Mated to the Alpha King

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Chapter 12

Ameilya POV

Everyone is staring at me with disbelief.

“Is your arm okay.” Lucy said with concern.

“I’m okay. It’s all healed.” I said as I walk towards Nico.

I stand next to him. My butler teleported into the dinning room with tequila and a shot glass. He places it on the table, bows then leaves the room. I pour some into the glass and took the shot.

The burning in my throat was a very forgotten feeling.

“Don’t you think that was a bit harsh.” Ellie said.

“No, she got what she deserved.” I said taking another shot.

“You were holding back. Why? You could have ripped her heart out as soon as you saw her.” Izzy said.

“Oh, well. I wanted to crush her ego. She thought she could kill me, and that was the best part. When our dear siblings hear that Sammy’s getting executed, they’ll know not to fuck with me. Sammy is one of the strongest out of the 12. If I get them to respect me, it will secure my place on the throne.” I said.

“Okay. Thanks for the arm.” She said smiling.

No one else said a thing.

“Brother, why aren’t you saying anything, did you already know.” Leith said.

“I did. I’ve know for quite a while.” Nico said nonchalantly.

“Dad’s going to be pissed.” Marcellus said.

“I’ll deal with him. I am his favorite.” I said.

Ellie, Izzy and Marcellus groan.

“We’re telling you, you’re not his favorite. No matter what he says.” Izzy said. “But secretly I’m his favorite.”

I groan.

“Was your plan to trick us, then gain access to the throne.” Leith said.

“Never. I didn’t know he was my mate. I already have a throne with my name engraved on it.” I said calmly.

“You let me slap you. Twice.” Veronica said.

“Oh, yes. I did. You better hope no one finds out or my father will have your hand chopped off.” I said with a smirk.

She stiffens.

“You do know you can be less angry now, right.” Nico said, sounding annoyed.

“Sorry, Aria’s still angry.”

“I want to know you better. Tell us your story.” Nico’s father said.

Now we’re talking.

“When I was a stillborn baby. I’m now 129 years old. I own Scotland. I was born on June 28, 2006, along with Ellie, in London. I have 206 siblings, I only like 36 of my siblings. I spent ten years of my life training in hell. I have killed 1,356 people including my soon to be dead sister, Sammy. I was 125 when I was caught. When I was little I was never allowed to say sorry to anyone but did that stop me, no. One of my demon power are encouragement, I can encourage someone do kill themselves or do what I want them to do with false hope. There is no way to fight it or over come it unless your are more powerful than me. When I was six my aunt blessed me with immortality, I can not be killed but my siblings can’t get that through their thick sculls. I stoped aging at 114. I can only take my fathers throne when I am 250 years old. I have two children that are 9 years old. My son, Phillip is a very well-mannered boy but his anger gets him in trouble. My daughter, Keisha is full fledged witch. They both were taught by my Satan. Before you all get any idea I didn’t birth them, my aunt, the Moon Goddess, arranged this.” I said. “Maid, get me some water please.”

She walked in with a glass of water, place it on the table and left.

“What about blood, do you have any human blood.” Cole said.

“Nope. I’m 15% of Vampire, Lycan, and Witch. 35% of Angel, 10% Banshee, and 25% of Demon. I have no human blood.”

“How did you say that off the back. I have no clue what I am.” Izzy huffed.

“Dad made me memorize it.”

“Wow, he put more work into you than any of us.”

“Mom used to make me walk around with a book on my head, wearing a corset.” I said. “I can’t wait to hear what she has to say.”

“She going to say. ‘Ameilya you posterior is disgusting’ then she proceeds to fix it.” Izzy said.

“Sound just like her.”

“How did you make yourself look so human.” Cole said with venom.


“I want sushi, and soda.” Izzy said.

“Me too.” I said.

Our butler teleports and give us our sushi and soda and leave again.

“I forgot we had a butler.” Izzy said and started eating her sushi.

“What are you three doing. You should be contacting your dad, he should know what going on.” Lucy said.

