Mated to the Alpha King

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Chapter 18

Ameilya POV

“Strip.” Nico said coldly, his eyes black. Which basically meant ‘don’t fight this.’

I slide off the bed and took off my shirt. I then take off my bra but since it was the ones with clasp in the front it was a bit hard for me to take off. I slowly take off my shorts and underwear. I turn around to fold them, turning my back to him.

“I need to tell you the rules.” Nico said before slapping my ass with a lot of force making me yelp.

“What are they?” I say quietly.

“Rule number one, you have to tell me where you’re going anytime your going somewhere.” He said.

When I didn’t answer he slapped my ass again. “Yes, got it.”

“Rule number two, you will not act on anything without talking to me first.”


“Rule number three, whatever happens in this room stays in this room.”


“Would you like for me set a rule for our sexual interactions?”

I shake my head.

“Good, undress me.” I get on the bed and stand in my knees as I take off his tie.

“I don’t want to do this but I have no other choice. I promise that when we get married thing will be better.” He said caressing my face.

“I know.” I sighed as I start to unbutton his shirt.

When I was done, I got off the bed and undid his belt, then slide it down his legs. “Leave my underwear.” I look up at him waiting for his instructions.

“Stand up.” I stand up and hold my breast in my hands.

He drags my hands away. “Bend over. Ass facing me.” He said in a very commanding voice.

I turn around and lay my stomach on the bed. He grabs my hands and holds them from behind my back. I feel his hand hit against my ass harder than ever. He hits me again.

“What do you say.” Nico said in a hungry tone

“I’m sorry.” I whined.

“It’s not” slap “genuine” slap “say it again.” He said.

“You’re hurting me. Stop please.” I cried.

“No!” slap “Apologize” slap “right now.” He said giving me two more slaps.

“I’m sorry Nico. Please stop.” But that plead only gave me another slap.

“Would you rather me whip you or continue?”

“I want you to continue.” I said inaudible.

I don’t remember the last time I was spanked like this. I was spanked as a child but never that much because I was an okay child and never with the intention to it fun for the other person.

“Now,” slap “what” slap “do you” slap “say.”

“I’m sorry.” I cried in pain. His strength on my hands was starting to hurt and I’m pretty sure my ass is red.

“For what.”

“For not communicating with you and talking out of line in front of everyone.”

He leans in close to my ear, he lets go of my hand and whispers “I’m sorry I have to do this but you have to learn you can’t make me seem weak if I can’t control my wife.” He walks away.

I use my hands to wipe the tears from my eyes. I tried to slide off the bed but he catches me before my feet could even touch the floor.

“Where are you going.” He said in a attractive husky voice, making my insides tingle.


“Your ass is a very pretty red. And you very wet, did you know that?” He said.

“No.”I dig my head into the bed.

He slaps my ass gaining my attention since I wasn’t hearing a thing he just said. “Did you hear me?”

“No, I’m sorry.”

“I said I’m going to slap you 25 more times. Since she killed 72 people, you can take some of the punishment as well. You should have thought of all of the consequences before you did something so reckless.” He said, I hear tape unraveling.

“What are you going to do with the tape?” I ask.

“You see.” He gets my hands but I snatch them away from him. I slide off the bed, I look at him fear but I try and stand my ground.

“Please don’t. I-I-I.... please.” I start to slowly walk backwards until I back into a wall.

“I don’t have time for this. Get over here.” He growled stalking towards me.


“I don’t want you to fear me but if you won’t listen I’ll do just that. Didn’t you say you were obedient.”

I knew I would regret saying that.

I walk up to him and give him my hands, he uses the tape and ties it around my wrists.

“Go back to the bed.” He commanded in a harsh tone.

I slowly walk over to the bed. He put the tape back on his desk, and then sits on the bed waiting for me.

When I finally get to the bed he grabs my arm and lays my stomach on his lap, the side of my abdomen touching hard cock.

“I’m going to start.” He said.

I nod and grip the sheets as he start to repeatedly slap me. It hurt like hell. I could even tell him to stop because I couldn’t stop screaming.

