Mated to the Alpha King

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Chapter 4

🔞This chapters is going to have abuse and sexual content in it so if you don’t want to read it’s okay.

Elena POV

It has been two weeks since Nicolas last drank from me, ever since then he has asked me to get him blood from the kitchen, all the maids in the castle hate me, Kevin hasn’t touched me or anything, my sisters are fine, we’re been able to talk to Marcellus and I’m depressed.

“Are you okay.” Princess Arabella said.

“Yeah.” I said.

Right now me and Princess Arabella were in the garden.

“You need to teach me how you did that backflip.” She said.

I giggle.

We chat some more and then we part ways.

I go looking for my sisters but instead I stumbled along King Cyrus walking down the hallway.

“You Highness.” I said while I bow.

“You’re really a sight to behold.” He said walking past me.

“Disrespectful, does he know who we are.” Aria said.

I silently groan.

“Well, nice to see you too, your Highness.” I mumble.

I walk back to the room and dive into my bed.

“Ugh.” I get up and take off my shoes and lay back down on my bed. Where shoes in bed is weird. “Why is everyone here so difficult.” I yell.

Fucking great.

I slowly get out of bed and walk to the bathroom, and put on a pad.

I’m on my period, I have no food and I’m utterly useless.

“Oh stop that, you do know I could hear you.” Nicolas said.

I blush.

I totally forgot he was in the room.

“No, I didn’t.” I said quietly.

“Now, be quiet, I’m going to sleep.” He said and left my room.

He’s acting like me when I get no food.

**three days later**

“Yay, she gone. Bloody fucking Mary is gone.” I yell, while doing my happy dance.

“Your being loud again.” Nicolas yelled.

“Sorry.” I said .

**two days later**

The last two day have been calm, I’m no longer depressed and I was ready to take on the world.

So I got ready for the day.

I got a dark blue bra and underwear, a lace up backless off the shoulder crop top, skinny, ripped up jeans with black converses.

I got my makeup pouch and went into the bathroom.

I showered and got dressed, even though I had nowhere to go, I wanted to dress up. I did a natural makeup look and put on some earrings.

When I stepped out like I was on the red carpet, I was ready to take on the world.

I felt confident, which it’s a bad thing because whenever I’m confident I end up embarrassing myself, so I stay in the shadows.

“Why are you dressed like that?” Nicolas asks.

“No reason, I’m just feeling good today.” I said.

“Well, it’s time for breakfast.” He said and we head to the dinning room.

I swear the whole time we walked down the hall, Nicolas was watching me

“I get that your happy, but you don’t look like someone that just got sold, you more look like someone that won the lottery.” He said.

“Well, the happier the slave the better the blood.” I said.

I read it in a magazine.

We walk into the dinner room and I swear heard Izzy squeal.

I sit down.

We all eat in silence.

You look beautiful.” Marcellus said in my head.

I smile.

He’s so sweet.” Aria said.

After breakfast, everyone went their separate ways.

I walk around the castle for a while.

I was getting bored so I went to the kitchen, just to be met by Vicky and other girl that hates me.

“What person goes to the kitchen when there bored.” Aria said making me giggle.

“What are you laughing about.” The other girl said.

“I just looking at how ugly your faces look.” I said.

“You little twat.” Vicky said.

And that’s when I ran for my life.

I ran to the garden and hid behind tree.

Stupid place to hid but I was in a hurry.

I hear them talking for a while, then they go back into the castle.

I stay outside for a while, until I was sure they weren’t still there.

I walk back inside.

King Cyrus was leaning against the door frame.

“Your Highness.” I bow.

“What’s your blood type?” He asks.

Weird question.

“O+.” I said.

“Hmm.” He said as he walked slowly towards me.

I dash, it was either I run, or get bit by him.

I don’t know where I was running to but I did know that I was getting far away from him.

When I finally stop running I realize that I’m in the dungeon.

I try and walk back upstairs but a door opens up and King Leith came out.

“Brother what is your slave doing down here.” He said.

I hear Nicolas growl.

“Bring her here.” Nicolas said.

Leith grabs my forearm and drags me towards the room he was just in, I just taking a step towards the door and get hit with the stench of blood and sweat.

