Star of Youth

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On one lonely night in the Czech Republic, an elderly lady lies on a bed on what appears to be one of her last days. Lying powerless, she looks out of a window and gazes at a falling star. She wishes for only one thing: To be young again during her last days. The next day she wakes up in her youthful body. But with a downside of it being her last days. Then she remembers her distant relationship with her grandkids and she helps them with their issues. Join her as she writes the last pages of her life.

Fantasy / Other
K. P. Tran
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Chapter 1

In a little family house a fragile grandma lies on a bed in what appears to be her final hours.

She was gasping for air and felt like her entire body was about to crumble from the sands of time. The fragile grandma wasn’t able to speak, however her thoughts were racing through her mind like: “Is this it?”

Her daughter came into the room and stopped the thoughts to bring her mother a cup of tea with her shattered heart and shaking hands.

Coughing for a little, the fragile lady raises her hand to drink the cup of tea. The daughter then lends her elder mother tea. The elder lady then tries to grab it, but it slipped through her fingers and the cup shattered on the floor. Upon seeing her inability to do basic tasks the grandma felt weaker than ever in her life.

The daughter looks at the broken cup and she sighs and leaves the room with watery eyes to talk to her kids about how hopeless their grandmother is.

“We barely know her mom.” her son reminded her while the door to his grandma’s room was open.

Sadly, the powerless grandma hears this and realizes her place in the world is already gone.

Then, as they ramble, the elder lady looks out of the window on that quiet dark night. She slowly turned her head to gaze at the stars.

And then a shiny star fell from the sky like a beacon of hope.

The fragile grandmother then remembered her younger self that always wished to have anything the star could grant. She thought only about one thing: “I wish I could be young again for the time I have left.”

And after her wish she slowly shut her eyes from everything her body went through for the day.

It was the next morning and the sun’s rays touched her face. She opens her eyes, confused where she is. Then her nose started itching and all she wanted was to scratch her nose. She then scratches her nose and then she is in shock because she actually could scratch nose. After that she gets surprised by her hand looking like a young girl´s hand that appeared like she was 20 years old.

She then swiftly jumped out of her bed and screamed: “Holy shit!”

To make sure it wasn’t a dream, she looks at her other hand and she wipes her eyes from the amazing situation. Then she stood up to look in the mirror of a wardrobe. Her pyjamas almost fell from her because of the change in her body and she caught it before it could fall on the ground. She stares at her reflection and she just couldn’t believe her eyes. Her jaw dropped and she screamed like a little girl from the excitement.

She then touches her cheek with her hand and comments on her reflection: “Damn, I’m hotter than I remember.”

Then she looks at what an elderly person like pyjamas she has on and out of disgust she says: “Minus the clothes…”

And then a knock on the door alarmed her and scared her.

“Mom? Are you there? I heard some screaming” Her daughter asks before opening the door.

“I’m fine!” The now young grandma responded. Her eyes then widened as she realized she couldn’t even speak yesterday.

“Oh shit.” She said to herself.

And then her daughter stormed into the room and her jaw dropped and she lost the ability to speak when she saw her mother.

Out of the awkwardness in the room, the grandma giggles, and she waves back at her daughter.

“What the fuck?!” the daughter screams.

Her children then quickly arrived at the scene.

“What is going on?” A little son of the daughter asks. He then stares at what they are looking at and his face expression changes to pure confusion.

“M-mom?!?!” the daughter asks in disbelief.

“Is…. that you?” she mumbled.

“Who… is that?” The granddaughter asks.

“It’s me! Your grandma Vanessa.” The grandma finally replies back in frustration.

Everybody was in shock and they just stared at what appears to be a younger version of the grandma that lied in the bed just yesterday.

“Are you going to just stare at me or will you get me some clothes?” The newly reborn grandma asks while holding her pajamas.

Then later Vanessa’s granddaughter gives her some clothes. Then the granddaughter looks weirded out by her grandma. She gave her grandma a white shirt and a pair of black jeans. Vanessa then looks disgusted at the boring clothes. She then throws the clothes behind her and she looks through the closet. Vanessa finds a white blazer and a black shirt and ripped jeans. And then she put them on and left the room while looking like a different person.

