Mated to the Alpha King

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Chapter 3

Elena POV

I wake up to a dark room. I guess the sun has set.

I get up and walk out of my room.

“Your finally awake, put that on.” He said as he fixed his cufflinks.

There was a V-neck, black dress on the bed.

I walked over and picked it up.

Who am I mourning?

I started to think of my grandma.

“I don’t want to wear this.” I said quietly.

“You’re wearing it, or you can go naked.” He said.


I go back to my room and change.

I look in the mirror.

Damn, this man really knows how to pick an outfit.

The dress hugged my curves just right, but it did make my breast pop out a bit too much. I let my hair down and stepped out of the room.

He walks towards me, he stares at me, then he growls, making me jump.

“Who were you with today?” He asks, anger evident in his voice.

I look down.

“Princess Arabella’s pet and the others.” I quietly said.

“Did he touch you?”


“Hmm.” Is all he said before he walked to the room door.

“Are you coming.” He said.

I rush by his side, but one step behind him. We walk down the hallway.

There was an awkward silence.

When we got to the dinning room, all the Kings were chatting. We sit down and the talking stops. Like it just stopped, as if some snap their finger and there voice just disappeared.

I looked down and play with my hands.

“Nicolas, we need to talk about all the Lycan attacks, they are getting out of hand.” King Xavier said.

Lycan attack? Why are the Lycan attacking.

“We will talk about this tomorrow ” King Nicolas said.

“That’s outrageous, why would my people start attack the vampires.” Aria complained in my head.

“Why does your kind do anything.” I said.

She growls.

Migizula laughs.

I ignore them.

The maids came in and placed our food on the table.

The Kings got stake, rice, with wine. The pets got rice, vegetables and salmon, with water.

We waited for King Nicolas to start eating first, and then we ate.

The food was better than expected.

Izzy was trying her hardest not to eat like a wild boar.

When I finished I just thought of all the thing I could be doing other than this.

‘Don’t think to much.’ King Nicolas said in my head.


“You know Rufus, maybe, you should worry about your own kingdom than mine.” King Cole said.

“Maybe if you kept your people in check and control them, we wouldn’t have to make the rule.” King Rufus replies.

What rule.

“You need to shut your mouth.” King Cole yells.

They both stand up from their chairs ready to pounce.

I watch as their claw extend, red glowing eyes, and inhuman growls.

What were they fight over again?

They pounce on each other, all I see is blood.

I look away, not because I’m scared, but for the simple fact that, I’m half vampire, blood affects me the same way as vampires.

When I look back, they were still fighting, blood splashing everywhere. I couldn’t even see who was winning. Izzy was watching, I could tell she wanted to go in and stop them, but we both know we couldn’t stop them.

King Nicolas didn’t stop them, he watches them fight.

I watch closely and saw that Rufus pace is slowly down. Before he falls, I wink at Izzy. She gets up and catches him before he falls.

“Score.” I said quietly.

Ellie looks at me like ‘what the hell was that,’ I look at her with a ‘I’ll tell you later’ look.

Izzy walks him towards his chair and poured out a cup of blood for him. He drank it and quickly started to heal.

Izzy nods.

“Are you two done,” Nicolas said, they both nod. “Great, I would like to know what the hell you were arguing about.”

“I was just educating Rufus on how to rule his kingdom.” King Cole said.

“I was educating on his behavior, and how he treats his people.” King Rufus said.

I nod.

My brother fight over stupid reason, too.

I look at everyone and they’re looking at me.

“What are you nodding about.” King Cole said.

“I-I...” I couldn’t come up with anything.

“Nevermind her, you two need to get your priorities straight.” Nicolas said.

They need to check their attitude and get anger management.” Aria said making me smile.

I wonder if I’ll be able to sleep now that I took a nap in the middle of the day.

“Now, everyone sleep off your anger, we will talk about this tomorrow morning.” Nicolas said and stood from his chair.

I follow his lead and we head back to the bedroom.

When we get to the room I take off my dress and get into comfy clothes, but before I could put on my shirt Nicolas calls me into his room.

Yes, I go into his room with no shirt on.

The room was pitch black. I could hardly see a thing.

“Master Nicolas, you called me.” I said in a shaking voice, I’m scared of the dark.

I feel something pull me in from the waist, I hit a hard chest.

“M-Master Nicolas, that’s you right.” I said.

He hums.

Oh. What is he doing?

He starts groping me, pressing my body against his.

He stops groping me and moves the hair out of the way on the left side of my body, tilting my head.

He starts groping me again, and starts kissing my neck, slowly.

A moan escapes me lips.

My knees go weak, if it wasn’t for him hold me up, I would have fallen on the floor.

Next thing I know I’m on his bed, him hovering over me.

He doesn’t say a word.

Then I feel his lip meet mine, it was a rough and possessive kiss. I didn’t know what to do so I followed his lead.

