Mated to the Alpha King

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Chapter 20:

Ameilya POV

I sit down in the Dinning room thinking about a way to defeat Alexander and move on with my life. The plan Emma had is good but it had to be flawless. First I need to know where Alexander is and then we can move onward but then again he would probably know. He could be having a witch watch right now and I won’t even.

“What has you thinking so hard?” Veronica asks as if she’s trying to be nice to me.

“None of your business.” I huffed. Nico looks at me from the corner of his eye. “I’m not in the mood to explain.”

After the meeting with the Council, they said I need to be nicer to the royal family and respect them, that until I get married to Nico I can’t disrespect them.

But first I have to find a way to get Alexander to sign the divorce papers but I need to trick him and find someone he had never meet.

I look around the Dinning room, he has met or seen everyone in this room.

I groan, “Why does everything have to be so hard.”

“Or you can ask Sky to do it. He has great hypnosis skills.” Aria said making me smile.

“You smart cookie.”

I look up at the table, “Tomorrow, my companions are going to be coming and I would like all of you to be nice.”

“How many?” Leith asks.

“Six girls and four boys,” I replied.

“Does that mean Lee is going to be here?” Phil asks a bit too happy.

I nod. “OMG! Keisha gets ready for the bromance cause that’s all that gonna be floating about in the air.”

Keisha groans.

“What does Sky want for his birthday?” I ask my children as I whip out my phone.

“I heard he wanted a wife so that he isn’t lonely all the time.” Phil shrugged.

“Huh, I heard he wanted the new PS12,” Keisha said.

“I could get him both,” I said as I looked for his number.

“Why do you need to talk about him around the dinner table?” Nico said as he watched me.

“I need for him to do something for me.” I shrugged as I pressed the call. “Also I want Emma released by Friday,” I said before I heard Sky’s voice on the other line.


“I need for my favorite person in the whole world to do something for me.” I sweet-talked him.

“What is it?” He sighed.

“I need for you to peace treaty paper to Mr. Asshole and have him sign it,” I said as I look at my nails.

Ugh, I need to go to the nail salon.

“What do I get out of this?”

“The new PS12 and a baby dragon.”

“Good. Where is he?”

“That’s for you to figure out cause I have no idea.”

“How do you not know?!”

“I’m not his wif- I mean I’m not his friend and I don’t keep tabs on him.” I corrected myself.

“Fine.” He said and hanged up.

I put my phone in my pocket and cross my hand across my chest and huff, "This is going to be harder than I thought."

"Why are yo-" Veronica stops talking and looked behind me with an open mouth.

"What? Cat caught your tongue?" I giggled.

"Who is that?" She pointed behind me.

I look behind me to see a very muscular man standing there with a smirk on his face. His sent was very familiar but he didn't look the same.

"Andy?" I said as I look at his body.

"My queen. I'm happy that you remember me." He said.

"You look... manly," I said.

The last time I saw andy, he look like a teenage boy that hadn't hit puberty.

"Thanks, I brought the things that you needed but who are you torturing that needs... wiggle wort?" He said, holding a bottle of worms.

"A friend of mine. Where's Travis?" I ask as he sits down next to me.

"On a Vacation with my mom. You will be dealing with for two days." He smiled.

"Aren't you going to ask me anything?" I said putting both of my hands on the table.

"Umm... did you do something different with your hair. It looks more lively today." He said making me chuckle.

"I know, right?

"What does it mean?"

"oh, that I'm pregnant." I smiled.

Everyone in the room started to cough and make all types of sounds.

"I'm kidding!" I tell them but Nico looked displeased.

"Don't play like that." He said with a hit of sadness in his voice.

"Aw. Nico, if you want me to be pregnant just asks. I'm sure I will be a beautiful pregnant lady." I said rubbing his hand.

"No, it's fine." He smiled at me.

"I'll bring these down," Andy said, getting up and taking up the crates of things.

"Um, you might know her," I told him and he chuckles.

"Everybody knows Big Daddy." He smirks.

"You nasty prick," I yelled and he ran out of the dining room.

"Well, are you guys ready to torture someone?"

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