Mated to the Alpha King

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Chapter 8

Elena POV

I woke up to the sun shinning in my face.

“What time is it.” I said in a groggy voice

“6:32.” Nicolas said.

“And what day is it.”


I jump out of bed.

“I’m turning seventeen tomorrow.” I said.

“And your my mate,” he said hugging me from the back. I give him a kiss on the cheek.

“I need to bath.” I said and ran into the bathroom.

I took a quick shower. I walk out of the bathroom with a smile on my face.

“Wear this.” Nicolas said, holding a evergreen dress.

“Your so cute Nico.” I said, taking the dress from him.

“Nico?” He said.

“Yes, nice little nickname.” I said looking at the dress.

“What are you doing, give him a compliment. He looks so hot without his shirt.” Aria said, making me laugh.

“What’s so funny.” He said.

“Aria said something, it not important.” I said, waving my hand in the air.


“I’m going to put on my clothes.” I said and rush in to my room. Nico vamp-speeds over to the my room.

Where are you going.” He ask with a raised brow.

“To my room.” I said.

“My room is your room, love.” He said, he turned me around and lightly pushed me into the closet.


“No buts. You can change in here or the bathroom, until you get comfortable changing in front of me.” He said and left the bathroom.

Ugh, at least I get to sleep in his bed. I’ll be able to snuggle, and cuddle with him.

I squeal.

I have a mate.

But I wonder when I could tell him about Keisha and Phillip.

I put on the dress and walk out.

“What did you tell my sisters when I didn’t come for breakfast and dinner?” I ask.

“I actually haven’t left the room yet, so I don’t know what everyone else will say.” He said with a shrug.

“So, we slept through the day?” I ask, shocked.


“Lucy is going to kill me!” I said.

“So Lucy, she’s your....” He didn’t finish his sentence.

“She’s my best friend and my sister-in-law.” I said with a big smile.

“Oh, and what am I.” He said, sounding hurt.

“Your my mate and fiancé.” I said, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Let’s go.”

He opens the door and we walk out.

We were surrounded by a comfortable silence.

What a great sound.

We we get to the dinning room I brace myself for the question I will be bombarded with.

The guards open the door and Lucy pulls me into a hug. “I thought you were dead.” She said.

“You know god is on my side.” I said with a smile.

Like hell he’s on my side. Even if he’s my grandfather, he still has his opinions on me. He says some mean things to me, I’m not sure if he loves me.

“Oh thank the Moon Goddess.” She said.

Ellie and Izzy came and gave me a hug.

“Where have you been?” Ellie said.

“I thought he dumped your body in a ditch.” Izzy said with tears in her eyes.

“OMG, you guys actually love me.” I said.

“Of course we do!” They both yell.

We go sit down.

“Where are the others?” I said.

“They haven’t come yet. Marcel said he had a meeting to get to.” She said.

“I have to tell you guys something.” Izzy said.

I look at her with a ‘it better be something human’.

“I know all about you two. There’s now more hiding it. You two are mates point, blank, period.” Izzy said in a hushed voice.

Ellie and Lucy nod.

“How did you know?” I said.

“The way he looks at you gives it away.” She said.

“Hmm.” Nico hummed.

“Me and Rufus are mates.” Izzy squealed.

“What?! Are you serious?” I said standing up from my chair.

“Yes.” She said nodding.

We squeal together.

“Congratulations.” I said.

“I told you he was the right choice.” She said.

“Whatever.” I said

I sit back down and I feel Nico put his hand on my thigh. I put my hand on top of his and rub his hand.

The dinning room door opens and in comes the kings, Nico’s family, and the other pets.

“Marcel, just like how you never ask a woman how old she, you don’t ask Lucifer his age.” Levi said.

“I once asked Alexis her age and she punch me all the way to California.” Stefan said.

Izzy, Ellie, Lucy, Marcellus, and I started laughing. We were literally there when it happened.

“It’s not funny, that shit hurt more that a prostate exam.” He said, making us laugh even more.

When we stopped laughing, the maids come in and place our dinner down.

We eat, and someone just had to open their mouth.

“So brother. Where were you yesterday after the meeting?” Veronica said.

I growl lowly.

“I had important work to do then I went back to sleep.” Nico said.

“And you Elena.” She said talking to me.

“I wasn’t feeling good.” I said, keeping my heart rate steady.

“Son, I know your lying.” His father said.

Oh, I’m going to scratch his face off.

“I assure you that I’m not lying, father.” Nico said.

I could feel his anger through the mate bond.

A male slave came in and gave me and Ellie a box and letter and left.

“What the hell.” I said.

“Open it!” Izzy said.

I open the box and Midnight, my kitten, comes jumping out. When Ellie opened hers and Lady, her puppy, came jumping out.

“Midnight, what are you doing here.” I said as I scratch behind his ear.

I take out the letter and read it a loud:

“Dear Elena,

I know it’s been a while since I last saw you but I know your 17th birthday is coming up, so I would like for you to have your animal with you.

I have business to attend to back home, but I hope to see you soon.



