Mated to the Alpha King

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Chapter 7

There is sexual content in this story

Elena POV

When we got into the room Nicolas immediately went to go bath. He told me he picked out a pajama out for me and he told me to put it on for him. So that what I did.

I went into my room and found a grey romper on my bed. I put it on and I didn’t put a bra on, it also made my ass bigger that it already was. I add some grey socks to match. I got my makeup wipes, face soap, moisturizer and headed to the bathroom.

I knocked and Nicolas opened the door. He only had a towel around his waist, and that wasn’t even tied tight enough.

“I’ll come back when your done.” I said and turned around.

He grabbed my forearm and pulled me into the bathroom. “Do what you need to do.” He said and leaned against the counter.

I stared at him for a while, then I dismissed his presence. I wipe off my makeup, I don’t put that much on so I only needed three wipes. (I don’t wear makeup so I didnt know how many wipes to use but now that I do I think that’s a bit much) I wash my face, dry it off then moisturizer it, I brush my teeth as well. He watches me the whole time.

“Why do you put on makeup, if you already look pretty.” Nicolas said.

I heart skipped a beat. He thinks I’m pretty?

“I put it on for fun, or just to make me look make me look bolder or mature.” I said

“Hmm.” He said.

“Well, I’m done. You can finish getting ready.” I said and started to leave.

“I didn’t get any clothes, can you get me something.” He said.

I hum.

I go into his closet and get him a sweatpants and underwear. I go back into the bathroom and hand it to him.

I closed the door and sit in the couch.

A knock came at the door.

I answer it.

It was Leith.


“Is my brother here?” He asks.

“Yes.” I said, he shoves my body out of the way.

“Where is he?” He asks another question.

“In the bathroom.” I said while I closed the door.

“When will he be out.?” He asks.

God, he ask a lot of questions!!

“I just gave him his clothes. He should be out soon.” I said while I closed the blinds and locked balcony door.

“Did he pick that out?” He said.

I nod as I clean up his desk.

The bathroom door opens and Nicolas walks out with a small towel around his neck.

“What?” Nicolas said.

“Mother and father want to talk to you tomorrow, about the arrangement.” He said.

“Hmm.” He said, he patted my ass gently as a way to tell me to move, so he can see at he desk. I move aside.

I sit down in the couch.

“Is that all?” Nicolas said as he look at me.

“Come here.” He said.

I walk over to him. When I was only a few inches from him, he yanked my hand and positioned me on his lap.

“I just came here to tell you that. Goodnight.” Leith said and left the room.

“Go on the bed.” He said in my ear.

I get up and sit on the bed. He locks the door.

He comes and lifts off the bed. I wrap my legs around his waist then he sits down in the bed.

We look into each other’s eyes. I see so much emotions, and I recognize one of them as lust.

I look at his lips, he looks at mine.

“I missed you.” Before his lips crash into mine.

He kisses me, it was a desperate kiss. I kissed back in the same way, I close my eyes and get deep into the kiss. When I open my eyes again the light were off and I wasn’t wear my romper, the only thing I had on was my underwear.

I look him in the eyes. He comes close and starts kissing me down my neck. I feel him suck on my neck.

Is he going to give me a hickey or a bite?

“Your so sexy.” He said in my ear.

I moan.

He trials down neck, down my chest, to my waist. He kisses my feather tattoo.

He takes off my underwear. “Your so wet.” He said.

I blush.

I feel him position himself at my entrance. I nod, and that all he need for him to start. He doesn’t waste anytime, he thrust strong, hard, and fast.

I scream. I wrap my legs around his waist again, he comes close and kisses me again, I moan inside the kiss. I feel like I was going to come, so I did just that. He stops kissing me and kisses my neck.

“I’m going to bite you.” He said.

I nod.

He extend his fangs and bites me. I scream moan. He takes out his fangs and licks the wound. He continued to fuck me hard, he doesn’t stop for one second, neither did he miss a beat. We were at it for at least three hours.

When he finally came, he laid his head on my chest, listening to my heart beat. When I finally calm down, I started to get tired.

“Sleep my princess,” he said and I feel asleep.


Nicolas POV

I wake up to Elena hugging my head, I look up to her sleeping like a baby. I slowly get up, I pull the sheet over her, and put on my sweatpants. I walk over to my desk.

She cleaned it.

“We have a wonderful mate.” Axel said.

We really do.

I sit down and then I remember I have to speak with my parents about my marriage with the princess. I get up and walk into my closet and put on e my blue suit. I walk out and fix my hair in the mirror above the fireplace.

Stop doing that. You look fine.” Axel said.

“So you say.” I said aloud and walked out of the room.

I walk down the hall, the quietness was music to my ears. When I got to the meeting room, my parents and most of the kings were already there. The only one that weren’t there was Marcellus and Rufus.

I sit down and mother starts to speak.

“Who is this girl that your going to marry.” She said.

“Princess Ameilya.”

“What is she.” My father asks.

