Mated to the Alpha King

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Chapter 15

Ameilya POV

We were going back to our room but they still want to talk. So they family owed behind. When we got there I started taking off my dress.

“Nico can you help me.” I said from the bathroom. He came in and unzipped my dress. “Can you get me some clothes. And a bra.”

“Of course, what would you like from Chick-fil-A.”

“Ckick-n-strip meal with lemonade and a side salad. With Chick-fil-A sauce.”

“Okay.” He came into the bathroom, closed the door and placed my clothes down. He comes behind me. Hugging me from the back. He puts his face in the crook of my neck, right next to my mark.

“What are you doing.” I said getting out of my dress.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Nico.” I said kissing his cheek. “Now let me put on my clothes. What did you pick.” I put on my bra.

Nico leaves and I put on my clothes.

I was going to wear his shirt and butty-shorts. I put it on and you can literally see my black bra through it.

I walk out.

“Come here midnight.” I said as I pick him up. Maybe he can hide my bra print. I walk over to everyone one and I sit on his lap. “I’ll get you back for this.” I mumbled I pick up my phone and scroll on Instagram.

They talked, I listened. I was hungry and everyone knew it.

“Is my food almost here.”

“Just hold on, it will be here soon.” He mumbled.

“I’m going to tell you this. And you are going to be angry.” I said.

Everyone gets quiet.

“I hate oatmeal.”

His eyes go wide. “Why didn’t you tell me I could have killed you and you didn’t tell me.”

“You made it for me, I didn’t want to turn you down.”

“Well, now I will have to tell the maids to throw away the oatmeal.”

“No don’t do that. That’s a waste.”

“Your crazy, you know that?’

“Yes, I told you I was last night. You should be lucky I haven’t started yelling at you for no reason yet.”

He chuckled.

A knock came at the and a slave came in. She placed the food down and left.

I started eating. “Can I have a bite?”

I give him a bite. And he moans. I slap his chest.

When I tried getting up to put my food in the garbage his grip on waist tightened. I even tried to pry off his fingers but it didn’t work. So I called on of my best friends, Victoria.

“I’m leaving, have fun talking to my sister.” Damian said about to leave.

“Wait she wants to say hi.”

“Hi big brother, I hope Ameilya beats your ass when she starts training again.” Victoria said.

“You know she will.” He said rubbing his back as he left.

I kept on talking to Victoria. Leith left to go talk with aunty Violet. Veronica went to get to know Damian. Ellie and Izzy were with there mates. The only ones that’s were in the room was our parents.

I was starting to get tired so I told Nico to put me in the bed. He carries me in his arms like a baby and places me softly on the bed. He puts the covers over me, giving me a kiss and I fall asleep.

Nico POV

I was talking to my parents and Ameilya’s parents but I wasn’t too interested in what they were talking about. I was watching my mate sleep soundly I’m out bed. I loved the sound of her heart beat.

“You had sex with my daughter without her consent?” Lucifer said. “I know.”

“I know what I did was wrong but she was fine.” I said.

“You raped her and she still wants to be with you.” He yelled.

I look at him, then Ameilya, she was still asleep.

I sign.

“Please don’t wake her.” I said. “She didn’t get that much sleep last night.”

“Why is that?” My mother said.

“She took two naps then watch tv for a while I did work then I marked her.” I said.

“Did you ask for her consent?”

“Of course. Getting a mark is a big thing.”

“I miss mate.” Axel said.

“She right there.”

“I liked it when she was sit on our lap.”

“Me too.”

“You need to treat my daughter better.” Lucifer said interrupting my conversation.

“I will, that’s all I want.”

“Your a Lycan, right.” He said.

Wow, he caught on quick, or did he already know.


Keisha came in the room.

“Hey, daddy.” She said making me smile.


“Can I see our room. Please.”

“Of course come.”

I pick her up and we walk out of the room, Phil was leaning on the wall, outside of the room.

“I made your room behind your moms back.” I said. “She’s gonna scream.”

I walk to the fourth door on the right.

I open the door and and I swear I hear Phil squeal. It was a big room it was a jack and Jill with a game room and a mini kitchen. Phil’s room was blue and Keisha’s room was pink.

“Thanks you.” Keisha yelled.

“Thanks Dad.” Phil said.

“No problem.”

“When will we start hanging out. I want to be around more men and grandpa is always so busy.” Phil said sounding sad.

