Star of Youth

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Chapter 3

It’s the start of a Saturday morning and Susan wakes up, annoyed by the sunlight in her eyes. She rolled on the side, trying to get more well deserved sleep. But she gets an indescribable feeling of loneliness. And then seized up her phone and started scrolling through social media and seeing couples living their best life with a countless number of hashtags.

After trying to calm herself down, Vanessa comes to her room and gives a slice of oranges on a little plate. And leaves a slight note saying “For Susie.” again with a smiley face. Susan asks herself. “Why does nobody love me?”

Vanessa looks over her shoulder and puts the plate on the table and tells her: “I do.” And gives her a smile.

Susan replies with: “I wish I had a boyfriend.”

Her granny giggled and asked her. “Do you want him, or do you want the thought of being loved?”

Susan is silent, not knowing how to respond.

After crouching next to her granddaughter’s bed, Vanessa thinks for a bit and starts giving her granddaughter a speech: “Look, we can’t start a relationship when we don’t have our problems in order. Otherwise it will not last.”

Susan looks at her young grandma and says: “But others have relationships, even with their issues.”

Meanwhile, Ari walks through the hallway and gets interested in what his grandmother is saying and he eavesdrops a bit. Vanessa smiles and caresses her grandchild on the head.

“Would you date a boy who has issues?” She questions.

“No…” Susan replies.

“Good, because all you need to do before finding someone is to make your heart and mind strong. That’s how you make anyone go crazy over you.” Vanessa replies with a wide smile.

“Now, eat those oranges to refresh yourself.” Vanessa told Susan before she left her room.

On the way downstairs she notices Ari and approaches him and asks: “How ya doing?”

Ari ignores the question and tells Vanessa: “That was a kind speech.”

Giving a smile from the compliment, his granny tells him: “That also applies to you. Whenever something happens, you can talk to me.”

And she puts her hand on his shoulder.

“Okay…” Ari responds, unsure of the offer.

He then heads to his room and takes out a toy gun. Being bored, he sighs, knowing he doesn’t have a friend to play with anymore.

In the meantime, Susan gazes into her phone on social media where her male classmates look stunning.

“Wow, you are wild.” Vanessa tells her granddaughter with a little giggle. Susan jumps up from not knowing her granny was looking over her shoulder from behind.

“Holy crap! You, the hell out of scared me!” Susan tells her grandma.

Vanessa chuckles and wipes her tears and says: “You should’ve seen your face!”

After chuckling, Vanessa asks if she could see what her granddaughter was looking at. First Susan hesitated for a moment, but with her hands shaking she showed her granny the picture of her crush.

Vanessa looked at the phone, sighed and said: “Eh, your grandpa was hotter when he was younger.”

Susan looks at her grandma with a grumpy and frustrated face. And then Vanessa calms her granddaughter down: “I’m joking! He’s very handsome!”

She then pressed something on the phone and a whole gallery of Susan’s crush beach photos appeared. Vanessa opened and closed her eyes out of disbelief and started giggling uncontrollably as she handed her granddaughter the phone while falling on her knees.

Covering her face from embarrassment, Susan grabs the phone and lets out an embarrassed: “No!!!”

Vanessa laughs so hard she couldn’t even stand on her own.

Rolling on the floor, she notices Ari with the toy gun, staring at her in confusion. Then she snatched a toy machine gun that was behind the couch and started shooting at Ari. Then he takes cover and shoots Vanessa. His grandma laughs and starts having a blast.

And to his surprise, Ari did, too. Then he ran upstairs while being chased by his young grandma. He hid in his room and then pulled out a literal toy shotgun and then chased her instead.

“Oh, shoot!” Vanessa said and started running back downstairs for her life. She slid down the stairs and fell backwards. Vanessa then pretended to play dead.

Ari then checked up on his granny and asked if everything was ok. And then his grandma opened her eyes and shot Ari right between his eyes with the toy gun and started jumping away with a huge grin on her face.

While glaring at his awesome granny, Ari confessed to Vanessa: “I didn’t know that you were so awesome…”

The young granny then dropped the toy gun and approached her surprised grandson. She then rested her hand on Ari’s shoulder and told him with a welcoming smile: “If you ever feel sad you can always talk to me to have some mindless fun.”

Ari smiled back and then shot his toy gun into his granny’s face.

“Come here!” Vanessa yells as her grandson is running away to hide outside.

During the chase, Emma peaks from the corner of the kitchen and smiles, being proud of her mother. The day went by and Ari and Susan went to sleep. By that time, Vanessa went to her room with chills of excitement. She reflected on her day and smiled like she had never smiled before. Vanessa turned off the lamp, preparing to be with her grandkids once again for another day.

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