Mated to the Alpha King

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Chapter 5

Nicolas POV

I wake up to Elena sleep right next to me. I slowly get up from my bed and put some clothes on.

What happened last night was unexpected.

All I know is that girl laying in my bed is going to be the death of me.

I sit at my desk, starting on the work I didn’t do.

I hear Elena stirring in the bed.

Elena POV

I wake up but Nicolas wasn’t in the bed.

I was happy and sad at the same time. He raped me and I’m sad that he’s not in the bed with me!

I sit up and then I remember I’m butt ass naked.

I squeal.

“Your awake.” A voice said. I turn my head to see Nicolas sitting at his desk.

I nod.

“Go take a bath, it will help with the soreness.” He said.


Know how am I going to get over there without embarrassing myself?

“You do know I’ve seen you naked before, right?” He said.

I nod.

I get up from the bed and dash to the bathroom, Nicolas stand in my way.

“Where are you going.” He said.

“I’m going to go bathe.” I said.

“Hmm.” He said and he moved to the side letting me pass. But before I could even turn around to closed the bathroom door. He slaps my ass.

Ugh. That shit hurts.

“I know, that’s why I do it.” He said.

I go into the bathroom and close the door.

I start the bath and wait until the water is finish rising. When it was finally done I hoped in. I sit in there for about twenty minutes and got out, I wrap a towel around my body and left the bathroom.

“Last night was... something.” Aria said.

“Of course you had to say something about it.” I said.

I walk into my room and find a lavender dress on my bed. I put it on, and of course my breast have to be spilling out like water. I put my hair down, hiding my choke marks and left my room.

Nicolas wasn’t there so I spread his bed and I opened the blinds.

A knock comes at the door.

I open the door and King Leith was there.

“Is Nicolas in there?” He said.

“No, but I can tell him you stopped by, your Highness.” I said.

“No, I’ll wait here.” He said and came into the room.

I closed the door and went into the bathroom to put some makeup on.

When I got out Nicolas still wasn’t here so I just went into my room and went to go look for my favorite book, ‘The Fault In Our Stars’.

“What are you doing.” King Leith said, scaring the living hell out of me.

“Looking for a book.” I said.

I kept on looking.

“Why was that Lycan slut able to talk to you but she hardly batters an eye when we’re with her?” He asks.

I gulp. “I don’t know.”

“I have a feeling you do, and when I figure it out I will have you heart in my hand.” He said.

Was that supposed to be a threat, because I’ve heard of way better ones. He needs to elaborate more, he can pull out my heart but that doesn’t technically mean I’m dead.

I slightly shrug.

I walk past him and go back into the main room to find my book behind a pillow.

“I don’t want you to think that I’m playing but I can feel Nicolas coming.” Aria said.

How odd.

Nicolas opens the door and see’s me and his brother in his room.

“What do you need brother.” He said.

“We need to talk.” King Leith said.

“First I need to read this letter.” Nicolas said before showing the letter to his brother.

It looked like one of those old timey letter with the seal.

When King Leith gave him back the letter I swear I died inside.

It was a snake eating itself, with the world eternal written in Japanese.

I gasp.

Oh no, this isn’t good.

I start to bit my nails.

A knock comes at the door.

Nicolas open the door and gesture for whoever was there to come in.

It was Izzy.

“Your Majesties.” She said and bowed.

“Elena, can we go and talk in your room.” She said with a wink.

“Yes.” I said and we walk to my room, closing the door behind us.

“What’s the problem.” I said.

“Ellie, she depressed, and she has a bite on her neck.” She said.

“Okay, we all knew we would get bitten when we get sold what’s the real problem.” I said.

“You’ll have to see it to believe it.” She said and dragged me out of the room.

“What’s the problem.” Nicolas said.

“Nothing much.” I answered.

“Oh, so our sister getting bit and possibly tortured is ‘nothing much’.” She said.

“Can you please chill out. You are being a bit too dramatic.” I said

“So you don’t care for you sister’s health.” King Leith said.

“I do, but sometimes Izzy is a little much.” I said.

“Well, we don’t have time to waste, the less time we have to live.” She said and dragged me out the room

“Wait!” I run back into my room and grab my book before walking back to Izzy.

We walk down the hall for a while.

“I’m too young to die. Okay, and when your being for mercy, I’ll be the one telling you I told you so.” She said

“Who are you talking about.” I said.

“Tobias.” She yelled.

Chills run down my spine.

Tobias is Ellie’s mate. And he’s also a King in Spain.

“Please, no.” I said.

“I’m not playing.” She said and Ellie appears right in front of us.