“Don’t worry, we’ll hang out soon.” I said, messing with his hair.

I leave them to enjoy their room. We walk back to my room. Ameilya was still sleeping. I sit back down in my chair.

“How did you know they were coming.” Her mother said.

“She told me.”

“What else do you want to talk about.” I said going through some documents.

“I still don’t trust you with my daughter. I still don’t know if you’re blackmailing her.” He said.

I groan.

Ameilya wakes up

“Nico, where are you?”

“I still talking to our parents.”

“Oh.” She gets out of the bed. She sits in my lap, her hand around my neck. “Can you hurry up, the bed is cold.”

“I will.” I said then kissed her forehead.

“Ameilya get off of his lap.” Her mother said.

She touches her arm and I growl. “Mine.”

I hold her tighter to me.

“Nico, it’s okay.” She said struggling to get out of my arms. “Nico please let me go.” She said in her sweet voice. She give me a kiss.

“Fine.” I let her go.

She gets up and walks to the bathroom.

“Well, if you all can leave.” I said, pointing to the door.

They left loudly.

“My love. Are you okay.” I said as I walked into the bathroom.

“Yeah. Come on, let’s lay in bed.” She said tugging my hand.

“Oh, I have to show you something.” I said walking her out of the room.

“Can’t we do this later.”

“No, come.” She pouted. I carry her bridal style.

Our parents were walking down the hall not to far from us.

“What is this surprise?”

“You’ll see.”

I get to Keisha and Phil’s room and open the door.

“Your cheating.” Keisha yelled.

“That’s how you play the game.” Phil yelled back.

They were playing video games.

“Omg, you didn’t!”

“Yes I did.”

She screamed.

“You.. thank you. Your going to be a great father.” She said. “You know you didn’t have to do this, right.”

“I did.”

We were walking back to the room.

“Can you change into something else.”

“What would that be.”

“Grey sweatpants and no shirt.” She said biting her lip.

I bring her close to me, wrapping my arms around her waist. “Really?” I said, nibbling on her earlobe.

She giggles.

We get back to the bedroom, and I change into my sweatpants and lay in bed with her.

“Nico, can I ask you something.”

“Yes, go ahead my love.”

“Are you sure you want to be with me?”

“Yes, I’m more sure then anything that I’ve done in my whole life.” I said caressing her face.

She straddles in front of me, right on my throbbing dick.


I nod.

“Good, now. We need to plan our wedding.” She said getting off me.

“Your such a tease.”

“I guess.” She smiles. “I want the colors blue, red, white, and black. I want white and red roses. I want it to be dark but not too dark, I have performance anxiety, I want to be able to see you but no one else. I want you to pick my wedding dress and I pick your suit. I want big but not too big cake and it has to be either Vanilla or chocolate cake. I want a quick wedding I want us to say our vows then we kiss, have the after party then our homeymoon.” She said in one breathe.

God, this woman is priceless.

“I can do that but why are we pick each other’s outfits.”

“It’s tradition in my family. Unless you don’t want do it, which is fine.”

“No, we can do it, I was just asking.”

“Oh. You also can pick Keisha dress as well.”

“How long have you been planning this?”

“Since I was 7.”


“What do you want to do now.”

“Watch TV.”


We watch this show called Good girls. They weren’t good neither were they girls.

“Nico can I get your name tattoo on my body.”

“You already have my mark.”

“Yeah but I want another tattoo and it would be nice if it was your name. And you have mine.”

“Okay, I like that idea. We’ll do it, but where would you get yours?”

“You choose.”

“Take off your shirt.”

She looked at me skepticism was in her eye but she did it anyways. I watch as she take it off. She smiles. My hand grazes the top of her breast. She was only in a black bra and shorts. All I wanted to do was take her right now.

I growl.

“Take off your bra.”


I look at her. She gasp.

“I want to take her now.” Axel said.

“No. Chill out.”

“You just told her to take off her bra.”

“I know what I’m doing.” I said ending the link.

“Just do it or I will.” I tell her.

“Then do it.” She said biting her lower lip.

I give her one good look and she slowly takes off her bra. Her beautiful breast fell like feathers. I grab them softly. I brush my thumb across her nipples.

She shudders.

“Where would you like the tattoo.” She said softly.

I look at her and smile.

I point, “I want it under you right breast.”

She giggles. “Then I want yours on the right of your chest.

“So be it.

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