“He will probably know already. Midnight and lady are his spies.” I said.

“How do you know that.”

“If you look deep inside there eye you’ll see purgatory.” I said.

I look down at Nico, he looked so sad.

“What wrong.” I whispered.

He looked at and I could see a glimpse of happiness before it was covered with an unknown emotion that I’ve never seen on him.

“I’m fine, just do whatever. I’m going to bed.” He said standing up.

What? Why?

He leaves the room without another word.

“You made him mad.” Aria said.

“But I don’t feel anything.” I said back.

I groan.

I hurry and eat my sushi and drinks some of my soda.

“Do you know everything about him?” His mother said.


My mind then thinks about all my general’s. How are they going to react.

“And here she goes again. You don’t have to worry. Your general are going to welcome him with open arms.” Lucy said.

“Let’s hope so.” I said.

“Why are you worrying about your generals, you should be concerned about your council.” Leith said.

“The council is a bunch of demons that let the generals decide everything. They only care about the pay check. But when I’m queen I’m finding new council members.” I said.

“Rufus, you’ve been quiet lately. Don’t tell me you knew.” Cole said.

“Isabella is my mate.” Rufus said.

The room goes quiet.

I start to think about Nico. He left so abruptly. I hope he’s okay.

“I’ll see you all tomorrow. I hope you all are ready to meet the devil himself.” I said and left the room.

I go back to the room and change into a long-sleeve, black romper with white stars.

Nico was bathing and I was thinking he drowned. So I went into the bathroom to check on him or maybe it was me want to see him naked, nobody knows.

I open the door and close it softly. I know he heard me but he didn’t do anything. I lean against the bathroom counter and watched him.

I watched as the water bounced off of his back onto the ground. He turned around and look at me. My eye trailing down his chest down to him rock hard ads and down to his hard dick, wanting some attention.

“Like what you see.” He said with a smile.

A smile.

Not a smirk.

What is this man playing at?

“Are you mad at me.” I said quietly.

His smile faded and he started walking towards me.

“Can you please put on some clothes.” I said covering my eyes.

I felt cold hands on my neck. I remove my hands and look up. I see him staring down as me. I wanted to looked down, away from his intense stare but then I would be staring at his huge cock. So, I just look him straight in the eyes.

“Why would I be mad at you?” He said cupping my face.

“Well, you’ve just been so distant after everyone found out about me... so I thought you were mad atme.” I said, but I sounded more like a whisper.

“Are you afraid of me?” He asks.

“What?” I said.

“Don’t lie to me.” He said.

“Well, you do scare me a lot but I try and hide it because I don’t want to offense you or anything. And I love you so I don’t want to make you feel bad.” I said.

Shit. Did I just say I love you.

“What did you say?” He said with a smirk.

A knock came at the room door.

Saved by the bell.

I sneak away from his body, out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. I open the door and it was his family.

“What can I do for you.” I chirped.

“We want to talk to Nicolas.” Veronica said.

I turn my head to see a naked Nico at his desk.

“Hold on.” I said, closing the door and walking towards him. “Get yo butt back in the bathroom. Now.”

“They’re fine, let them in.” He said.

“No, only I can see your perfect body. Now go back in the bathroom.” I said.

“Thanks for the compliment. Get me some clothes, too.” He said giving me kiss on the forehead before going back to the bathroom.

I go back to the room door and let them in. I got Nico his clothes and sat on the couch.

My phone starts to ring. I pick it up.


“Ameilya, you need to get your superior butt here now. You pack member want their Luna and it ain’t happening.” Killian said on the next line.

“What’s wrong. I left you in charge for a reason.”

“They want their Luna. Keisha and Phil are trying to help but they’re starting to gang up on me.”

“Who is fueling the fire.” I said.


“The pack house whore, that impossible. She has no brain cells.” I said. Nico came out off the the bathroom. “Who are you talking to.”

I pull the phone from my ear. “My beta.” I said, putting the phone back. “She must have help. “

“She tried to rape and kill me twice. And I found out she’s a werewolf not a Lycan.”

