Mated to the Alpha King

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Chapter 16

Ameilya POV

I was getting ready for Dinner. I just couldn’t wait to have dinner with my toxic family.


Do you see the sarcasm or no.

I put on a black dress to represent my funeral after this dinner, I would be dead. I would have died from, lack of confidence, humiliation, embarrassment, basically all the things your parents would do when your having dinner with your boyfriend, fiancé or husband.

In actuality I was a in a dark blue dress that represented my fiancé, since his favorite color is blue. The dress hugged my curves, it make Nico want to take me as soon as he saw me in it. I wore blue earrings, clear heels and no makeup.

Nico wore a black suit, even gelled his hair a little. He had a smile on his face that make want to make-out with him.

“Ready?” He said.

“Yeah.” I take his hand and walk out of the bedroom with him.

We walk down the hall. I stare up at Nico.

How did I get so lucky. I don’t deserve him.

Even though he put me through a lot I still love the hell out of him and what he did to me doesn’t effect the way I love him. I know he feels guilt when he looks at me sometimes and that’s all I need to know that he feels sorry for what he did.

When he get to the Dinning room door he opens the door for me, instead of the guards.

I walk in first.

It was really quiet other than archer and Eric talking in Latin. Everyone watched as I sat down at the table. Nico, of course, pulled the seat out for me.

“Why are you two talking in Latin.” I said.

“No reason.” Eric said with a smile. “Archer, your going to get him here, even if you need to spray holy water on him.”

“Fine, but when he tries to rip your head off you can blame the sleeping Princess for that.” Archer said.

“When she wakes up she’ll tell you to rot in hell.”

“I’m pretty sure she’s already is. When she wakes up you can tell her personally that the world has gone to shit.” Archer said teleporting out.

“I want to know what possessed you to pair me up with Edward and Archer.” Eric whispers.

“She thought she was doing the right thing but in actuality she just made things worse.” Migizula said. “Telling Eric that.”

“Migizula wants me to tell you, ‘She thought she was doing the right thing but in actuality she made things worse.’” I report.

“Thanks Migizula, nice to know I’m not alone on this plan.” Eric said.

After that the room was quiet. Like the cricket were chirping, the owls were cooing, it was peaceful.

“What will you do now that your back in business.” Leith said.

“I not too sure but I first want to talk with my generals and discuss what’s going in hell.” I answer.

“On a scale of one to ten how heartless do you think you are.” Cole said.

“A solid 8.”

All my siblings groan.

“That a damn lie you know you a 10 deep down in your twisted mind.” Claude said.

“You would kill an infant if you had to.” Killian said.

“I think that’s a bit far.” I said.

“You killed 8 year olds.” Veronica yelled.

“Since you are so hung up on me killing children, I’ll tell you all the reason why I killed them.” I said.

She stares me down.

“I’m pretty sure Izzy has told you about our drama with them. After I got jump. They stood in front of me and I found out that it was Samuel control those kids.”

Eric sits up in his chair.

“That asshole knew you were there and toyed with you for months.”

“Yes, he told me when we all get together he would bring us back home, that when he does I’ll be his blue moon Princess again.” I said. “Somewhere in his twisted mind he thought that I was scared by his threats, threats don’t make a man the man makes the threats.”

“What?” Veronica said.

“He taught me that. Now you all know why threats don’t give such fear anymore because of him. But I’m not saying I’m not scared of him, that man has a weird perverted thing about me, especially my hair.”

“So, he knew where you were and didn’t strike. Why?” Eric said.

“He wants all of us together, then he will kidnap us. So I’ll do it so I can kill him with me own two hands. And I want to see prof. Asshole face when he sees Franny.”

“Who is this Samuel. I thought you never dated anyone.” Nico’s father said with curiosity.

“He’s not my ex. He was my kidnappers. There’s this group called the fraction, they kidnap girls and conduct experiments on them, Samuel was my... boss. He was taller, stronger and scarier than the rest of them so when you 11 and a tall white man comes up to you, your scared. Plus, he abused me in worst was possible.” I answer.

Nico growls.

I take his hand and hold it.

“We can’t find them cause they live on a different realm but if we were to be kidnapped again Archer knows where I am.” I finish.

“Sadistic asshole.” Aria growled.

“Maybe we should kill him now.” Migizula said.

