Mated to the Alpha King

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Chapter 2

Elena POV

I wake to Izzy shaking me rapidly.

“What, let me sleep for 1 more hour.” I said groggily.

“Ellie had a seizure and she won’t wake up.” Izzy said, I look at her and I see tears streaming down her face.

“What.” I said with all alertness.

Izzy started laughing.

“I got you.” She said sitting back down in her seat, she wipes her face.

“What is wrong with you.”

“Would you rather live in a world live in a world where everyone love you for being mean or hate you for nice?” Izzy asks me.


So damn random.

“I’m bored.” She said.

“Go to sleep.”

“I’m not tired. Don’t leave me alone.” She said with puppy eyes.


All the kings were either on there phones or staring at up.

“What would you do if you won the lottery?” Izzy asked.

“I would buy food, a house, and lot of pets.” I said.

“Would you try to buy your freedom.” Marcellus said.

“No. Too much work.” I said with a shrug.

Sofia woke up— she was sitting next to me.

She looks like she was about to scream, I cover her mouth with my hand.

“Don’t make a sound.” I said.

She nods.

I remove my hand and she screams, waking up Ellie.

“What the fuck.” Ellie yells, jumping out of her seat. Ellie stares daggers at Sofia.

Izzy comes over and karate chops her in her neck and she falls unconscious again.

“I’m going to sleep, bye.” I said to Izzy.”

“Okay, Fine.” She said, folding her arms in front of her chest.


Ellie wakes me up and and I hop out of the limousine.

“Come. Now.” King Cole said.

We follow.

“We have rule that you will follow or you will be punished. First, you all must be in your masters room by 9:30pm. Second, you will only speak unless spoken to, or we are not in the room, you may speak freely. Third, your breakfast will be fruits and you dinner will be a small portion of rice, beans, vegetables, and/or fish, but of course your master can change that, so you must be on your best behavior.” King Cole said.

I don’t know where we were going but I was still in these god-awful clothing.

“Now we all are going to our room, I shall see you all later.” King Cole said and Grace was walking behind him.

I follow King Nicolas back to his room.

When we get there I observe the room.

There was a king-sized bed, flat screen tv, it was probably a 70 inches, office area, sitting area, three doors which I was guessing was the bathroom and walk-in closet, my closet of a bedroom, a fireplace and a balcony.

“Closet of a bedroom is a very funny name.” King Nicolas chuckles.

I didn’t know if it was a rhetorical sentence or what.

“You may go in the room, and when your done, come back.” He said and I nod.

I open the door and there was a bed, nightstand, mirror, clothes and a window. And they were just my size, too.


I put my backpack down, took off my heels and went back to his room.

I stand a few feet away from him.

“I won’t bite, if you don’t want me to.” He said with a smirk.

Haha, very funny.

He comes close and it causes me to take a step back.

“Don’t back away.” He said.

He circles me like I’m his prey, well, I am but if you know what I mean you know what I mean.

“Take off your bra.” He said.

What? Did this man tell me to take of my bra?

“Yes, I did tell you to take off your bra,” he said.

I slowly take off my 36B dark blue bra.

When it was fully off, he took it from me, throwing it on his bed.

I tried to cover myself but he stopped me.

He slowly caressed my breast.

“You have a great body, take off your shorts as well.”

I slowly take that off too, I had underwear on too but he made me take that off too.

He stared at me a bit more, touched my breast, slap my ass a couple of times, then told me to take a shower.

As soon as the hot water touched my skin I felt so much better.

For someone so evil he sure is handsome, I’ll try not to say to much because I know he’s listening to me but, his silver eye, don’t just give me a bit of fear it but it also makes me feel safe, it’s a very weird feeling. His thick eye brows were beautiful. His full thick lip look so kissable it’s unbearable, his jawline makes him look like a masterpiece. His voice is like music to my ears. His short curly hair makes me want to run my hands through it, his smile makes my knees weak. Even though he’s maybe 6’0 and I’m 5’0, all I want to do is hug him. He has a very fit body figure.

After I stop taking about him in the shower I grab a towel and head to my ‘room’.

