Star of Youth

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Chapter 11

It was one day before Vanessa’s demise.

Ari got up and stared into nothingness and gazed at the calendar. His heart was damaged and felt like it was getting torn apart with each second.

He took a deep breath and tried to ignore his emotions going into a downward spiral.

“Good morning!!!” Vanessa sang with a choir-like voice.

She then caressed Ari on the cheek and told him it’s time to go to school.

Ari put on his plastic smile, and he said: “I know.”

Vanessa then lent her grandson a hand and told him to get up from the bed and prepare for school.

They went downstairs and Susan was humming to herself a song still excited from yesterday. Ari looked around, and felt time was passing so fast around him. He just wanted to stop time for a moment to have some rest. His dark thoughts were racing through his mind, but then they stopped with his granny gently putting her hands on his shoulders.

“Time is passing.” She told him as a reminder that school is beginning soon.

Ari snapped out of his thoughts and he went and took a seat to eat his cereal. He started eating, and he looked at his sister and grandma, being really energetic.

While eating, he just wanted to know how to make his granny immortal so she can always be with him. He then stopped and quickly told himself that was a really selfish idea.

Vanessa went to the living room and started writing something. Ari couldn’t help but think about what she was writing.

He then ate his small portion of cereal and went to his room to dress up at school. Ari looked through his closet and saw many of his shirts. With every shirt he saw, a voice told him he would be a joke in his class. He grabbed a blank black shirt and put it on. Then went and grabbed some jeans and went to the bathroom in basic clothing that didn’t show the person he was in actuality.

Ari saw his reflection in the mirror and saw an empty husk of a person. A person who couldn’t even smile on his own and had to force one.

He looked soulless, and his happiness was fading and fading.

Ari barely brushed his teeth, and he threw the toothbrush into his glass of water. He was rapidly gasping for air and he went downstairs hoping the anxiety would pass.

It confused Vanessa as she glanced at Ari.

“Why do you look so bland?” she asked out of curiosity.

Ari said that he just picked random clothes in a hurry and he told her they should go to school.

“Okay…” Vanessa said.

Then they left the house, and Ari walked in complete silence, staring at the ground.

“Is everything okay?” she asked him.

“I’m just tired.” Ari responded.

Vanessa was deeply concerned and Ari then tried his best to pretend that he was just tired. She knew something was off and couldn’t stop thinking about what it was.

The school was at their reach and Ari heard echoing voices of people in his head laughing at him. He saw his classmates and his remaining will crumble. Vanessa looked even more worried for her dearest grandson but Ari knew he couldn’t go home and he went to enter the school.

“Bye for now…” he said.

Vanessa reached out with her hand, but she knew her grandson must go to school.

Ari entered the lockers and changed into his overshoes, and strolled to his class.

“Well, look who it is!” Lucas shouted.

Robin approached Ari with a punchable smirk, but Ari walked past him, with no eye contact.

“Was it great being at home?” Robin asked.

Ari pretended he was deaf and sat down and stared at the clock. His classmate then snatched his phone and ran from Ari.

“Stop…” he pleaded.

Lucas chuckled, and he grabbed the phone from his classmate and tossed it from a window. Jenny was with her classmates and she felt deeply sorry for Ari.

“It’s going too far…” she whispered to herself.

During this, Vanessa was walking home shocked by Ari being so numb. She sighed and wondered what was going on.

As she was walking, she looked at the beautiful trees around her and tried to find an answer to her question.

She entered her daughter’s home, and she went back into the living room and started writing on paper.

Susan was about to head to work, and Vanessa asked if something happened to Ari.

“I don’t know anything about it.” she stated.

Vanessa sighed and wrote more and more.

Ari was at his breaking point, and Lucas threw his pencils at Ari.

“Do something,” he ordered.

Without a response received, he grew angry, and he stood up and slapped Ari on the back of his head.

“I said do something!!!” he ordered in a more aggressive manner.

Ari fell from his chair and put out his hands to guard himself.

“I don’t want any trouble!!” he shouted.

Then Jenny stepped into the situation and yelled at Lucas: “That’s enough!!!”

Ari then quickly stood up and ran away. The school bell started ringing, and the teachers were walking past him. He quickly opened the door of the exit and a teacher yelled at him: “What are you doing?!?”

Ari didn’t care, and he ran as far as he could. The teacher then called the principal and chaos emerged.

Vanessa was at home, and Susan was about to leave.

Susan’s phone started ringing, and she quickly picked it up and turned on a speaker. A crying Emma screamed that Ari ran away from school.

“What?!??!!??!” Susan shouted.

She panicked and looked at Vanessa and told him they had to find Ari.

Vanessa sprinted out of the house and she told Susan to go to the school.

“And where are you going?!” Susan asked in panic.

Vanessa ignored the question and started running as fast as her youthful body could.

She ran, and she was slowly losing her breath.

Her heart was pounding, and she knew she couldn’t stop. Vanessa then tore up.

Vanessa ran through the forest, and she pushed her youthful body to its limit.

She approached a bridge close to Ari’s hideout. Vanessa’s heart almost stopped as she saw Ari on the edge of the bridge, looking at the water.

“I can now be with you forever granny…” he said to himself in tears.

Vanessa rushed towards Ari, and she got him out of the edge of the bridge.

They slammed on the ground, and Vanessa embraced Ari.

“I’m so sorry!!!! I’m so sorry!!!” She apologized to her grandson in tears.

“I’m so sorry for being such a bad grandma!!!” she yelled and tightened her hug.

Ari started crying, and he finally told the truth: “I don’t want to lose you!!!!”

“You will never lose me!” Vanessa said.

She then reminded Ari of her promise: “I told you I will always be your best friend…”

Vanessa was breaking down in tears and told him that if something happens, she will always look after him.

Ari then tightened his hug as well, and he apologized to her as he was crying.

“It’s okay. I’m here now…” she said.

“Just let all the stress out,” Vanessa told Ari.

Ari then vented to his grandma: “They bullied me during all this time and I didn’t want you to worry. I am so scared of what will happen to you.”

Vanessa then wiped her grandson’s tears and told him that no matter what happens, she will always look after him and be proud.

“Some things just have to happen.” She reminded Ari.

Ari sobbed, and he didn’t want to let go of his dearest granny.

“Let’s get you some ice cream.” Vanessa suggested.

She lifted her grandson up, and they walked away from the bridge and Vanessa said: “Now tell me what happened and me and Emma will deal with the bullies.”

Emma stood in front of the school crying and she then saw Ari and she ran towards him and hugged him.

“My precious, what have they done to you?” she sobbed into his shoulder.

The teacher then came to Ari, and she yelled at him about what was wrong with him.

“Back off!!!” Vanessa ordered the teacher.

In the distance was Ari’s PE teacher, and she swiftly arrived at the scene.

“We need to speak to the principal, now!” Ari’s PE teacher stormed at her colleague.

“He went through a lot and we must fix this!” she demanded.

She then took Ari’s hand and told Emma to come with her, but Ari then asked and looked at his grandma: “Can she come with us?”

Minutes later, Lucas was laughing his ass off from Ari’s disappearance.

Ari entered the classroom, and Lucas started approaching him.

But then in front of him Vanessa appeared, and she told the principal: “That’s him.”

Lucas became stunned by the utter shock. The principal then looked at Robin and Dan. They both felt so powerless, and the principal ordered them to the office.

Lucas walked past Vanessa and she gave him the same smirk he gave Ari. She waved at him as he was about to be expelled from his friends.

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