Mated to the Alpha King

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Chapter 6

Elena POV

I wake up to someone pulling my leg.

“What is going on.” I said.

“You need to wake up, there’s a woman in here and she wants to kill us.” Ellie said.

I sit up and and the Lycan-Luna was there giving me the death glare.

“Your traitors.” She said.

“What are you talking about.” I said.

“Oh, so your going to play dumb.” She said.

“I actually have no idea.” I said.

“I think she talking about the fact that we have Lycan but we aren’t helping her.” Ellie said.


“Well, we can’t.” Izzy said.

“Aria is annoying me again.” I said.

“What she saying.”

“She telling me to escape and help her.” I said.

“Ugh. Will you shut up.” I said to Aria.

“No.” She replied.

I roll around and groan.

“Do you know how long I’ve been here?” She asks. “Four mouths.” She said answering her own question.

“Well, boohoo,” Izzy said sticking her tongue out.

She growls.

“Why are you down here?” She asks.

“We attack a girl, one of the kings slave.” I said.

“You must be special, you’d be killed if you did something like the.” She said.


“What’s your name?” Ellie asks.

“Emma.” She said.

“Well, I’m Ellie, that’s Elena and Izzy.” She said.

It was quiet after that.

“Why don’t you tell us the history of this place.” Ellie said.

Ellie was always such a nerd, not saying it’s a bad thing.

“Okay.” She said. “It all started in 2024 after they found the vaccine for COVID-19.” She said.

“I remember that bitch, Miss Rona.” Izzy said.

“The vampires started plotting, they could have done it earlier but they didn’t want sick slaves. They wanted it to be the right time. They attacked on Election Day. Donald Trump and Joe Biden was fighting for the position for president, again...”

We all snicker.

“...They charged all the cities. All the attack happened at the same time, there was not enough time to return the attacks. They didn’t involve the Lycan or the Werewolf, we don’t need humans to survive. That leech King Nicolas leaded the attack...”

Aria growls.

“...When the humans didn’t surrender they killed people in front of them as a example, some still rebel til this day. After ten years of getting the humans under control, the leech Kings voted on which king got what land. King Marcellus was always so adamant about getting Europe, but they gave it to him anyways. Fifteen years later, the other supernaturals were getting anger about getting the short part of the stick. So, we made a peace treaty. But the Werewolves and Lycan were still not getting enough, so we cut ties with the vampires. Two years later one of my closest friends was mated to King Leith and I was mated with our Alpha. She left me for him. But she kept on leaving him and going to Europe, back and forth, it came to his attention that she had another lover. Another mate. When Leith found out, he killed him and took her back to the castle and didn’t let her out. Few months later, she was pregnant with twin boys but it wasn’t Leith’s children nor did he know she was pregnant. When she was two days from giving birth, she left him, she had the babies, and raised them with her family, I haven’t seem her in twenty-three years. After Leith found out she left he went crazy and when he couldn’t find her he closed off his heart and became the cold hearted king. For the last 200 years there reign has been calm.” She said.

It was quiet as we processed the information.

“And what was her name.” Izzy asked.

She was quiet for while, like she was thinking wether to tell us or not.

“Violet Moon.”

We gasp.

“But that’s...”

The dungeon door opened and in came King Leith and King Rufus.

The guard opens the door and drags Megan out of the cage.

“Be good little pets and be quiet.” King Leith said.

When they went into the room, we stared at each other and laughed.

“That’s Aunt Violet, but who would be her kids she told us she doesn’t have any.” Izzy said.

“Maybe it’s Derek and Anthony. They look just like her.” I said.

“That would make them, our cousins.” Ellie said.

We groan.

We hear screams coming from the room that they were in.

“Let’s act like we don’t know that information and talk about something else.” Izzy said.

We had to listen to those scream for ten hours.

“Ugh, be quiet. I need my sleep!” Izzy yells.

We were laying on thee bed they provided. It wasn’t big but it was enough for our small bodies.

Twenty minutes later that come back with Emma and throw her in the cage. She was covered in her own blood, and I could see some of her bones.

They left and I try to get close to her and see her wounds but she growls at me.

The door opens again and a hooded black figure comes up to the cage.

“Lucy?” I said.

“What gave me away.” She said taking off her hood.

“Your short and I could see your hair.” Izzy said. “You could have scared Ellie into thinking it was Casper the ghost.” She said with a laugh.

“I got you some bread and water.” She said and headed it to us. “I got some for her, too.”