And Susan just stares in utter confusion.

Then Vanessa slides downstairs. And her daughter stops her with a photo of her young mom and compares how she looks side to side. Vanessa laughs and dances around the kitchen. Her daughter then paused her and it forced her to sit down.

Then her daughter sits down on the chair still in an indescribably strong shock.

“Mom, please explain what happened.” the daughter pleads..

The young grandma looks around the room, not giving a care with a huge grin on her face.

“We need to talk about this…” Vanessa’s daughter reminds her mother.

With an uninterested laugh, Vanessa waves her hand then just says: “Relax Emma.”

Emma then gets frustrated and yells: “How can you say relax?! I am seeing my mom looking like she is my daughter!”

Vanessa lifts her shoulders and smiles while Emma and her children look at their grandma. The young grandma then stood up and left the house but before she left their home she waved at them and said: “Later losers!”

Like a little child she bopped to her head while she hummed her favorite song. The neighbors just look confused about what is going on with the strange looking girl as she did pirouettes on the sidewalk.

“I missed this.” She said while giggling.

Vanessa couldn’t stop smiling and sprinted through the neighborhood and looked around like a child in a candy store. Then a light bulb appeared above her head and she wanted to surprise her friends in a retirement home.

Before Vanessa arrived two of her elderly friends played bingo. A duo of Vietnamese sisters lost another round and they decided to sit down and look at the leaves falling on the ground because they had nothing better to do.

A nurse called one of the sisters telling them: “Mrs. Pham, you have a visit.”

The two elder sisters look at each other and they tilted their heads as they see a youthful version of Vanessa.

“What??!!” One of the sister’s screams and the other tries to clean her glasses, thinking her glasses made her see things.

“Hey Ha! Hey Vinh!” Vanessa says with a warm smile, excited to see her Vietnamese friends.

The others just look at them, confused. “Is that you, Vanessa?!” Vinh asks out loud.

“You look so young!” Ha added.

Vanessa giggles and with full excitement replies: “I know right!”

Vinh then asks: “Did you put on some cream or something?”

She says, trying to inspect Vanessa with her glasses.

“No, silly, I just wished for my young, beautiful body.” Vanessa explained while chuckled.

Ha then replies. “I wish for my young desirable body every day!” And she looks at Vanessa with a jealous expression.

Vanessa raised her shoulders and chuckled once more and said: “Well, sorry grannies, I gotta go enjoy my life so bye-bye!”

Vinh and Ha look at each other and Vinh says in Vietnamese. “Yeah, that must’ve been some cream.”

Later as the day was approaching its end Vanessa jumped around and danced on a hill. She opened her eyes and pondered the beautiful view of the sun. The sun set low as she inhaled the amazing fresh air. She sat down to an apple tree and looked at the sun settling.

She laid in the grass and thought about her amazing day. A familiar voice asks Vanessa: “Enjoying the view?”

Vanessa looks over her shoulder and sees her at the ghost of her dead husband smiling at her.

“Edward?!” She calls his name in shock.

“Is this a dream the entire time?” Vanessa asks in disbelief.

Edward just chuckled and replied to his wife: “No, but I’m here to warn you that you have limited time.”

Vanessa then paused for a moment and asked herself: “Limited time?!”

And then realization hits Vanessa as she remembers her wish: “I… said remaining time…”

She then panics for her life and while whispering asks: “How much time do I have…?”

And Edward with a heavy heart replied: “Thirteen days.”

Vanessa looks into Edward’s eyes, thinking about what is about to come her way. Edward put his hand on Vanessa´s shoulder and pleaded with her to spend her time wisely. Vanessa then reflected on her life and what she wanted to do before her demise. The first memory she had was her grandson saying that she is distant with her grand kids and a sense of failure glued to Vanessa and she then knew what she wanted to do with her remaining time.

She looked back at Edward, and he smiled as he knew what his amazing wife was going to do.

Edward wanted to say only one thing and that was: “You got this.”

Vanessa then started tearing up in her eyes and said: “I missed you.”

Edward smiled and told wife: “I will see you soon.” And he slowly turned to dust and vanished in the sky.

Vanessa looked at the sky and whispered: “I will not fail.”

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