I start laughing. “How does yo big ass get raped twice by a woman. That’s hard to believe.” I said stil laughing. “Just banish her from the pack for me. And I would like to know why my kids are there trying to play god.”

“Your dad dropped them off he had work to do.”

“Hmm. I want you to go with my dad since your not safe with my pack and leave Gamma Grey in charge. By the time we’re finished I can go see the pack and then I can punish them for being disobedient to their Luna.” I said with authority.

“Yes, Luna Ameilya.” He said and hanged up.

“Ugh. Why don’t they listen.” I groaned.

“So that was you beta.” Nico said.

“Yeah, he’s actually my cousin but nobody know. My pack member think we’re dating because of how close we are.” I said giggling. “Plus, he has his mate. It would be inappropriate to date your beta and cousin.”

“Brother your not actually going to marry her, right. Just look at her. She doesn’t look like she can bare any heir.” Leith said.

“Actually I can. You can ask my doctor. She says I take no risk in health if I get pregnant, even with my height. Even if I do, I’ll be fine, my body will heal.” I said.

“Son, I don’t want you to choose the wrong path because of some woman.” His mother said.

I was walking towards them when I felt dizzy. But it was fine within second.

“Are you okay.” Nico said.

“I’m fine. Just a little dizzy.” I said with a small smile.

“Goddam. You looking cute.” Midnight said.

“Hello, cuttie.” I said picking up my kitty.

“Don’t call me that. I’m a man.”

“Yeah, whatever.” I said.

“She is not just a woman, she’s my mate. I don’t know why you all are so focused on my situation. Leith aren’t you still looking for your mate. Veronica, you still need to marry your fiancé. Mother and father, you two are getting a secret divorce. I’m about to complete my country and you are trying to stop me.” Nico said.

“She’s still alive.” I said.


“Violet Moon.”

“Don’t you ever say her name. What do you know about my mate. I bet you were talking to that mutt downstairs.”

“I was and I got half of the rundown of what happened. She actually my aunt.”

“Your lying.”

“No. She has black short hair. Blue eyes with a heart on her collarbone that says ‘my love’.”

“Anyone can have that tattoo.”

“She has a weird tattoo of a bat and a dolphin on her butt.”

Leith stiffens.

“How do you know that.” Nico said with a smirk.

“Me, Ellie, Izzy, and Marcellus were weird kids.”

“She alive.”

“Yes. And my mother is going to force her to come.” I said.

“Hmm, and you can confirm this.”

“Yes. I even have pictures of us together.” I said grabbing my phone. Opening it and going to my pictures, showing him some of my pictures with her.

“Who are those two?”

“Her sons.”

I put my phone down.

“Who is your fiancé?”

“Why should I tell you?”

“You obviously don’t like the guy.”

“Prince Angus.”

“Is it an important marriage arrangement?”

“No. She just won’t get with any of her suitors.” Nico said.

“Then we’re going to change it. You will marry King Damian. Hell be pissed when he finds out I just through his name out the window but I’d rather it be me than his father.”

“And what is he King of and what is he to you?” Veronica asks.

“He is King of Finland, Sweden, and Norway. And he is my childhood friend.” I said. They look at me suspiciously. “He doesn’t like me nor do I like him. We are like siblings. Plus, I’m a demon, he’s a fae. It’s not a good match.”

“He’s a fae. Hook us up.” She said with happiness.

“I will.”

“No, will you help yourself out the door.” Nico said.


“Fine. Fine.” Veronica said and left the room.

“Night brother.” Leith said and left.

I call the butler and I tell him to send a letter to Damian about the arrangements that he can’t refuse and to send some of my things over.

Nico had to talk to his family for a little while I watched Netflix on the TV.

“ I knew Rio was alive.” I said as I watched Good Girls.

I love yelling at the TV.

“Mother, Father I will talk with you tomorrow.” Nico said shoving his parents out of the room.

After he got them out of the room, he came and sat down next to me on the bed.

“We still have some talking to do.” He said.

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