Crazy Love (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

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Name: Y/N Blackwood Year: 7 House: Slytherin This after the War! After the war, you meet 2 new boys will they change your feelings for Draco... Stephen And Damon Salvatore Are In This Story. Ur In The Slytherin Cheerleading Team (We are going to act like there is a cheerleading team in hogwarts) There are LOADS pranks *There is a LOT of CURSING in this story* Ur bestfriends with (Addison,Charli,Odeya,Hermione,Ginny,etc) Ur Boyfriend is Draco Malfoy And he is very Over-protective And Don't Try him. This a very TOXIC Relationship for example:Draco checking phone,him asking where you are going and who is going with you and finally him not letting you wear short stuff. *CONTAINS SMUT*

Fantasy / Adventure
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Background Info

Y/N Blackwood


-Cheerleading Captain (You are Draco’s Cheerleader)





-Hour Glass Body

-Has 10.5 Million Followers On Tiktok

-Is A Total Badass Bitch

Draco Malfoy







-Is On The Quidditch Team (07) And Seeker

-Dating Y/N

Odeya Johnson


-5th Famous Girl

-Has 3.4 Million Followers On Tiktok

-In The Cheerleading Team (Blasie Zabini Cheerleader)

-Has A Relationship With Blasie



Blasie Zabini


-Draco’s Best Friend


-Is In The Quidditch Team (04)


-Dating Odeya

Addison Rae


-3rd Famous Girl


-Kind To Anyone

-Has 5.4 Million Followers On TikTok


-In Cheerleading Team (Tom Riddle Cheerleader)


-Relationship With Tom Riddle

Charli D’Amelio



-Has 6.4 Million Followers On Tiktok

-2nd Famous Girl


-Is On The Cheerleading Team(Chase Hudson Cheerlader)


-Relationship With Chase Hudson

Tom Riddle

-Pure-Blood(Ik He Is Not A Pure-blood)



-On The Quidditch Team(02)


Chase Hudson




-Is On The Quidditch Team(03)


Tony Lopez


-Has A Brother Ondreaz Lopez

-Is On The Quidditch Team(05)




Nikita Dragun

-4th Famous Girl



-Is On The Cheerleading Team(Tony Lopez Cheerleader)

-Has 6.9 Million Followers On Tiktok

-Relationship With Tony

Hermione Granger

-Pure-Blood(Ik She Is Not A Pure-Blood But For Book She Is)

-6th Famous Girl

-Has 5.6 Million Followers On TiKTok

-Is On The Cheerleading Team (Ron’s Cheerleader)

-Is In A Relationship With Ron


Ron Weasley


-Is In The Gryffindor Quidditch Team(08)

-Has An Obsession With Food



- Gryffindor

Harry Potter


-Is On The The Gryffindor Quidditch Team(09)

-The “Chosen One” And “The Boy Who Lived)


Ginny Weasley


-Is On The Cheerleading Team (She Is Harry’s Cheerleader)

-7th Famous Girl


Weasley Twins

-Both Pure-Bloods

-Fun To Be Around

-Very Funny

-Have Their Very Own Candy Store

-Both Are Single

-Both In The Gryffindor Quidditch Team

Fred-(10 Jersey)

George-(11 Jersey)


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