He get to ten slaps and I start to plead for him to stop but he starts again.

On the last five, I couldn’t take it anymore so I broke though the tape and put my hand in the way to stop him from slapping me but he just held my wrist in one hand a added five more on top of it.

“This will happen every time you think you should disobey me.” He said picking me up off him and walking to his desk.

“Is that all?”

“No. You need to do something about it.” He said referring to his hard cock in his underwear.

He walks back over to the bed. “Take off my underwear.”

I slide off the bed, going in my knees and I slowly take off his underwear, after I slide his underwear down I’m met with his abnormally large and hard cock. It was bigger than usual.

“Are you going to put it in dry?” I said in fear of him saying yes.

“Never. Unless... get on the bed.” I listen to him and get on the bed. “Lay here.” I positioned myself in front of his cock. “Now. Put it in.”

I hesitantly grab the base of it and move my mouth closer to it. I look at Nico’s face one more time to still see his cold expression. I put my mouth around his cock and he groans in response.

I try and get as much spit on it as possible.

Is this really a punishment or is he just making me do this that. He didn’t seem like he enjoyed spanking me it was more like he was trying to make me submit to him.

I know I can be a little stubborn but I thought I was doing something right for a change.

He grabs my head and pulls in and out, making my cough every time he pushes my head out. I put my hands on his thighs trying to tell him to back away, but he just pushes harder making me gag.

When he finally lets go of my head he tells me to stop being a baby. It hurt a lot when he said that.

“Are you still angry at me?”

“Yes. More angry than you will ever know.” He grabs my arm, pulling me up . I stare him at him and he kisses me, I didn’t kiss him back because I was mad at him too.

He growls in response. “Kiss me back.” He said and grip my ass then slapped it.

His lips latch on to mine and I kiss him back this time. He kissed me very desperately. He was desiring this. He needed this.

I put my hand on his shoulders, trying to steady myself. His body was hotter than normal.

Why was he so hot?

He lays me down on the bed, kissing my mark. I feel him push himself into to me.

He uses one of his hands to puts my hands above my head and the other holding one of my breast. He starts to thrusting hard into me, it hurt a little because it seemed like he grow bigger in size.

“Nico, your hurting me.” I cried as he started thrusted faster.

“Shh, it will start to feel better.” He hummed in response.

He let’s go of my hands and breast and pulled my waist closer to him, hitting my womb. I scream in pain as he hits it every time.

He didn’t stop until a knock came at the door. He throws the sheet over me, grabs his robe from the bottom of the bed and walks to the bedroom door.

He opens it and growls. “What is it Leith?”

Leith chuckles. “I see your punishing her but tomorrow the Council will be coming to meet their soon to be queen, make sure she looks presentable.” He said and walks out of view.

Nico closes the door, locking with both locks. I jump out of the bed and run for the bathroom but of course he catches me.

“Please Nico. I can’t do this anymore. It hurts.” I whined as he wrapped his arm around my waist.

“I’m in heat and all I want to do is fuck you, I thought you cared for me. But if you won’t do it willingly I will have to forced you. I truly am sorry.”

He’s heat and he didn’t tell me!

No wonder his body he is hotter than usual.

“Can you be a bit more gentle. It hurts so much Nico.”

He doesn’t say a thing. He bring me back to the bed, plopping me back in the same position as before.

I try to crawl away from him but he grabs me by my feet and drags me back.

“Stop fight. I might do something I regret.” He growled at me.

“Nico, I know you want this but you’re hurting me. Please... just be more gentle.” I beg him.

His eyes turn black as grabs my legs, pulling me closer to him and slides is cock back into me. I scream in response to his rough actions.

“I’ll be as slow as I can but not for long.” He said before slowly thrusting into me.

“I think I need to adjust to your new... size.”

He laughs. “It won’t be this big after heat you have nothing to worry about.”

I quietly sigh in relief.

We stay in the position for a while before I give him the go ahead. He starts to thrust faster and faster. I didn’t feel anymore pain all I felt was pleasure.

For the rest of the night, Nico came deep inside me. He didn’t stop until it was 5:36. Then we laid in each other’s arms.

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