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The Wanderer

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18yo+ adult situations, sex I sat next to the fire wrapping my arms around myself trying to warm up when I see him move over to sit by me. I stare and start moving away when he stops with his hands up. He shifts to his wolf and slowly crawls on his belly towards me showing he isn't a threat. As he gets close he let's out a huff and I slowly reach out to pet him when he starts licking my leg. I let out a giggle when he starts panting and barks at me. He sits up shifting back to his human and just sits next to me. "Lacey I don't want you to be scared of me. I have been on my own too for years. Never found a mate and have no family left. So I have just been wandering around. Then I saw you and you are absolutely beautiful. I didn't want to wander anymore."

Fantasy / Romance
Melanie Gomez
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Ch 1

So I am doing this book a little different. it's a free for all if you will. No destined mates, no rogues. Just families that could be in groups or not.


Lacey pov

I'm laying here on the floor of my parents little hut on my little blanket of a bed facing the wall as the sun just starts to peek in. Usually there would be some sort of food cooking and the smell making it's way around but nothing that I can smell yet. I just think today is the day I turn 18 and hopefully will find someone locally who will want me as a mate. I have hoped someone would take an interest before today but no one has seemed to yet.

Although my parents would always say no one would ever want me since I'm smaller than other she wolves, so That makes me weak and a nuisance. A pity case I guess, almost more of a burden to a mate than any actual help. I still think there has to be someone right. I get a quick kick to my side which makes me instantly wince in pain. I turn over to see who it is and see my mom staring down at me with her hands on her hips.

"Go get some berries for food! Your so ungrateful! We are all up getting our day started and you think you get to sleep in!"

I nod slowly getting up off the floor stretching my body, grabbing a basket and walking out of the hut. I walk around for about half an hour and must be about 1/2 a mile from the hut when I finally spot the raspberry bush. I set the basket down and quickly start picking and placing berries in it. I eat a few while I am doing it because who could resist right! Before long I have a good amount piled in the basket so I start to make my way for home.

It takes a good 30 min to walk back and as I approach I don't smell my parents anywhere, and what was our hut has been smashed down. I just stare in confusion not understanding what is going on. Why would they smash our house? I quickly walk over setting the basket down and can't even pick up their scents to figure out which way they went. How could they do this? What did I do? I did everything they asked me too!"

I just stare as tears start falling when I sink to the ground on my knees. I hear some rustling and I just don't care anymore. My whole life has just been crushed by my own parents. Without even a thought of how I would feel. I just pick myself up and grab the berries and slowly walk away when I hear some talking. I look over and see some guys that are standing around from 5e group who lives near us and I recognize one of them as Chad.

"Lacey your parents were running quickly through the group what happened?"

I just stare at him shrugging my shoulders. "I guess they left me?"

"Aren't you still under eighteen?"

"No I turned eighteen today. They told me to go pick some berries and then they left before I got back I guess."

"Where are you going to go?"

"Dunno really, I don't have a mate, so I guess I will just wander around."

He started walking towards me when I just turn and run. I hear him calling for me to stop and stay with him, but I don't want someone who has fucked every she wolf they could. Promises of being a mate and then refusing them. I want someone who is going to be genuine and take the mate business serious. I just run and can hear him following gaining on me. So I drop the basket shifting to my wolf Ana and take off. Who am I kidding I'm small which doesn't take him long to catch me and pounce on top of me. I bare my teeth growling and he shifts back to his human so I do the same.

"Lacey please listen to me! I know how your parents treated you, and I am willing to take you as a mate."

"No Chad! I won't be another one of your promises of mates or be a pity case! I wan't a mate who is going to be true to me! Can you promise to not touch or look at another wolf?"

He just stares as the tears fall down my face and I turn my head away. He let's me up as I scurry a few feet away just staring at him waiting for an answer. He looks at the ground clearly trying to collect his thoughts on what to say. When he looks up at me I just cover my face as I stand up and start walking.

"Lacey wait! I can change!"

"No! No you can't Chad! Your silence said enough before your bullshit answer!"

He just stood there as I kept running away further and further into the woods. I run for the rest of the day until I came to a stream collapsing and crying. I slowly drink some water and lower myself in it to wash my body off. We find clothes are to restricting so it's easier just to go without. The males don't typically bother females unless they are willing. Some mate for life, while others might just mate outside of the breeding seasons out of convenience but they still stay close to each other in case they end up with a pup.

When I mate I want it to be for life. I know there has to be someone out there! Most males just pick off the eligible females around in the group without going outside their group. Not related of course, and then they usually go and join another group or whatever. I finish cleaning myself when I see a rabbit make it's way cautiously up to the edge of the water. So I sink down under the water and make my way over to it quickly shooting my hand out to grab it.

My hand just barely got a leg so I dragged it under the water to grab its head and snap it's neck. Once I feel it snap and go limp I am relieved that I will get to eat today. I make my way out of the stream and search for a secluded space to eat my kill before I get noticed. I get my fill and find a tree whose roots are exposed and provide a good shelter. I find some brush to have some kind of base to sleep on so I am not laying directly on the ground. I just sit there and think about everything that has happened in the last 24 hours. How could my parents do this? I wanted them just to wait till I found a mate.

I decide to shift to my wolf to keep me warmer and be ready in case I need to defend myself. Ana my wolf says she will keep alert so I can get a good night of sleep. I need the rest because I have no clue where I will go tomorrow. I am hoping I can find a cave of some sorts that's unoccupied. Make it my little home. Maybe have something to offer a potential mate. If someone would even want me.

Tears slowly escape as I remember what my parents would say all the time. Ana cries with me as she knows there has to be someone out there. Maybe someone who will help us learn how to be a better mate. One that will not look at me as a burden but as a partner. Ana nods and says that we will find someone! Anyone is better than Chad! I couldn't help but laugh because it is true!

I close my eyes and let sleep overtake me and will wait for our adventure to continue tomorrow.
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