I roll my eyes.

The maids came and placed out door on the table.

My mouth was watering.

I had a bunch of place in front of me with mashed potatoes, chicken, rice, black beans, lasagna, chicken noodle soup, Lobster. My drinks were water, wine.

“It this all for me?” I look at Nico smirking down at me.


“No, you have to eat some I can’t eat all of this.”

“Why not.” He frowned.

“It’s too much. You eating some.”

“Mom you need to beef him up.” Phil said, flexing his arm muscles.

“That’s true, your definitely eating some.” I said.

“Your going to love her meals.” Marcellus said.

“She’s a female Gordon Ramsey.” Eric said.

“Stop it.” I say flustered.

“Get her some rum.” Aria screams in my head.

That sounds like a good way to honor granny Alessia.

“Can you get me some rum.” I ask the maid.

She nods and leave the room.

I sigh.

“Rum is quite strong for a small girl like you.” Cyrus said.

“I’ll be fine.” I said.

The maid comes in and hands me the bottle of rum.

Everyone starts eating, drinking, laughing, chatting. It was a normal family dinner.

“You seem happy.” Nico said.

“Yeah. Thanks for the gourmet dinner.” I smile.

“Anything for you.” He gives me a kiss on the forehead.

By the time everyone was finished eating, I was finished with half my meal. My rice, black beans, chicken soup, mashed potatoes and lobster was finished and my wine as well. I pour out the rum and take a sip. The burning feeling in my throat made he feel a lot better. The feeling was very nostalgic.

“You can have the rest.” I said.

He hums.

I lay my head on his shoulder, closing my eyes, feeling very relaxed.

“So, have you apologize for the pain you put my daughter through.” My father said.

Nico stiffens.

I sigh dramatically, I keep my eyes closed.

“He doesn’t have to.” I answer.

“Why not? He has abuse you, raped you, maybe more I don’t know of and you have the nerve to say that.” My father yells.

“I know he feels bad and he is trying to make up for it.” I said.

I want to end this.

“How about we have a bedding ceremony.” Nico’s father said.

My eyes fly open. “What!”

“Not happening.” Nico said.

“Go fuck yourselves.” I yell.

The alcohol hit me. Mmm Now I’m going to be more dramatic, and look like a crazy bitch.

“Why not.” My father said.

I groan.

“No way am I going to have sex in front of you.” I yell. “You might as well sit and watch porn and images us doing that cause I will not go along with it.”

Izzy laughs.

“Why would you even suggest that Lucifer. She has performance anxiety.” Levi said.

I scoff.

“I’m not doing this.” I said. “We will discuss this in the morning all I want to do is sleep. But first I would like some ice cream.”

“I thought you were full.” Nico said.

“Me too.”

The maid comes in and gives me vanilla ice cream with tons of sprinkles.

I squeal.

I eat my ice cream in silence.

“If you wanna be my love you gotta get with my friends, make it last forever, friendship of forever.” Eric’s phone rang.

“Oh, that’s my boo thang.” Eric said running out of the room.

“When.” I said.

“Where.” Izzy said.

“What.” Ellie said.

“How.” Lucy said.

We start laughing.

“Y’all are weird women.” Marcellus said.

It was silent.

I groan.


He looks at me, sadness paint in him his eyes, but he quickly masked it.

“Can we go into the garden?”

“Of course.”

We sit up and walk out of the dinning room.

“The tensions in there was astronomical.” I joked.

He chuckles.

“Nico why do you look so sad?” I ask.

He grass my arm and pushed me against the wall, tower over me.

It was quiet for a while before he said something I wasn’t expecting.

“I’m sorry.” He said.

My face was full of surprise. My eyes wide. My mouth slightly open.

Why is he apologizing?

I was going to say something but his index finger was on my lips.

“Here me out.” He said.

I nod.

“I’m sorry for hitting you. I’m sorry for raping you. I’m sorry for all the mean things I have said to you. I’m sorry for being a selfish bastard. You deserve much better than me.” He said.

I remove his finger.

“You don’t have to say anything, I know you sorry.” I said.

“I’m sorry.” He said, a tear falls down his face.

I wipe it away, smiling at him. “Why the tears? You did nothing, I already forgive you.”

He smiles. He comes close and and places his head on my shoulder, kissing my mark. I hold his head, playing with his hair.