“She’s evil. She put the poor things in a box.” Izzy said.

“I guess.” Ellie said.

“We all know Morgana is cold. That’s just how she is.” I said.

I look midnight to see if I could read anything from him but he’s completely quiet.

“You mean Morgan was here.” Marcellus said.

“Yes.” I said.

“That witch owns me a new ring.” He said.

“She’s not going to give you anything, she owns me a leg.” Izzy said.

“What leg.” I said.

“Oh, she was making a homunculus, and she need one of my legs.” She said.

“You need a new hobby. Dissecting human ain’t it.” I said.

“Did you forget how I said I want to be a surgeon.” She said.

“Hmm. I thought you abandoned that years ago.” I said.

“Nope.” She pauses. “Sofia when you die I need you to sign this paper so I have your permission to dissect your body. Take it as donating your body to science.” Izzy said giving Sofia a long paper.

The maids came in and took our plates.

“I’m going in the garden, you coming Elena.” Ellie said.

“Yup.” I get up and start walking towards the door. “Know this, that is a real contact, it made out of sandpaper and everything. Your making a deal with the devils’ daughter.” I said, walking out of the dinning room with Ellie.

The rest of the day ran smoothly. When I got in the room, I changed into my pajamas and cuddled with Nico, with Midnight sleeping at the end of the bed.

**the next morning**

I wake up to the bed empty again.

“Ugh, stop leaving the bed.” I said.

When I sit up in the bed, there were balloons everywhere and presents in the couch. I got out of the bed and walked to the couch. There was a letter on top of one of the presents.

My love,

don’t open any of your presents yet, I will give you the honer of picking your own clothes.

Meet me in the dinning room.

I squealed.

I ran into my room but it was empty, so I went into the closet and all my clothes were hanged up.

I pick a black cropped -tank top and a plaid red skirt, with knee high heels. I quickly curl my hair and gloss up my lips and put on a necklace that has my name in it, before I leave the room.

I walk towards the dinning room door, I tried to hear if anyone was in there but I could.

Ellie comes up behind me.

“Hey. Happy birthday sis.” She said, giving me a hug

“Happy birthday.” I said.

We pull away from each other. We stared at each other and nod. We both push open the door. I swear I would have had a heart attack.

“Surprise.” Everyone in the room yelled.

Nico, Izzy, Marcel, Lucy, Sofia, and no one other than the great Tobias.

“Tobias!” Ellie and I yell.

We run over and hug him.

“I miss you two, too.” He said hugging back.

I heard Nico growl from behind us so I pulled away.

“What are you doing here.” I said, with the biggest smile I’ve ever had on my face.

“Well, my brother called, he wanted me to come see my mate.” He said.

“Wait, King Nicolas is your brother!” I practically yelled.

“Yup. Don’t you see resemblance.” He said.

I look between them, the only thing that looked the same was their hair and eyes.

“Hmm,” I said. “Well, what are we doing?”

“Lucy and I planned it out.” Izzy said.

“We are going to go to the mall, the carnival, and a restaurant.” Lucy said with glee.

I have never seen her so happy before.

Marcellus come up to me with three huge books.

“You said you wanted this for you 16th birthday but I couldn’t give it to you. So here you go.” He said and handed me one of the 100 pound books.

I place it on table. I open the book and as soon as I opened it, I already knew what it was.

“It the book of the Lucifer blood line.” I squeal.

“So, out of all the things you asked for. You wanted a book.” Izzy said with confusion.

“Yeah. When I was 9 I wanted to know about our bloodline.” I said.

Marcellus places another book down. It was the book of art.

“Yes.” I said,

“And this one.” He said and gave me a medium sized book.

“There no name.” I said.

“It the book of all the celestial beings, there strengths and weaknesses. I read it already and I want to take on dad.” He said with pride.

“And when he beats you ass again I’ll be there laughing my ass off.” I said.


Stefan and Levi come in the room with a take-out bag, bourbon, and two other bags.

I squeal.

“Thank you.”

“This is sushi.” Levi said. “Ellie this is for you.”

He gave Ellie the bags and she sat down and open then.

“You sure know the way to my heart.” I said.


“You guys didn’t have to get this.” Ellie said with tears.

It was a nylon backpack and a necklace with her name on it.

“Ah, now we all have one.” I said.


“I bought something for all three of you.” Nico said and handed us each an iPhone.

All three of us squeal like pigs.

“Thank you.” I go over and give him a quick hug him.

“No problem, love.” He said.

“Well, let’s get this show in the road.” Lucy said and we all walked out of the Dinning room.

Nico asked a slave to send my to our room. I go with the slave to get Midnight. I thought it would be good for Midnight.

When I found Midnight, he had taken residence in my old slave room.

I picked him up and carried his like the baby he was. I locked the door on my way out. On my way back to everyone, I met Veronica. She was being very moody. I wanted to slap her across the face for how much attitude she was giving me. When she left me only Midnight gave me meow.

“She rude.” Midnight said in my head.

“I know.” I said aloud.

When I got back to the others, we got into a limo and drove to the mall.

