Star of Youth

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Chapter 10

It was finally the day for Susan to see Alvin again. She went to the bathroom, and she washed her face and looked in the mirror. She couldn’t help but think that the party would be awkward.

After some thinking, king she combed her hair and tried to not focus on what would happen.

“Just live in the moment.” She said to herself.

Susan then grabbed her toothbrush and began brushing her teeth while her phone was in her hands. She scrolled through social media. The only thing she saw was happy couples and her friends being in a relationship. Girls were getting roses and hugs and boys received kisses. Susan then rolled her eyes, and she finished brushing her teeth.

She put on some makeup and her thoughts came to haunt her mind.

“What if he has a crush on someone already?”

“What if he has a secret girlfriend?”

Susan shook her head and continued putting on her makeup.

“Just focus on yourself for now.” she whispered.

After the makeup, Susan went downstairs, and she put on her shoes and a spring coat.

“I’m going to work!” She shouted at Vanessa and Ari.

Vanessa smiled, and she waved and said: “Okay! See you later!”

“Bye…” Ari mumbled.

After leaving her house, she walked through the sunny neighborhood and a thought about the party popped in her head. Little excitement filled her body and her fingertips felt like they were about to burst.

The need got stronger and stronger as she was approaching the bus stop.

Upon arriving at the bus stop, she saw a young couple holding hands and smiling at each other. It looked like they were in their paradise.

Susan thought it was slightly disgusting and weak but deep inside she knew it was something really craved. She started and then quickly shifted her focus to somewhere else to avoid looking nosy and creepy when the couple glanced her way.

In the meantime, Ari was looking out of a window at a tree.

“What should I do?” he asked and murmured.

His head was resting on his arms, and he was empty inside. Ari thought about these past days and heard laughs pointed at him, even though nobody was there. While remembering his awful class and his blood rushed into his brain from the sheer emotional pain he endured in school.

Everywhere he looked, everything was gray and a letdown like the world lost its colors. The feeling of being lost consumed his mind.

Suddenly, he felt a gentle touch on his shoulder.

“Do you want to go outside for some fresh air?” Vanessa asked him.

“Ok…” Ari whispered a response.

As they were about to head out, Susan was serving customers in the cafe.

“One red velvet please.” A teenage girl pleaded with Susan.

She nodded, and she went to Tinna for the cake.

“Are you excited about the party?” she asked with a smirk.

Susan rolled her eyes, and she told Tinna to just hand over the cake instead of responding. Tinna just sighed, and she cut the cake for the young lady.

Tinna cut the cake and went to the young lady with her order.

“Enjoy!” she cheerily said.

She then went to Susan and aggressively whispered: “Respond!”

Susan stared into the ground, and she finally admitted she kind of was.

“I knew it!” Tinna whispered with a huge grin.

“You’re gonna score, don’t worry!” she reassured her friend with little taps of friendship.

Susan facepalmed, and she told her bestie that they should work instead of chatting about boys.

During this time, Vanessa was at a playground with Ari on a swing set.

Ari swung back to back, and he made a stone bitter face while Vanessa swung with joy.

“Wooooooooo!!!” she shouted like a little child.

She then jumped from the swing and asked Ari why isn’t he enjoying their time at the playground. Ari put on a mask with a smile and said he wasn’t much of a swing set person.

Vanessa then grabbed his hands and started moving them around like they were dancing.

“Live your life so you don’t have regrets on your deathbed, kiddo!” She said while dancing with Ari’s arms she held.

Every second passing, Ari felt weaker and weaker when he saw his grandma.

“How are you feeling?” Ari asked, concerned.

Vanessa raised her eyebrows at the question and responded: “I’m fine?”

Ari smiled and then Vanessa swiftly added: “No, wait! I’m doing perfect!”

“We should always be grateful that we have at least something in this life.” She added.

“But life isn’t always fun and enjoyable.” Ari countered with his opinion.

Vanessa let out a chuckle and asked her grandson: “What is fun?”

Her grandson lifted his shoulders and was unsure. Vanessa rolled her eyes with a smile and she stated: “Fun is something you want to relive again and again to enjoy it endlessly. We may not always have fun but that doesn’t mean we cannot have any at all.”

