Judgment Day

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Chapter Two: Black Satin

The Lycan, Ace, leads the mysterious young man to the Blood Pack’s hideout. Their base is on the abandoned side of the city where most of the lowlife Vampyr slumber during the day. The two hide across the street in a dusty old abandoned factory, camping out during the day, awaiting dusk. They sit on the third floor next to some old dusty windows and machines, figuring they will get a better view up high.

During the stakeout, Ace, curious about their quest, begins to ask Anarchious questions. “So Anarchious, this Marie—what’s the relation?”

“She’s… family. That’s all you need to know,” Anarchious responds while bandaging his swollen and bloody right hand.

“Oh yeah, well, that’s a great way to get to know someone who’s trying to help you,” Ace replies in a sarcastic but jolly way while Anarchious continues to wrap his hand up.

“Get to know? So what are we, on a date now?” Anarchious responds, grinning, still paying intense attention to the bandages.

“Well, Anarchious, how do you expect me to trust you when I don’t know anything about you but ‘Marie is the only family I’ve got!’?” Ace says mockingly, imitating Anarchious’s low, gloomy voice. The young man ignores him, balling his fist to test the firmness of the bandage. “I’ve got an idea,” the persistent Lycan says. “I’ll tell you something about me, and you tell me something about yourself, OK?”

Anarchious nods. “Yes,” he says, expressionless, testing his handiwork by punching his injured right hand into his left hand.

“OK, well, let’s see.” Ace begins to rub his chin, pondering. “Well, I am a Scorpio, my favorite food is medium-rare steak, and I love chasing my tail,” Ace says, laughing and hoping that his stupid statement will lighten up the mood.

Anarchious looks up with a serious face and asks, “Why did you try to get yourself killed?”

Ace’s face drops from being happy to being ashamed. He responds, hanging his head, “To ease it.” Anarchious eyes Ace as he pauses, causing a long, awkward silence. “The loneliness was too much,” Ace continues. “Losses...” He picks his head up and makes eye contact with the now-curious Anarchious.

“Loss?” asks Anarchious.

“I lost my family when I was young, and ever since, I’ve been alone,” Ace explains, then breaks eye contact with Anarchious.

After hearing Ace’s story, Anarchious looks at the sun through a dirty window and daydreams of the human soldiers coming to his village when he was younger. He envisions his kid-self at a playground alone. It was a beautiful day, the sun was out, it was warm, and the wind was brisk. The season had just changed to spring. He remembers it vividly—the newly blossomed flowers, the stunning colors.

Anarchious snuck away from his mother, who was in a conversation with someone nearby. His mother called for him. He heard her voice and back, but before he could turn the corner to where she was, he realized he had left his red-twist candy behind. He then heard his mother call out to him once more. He needed to hurry, and in a crackling flash, he was back on the playground near his candy. He walked over to it and looked up. A human soldier was hovering over him. The look on the soldier’s face was frightening; he pulled out his knife from his sheath and quickly grabbed young Anarchious.

“So what about you?” Ace asks, waking Anarchious from his daydream.

“What was that?” Anarchious replies while trying to wipe the stress from his face.

“I’ve told you a little about myself, so tell me something about you, man,” Ace responds.

“What do you want to know?” Anarchious replies.

Ace immediately asks, “What are you?”

Anarchious looks at Ace with a confused expression while raising his right eyebrow.

“I mean, I know you’re definitely not a Lycan or a Vampyr,” says Ace. “A Broom Hopper wouldn’t have helped me, and humans don’t jump off six-story buildings and survive.”

Anarchious reclines with his hands behind his head, staring at the old, unkempt ceiling of the factory. “Honestly, I don’t know what I am,” he explains. “Marie always said we were Mutants.”

“What do you mean ‘we’?” Ace inquires.

“People like me. ‘We’ were once called Mutants,” Anarchious replies as if he made a mistake. He didn’t, but he was thinking of his family.

The Lycan, confused because he’s never heard of such people, pushes further. “Were? What are you referred to as now?”

“Extinct,” Anarchious replies, glaring at Ace, ending the inquiry.

