Mated to the Alpha King

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Chapter 14

Nicolas POV

I wake up, and watch my beautiful mate sleep soundly.

I caress her face, looking at her mark.

I wonder if she was doing for me. Or maybe.

No, I need to trust her word.

I slowly get out of the bed and shower. I brush my teeth and change into my suit. I hear Ameilya stirring in the bed so I put my tie down and go check on her.

“Nico, where are you?” She said with her grogginess.

“Right here.”

“What time is it?”


“Why do you keep leaving the bed so early. It makes a me feel lonely.” She said sadly.

My heart clenched as she said that.

“Okay, I won’t leave the bed. Without telling you.” I said.

She mumbled some word then got out of the bed. She went into the bathroom and stripped right in front of me.

“What are you doing.”


“You’re not afraid or embarrassed.” I said sarcastically.

“No. But just don’t stare, it will makes me self conscious.” She said starting the hot water.

I walk towards her silently.

“You sure.” I said as pulled her into a hug, kissing her mark.

“Yes.” She moaned softly.

I left her go and slap her ass.

“I thought you were finally done with that.” She said hoping into the shower.

Watching her shower made me hard.

I put on my tie and sprayed some cologne on.

By then, Ameilya was already done. She had brushed her teeth. She put on her dress. It was a dark red dress with an open front that showed off her beautiful breast. It had a small slit down the side, with clear blue glass heels.

“Nico, can you zip the zipper for me.” She said in her melodious voice.

“Of course.” I said. I walk over and zip it up.

She mumbles a thanks and does her make up. She didn’t put on much but she didn’t need it.

“I’m tired. Can I go back to sleep after this?” She whined.

“Yes baby. You can sleep for as long as you like.”

“How would you like my hair?”

“Keep it down, you seem tired don’t use too much of your energy.”

She put on the necklace that her man friend gave her.

“And what type of friend is he?” I said, trying not to sound jealous.

“He’s my brother. He’s actually one of the Original Vampires that were ever made.” She said.

“Hmm. And Killain?”

“He’s my beta. And a childhood friend.” She said as she looked her self in the mirror. Her hand grazed her mark and she smiled.

She turned to me and said “I’m hungry, can we get something to eat?”

“Yes. Come mi lady.” I said asking for her hand.

She takes it and we walk out of the bedroom. We go to the kitchen that was on our floor and I made some oatmeal, and coffee.

“I don’t like coffee. Can you make me so black tea.” She said.

“Oh, ok. So, your one of those healthy type girls?”

“Yes and No. I love to eat junk food but some of my eating habits are from my mother.”

“Oh, so how did your mother raise you?”

“She raised me like any queen would, but she’s best mother I could have had. Even through she was a bit crazy she was the best.”

“Nice to know. Here you go.” I said as I gave her her food.

She ate it and we made our way downstairs.

It was 9:42.

We had made it to the Foyer.

Everyone was already there. We stand there until the sentries call out their names.

“Princess Keisha and Prince Phillip.

Keisha looked a lot like Ameilya but without the blue hair. Phillip looked like me but younger and he has a scar on his face.

God, that’s my son.

Ameilya POV

I watch as Keisha and Phil walk in and as soon as they walked in and there eyes met mine they ran towards me.

“Mommy.” They both yelled.

I run towards them, taking them into my arms.

“Your alive.” Keisha said.

“Mom, you have no idea how much I’ve missed you. I am sorry for yelling at you and not listening. I thought we would have to stay with grandma for the rest of our lives.” Phillip said.

“I’m fine,” I said pulling away from them to see there faces. Phillip had a scar. “How did you get that?”

“Phil, got in a fight with a kid at school and Phil got a scar and the boy got a broken arm, teeth are missing and one eye.” Keisha explained. “He’s expelled.”

“Phillip Mikazuki Kai Morningstar. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t ground you and make you sleep with midnight.”

“I was protecting Keisha. Those girls were bullying talking are dad left us for being so ugly, so I rip one of their hairs out and then her brother came and then I demolished him.” He said with pride. “And I look more manly.”

“Okay, fine.” I said standing up. “Know I have to bribe your principal.”

“Nico tattoo mom.” Phil said.

God, my kids are too observant.

They said hello to everyone else in the room and when Phil exchanged eye contact with Marcellus and they both went on a rampage on how they killed a rabbit in the woods.

“Princess Claude, Princess Celeste, Prince Derek, Prince Anthony. Beta Killian.” They all walk in looking like they are walking the red carpet.

“Siblings. Killian you look terrible! What happened?” I said panicking.

“Your kids happened. I went to bed and then they jumped on my bed, pulled my limbs, and Keisha put makeup on me.” He said drowsy.

I hear them snicker behind me. I snap my finger and I take his pain away.

“Thanks.” He said.

“Queen Violet, Queen Roxanne, Queen Alexis, Queen Fadia, King Niklaus, King Damian, King Lucifer, King Kenneth.” They walk In gracefully.

“Your majesties.” My mother said bowing her head.

I go in and hug my dad, he hugs me tightly. “I’ve missed you so much.” He said in my ear.

I let go. “I have to tell you something.”

“Well, I could tell you have a mark, so, he’s your mate.” My father said.

“Yeah, and you were going to just sell me to him.”

“Not this again.” He said quietly.

“Again, what do you mean again?”

“Nothing, how about we talk somewhere privately.” My father said.