He was by his desk reading some paper, he was wearing glasses, god, he looked even hotter.

“I picked out a dress for you to wear.” Is all he said before I went into my room and got dressed, it was a short, dark blue dress with a open back, making it a little loose in the front. I put it on with the flats that he paired together.

He has good fashion.

I walk out but he wasn’t there so I went back into my room and pack all my stuff out from my backpack and organize it into my nightstand drawers.

After I was done, I walk out and sit down in the arm chair.

He came back into the room and told me to follow him.

I guessed we were walking to breakfast but we went to different room.

He knocked on the door, the door opens and a beautiful woman walks out.

“Brother. I see you have a new slave.” The woman said.

“This is my my sister, Arabella.” King Nicolas said.

I bow.

“Your curtsy is impeccable. Where did you learn?”

“My mother.” I said.

“You mean your caretaker?” She said

“No, my brith mom.” I corrected her.

“Oh, how old are you?” She asked.


“Hmm, when did you get caught?”

“Three years ago.” I said with sadness.

“Oh, I’m sorry your family is gone.” She said and gave me a hug.

I was surprised by this but I still hugged back.

“My sisters shows sympathy for humans.” King Nicolas said.

“Well, let’s eat.” She said. “And this is my slave, Kevin.” She said.

I shyly waved at him, he —of course being the boy he is winked at me.

We turn around and we walk towards the dinning room.


When we got to the dinning room, everyone was already there.

The pet had the heads down, but Vicky.

The king were either conversation or had there eye on us, or more like me.

I was wear a very short and revealing dress.

King Nicolas sat down then I sat down next to him, on his left side.

The maids came in and brought our breakfast.

The pets got there fruits and the Kings got egg and bacon.

“So, how was auction.” Princess Arabella said.

“Well, Lucius has a runner and Rufus has a fan girl.” Marcellus said.

“A fan girl?” She repeated. “Your a fan of Rufus?” She ask Izzy.

Izzy was quiet for a while, as if she was finding the right words. “Yes, a big one.”

“I’ve never heard a pet say that before.” She said.

“I don’t understand her either.” King Rufus said.

We finished eating our breakfast.

“Pets, you may go anywhere in the castle but the dungeon and the front yard.” King Nicolas said. “We will be in a meeting, and we would not like to be disturbed.” He finished.

“And, I would like for Isabella and Elena to watch my slave, it seems like you know how to control her other than me.” King Lucius said.

The Kings stand up from their chairs and exit the room.

“Well, I’m going shopping, Kevin watch these girls.” Princess Arabella said and left the room.

It was quiet for a while before Izzy said something. “Do you have any alcohol here.” She said.

“Yes, but the slave can’t drink any.” Kevin replied.

Izzy groans.

“Well, I need to go to the powder room.” I said getting up from my chair.

I never say powder room.

Ugh, Aria.

“What, that slave like us, I could smell it.” She said.


“Do you know where it is.” Kevin said.

“No, but I could always ask a maid.” I said politely.

“You shouldn’t go by yourself, we all will go.” He said.

All the girl got up and follow him to the bathroom.

I actually didn’t want to go to the bathroom, I just wanted to leave the room.

When we got there I ran into the bathroom and locked the door.

I looked at myself in the mirror.

“Ugh, what do I do, we’re going to be with him all days, he’s cute, but I have high standards. I like men, not boys.” I say.

“Maybe, we can just ignore him.” Aria suggested.

“I don’t want to be rude.” I said.

“Well, you must know what you want.” Aria said and went silent.

“Maybe we should strangle him and hide his body.” Migizula said.

“We can’t do that.”

I walk out of the bathroom.

“We should all change.” I said.

“That sound like a good idea.” Ellie said.

We parted way but since Kevin and I lived on the same level we walked together.

“How old are you?” He asks.

“17. How about you.” I ask.


That so much for small talk.

I get to the room and shut the door behind me.


I walk to my room and change into black skinny jeans, and floral crop-top. I put my hair in a messy bun and put on some lip gloss on.

When I open the door to leave Kevin was already there, waiting for me.

