Pandora's Night

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Book 3 of Golden Gods & Monsters "I experienced life. Granted my first life wasn't my own and my second time alive I had a job to do. But by God, I was living." "Do you regret it?" "Never. Not with you." Pandora did what Zeus needed her to do; Clean up his mess. And then she had her freedom and life taken from her once again when she ready to live. The God in the sky has made his choice. But Pandora is willing to fight for the life she deserves; a life that was never her own but should be hers, even if she must stand before the King on the Golden Throne. But unknown to Pandora, Zeus’s choice has dire consequences. And Pandora finds herself crawling out of another grave, a familiar cabin burned to the ground and familiar woman helping her because Pandora is only back for one reason; Her box is gone. Again. And now a deal has been struck between Pandora and Zeus. A deal for her life. Pandora and her new companion alongside the Four Horsemen seeking a clue of help for the box are led to where it all began; Greece. To find the Box, Pandora must brave the most ruthless and dangerous challenge to have ever existed, built beneath the City of Crete and home to the Minotaur and beat the ancient challenge. But there are bigger things in play. A darkness is shrouding Olympus and the Olympians are preparing for war and if war comes, then the might of the Gods will rain down on humanity.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Part 5 Olympus

The one of Thunder sits upon a Golden Olympus. Judges your achievements and design while you reap victory if accessible. The Fates were mocking. Mocking us. It must be the boring days for them but they say simple lines in echoes of thunder.

You must forge your own Fate. Or you have no meaning.

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