Nico brings us to a room with a long table. We all sat down.

“Now, we need to discuss your marriage, and you positions. Ameilya, has he hurt you in any way?And do not lie to me.” My father said.

“He has hit me a few times, choked me and he constantly slaps my ass.” I said. Nico starts laughing. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing continue.” He said with a smile.

“Is that all?”


I was not going to tell him we have sex, not now and not ever.

“Has he done anything personal.” My mother said, looking me straight in the eye.

How can I lie to her, she looking me straight in the eye.

“We have sex.” Nico said.

My mother gasps. My father stares at Nico like he had mixer on his mind.

“Oh my god. Nico I’m going to hit you.” I said to him.

“Hit me.”

I stare him down.

“He’s adorable.” Aria signed.

“Well, we’re leaving.” Keisha said tugging Phil.

“I want to stay. What else do you do?” Phil said. Keisha slaps him in the back of his head and drags him out.

“You were saying.” He said with a smirk.


“I will have to teach you a lesson young boy.” My grandfather said.

“Papi. Chill out. None of you are touching him but me.” I said.

“Oh really.”

“I swear to god.” I grit my teeth.

“You wanted me to be honest, this is me. A sarcastic, weird guy.” He said.

I put my head in my hands. “Continue.”

“Is he manipulating, abusive, controlling, does he cater to your need. And let me just say you have a lot.” My father said

“He doesn’t hurt me in any of those way. And yes he takes care of me.”

“Roxy, take her to the bathroom. Check for abuse.” He said.

“Come on! It’s not that serious” I said.

Nico leans in and whispers. “Just do it, so then we can get out of here.”

I lean in and whisper. “Will you buy me Chick-Fil-A.”

“Yes.” I smile and get up.

“Let’s go.” I said and me and my mom walk out of the room.

“Now, you had sex with him.” My mother basically yelled.

“Yes.” I said quietly.

“Come.” We walk into a bathroom and I strip out of the dress.

I give her a full 360 of my body but she still didn’t believe I wasn’t abused at all. She even did some spell to see if there were any concealer spells on me. When she found nothing she gave me speech about my tattoos.

When we got back, Nico looked stressed.

“What are your intentions for my daughter. As I you already know she’s the heir to my throne.”

“I only wish to love and protect her.”

“He never did this to Alexander.” Aria said angry.

“Who’s Alexander.” I said back

“No one.”

Why is she so cryptic.

“Hmm, would you ever harm her in any shape or form.”


“Do you find her annoying.”

“No, I can listen to her voice for hours without end.”

I cough. “Cheesy.”

He puts his hand on my thigh and gives me a kiss on the cheek. I start to blush.


“Now. Caroline, Robert as your questions.”

Oh, that’s their names.

“What is it about my son that makes you attracted to him other than the mate bond.” Carolina said.

“God, you better pay me back for this shit.” I prayed silent. “His aura, his personality. I think it’s his overprotectiveness for me.” Marcellus yells “tik tok” from the other side of the table making my giggle. “He’s kind and funny, romantic in a weird way, and he can buys me food.”

“Nice report ma’am.” Nico said. We both started laughing.

“Will you do your wifely duties and respect my son.” Robert said.


“Yes. I can cook and clean. And I’m very obedient.” I said nodding.

Nico chuckled next to me. “Define obedient.” He said.

“Oh, hush. I listen and I’m definitely not one of those needy girls. I have never angered you, and it definitely won’t start now.” I said.

“Hmm. Okay. I’ll hold you to it.” He said with a smirk.

“Will you ever break his heart?” His mother said.


“Are there any other men that will come back in the future.”

“No, she was a virgin.” Nico said.

I groan.

“Nico let me answer.” He puts his hand up. “All my friend are childhood friends we all like each other as family , nothing more. Plus, most of my friends are married to their mates and the one that aren’t don’t like me.”

“What about Kai.” Izzy said.

“He more of a friend that always hits on you but never tries anything. Remember when Archer first met him, he almost ripped off his head.” I giggled.

“I was acting accordingly, that boy is no good.” Archer said.

“Those are all our questions.” Robert said.

“Okay, sign these paper and we will discuss the preparation for you wedding and ceremony.” Dad said and gave us the papers.

I was absolutely fine with what was present on the paper but Nico wasn’t. “Can we step out please.” My father nods.

Nico basically drags me out of there.

“Did you see what was in that paper.”


“Ameilya your selling your right to me. Basically I can do whatever I want and you would have a say in it. I get everything you own. Everything.” He practically yelled.

“Nico, I trust you.” I said.

“Your fine with this.”

“Yes. What’s mine is yours.”

“No, I don’t feel right doing this.” He said and barged back into the room. “Change the contents of the paper. Ameilya should have a say in this.”


“Why? She will be my wife and she will be by my side till the end of time. I don’t want her to feel like she has to stay with me if she doesn’t have to, I already own the fucking world, why would I need what’s hers. I don’t want her right. She can have them, they are hers.” He yelled.

I smile. He does love me.

My father smiles. “Here are the real paper, those are fake, it was a test and you passed.”


“It was a test. Here.” My father gave him the real documents but he still read them over.

“Do anyone of you disagree with Ameilya becoming your Queen.” Nico said.

They were all quiet. He signs the papers.

“Can I get my food now.” I whined.

“Yes.” He said rubbing my shoulder.

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