Ellie did look depressed, she looked like she was crying for hours and she did have a bite on her neck.

“Ellie, what happened?” I said.

Instead of telling me, she put on the weirdest smile ever and told us to forget it.

Her pupils were huger down wide, even in the light. There was one thing that’s came to mind.


King Xavier compelled her, but why.

We try and get something out of her but doesn’t say a word.

Then she tells us she has stuff to do and she leaves us there.

“What the hell.” I said.

“Look.” Izzy said.

Ellie was skipping.

“Ellie’s possessed.” She said.

King Leith and Nicolas appear behind us. “It’s time for dinner.” King Leith said.

“Let’s go.” Nicolas said.

We walk a few feet away from Ellie.

“Hey dummy.” Izzy yells at her.

Ellie doesn’t respond.

“Leave her. She not going to answer “ I said.

“Hey Amy.” She yelled and Ellie stopped, turned around and smiled, turned around and started skipping again.

“Ew, Amy.” I giggle.

“Who’s Amy?” Nicolas asks.

“Amy was our friend before Elena killed her.” I said.

“Why’d you kill her?” Nicolas ask, sounding a bit intrigued.

“She was crushing on Ellie’s mate, then when she found out, she tried to kill Ellie then me and Izzy pushed her off the roof.” I said, without even hesitation.

“But, somehow she’s still alive.” Izzy said.

“Yup. Damned witch!” I said.

“And who’s her mate.” King Leith said.

“Umm...” I look at Izzy and she nods. “A royal.”

“Oh really, is it anyone here.” He said pushing the question.

“No.” I said.

“Well, why don’t you look here, we have arrived.” Izzy said opening the door for us.

“Oh, Izzy. Leith threatened me, he said if I didn’t tell him what he wanted to know he would have my heart in his hand.” I telepathically told Izzy.

A smirk makes its way on her face.

We sit down are eat dinner, I didn’t really pay attention to what they were saying and started think about what Morgan would want with Ellie’s body.

When dinner ended, Nicolas and I went back to the room.

“When you wake up tomorrow I won’t be here.” He informed me

“Where will you be?” I said.

“I have a meeting with the kings.” He said.

I nod and change into some pjs.

“I’m going to bed.” I said.

He nods and I go into my room and I lay down in my bed and drift to sleep soundly.

Nicolas POV

I didn’t go to sleep last night.

I was too hellbent about this letter I got.

It was delivered to me by a raven, it was made out of sandpaper, there was a seal on it, of a snake eating itself with a word written on Japanese.

When it was about five o’clock, I changed into a suit, and left the room.

When I got to the conference room, the kings were already here.

I sit down and the Kings stare at me for quite a long time.

“I have called you all here to discuss a letter that I received yesterday.” I said. “I will read what the letter contains and then you will tell me your opinions.”

I take the letter my inside pocket.

I open it and read:

Dear King Nicolas,

I would like this to be a short letter.

I would like for you to marry my daughter, Princess Ameilya.

I know her name may be foreign but she is a hybrid, I think you can see why I would want to keep her hidden.

I assure you that our union will strengthen our kingdoms, House Ashford and House Morningstar will be long and remembered.

I’ll be in touch.



The room was quiet until Cole spoke.

“Didn’t King Lucifer’s reign end years ago.” He said.

“His reign never ended. All my father does is plan for the future and all I can say is he did a great job.” Marcellus said.

“What do you mean.” I said.

“He’s been planning for something for some years now but I never knew what it was. He going to sell my little sister off.” He said, yelling the last part.

“Can’t I just refuse.” I said.

“No, you wouldn’t want to anger my father, I’ve seen him bent men to his will, we must think discreetly.” Marcellus said. “I will speak with my mother, but I doubt she will be any help.”

“How come there aren’t any pictures of the royal family?” King Rufus asks.

“My father either burned them or put them in safe keeping. Apart of his master plan.” He said.

A knock came at the door and a maid came in a handed a letter to Marcellus and left.

“It’s from my mother.” He said and read what was in the letter.

Dear Marcellus,

I have recently found out that your father is going to force your sister in to marring King Nicolas, I have tried to change his mind but he’s to stubborn to listen.

You have a weeks before me and your father come to finalize the papers, he has even talked to the counsel and they agree with his idea. I have sent Levi and Satan to help prolong the process but I fear that won’t do anything but anger your father. Be safe my son.

Best of luck,

Your mother.

“Well my mother tried. We’re on our own.” He said.

“Where is your sister.” Leith said.

“She away over seas.” Marcellus said.