I close the door and we head down the hall.

“How do get your hair so long, shiny, big, thick?” Keven asks.

“Genetics I guess, I was captured 3 years ago and my hair was already long and I’m really short, so.” I said.

“So you were captured, you weren’t born into this life. I’m sorry about your family.” He said.

Pity he doesn’t know that they’re alive and well.

We meet back with the girl and I swear I could have whipped Izzy myself.

She was wearing a short, denim shorts, a black crop-top that made her breast look perkier than they already were. She was wearing leather jacket, black heels, and her hair was down.

“Izzy, are you crazy, you look like a-.”I didn’t even have to say it. “Slut.” Vicky finished my sentence.

“Oh, hush. I look good! Y’all are just jealous.” She said and all I could do was scoff.

When all the girl arrived we walked our way to the garden.

Ellie was lecturing Izzy and I was in my own world.

“Where did you your tattoos?” Kevin asked.

“A friend of mine is a tattoo artist, even though she can’t make money off of it she had fun. She did all of our tattoos.” I said.

I had a big rose tattoo on my left shoulder. A butterfly tattoo on my neck, in my left wrist, and under my left breast. A crescent moon and infinity sign on my left hand middle finger. A feather on my front, right side of my waist area, and a lotus flower on my left leg.

“Hmm, and they allowed this?” He ask.

“Nope, but they couldn’t do anything about it, so they ignore all of them.” I said.

“Don’t you think your a bit young to have tattoos.” He said.

“Yolo, you only live once.” I chuckled.

“I guess so.”

When we get outside, Izzy starts doing all there flips on the grass as if her breast can’t fall out of her shirt at any moment.

I sit in the sun and bath in it.


I get up and go to the little pond that was there, just to find five lotus flowers there.

“They’re beautiful.” I said quietly.

Sofia comes up behind me.

“Thanks.” She said.

“For what.”

“Thanks for being you.” She said and left.



It has been forty-five minutes and I’m was ready to go inside. I’m sweating, thirsty, and it’s starting to get hotter. Me and my anemic ass always cold, we should appreciate this, but if I stay out here any longer I would have a heat stroke or something.

“I’m going inside” I yell to the others.

Ellie gets up. “I’m coming too.” She said.

“Who is going to watch Sofia.” I said.


“Do you see what Izzy is doing .” I said point at the crazy ass woman that’s climbing a tree and she know she don’t know how to climb.

“Sofia come with us.” Ellie yells.

We go inside and side down on the bench by the door.

“I didn’t know it was so hot in the UK.” I said, breathing heavily.

“I didn’t know either.” Sofia said.

“I forgot to tell you what Izzy said about Vicky’s sisters body,” I said. She looks at me. “She said, ‘she dead as hell.’”

Ellie starts laughing.

“Let’s get some water.” Kevin said, while coming inside with the others.

He leads us to the kitchen and pours us each a glass of water, then he gives us a tour of the castle.

“The castle has 97 bedrooms, 106 bathrooms, 5 kitchens, 12 living areas, 3 dinning rooms, a huge garage, a dungeon, and no attic.” He said.


“Wish I had a house,” Migizula said. “Instead I live inside your head.”

“Oh hush, it’s not that bad. Anyways, mi casa es tu casa.” I said.


“My home is your home.”

“Oh, well, that’s very nice of you.” She purrs.

We walk around the castle and get to know Kevin more.

He has been Princess Arabella’s pet for 2 years now. He’s an Gemini. He’s not a virgin, it wasn’t my question it was Izzy’s.

“Well, I’m getting tired, I’ll see you guys later. Izzy watch Sofia.” I said.

On many accounts Sofia has tried to slip our grasps, but every time she fails. That girl really is stubborn.

“Speak for yourself.” Aria huffs.

I laugh.

When I get to the door I knock just in case he’s in there with company. I open it slightly so I can hear him.

“Come in.” I hear him say.

I open the door fully and close it quietly.

“What the problem?” He asks, not once looking up from his paperwork.

“Nothing, I’m just tired.” I said.


I go into my room and lay on my bed and drop asleep.

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