“Thanks.” I said

“Why are you helping them, leech?” Emma said.

“I’m not a vampire nor am a werewolf. I’m just helping a friend.” She said with a smile. “I have to go.” She said and put her hood on and left.

We eat our bread and drink our water. When we finished our water the glasses disappeared.

“Magic glasses.” Izzy said with a giggle.


“She a witch?!” Emma said.

“Close enough.”

**two days later**

“We’re leaving today.” Izzy yelled.

I swear there were so many time where I wanted to strangle Izzy but I didn’t which is surprising.

“I hope you get out soon, Emma.”

Lucy comes with guards and leads us out.

The Kings were there to greet us.

“The sun.” Izzy yelled, running toward the nearest window she saw.

“Now, that your punishment is done. You will apologize.” Marcellus said.

All three of us gasp.

“It’s like asking the devil to be good person, and not a rude, sarcastic dick.” Izzy said.

“It’s like asking vampire not to drink blood and to die.” Ellie said.

“It’s like asking Izzy to be celibate, and not to have sex.” I said.

“It can’t be that bad. Say your sorry.” Levi said.

“Never.” I said.

We need to hurry this up, the wolfsbane is wearing off.” Aria said.

“Izzy, Ellie, let’s discuss.” I said.

I turn around.

“We need to hurry. Look.” I said, pointing at Izzy’s teeth.

“Okay, fine but after this I’m going to revoking it.” Izzy said.

We turn around.

“I’m sorry.” We said.

Vicky comes from behind everyone.

“For?” She said.

“For stabbing you in the hand.” I grumbled.

“I couldn’t hear you.” She said.

“Say that again and I’ll punch you so hard that those two front teeth aren’t there anymore.” I said. Nicolas rose a eyebrow. “I’m sorry for stabbing you in the hand.” I said.

“Now that we’re done with that, girls go bathe and put something nice on.” Lucy said.

I bow.

But when I get up and I see my dad (Lucifer), and let’s just say, he wasn’t happy.

I yelp.

“What wrong.” Izzy said.

“Look.” I said.

She looks up and runs. “Oh hell no.” She said.

“Why’s she running.” Ellie said.

“D. E. V. I. L.” I said.

I see fear flash in Ellie’s eyes.

“Why is she running.” Rufus said.

“I’ll see you later, your majesties.” I said and run/walked back to the room.

When I got there Nicolas was already there.

“Why are you running.” He said.

“No reason, I’m going to shower.” I said.

I went into the bathroom and closed the door. I look into the bathroom and I swear I could have screamed.

“Shh, no screaming.” Dad said.

“What are you doing here.” I said in a hushed tone.

“Can’t a father go and check on there daughter.” He said.

“No, now what do you want.” I said.

“I will be arriving next week, so be ready.” He said and left.

“What.” I whisper/yell.

I start the shower and I make sure my dad isn’t going to check on me again and take off my clothes.

I hope in the shower. I’m surprised I didn’t look worse, my hair was messy but I looked decent, for someone that was locked in a dungeon.

I start singing H.E.R., focus.

“Hands in the soap

Have the faucet running

And I keep looking at you

Stuck on your phone

And you stuck in your zone

You don’t have a clue.” I sang.

“You have a beautiful voice.” Someone said. I look to my side and I see Nicolas leaning on the counter watching me.

“Um, thanks.” I said.

I cover my breast.

“You do know I’ve seen you naked, right.” He said.

“Yes, but still.”

“Hurry up. We got to go.” He said and left the bathroom.

I quickly wash my hair and soap up. I wash all the soap off and step out.

I step out of the bathroom and go to my room.

There was a dress hanging from my mirror edge. It was stormy blue dress, V-neck and a slit down the side.

I walk out of the room and go into the bathroom.

I do my makeup and blow dry my hair and curl it into tight curls. I did a half up-half down look, with a few strands loose in the front.

I step out of the bathroom and Nicolas was fixing his his curly black hair.

I giggle.

“What are you giggling about.” He said.

“You never fix your hair.” I said.

“I guess I don’t.” He said with a chuckle.

God, why does his laugh have to be so hot.

He walks over to me, with a genuine smile. We stare into each other’s eyes. I swear I was drowning in those beautiful silver eyes, before someone knocked on the door.

I heard him growl before he went to open the door.

“What.” He said.

It was Kevin.

“Princess Arabella wanted me to tell you that, your parents and sister are here.” He said

“Thank you.” He said and closed to door in his face.

He fixed his tie and pulled his hand out. I put my hand in his and we walk out the room.

