Star of Youth

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Chapter 9

It was a day before Alvin’s party and Susan sat on her couch and pondered while looking at her phone.

Her thoughts kept rapidly changing if she should or shouldn’t go back to her former crush.

She let out a sigh and looked out of the window, trying to find peace in her mind.

Curiosity grew, and she went to her phone and unblocked him and looked at his profile. Susan looked at his recent photos of him enjoying his life to the fullest. A big craving for fun rose in her and she texted Tinna that she is going to be at the party.

Susan then threw her phone at the couch and then grabbed her hair.

Vanessa then walked into the room, and she noticed her troubled granddaughter. She tilted her head, and she asked her what’s wrong.

“I just can’t stop thinking about Alvin.”

Vanessa smiled, and she said: “It’s natural to miss someone you like.”

“I know but it’s not love, it’s just a toxic crush.” the troubled granddaughter replied.

She sighed, and she scratched her head that some of her hair fell out.

“Look, they invited me and my friend to some dumb party and I just want to go for some godforsaken reason.” She explained to her grandma.

Vanessa gave a little disappointing look, and she then lifted her shoulders, and she gave a suggestion.

“Fine, but when you’re there and you feel stressed, then take the jacket I bought you so you know I’m supporting you even when I’m not there.” she said and gave a supportive smile.

“Pinky promise?” she pleaded when she prepared her pinky.

Susan stared at Vanessa’s hand and then looked into her eyes. She couldn’t help but smile and she made the promise.

“Pinky promise.” she replied.

Vanessa then quickly transitioned from the pinky promise to a hug.

“Make me proud.” she told her granddaughter while embracing her.

She then stopped hugging and told Susan that she was going to check on Ari. Vanessa then stood up, and she gave Susan two thumbs up and she went upstairs to her grandson’s room.

Ari was listening to music with headphones. He then clicked on a music video and he started writing into his notebook.

“You’re doing your homework?” Vanessa asked. Ari quickly covered his notebook, and he then sighed and replied: “Yes”

“How are you feeling?” his grandma asked.

“The eye doesn’t sting as much.” Ari admitted.

“And inside?” the worried Vanessa asked.

Ari almost crumbled from the question, but he kept a stone bitter face. He let out a chuckle, and he said he was okay. He was quiet for a second and Vanessa looked more worried and he then asked her how she was feeling.

“Oh, I feel great. I’m with you and Susan, after all.” she said wholesomely.

Ari’s heart melted, and a wave of negative thoughts was rushing through his head. His eyes were feeling watery and he couldn’t help himself when he was looking at Vanessa.

She smiled like an angel and she told him to rest before returning to school in two days.

“Relax. Emma will deal with the bullies soon.” she said with her hand on Ari’s shoulder.

“Just know I’m always with you.” Vanessa reminded her grandson.

Ari smiled, and he said he thinks that sometimes he doesn’t deserve his great granny. Vanessa chuckled, and she stated she doesn’t deserve her own grandson.

“I’ll leave you to study for now. If you’re going to be bored after that, you know where to find me.” she said.

She then left the room and closed the door and went downstairs.

Susan stared into nothingness and asked her grandma if they could go for a short spring walk. Vanessa said that she was available for an hour before going back to help the troubled Ari.

She then tilted her head and said: “Let’s go.” with a smirk.

They put on their shoes, and Vanessa asked if this was about Susan conflicted feelings towards her crush. Susan nodded and elaborated that she suspects she is nothing without Alvin.

“Meeting him was such a mistake.” Susan confessed.

“Mistakes are there, so you learn from them. That’s why there is rubber on a pencil.” Vanessa replied with a quote.

She then put both of her hands on Susan’s shoulders and said: “You are an amazing girl with an amazing heart. Don’t waste it on some dumbass.”

She smiled into her eyes and then started shaking her granddaughter with her arms.

“So please u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d that you are important!” she said while giggling.

Meanwhile, Ari was writing his homework when suddenly a message pops up on his phone. He looks confused and opens it and sees a bunch of messages of hate towards him.

“We are doing great without you!” said his classmates.

Then a video shows up in the messages and it’s a video of the entire class impersonating Ari’s struggles. One even yelled in the video that Ari might as well stay at home because he had no friends.

Out of anger, Ari threw his phone, and he curled up into a ball. He started breathing rapidly, and he pulled his hair. He looked at the calendar and he realized it was his grandma’s final 3 days before her passing.

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