolves and I took out their organs to make sure they didn’t revive themselves. If we told the police why we actually kill them we would be in a mad house.” Izzy said closing the story.

“That still doesn’t make it right.” Veronica said.

“Be quiet, I’m sick and tired of hearing your voice now.” I growl.

She scoffs.

“So, Nicolas. When are we getting married.” Sammy said

“Never. I’m marring Princess Ameilya. She way more sexually pleasing to look at. You are nothing more that a toy. Now don’t ever bring it up.” I said.

“How, she a child. I’m a woman.” She whined.

“Your whore. She’s a housewife, she can cook and clean. Can you cook without calling the maids.” I said proving point.

“I could learn for you. I would do anything for you.” She said sauntering over to me.

“I don’t want you near me.”

“I know you do, don’t fight it baby.” She said, standing in front of me.

“Don’t. Touch. Me.” I said through clenched teeth.

My anger so strong it was changing the mood of the room, and I knew Ameilya could feel it too.

I felt as she was coming closer and closer.

Sammy sit on my lap.

I growl loudly.

And that when everything goes to shit.

Ameilya POV

I open the Dinning room doors.

I was wearing a tank top and sweatpants and this time I had a bra on.

I see in horror as a flat-chested, red-headed, tall Jeffree Stars height bitch is sitting on my mans lap.

“What’s going on mutherfuckers.” I yelled.

“Margo. Chill.” Izzy said standing in front of me.

“No. I’m done being disrespected by these royals and this ones going to be an example.” I said, I shove Izzy out of the way and walk toward Nico and that bitch.

“Get off his lap.” I said as calm as possible.

“No. He mine.” She said and I grab a lump of her hair and drag her off him lap.

I snap my fingers and my body goes back to it normal feature. My long midnight blue hair. My royal red eyes. I brew 3 inches. My aura changed and my Lycan was present. My fangs grew out and I was ready to buss some ass.

“What are you going to do now? Beg?” I said.

She was quiet until kick she in the shins, making her kneel before me. She stood up with anger in her eyes. I smirk.

“I will not kneel to a human. No matter what magic you use. You will always be a weak, stupid human.” She said.

“I don’t care.” I said , I lift my leg and do a whole 180 and kick her in the stomach, making her fly across the room.

“Yasss, bitch. Beat her ass.” Lucy said.

I start get more angry when she gets up and her aura changes and I realize I’m fighting one of my siblings.

I growl lowly.

“You know everyone thought you were dead but I knew I would be the one to kill you.”

“I don’t know why your ego is so high. You can’t kill me and I’ll be the one killing you. Now your going to stand down and accept your punishment.” I said.

“No. I’m your older sister Ameilya, your going to respect your elders.” She said with a smirk.

Everyone in the room gasps when they hear my real name.

Oop, she called herself old.

Your Ameilya.” Veronica said.

“Ameilya, control your self you don’t want to hurt yourself.” Lucy said.

“Beat her ass, little sis. I never liked you Sammy.” Marcellus cheers.

I laugh.

It just like Marcellus to be on my side.

I feel as if my powers double because I know this fight won’t be easy. Fire consumes my body as my clothes burn off and I had my little winx moment where my outfit changed. I was wearing a black leather pants, black leather cropped tank top and thigh high heels. My eyes turn to my natural purple eyes.

“Huh, no wonder you want her.” She said as she put her long blonde hair into a bun.

“It’s not your fault your mother was whore.” I giggled.

She growls and charges at me. I act quickly and dodge it. She tried to grab my hair and failed.

“I guess you really are a rat. I was trained by the best, you were trained by a murder that killed your own mother.” I said, kicking her in the back.

“Well at least my mom cared for me. Your parents don’t even batter an eye when that see you.” she said, trying to hit a nerve.

“At least daddy took the time to raise me. He didn’t give two fuck about you.” I said and punched her face, breaking her nose.

She screams. “It cost a fortune to get that.”

“And it take nothing for me to look like a goddess, which I am. I don’t have an ugly attitude and I sure didn’t have surgery to look like a stick. The least you could have done was get breast implants.” I laugh at how I was getting to her.

Everyone is watch us fight. Some are cheering, some are telling us to act like ladies and talk this through.

“Did you know that Nicolas and I used to fuck each other.” She said with a smirk.

From the corner of my eye I see Nico stiffen.

“At least I can please him better than you ever can, and I heard the things he said. I can cook and clean. I can be more to him than you ever will.” I said all while punching the hell out of her face.

She grabs my arm and circles me around making me dizzy. She let’s go and I fly onto the table. I hiss when I feel something piercing my arm. I look down and I see wood in my arm, it must have broken off of the table. She walks towards me. I rip it out and throw it on the floor.

“Oh, and I don’t care if you fucked him. Because it was in the past. Oh, and did I tell you he’s my mate.” I said.

Everyone gasps again.

I walk over to her and punch her in the mouth, grab her arm with so much force I tear it off and throw it at Izzy. She screams when she looks down at her open shoulder.

“Thanks!” She yelled.

“You won’t be needing that, will you?” I said.

She swing her leg and hits me in the stomach. I wince as the pain. I fall to the ground

“Not so tough now.”

“Behind you.” I said and I teleported my sword, Nakano.

She turns around “Ah, I see you have your sword. I don’t see why grandpa made you that but I’m going to kill you with it.”

I run towards her and plunge the sword through her chest. She falls to the ground.

“I know this won’t kill you but this is your punishment. This sword has a special power. There is a soul trapped inside it, a friend of mine actually, and she’s going to slowly drive you insane. I’ll send you to the dungeon with the sword still in your chest until you beg for mercy and then I’m going to execute you in front of your people. And don’t bother on trying to take the sword out that sword is heavier than Berserker, only I can pull it out. It was made out of my blood.” I said broke her neck. “Sweet dreams sister.”

“Levi, Stefan, get your asses here.” I said.

They teleport in front of me.

They kneel.

“It is good to see you as yourself.” Levi said.

“Take her to the dungeons of hell with Rosetta.” I commanded.

They follow my order and bring her to the dungeon.

“Now, that I’m back. I need some tequila.” I said.

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