It seemed like everyone knew that me and Nico were mates but that didn’t stop Marcellus from saying something.

“You better treat my sister like the queen she is.” He said.

“I will.” He said with a smile.

“Aw, I want to kiss him.” Aria said.

“Unless you want midnight to vomit, no.” I said.

When we got to the mall, we went to Fashion Nova, foot lockers, bed bath and beyond, Forever 21, Sephora, Zara. We would have gone to Gucci but they got shut down for making a pair of heels out of alligator skin and killing a woman, so we went to a store like them called Gotchas.

We went to out last destination.

Victoria Secret.

I don’t know why men are so scared to go in here.

“Do we have to come with you.” Marcellus said.

“Yes.” Lucy said and dragged him in there.

I held Nico’s half and we walked into the store together.

I bought so undies, bras and a little something for my man.

When we got back into the limo, Marcellus looked traumatized.

“What happened.” I said.

“I kept on staring at women and she hit me 12 times.” Marcellus said with sadness.

I kind of felt bad for him but I would have done the same. Good thing non of the girls came near him.

We when to the Carnival.

Then we went to Cheesecake Factory .

“I’ll have a Fried Shrimp Platter with a raspberry lemonade and a Georgia Peach.” I said and gave the waitress the menu.

“I’ll have the Crispy Pineapple Chicken And Shrimp with a raspberry lemonade and a whiskey and Ginger.” Nico ordered.

“Would you like anything else?” The waitress said.

Our waitress was a basic Becky, I knew she was. Blonde hair. Baked face. Fake breast. A slut. I met enough of them, I don’t need another.

“No.” I said.

She walked away.

Levi and Stefan were on their phones. Lucy and Marcellus were talking and so we’re Ellie, Izzy and Tobias.

“So, what would you like to do next?” Nico asks.

“Sleep.” I said.

He starts laughing.

God, his laugh is so hot.

“What, is it so wrong that I want to sleep?” I said to him.


“If it wasn’t for my anemia I would say something else.”


They brought the food and we ate.

For dessert I got a bowl of vanilla and strawberry ice cream, Izzy and Ellie got a hot fight sundae. The worker came and wished us happy birthday and gave us cheesecake.

“So, would do you need anything else. Handsome?” She said.

Our waitress kept on flirting with Nico.

“No.” He said.

“Okay.” She said, but she didn’t leave our table so I gave her something to watch.

I pulled Nico close and kissed him passionately, he pulled me closer to him. He starts playing with ends of my hair and I rested my hands on his shoulders so I could sit on his lap. I started playing with his hair. I heard a purr come from him. I stopped kissing his and turned to the waitress.

She had her mouth wide open.

“We want the bill.” I said.

She nodded and left.

I got off of Nico’s lap.

Everyone was staring.

I started to blush.

“Oh, look who has a boyfriend.” Izzy said playfully.

Lucy and Marcellus was speechless. Levi and Stefan looked up to the sky as if they were praying to god. Ellie and Tobias were looking me with shock.

I laugh awkwardly.

“I’ll be right back.” I said, walked towards the bathroom.

I look at myself in the mirror. I looked was whipped. I use the bathroom and wash my hands.

The waitress comes in.

I roll my eyes.

“I don’t know who you think you are but he doesn’t want a flat chest bitch.” She said.

My breast were average sized, I was a B cup. This bitch is lying out of her ass to make me sad.

“At least mine are natural. Plastic bitch.” I said.

“Ugh. The King is way out of your league. He deserves someone who can please him right.” She said.

“Well, I’ll tell you three things. It’s Princess Ameilya to you, I’m his fiancé. I can kill you in three seconds. I said and flashed my royal purple eyes at her.

“I don’t care.” She said, her claws extend.

“Huh.” I said with a straight face.

She charges after me. I dodge all her attacks.

Ugh, she not challenging enough.

I grab her hair and pull her into me. I grab her wrist and put them behind her.

“Let go of me.” She shrieked.

My fangs extend and I bite her neck.

She screams.

“Before you ever disrespect a royal our and person of title remember what I did and rethink your decision.” I said. I take my fangs out and throw her into the ground. “Also I hate B+.”

I look myself in the mirror one more and wipe the blood off the side of my mouth and leave the bathroom.

I walk back to the table.

“So, what happened.” Izzy said.

“Nothing much.” I said and sat back down.

“Are you sure, we heard a scream come from the bathroom.” Nico said.

“I wasn’t the one that screamed.” I said and drank my juice.

We sit there and talk before the waitress came back with the bill.

“I’m sorry for disrespecting you. Princess.” She said with a bow.

“That’s fine, just don’t let it happen again.” I said with a smile.

She nods and walks away. When she was turning around everyone gasped.

“I see you handled your problem.” Levi said.

“Yup.” I said.

She came back and handed us the card. She said goodbye and left to go check on her other customers.

We left the restaurant.

“I forgot to tell you. I personally talked Xavier into giving Ellie to me.” Tobias said.

Ellie squeals.

For the rest of the ride it was quiet.

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