The door bust open and Queen Lucy come in.

“Marcellus why did your father just call me and tell me that Ameilya is getting shipped like a piece of meat.” She yells.

“I just found out.” He answers.

“Who’s going to tell her, because I know I’m not.” She said.

“We can’t tell her yet, and did you really fly all the way from Italy just to yell at me.” He said with a smirk.

“No, I also came here to tell you that I’m back.” She said and left.

“That woman is going to be the death of me, I swear.” He said shaking his head.

“When do you think your help will get here.” I said, and two men appear behind Marcellus.

“We’re not his help, we are only here to help the princess.” The one with white hair and blue eyes said.

“Levi, you know there’s something called respect right.” The other one with black hair and red eyes said. “If the princess finds out that your disrespecting her favorite brother she’ll have your head.”

“Whatever. Marcel, you better have a plan, I still don’t like the fact that you married my sister.” The one named Levi said.

“Well, I’m going to ignore you for now. Satan, it been a while.” Marcellus said hugging the man.

“Please, the princess gave me a name, I would liked me be called Stefan from now on.” He said.

“It just like Ameilya to give you a name.” He said.

“Well, now that you all have said your hellos, let’s think of a plan.” I said

“Before we think of a plan I would like to tell you all that Nicolas’s pet talked to that stubborn mutt in the dungeon.” Leith said.

“What.” Everyone shouted.

“She went do their.” Marcellus yelled.

“She said it was an accident but that didn’t stop me from punishing her. She won’t do it again.” I said.

“If she can get something out of her, we need to use her.” Rufus said.

“Let’s discuss this later, we need to fist figure out how to fix this situation.” I said, not want to linger on the subject.

Ameilya POV

I woke up to a empty room.

I bath and pick out a denim shorts and a orange shirt. I don’t put any makeup on and leave the room.

I take a few step and my nose gets filled with the sent of cinnamon.

“Lucy.” I yell.

“The one and only.” She said and pulled me into a hug.

“You look amazing.” She said.

“So do you, I’ve missed you.” I said.

“I’ve missed you more.” She said letting go of me.

We walk are the castle and continue chatting.

“When was the last time you talked to your father?” She asks.

“It’s been a while.” I said.

She frowns.

“Well, I have to do Queen things, so I’ll see you later.” She said.

“Goodbye, your highness.” I said with a bow.

She leaves and go on a hunt for Izzy.

When I found her she was talking to herself.

“Who are you talking to.” I said.

“Lola.” She said.

Lola is her Lycan.

“I think I know how to fix Ellie.”

“If it’s orange is the new cute, cause orange doesn’t look good on you.” She said.

“Whatever, we need blood and vervain.” I said.

“That’s sounds like a good idea.”

We started walking down the hall, until we someone coming our way.

It was Ellie, and she was coming this way.

Izzy and I stand our ground.

She comes towards me and whisper in my ear.

“You wouldn’t want anything to happen to me would you?” She said and skipped away from us.

I gasp.

“What did she say.” Izzy said.

“She said ‘you would want something to happen to me would you.’ What the hell is that supposed to mean.” I said.

“She mean if we try anything, she’ll do something life threatening.” Izzy said.

No, but it mean something else something in forgetting.

We start walking again, I was so lost in thought that I don’t even see the Kings standing in front of me.

I bow.

We stand there for a while.

“Well, I need to pee. Elena come with me.” Izzy said and dragged us out of that awkward situation.


We were at breakfast and it was pretty active today.

For some reason Levi and Stefan were here and they were staring right at me.

Izzy stands up from her chair walk around the table and pours water all over Ellie.

Ellie sits there, looks up and smiles.

“Izzy!” I said.

“What, look she’s not anger at me.” She said.

“I did need to shower.” Ellie said and walked out of the room.

“I was hoping for more drama.” She said. Izzy walks back over to her seat and sits.

“So, Levi and Stefan, what do you do on a regular basis.” Nicolas asks.

Bad question.

“Killing and torture.” Levi answered.

“I mean since the princess has been gone, what have you been doing.” He said.

“Hmm, drinking, working, sleeping, we don’t do much.” Levi said.


“Can you tell more about the princess.” Nicolas said.

“She has midnight blue hair, brown eyes, she’s short, she can be shy and sensitive at times, but she can also be adventurous, determined, but all in all, she reliable, assertive, courageous, kind. And very indecisive.” Stefan said.

He did so good until he said the last part.

“Oh, and if any of you betray her your asking for death, she’ll start war with your kingdom just to see you suffer.” Levi said.

Ellie comes back in new clothes but her hair is still wet.