He stops kissing me, I’m breathing heavily.

I feel him unclip my bra and throw it across the room.

His hand automatically start playing with my breast, fiddling with my nipples.

I moan.

“He knows what he’s doing,” Aria purrs.

He starts kissing down my neck, down to my breast. He kisses the valley of my chest, then he goes to my right breast, sucking on it sweetly.

Why is he being so gentle?

He stops and kisses down to my waist, he takes off my sweatpants and kisses my left thigh, He licks it.

“I’m going to bite you.” He said.

Fear engulfs me, but then I think of all the pain I’ve been through these past years.

I nod.

His fangs extend against my thigh, and he bits down.

I scream, the pain was expected but I wasn’t physically ready.

My pain turns into pleasure. Which was weird. I don’t know if he was messing with my emotions but I felt relaxed.

My heart rate was beating regularly and I was starting to get sleepy.

His fang retract and he licks the wound to close it. He comes close to my face and kisses me softly.

“So very beautiful.” Is all I hear before I fall asleep.


I wake up and I have his oversized T-shirt on, I had no bra on and I was in his bed.

I felt a cold hand on my waist. I look over my shoulder to see a sleeping Nicolas.

I wanted to get up but it felt so good to be in arms.

I laid there for ten more minutes until I felt him stir in the bed.

“Your awake.” He said.

“Yes, I didn’t want to wake you.” I said.

“Hmm.” He said as he got out of the bed.

I sigh. I didn’t want to get up, and I sure as hell didn’t want to leave his touch.

“Aren’t you human more morning people?” He said as he walked into the bathroom.

“Not me, I value my sleep other than food.” I said as I got out of the bed—more like hopped out of the the bed.

Curse my shortness.

He comes out of the bathroom and leans against the door frame.

I stare a his perfect body. His arms were just the right kind of muscle, he had rock hard abs. I kept on looking down, I could see his V-line before it disappeared into his sweatpants.

“Like what you see.” He said with a smirk.

I ignore his remark, I went into my room and pick out a black tank top and a skirt, with a matching set of underwear.

I walk out only to find him still leaning on the door frame. I walk passed him and start the shower.

He come behind me and whispers, “You seemed to enjoy our little session last night.” He said and slapped my ass.

I rub my ass and stick my tongue at his back.

When I see a huge scar on his back, then I start thinking about the one on my arms.

It was a open shower so if he wanted to he could just sit in the bathroom and watch me, but he didn’t, he left the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

I strip and hop in the shower.

I look down at my thigh and a tear streams down my face.

I need to be strong. I told myself.

I get out of the shower and put on my clothes and braid my now curly hair.

I step out of the bathroom to be met by King Leith and King Cyrus.

I bow and hurry to my room.

I look at myself in the mirror, I hated the skirt I was wearing so I looked for a different one. I got a red skirt, it wasn’t to short nor to long.

I open the door slightly to see of they were still there, but they were so I went out the and sat down in the sitting area.

Where the hell is Nicolas.

We wait for 5 minutes and he finally come back.

“Ah, I didn’t expect you two here,” he said as he sat down in his chair. I start thinking about food, to distract myself from listening in on their conversation.

“Pet.” Nicolas said.

“Yes, master.” I said looking up.

“Get me those papers over their.” He said.

I stand up and get the papers that were on his dresser.

I grab them and place them on the his desk.

Then I go back to sitting down. I sit down like a proper lady and cross my leg over my other leg, with a straight back. My mother’s influence really rubbed off on me.

King Leith and King Cyrus leave and I swear I saw King Leith give me a ‘watch out’ look.

“Master, when is breakfast starting?” I ask.

“10:30.” He answers.

That’s weird I normally don’t wake up until 11 in the morning.

It was 9:34 and I didn’t feel like leaving the room so I went into the bathroom and took out my hair and blow dried it. Then I curled it.

I hated curling my hair, it was so much work.

I get out and it was 10:19.

I went into my room and took out a red hair band and put it on. I also put on some black flats on and went back into the room and waited on Nicolas.

Nicolas POV

Elena is a weird pet, I will have a lot of fun with her.

I got up from my office chair and I got in something more appropriate for breakfast.

I got out of my closet I find Elena already by the door.

She looked so innocent.

Ugh, why am I saying that about a human?

She opens the door for me and I walk through.

She closes the door and walks behind me.

I could smell that the human boy had just walked past here.

“Elena, I want you to know one thing.” I said. Her head shoots up. “I don’t trust that human boy, so if he ever touches you, I want you to tell me immediately.”

“Yes, master.”

“Nobody touches what’s mine.” I said lowly.

“May I ask you a question, Master?” She asks.

“Go ahead.”

“Where did you get that from scar?” She asks quietly, as if she knew she shouldn’t be asking.

But I answer her question, out of my cold darkened heart.

“War.” Is all I said.

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