Aria purrs.

We walk into the dinning room and he lets go of my hand.

The guards open the door, and we walk in.

“Oh, my dear son, I’ve missed you.” A woman I’m guessing was is mom said. She had brown hair with blue eyes. She was about 5’5 and she look around 30.

“Hello, mother, it very nice to see you, but I would have liked it if you told me you were coming.” He said.

“Oh stop. I’m your mother, I don’t have to tell you when I’m coming.” She said and shoved him from in front of her. “And who’s this.”

“This is my pet, Elena.” He said, putting his hands on my shoulders.

“Brother, it’s been so long.” His sister said.

They hug and I hear Aria growl lowly.

What’s up with you?

“This is Veronica, my little sister.” He said, it sounded like venom to my ears.

I bow to the both of them.

“Son.” A male voice said.

“Father.” He said.

“Hello, slender man.” Aria said.

Now I know where he gets his genes from.

This man was a replica of Nicolas, he just looked older, he was way darker than Nicolas and he had brown eyes, and black hair.

“I see you have a new slave.” He said.

“Yes, this is Elena.”

Marcellus comes and greets them.

“I’ll take her off your hands.” He said and grabbed my forearm, bring me to my seat.

“Stay here, please stay out of sight.” He said and in my ear, them walked away.

I sit there.

Lucy comes up and sat next to me.

“Well, look who looks fancy today.” She said.

“Well, hello your majesty.” I said and bowed my head.

“I don’t like his father and sister either.” She said.

“I didn’t say anything.” I said.

“You didn’t have too. That man gives me the shivers.” She said.

“Ah, Queen Lucy. It’s so nice to see you.” Veronica said.

“Oh. Hello Princess.” She said, she stood up, hugged her and mouthed ‘help me.’

They stop hugging.

“I should go sit in my sit, we’ll talk later.” Lucy said and left.

Everyone else went to sit as well.

“Now, Ellie, Elena, Izzy. You are going to tell us all the things that you talked about in that mutt.” King Cole said.

“Izzy will go first.” I said.

“Well, we talked about history. She told us about the Lycan and werewolf community. How she got there. Why she was there but didn’t tell us what you guys wanted. She’s 235, and she was really quiet after that.” Izzy said.

Silence. That’s what was said after Izzy finished talking.

“Where is the community?” Cole said.

“I don’t know.” Izzy said

“Ellie.” I said.

“Oh, she said it was on the east edge of treasure coast but we sensed that she was lying. So it probably a secret base for werewolf’s to watch the castle. So Elena was thinking you should kidnapped the youngest people there, torture them, then see which one speaks, since the young one are the weak link, they’re not going to be as mentally strong as the older ones.” Ellie said.

“You thought of that plan.” Leith said.

I nod. Leith eyed me.

“Well, that seems smarter than our idea, it doesn’t seem like we’re getting anywhere with that one.” Rufus said.

“I think war is a little much. I mean war is last resort. But just ask the vampires for peace and a quarter of there recourses.” Izzy said.

I gave her the death glare. All the vampires in the room growl.

“Okay, maybe not everyone agrees. But Elena would start war with someone just for not agreeing with her, if she could. And I know the vampires hate werewolves and lycans just like how Elena hates birds. But it’s a era, we should work smarter not harder. And if I know the werewolves and lycans, there going to distract you with something completely different and target something more important.” She said.

“The food supply.” I said. “There probably going to sneak werewolves into all the human school and sneak them out at night. That would be the rational plan but could be the complete opposite. Trick you into thinking their going after the human while they infiltrate the castle and kill you all.”

“Damn, these humans have brains.” Nicolas’s father said.

The maids come in and give everyone their plates and we eat.

“Ellie, Elena isn’t your 17th birthday’s this week.” Lucy said.

“Yes.” I said.

“Okay.” Is all she said.

“Marcel, I’ll be back. I have to take a call.” Levi said.

“Hmm. Is it a girl.” Marcellus said with a smirk.

“No. It’s none of your business.” He said. “I hate when you two pry into my personal life.”

Lucy and Marcellus put their hands up.

He left the room.

Veronica and Arabella started chatting. The kings shared their opinions with the plan. Lucy already left for bed, so did most of the kings slave as well.

“If you all will excuse me I’m going to bed. I will see you all tomorrow morning.” Nicolas said, he stood up from his chair and made his way towards the door. “Elena.”

I look up. “Oh.” I said and stood up from my chair and left the room with him.

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