“You forgot to dry your hair.” Izzy said.

“I’m fine.” She said with an unnatural smile.

“Oh kay, we need to fix Ellie she’s starting to creep me out.” Aria said.

I hum.

“So, how weak is she.” King Cole said.

“”She strong, but very emotional. But don’t get me wrong her emotions don’t get in the way of her work, even if your her own blood she will still kill you if she has to.” Levi said.

They kept on talking about me like I wasn’t sitting right in front of them.

When breakfast ended, I went to find Lucy to see if she needed any help.

“So, your majesty so you need any help.” I said with a bow.

“I would like for my trusted adviser to get me the papers that I printed from the printer.” She said.

But there wasn’t any printer in the room.

“Downstairs, there’s a printer in Marcellus office.” She said.

I run downstairs and go into Marcellus office. There was about a pile worth of paper. I

I grab the papers and head back up the stairs.

“Maybe you should take trips.” Aria suggested.

“No I’m good.” I said aloud.

And the that’s when it happened, the papers fell and I died.

“Shit.” I said as I picked up the papers.

“Told you.” Aria snickered.

I start to pick up the papers, I hear footsteps coming my way. I quickly take up the papers but I didn’t do it fast enough.

“What are you doing?” Rufus said.

“Umm, I’m bringing these papers to Queen Lucy.” I said.

After picking up the papers.

I stand up and start walking to her office. Stefan opens the door and I mumble a thank you and put the papers on her desk.

“Thank you. Now please get me some blood.” Lucy said and I run out of the room.

I pour the blood and rush back to the office.

I knock and go in. I place the cup on the desk.

“Thank you.” She said as she took a sip.

“Do you need anymore help.” I said.

“No, but if I need you I’ll send a slave.” She said with a smile.

I bow to the others and head out the room.

As I reach the door frame of the room, I see Kevin running full speed towards me.

“What wrong.” I said.

“Ellie’s.... going crazy.... in.... the... kitchen!” He said out of breath.

I dash out of there.

What is my big sister doing?

I reach at the kitchen to see blood everywhere. It looked like a crime scene.

Izzy came running behind me.

“Where is she?” She asks.

“I don’t know.” I said.

I walk into the kitchen and around all the glass on the floor. I hear everyone else coming.

“Ellie, where are you.” I said softly.

I heard struggling. I look over the counter and see Vicky and Ellie rolling around and and punching each other. “Help me get her off her.” I said as I pulled Vicky off of Ellie

When we finally get her off, everyone walks in. “You little bitch. Let go of me.” Vicky said.

Stefan grabs ahold of Ellie before she creepy crawls over to us.

“Let me go, let me pull her eyes out of there sockets and rip her to shreds, then feed her to my dogs.” Ellie said.

I get up and and stand in Ellie’s face.

“You don’t have any dogs!” I laugh, yell at her.

“I know!” She yelled back.

This must be the real Ellie. Her eyes looked normal and she wasn’t acting weird.

“Put me down.” Stefan settles her down and she tries to get to Vicky.

“Make her apologies, make her pay for disrespecting my mate.” She said.

“Vicky, how would you like if someone she something rude about your sister.” I said. She spits on the ground next to me.

I growl. “Do you know what that means in my language, to spit on the ground,” she looks at me and point she middle finger at me. “It means kill me.”

I grab a knife and stab her in the hand, piercing through the wall.

She screams bloody murder.

“Go to hell, and tell your sister I said ‘hi.’ Izzy let’s go.” I said as I walk out looking like a badass.


It was now dinner time and everyone was quiet.

Vicky had a bandage on and she was glaring right at me.

“Since you had caused a mess in the kitchen and damaged Vicky. Elena, Ellie and Izzy will be staying in the dungeon for five days.” Nicolas declared.

“What.” All three of us said.

“That’s not fair. I think Ellie acted accordingly, anyone would act that way if someone disrespected there mate. I want to two days reduced from the five days.” Lucy said.

I like that.

We finished eating and Nicolas called the guards. Izzy made a sexual comment about how they tied our hands.

“Vicky, I hope someone burns you alive and then pisses on your ashes.” Ellie said.

“Next time you have something smart to say I’ll make sure that knife is closer to your face, maybe I could rip out you heart and gift it to someone.” I said. That person would be Izzy.

“Oh, and you better hope that Elena didn’t poison the blade or you’ll be dead within the hour.” Izzy said.

We see her quivering.

The guards bring us to the dungeon.

The Lycan Luna wasn’t there. They put us in these cages and left.

And that’s were we slept that night.

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