Mated to the Alpha King

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The kings

These are the kings and their characteristics:

King Rufus: He rules North America. He is a ruthless, stubborn, and quick-tempered man, who doesn’t care for anybody but himself.

King Cole: He rules South America. He despises the human race with a living passion. He is a savage king who is known for his barbaric ways.

King Lucius: He rules Africa. He is violent and manipulative. He is known for breaking humans mentally and physically.

King Xavier: He rules Asia. He is a dominant and very impatient king. He is known for his way to sexual way of making a human submit.

King Marcellus: He rules Europe. He is a malicious king that loves to play with humans. He hosts games to watch humans kill each other for freedom but they never get it.

King Leith: He rules the Antarctic. He is an evil man that is known for his torture methods. His Kingdom only uses humans for their blood, nothing more.

King Nicolas: He rules over the king, he rules everything. No one knows anything about him but the ones close to him. He mainly resides in Europe because he is friends with King Marcellus but others think he has something up his sleeve.

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