We stand there for a few minutes.

“How long have you been here.” My father says.

Nico lifts his head, looking at my father.

He groans, walking away with his hands in his pocket. Looking like one of those sexy anime men.

I squeal.

“Nico, can you be me anime man. And can I call you senpai.”

“You are still into anime, aren’t you.” He whispered.


“Nothing. Sure, I’ll be your anime man. And I’ll walk around with tight jeans that make me extra sexy for you.” He said with a smirk.

“Ah.” I give him a kiss.

We walk down the corridor, waking to the garden.

“Are you saying that he’s higher than you.” My mother said.

I groan. “No, it’s just a word.”

When we get to the garden, I ran to the pond, looking at the lotus flowers.

I breathe in the air thinking of my life before Nico. How boring it was. How lonely I was.

Nico come from behind me, hugging me tightly. Giving me a kiss in the cheek.

“They’re watching us.” Nico said.

I chuckle.

“I knew that silly.”

“You know I haven’t seen you shift.” He said letting go of my waist.

“You want me to shift?” I said with surprise. Aria started creaming incoherent words at me.

He nods.

“Okay, but don’t say o didn’t warn you, I haven’t shift in a while.”

Stand away from him and start to shift, to my surprise it did hurt at all, it was quick and painless.

“Beautiful.” Nico said, playing with my fur.

“Mommy, your so beautiful.” Keisha said.

I start running around, playing with the grass. Keisha and Phil shift, too. I nudge my snout into Nico’s leg.

“I’m good, have fun.” He said.

I sit down and have a stare down with him.


He shifts.

I watch as his body gets covered with black fur, his nose turns outwards, his feet and hands turn to paws.

He was exquisite.

H sits in front of me. He comes close and licks the back of my ear. I do the same.

We stare into each other’s eyes without blinking, taking in each other’s beauty.

I look passed him and I see my father looking at me with a disapproving look. I shift back.

“Come on.” I said petting his head.

I walk back into the castle halls. Everyone else follows, of course.

I walk down the hall, my eyes wondering everywhere taking in all the seanes of the castle.

The colors of the white, gold, black, royal blues and reds. Huge windows, large doors, bright lights. It was a beautiful castle.

I feel myself get picked up from off the ground and the spark shoot though my body.

“Nico put me down. I have legs for a reason.” I shout.

“I will not.” Nico said.

I continue to struggle in his arms, kicking and swinging my arms around.

He walks us back to his room and walks into the bathroom, placing me on the counter and zipping down my dress. He walks out and closes the door.


He’s acting weird.

I get off of the counter and the dress drops down from the my body on the the bathroom floor.

I look at my naked body in the mirror. I still had my underwear on but I still felt naked.

My body was untouched, which was weird coming from a used to-be-slave. I had no marks, no bruises, nothing.

It makes me wonder if he knew I was his mate the whole time. What if he was toying with me. What made him want to choose me.

I step out of me dress, picking it up from off the ground. I fold it and bring it close to my body. I open the bathroom door abridge and peek. Nico was the only person in the room, he was around his desk, signing papers with his glasses on.

“Delicious.” Aria purrs.

“True that.” Migizula said.

Y’all is weird.

They both scoff at me.

I walk out and ahead towards the closet, I pick out a moon and star print lettuce trim set. The top had a white crescent moon on it—it only covered my breast. The bottom had white moons on it. I was basically naked. It hardly covered my whole body but I hate wearing too much layers in bed so it was just right.

I walk out of the closet and walk towards Nico. When I was standing next to him, he looks up at me and smiles. “Hello beautiful.”

I blush.

“Hello, handsome.”

He chuckles.

He grabs me by my waist, planting me on his lap with his face in the crook of my neck, taking a deep breath in. He then starts to place small kisses on my neck.

“Tomorrow our parents are going to come and have us sign some paper work. So you’ll have to wake up early.” He whispers.

I groan. “Why? Can’t that wait?”

“Better now than later.”

I turn my head and give his a kiss.

“You coming to bed?”

He shakes his head. “I have work to do but I will be there soon.”

I nod. I get up and walk to the bed. I hop onto the bed and set my side of the bed good. I lay my head down on one of the pilllows, place one pillow between my legs and bring the covers over.

“Night, babe.” I whisper.

I close my eye and drift off to sleep

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