She then caressed her grandson and said: “Live without regrets.”

Ari nodded to his grandma’s words and then he quickly panicked as he saw his classmates approaching the playground.

He quickly grabbed Vanessa’s hand and said that they should go home as fast as possible.

“Why?” Vanessa questioned.

“I- I have homework to do.” Ari said and pulled Vanessa.

They got out of there in time, and it relieved Ari. He was slightly sweating and his heart was throbbing.

Hours later Susan finished her shift with Tinna on their shift and Tinna excitedly prepared for the occasion. Susan grabbed and looked at her grandma’s beautiful jacket. She remembered the words her granny told her and she said to herself: “I can do this.”

She put on the jacket and looked fabulous. Then went to her bag and combed her hair and Tinna came to her and asked if she was ready.

Susan looked over her shoulder, and she nodded. They took their things, and they walked to Alvin’s house.

“How are you feeling?” Tinna asked, concerned.

Her friend was silent and stared at the ground as they walked.

“I-I just need some time to think.” Susan responded late.

With a fading smile, Tinna nodded.

Soon after, they could see Alvin’s house and Susan felt goosebumps.

Susan then took deep breaths as they were approaching the house. Tinna looked concerned at her friend and she then looked at the bell and then the doors opened. They entered the apartment building.

Susan’s heart was beating faster and faster. They opened the door to the flat, and it was wild. People were drunk and high out of their minds.

“What happened here?” Tinna whispered.

Everything was covered in vomit, smelled like weed.

“Hey!” Alvin greeted Susan and Tinna with his group of stoners.

“Hi…” Tinna replied weirded out.

Susan lifted her hand and waved a little, but she felt frustrated by what was happening, knowing that many people at the party were underage and smoking.

Alvin quickly shifted his focus on Susan and he asked how she was doing.

“I’m fine…” Susan replied in an uncomfortable tone.

“Hey, uh, sorry for that one rejection. I was going to my girlfriend’s place, but she dumped me. So now we can be together now, eh?” He said shamelessly.

“What?!!?” Tinna said out loud.

“You can now be my princess, Susan. Isn’t that what you wanted?” he asked, while being completely hammered.

Tinna’s eyes started twitching out her frustration and she told Alvin that he was a piece of shit.

Alvin didn’t care about Tinna’s opinion and he opened his arms for a hug to Susan so they could be together.

Tinna was speechless, and Susan was just like in a trance.

Susan then looked at her jacket she was wearing and remembered her granny.

“Don’t stare at that ugly jacket and hug me.” Alvin ordered.

Susan leaned towards him and went for the hug. But as she was about to touch him, she pulled back and slapped her former crush. The feeling was indescribably satisfying. She laughed, and Alvin was in shock.

“What the fuck?!?” He yelled while he had his hand on his slapped face.

Susan then chuckled, and she then told Tinna: “Let’s go home.” and he grabbed her friend by her hand and they started leaving.

“You will regret this, you bitch!” Alvin yelled while his friends were bursting out of laughter.

Susan then showed Alvin the middle finger and walked away and slammed to the door of the flat.

They finally put Alvin in his place, and he was in disbelief.

Susan jumped from the happiness she felt after letting go of her chains of toxic love. She then grabbed Tinna’s hands, and they were both jumping up and down, happy that this all ended.

“Woooooohoooooo!!!!” Susan screamed like she was reborn.

“You did it!” Tinna said with excitement and relief.

Susan then took out her phone and almost dropped it, and she called Ari.

During this time, Ari was playing cards with Vanessa. He picked up the phone and Susan screamed into the phone that she needed to speak with Vanessa.

Her granny was speechless, and she knew what had probably happened. She grabbed the phone and Susan screamed into her ears: “I did it!!!! You did it!!!! I love you so much granny!!!!”

Vanessa was in shock and she jumped from her chair and she kicked it from the excitement.

“I knew you could do it!!!!” she shouted.

Ari smiled for his sister and for his grandma’s happiness but it scared him to go to school knowing they would bully him again. He knew there were only two days left before the end of everything.

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