When we reach the door, I see a black woman, maybe in her mid-twenties chains to a metal chair, She was butt ass naked, just like the day she was born, and she’ll look straight at me

She a Lycan-Luna.” Aria exclaimed in my head.

She looked like she was trying to break free from the chains, to get to me.

“What are you doing here, I pretty sure I told you slaves to stay upstairs.” He said with anger.

“I... I was...” Absolutely nothing can to mind.

“You traitor.” She yelled.

I jump. I try and run out of the room, try to get far away from this crazy woman.

Tryna expose me!

“You are a delusional mutt, don’t you dare mix me up with you kind. “ I shout back at her.

She seemed taken back by this. “I hope you tell that to your family when they find you dead.”

“Oh, you wanna fight me, cause I will fight you. I’ve been fight for life since I was born you’re nothing but an obstacle!”

“I’ll have your head you half-breed.” She growled.

“How dare you.” She is actually a crazy bitch.

We should submit.” Aria said.

“Are you crazy!” I said.

She starts to towards me, “Don’t walk another step!” I yelled.

“Is that supposed to scare me, I’m much older than you.” She said, by then she was already in front of me.

“Get back mutt.” Leith said.

“Stay out of this mutt.” She said putting her hand up. When she did that I saw a blue butterfly tattoo on her wrist. “You look so familiar, wasn’t your hair blue?”

She knows me!


“You are so privileged while we sit and rot. You can always change sides, you and your sisters.”

“How do you know about my sisters?” I said. She turns her back and walk back to where she previously was.

“I know you have two sisters, Izzy and Ellie. Izzy is the oldest, she has a weird hobby where she likes to kidnap supernaturals and dissect them. And then there’s innocent little Ellie, she loves her leech mate and she hates killing people. But then your a little bit of both, you hate killing things but you also get this thrilll from it as well. You all are so satisfying to watch.”

What is she talking about?

“You are crazy.” I spat.

“The name is Emma and I was born crazy.”

Nicolas comes over to me and grabs my hand dragging me out of the dungeon.

When we get to the room he throws me on the bed.

“Why were you down there.” He said.

I stay silent. Tears rolling down my face.

“Answer me.” He yells, slapping me across the face, making me cry harder.

I still didn’t saying anything so he grabbed my throat, starting to chocking me. “Answer me.” He yelled. “Where did all that confidence go when you were talking to that mutt?”

“I was... running away f-f-from King Cyrus.” I said.

“Why.” He said letting go of my throat. I started coughing.

“He asked what my blood type was and then started getting really close to me.” I said.

“Did he touch you.”

I shake my head.

“That still doesn’t explain why you were in the dungeon. Tonight you will be punished for your disobedience.”

Oh god.

“You will stay here for the rest of the day until I come back.” He said and left the room.

A tears start flooding down my face.

What’s he doing to do?

I curl up into a ball and cry.

**three hours later**

I stop crying and try and be happy, and ignore what he said for now. I shower, but I felt like shaving my whole body. I put on a black shirt and green shorts. I get out and lay down in the bed.

“We need to save her.” Aria said.

“No, I’m not going to put my self in more danger and trouble, and plus we can’t even get her out, we’re on wolfsbane, did you forget, and we can’t use any magic, it’s suicidal.” I said.

I know but we have to do something.” She said.

“We’ll see.” I said.


When Nicolas comes back he doesn’t say a word.

He goes into his closet and stays in there for a few minutes before coming back with a sweatpants but no shirt. He goes over to the balcony door and locks it, closing the blind as well.

I gulp.

“The room is soundproof, so no one will here your screams.” He said.

God, you really hate me. I pray to the devil a few times, A FEW TIMES, and I get this, and I thought you loved all your spawns.

He comes over to the bed, I scoot back.

I was terrified.

“You should be,” He said. “Now, strip.”

I look at him blankly.

“Now.” He growled.

I get off of the bed and I slowly take off my clothes.

After I was finished I put my hair in front of my breast and my hands on my lap.

He walks back to the bad and stares at my body, he moves the hair out of the way, making me shudder.

“You shaved.” He said.

Yup, just had to point that out.

He went into his desk and took out a whip.