“She is the hybrid of Vampire, Lycan, and witch.”

“Why are you marring her .” Veronica asks.

“To strengthen house Ashford.” I said. “Are those all you questions”

My father nods.

Marcellus comes in with Rufus laughing.

“What are two laughing about.” I said.

“It’s our inside joke.” Rufus said.


When did those two get so close?

They sit down in their chairs.

“Now, what would you like to know about my sister.” He said.

“She’s your sister?” My father said in shock.

“She a lot like me.” Marcellus said with a smile.

“She will never be like you. When that ever happens that’s when the world burns.” Stefan said.

“She’ll turn form a rose to a Venus fly trap.” Levi said.

“Well, since you two are here you can answer their questions. I have things to do.” Marcellus said and left.

“How old is she.” My sister asks.

“Seventeen in two days.” Stefan said.

Elena is turning seventeen on Saturday as well.

How odd.

“Does she have a twin sister.” I ask.

“Yes.” Levi said.


Could Elena be Ameilya or is Ameilya actually Elena?

“Ask your questions. I’ll be leaving.” I said and left the room.

Elena POV

I woke up to an empty bed. Again.

I get up and put on my pajamas. I walk into the my room and pick out a new set of clothes. I go into the bathroom and hop in the shower.

Why didn’t he wake me up?

“Ameilya, Nicolas is angry.” Aria said.

“Why.” I said. “And how do you know that.”

“It though the mate bond. It weird how I didn’t feel it before, but I feel it know.” She said.

Nicolas is our… my thought were interrupted the slam of a door.

Nicolas stood there. He stared at me with so much anger.

“Who are you.” He said.

“What do you mean.” I said.

He started taking off his suit.

“W-what are you doing.” I said.

“Answer the question.” He said.

What am I supposed to say?

After he was so done taking off his clothes he came into the shower, he lift me up and positioned me right on top of his c**k, I could feel the tip of it at my entrance.

He leans me against the shower wall.

I could feel spark at where he was touching me.

“Why did you lie to me.” He said.

“I d-d-didnt lie to y-you.” I said.

Did you know we are having unprotected sex.” Aria said.

I mentally roll my eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell me.” He said.

“I didn’t know you were my mate. I wasn’t supposed to tell you anything but…” tears started streaming down my face.

I feel him inserting his c**k into me.

“No. P-Please. I didn’t mean to lie to you.” I said.

I know if I let him fuck me it wouldn’t be the same.

“You don’t know how much anger I feel.” He yelled.

He fully inserts himself into me.

I scream.

I try pushing him off of me but he moves my hands and put them above me hand. He starts thrusting into me hard and strong.

I could feel my hands go weak. He lets go of my hands and tilts my head to the side. “Betray doesn’t sit right with me” he said at my ear.

Next thing I know I was in the bed. He starts thrusting again.

“P-P-Please. S-Stop.”I said,

“Oh, now your demanding me to stop.” He said, that only made his thrust even harder.

I scream a scream full of pain. He was hurting me, and he didn’t even care.

“I want you to tell me who you are and then I’ll forgive you for betraying me. But I won’t stop, this will be your punishment.” He grunts.

“I-I’m Princess Ameilya Elena Luna D-Destiny P-P-Phoebe Margo Morningstar.” I said.

“Was that so hard.” He said.

I stay silent.

“How come I couldn’t smell your Lycan before?”

“I was drinking wolfsbane.” I said

“And your hair.”

“Magic.” I said.

“Well, did you know that we’re going to getting married.” He said.

My heart dropped.


“Yup. Your father arranged it.”

Of course he did!

“From now on you will call me Nicolas.” He said.

He flips me over, leans me against his cold wet chest and fucks me hard. I moan loudly. I could feel a heart beat.

“Y-You have a h-heart beat” I said.

“Yes, I’m a hybrid.” He said at my ear.

He lets me go and pulls out. He get off the bed and drags me off the bed. He puts me on my knees as he put his large cock in my mouth, making me taste myself. He gets a handful of my hair and uses it to pull my head in and out. I start gagging as puts his cock all the way down my throat. I try to push his away but his strength keeps me in place. He pulls my head away as I cough my whole life away.

He lifts me up and throws me on the bed, he spreads my legs, putting his cock back inside.

I moan loudly.

He continued thrusting into me harder.

“I’m going to cum.” I said.

“Then cum for me.” He said and thrusted harder.

This man is too much.

“I love him already.” Aria said.

“Aria!” I yell.

“What he’s doing this out of anger.” She said.

“I guess.”

I felt myself as my max. I scream his name as I cum all over his cock.

“That’s my girl.” He said, planting kiss on my forehead.

Not to long after he cums as well.

He lays on my chest. I put my hands in his hair, playing with it.

“Will you love me and never leave me.” He said.

“Of course your my mate. I’ll love and cherish you.” I said.

“I think your bipolar.” Migizula chuckles.

I feel myself loving this man already.

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