“Oh, please. Don’t use that.” I said, tears starting to flow down my face.

“It’s not really your choice is it.” He said.

I did the only thing I could think of. Run. But of course, he caught me. Bringing me close to his body, putting his hand at the base of my throat.

“I don’t think that would help your situation.” He said.

I push myself off of him. “Please just don’t use that.” I pleased.

“Then what do you expect me to do?” He said throwing the whip on the couch, stalking towards me.

“Anything but that. Please!” Then he appeared right in front of me. He grabs my arm and drags me towards the bed.

“Lay down in the middle of the bed.” He said, I do as he says.

He then goes and turns off the light.

Why is he turning off the light?

The fire plane was on, so there was some light. I know it would be awkward for the lights to be on for me but why.

I feel the weight of the bed shift as he gets on the bed.

I feel him separate my legs, he comes close to my face and kisses me, it was a very rough kiss. I didn’t want to kiss him back but he started to bite on my lower lip and pinch the sides of my leg. He gropes my right breast, and rubs my clit.

I moan into the kiss.

He stops kissing me and kisses down my neck, to my chest and down my stomach. He uses his right hand to fiddle with my right breast nipple. I then feel him feel him shift from his position to the bottom half of me and kiss my thigh, the same spot where he bit me. He kisses up my thigh, I feel his cold breath on my kitten.

That’s when I feel his tongue lick up and down as he rubs my clit, he removes his right arm from my breast and put two finger into my dripping kitten.

I gasp and I start moaning when he adds another finger.

I feel myself going to release, I couldn’t hold it in.

“I’m going to...” I couldn’t finish my sentence before I release all over his hands and mouth.

He gets up and towers over me. He takes my legs and wraps them around his waist.

I know what’s coming next.

I feel the tip of his cock at my entrance and I brace myself for the pain.

He put it in slowly, and thrusts slowly. I felt some pain but it when away after a while.

Damn! He’s HUGE.

It wasn’t long before he started thrusting harder and faster. I still felt pain as he thrusted since this was my first time. I started screaming and moaning for him to stop but he didn’t show any remorse. He moved my legs and put them on his shoulders. I must have came more than five times in that time frame. I moaned and screamed, I started to feel some pleasure but I was still in pain that tears started flooding down my face,

He stopped and flipped me over, and fucked me from the back.

I screamed.

He got his arm and put it around my neck, lifting me of hands, having my back against his bare chest.

He sniffs me neck.

“This is mine to touch, my pussy to fuck, my neck to bite, this is all mine.” He said in a husky voice at my ear.

Then he licked my neck and then bit me. Like he bit while thrusting inside me.

I scream loudly.

His left hand start moving to my clit, rubbing it fast.

He retracted his fangs and lick the wound shut.

“Who’s pussy is this?” He said.

“Yours!” I yell.

“Who’s body is this?”


“What’s my name?”

“M-Master Nicolas!”

He left go of me and I fall on the bed.

He takes out his cock and gets off the bed. He grabs my legs and dragged me to end of the bed, flips me over and fucks me hard again. I moan loudly, my body was getting soar, I was too tired to move and I could hardly keep my eyes opened.

“Wake up, we’re not done yet.” He said.

He picks me up from off the bed and hold me up. He sits on the bed and bounces me up and down on his cock.

He take one of my nipples into his mouth, he sucks on it sweetly. He stops and starts kissing up my neck.

How does someone keep on going for this long?

He stops bouncing me up and down and gets back on the bed, he lays down and I’m on top, I put my hand on his chest as he moves my hip, grind on top of him. As I take control, he moves his hands up and down my torso area.

“I take it that you like this.” He said in a husky voice, that made my inside tingle.

He sits up and kisses me slow but passionately, my hands start playing with his curly hair.

He purrs.

He flips us over, so now he’s on top.

He starts thrusting again and moan into the kiss.

My legs wrap around his waist and my arms wrap around his neck. We stop kissing, I regain the air around us. His head rests in the crook of my neck.

I feel his cock start to twitch, as he cums, then I cum right after him.

We both are breathing heavily.

He roll off of me.

I turn to the opposite side of him.

He grads me by the waist and puts me into him. “You are forever mine.” He said before I fell asleep.

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