The two camp there all day, taking turns napping, getting rest as they await dusk to fall. As the sun sets and shadows begin to grow, Anarchious wakes Ace as the Vampyr city is awakening from its twelve-hour slumber.

Ace and Anarchious are watching the building across the street like hawks, hoping for Blaine to emerge, when suddenly a tiny mass of Vampyr grunts rolls up to the building on old-style motorcycles. They park in front of the building, aggressively creating a large half-circle barricade.

“Who the hell are they?!” Anarchious says to Ace, trying to keep his voice down.

“New recruits,” Ace responds.

“Yes, I see that, but why so many?” Anarchious asks.

Ace, big-eyed, is worried about the situation. “I don’t know. They gather like this only when they decide to pull humans or to defend someone.” Ace watches the biking grunts closely. “Look!” he exclaims.

Anarchious looks out the dusty windows and sees two of the grunts dragging another one into the building. “He’s your ‘you ruined the tunes’ guy,” Ace proclaims, mocking the Vampyr grunt from the night before. After a few more minutes of waiting, they hear someone yelling from the other building.

“What’s that?” Anarchious asks Ace as he begins to listen closely.

“It sounds like someone is pissed the hell off,” Ace says, still listening. Then, in a surprised motion, Ace cocks his head back and yells, “Blaine!”

Anarchious reacts, saying, “What’s hap…?” But before Anarchious can finish his sentence, they both hear glass crashing from the building where the frightening screaming took place.

Something or someone is falling from the building windows. There are two beings, one seemingly strangling the other, and in midfall, one of them bursts into flames and disintegrates into ash. The other being lands on his feet victoriously. He is a tall, pale man wearing a Blood Pack leather jacket. He has green spiked hair and is dressed head to toe like a punk.

The green-haired Vampyr yells furiously and spits on the ashes, sneering, “Good riddance! Bloody snitch!”

“Blaine!” Ace exclaims.

“Hell, that was so weak. I’m going to kick his ass worse now,” Anarchious says while laughing and cracking his neck and knuckles. “Shoot, there are a lot of them, though. You got my back?” Anarchious asks while he continues to limber up. Ace looks at Anarchious with reluctance. “What, man?” Anarchious asks while smiling. “Hope you’re not scared of these guys because of what happened a few days ago. C’mon, we’ll get a little revenge.”

“That’s not it!” Ace responds as if he is ashamed and looks away, seemingly distressed.

Anarchious stops stretching and gives Ace a serious look. “What’s up?” he asks the Lycan.

“I can’t fight,” the Lycan replies to the eager Mutant.

Anarchious continues to glare at the Lycan. He then cracks a smile and begins to laugh. “It’s not that hard for you, I assume. Punch, kick, bite, and repeat as many times as needed. Maybe add some claws,” the Mutant states to the Lycan.

“No, not that! I can fight if I choose to—duh—but I refuse to be a mindless brute!” Ace responds, balling his fist and turning his back on Anarchious and walking towards a back exit.

While Ace walks away, Anarchious’s mood falls, and he becomes serious again. “Fighting for something isn’t wrong, you know.” Anarchious begins to explain. “I’m not a very violent person at all, and I don’t like to fight. Sure, it’s fun, but purposely taking joy in hurting a living being isn’t fun.” Ace refuses to turn around. “Look,” continues Anarchious, “sometimes you have to fight when you don’t want to, and other times you shouldn’t fight when you want to.” The discouraged Lycan is still heading towards the exit. “I am going down there with or without you!” Anarchious exclaims, but it falls on deaf ears as Ace exits the room, leaving Anarchious to fend for himself.

Meanwhile, below, Blaine is commanding and rallying his gang. He calls his underboss over and whispers to him, “Go tell Zera we’ve got everything under control.” The underboss nods yes, hops on his motorcycle, and rides off towards the busy part of the city.

“You will spread out in this city and find this renegade! Once you find him, do not engage him. Report to me, and we all will get a piece of him!” Blaine yells to his disciples. They all begin to cheer and clap.

Suddenly, a big crash echoes from above them. A man rapidly descends and lands on his feet in the middle of the gang’s circle across from Blaine. It’s Anarchious. With a fierce look that could kill, he glares at the leader. Blaine steps back, afraid, then steps forward and readies himself in an aggressive fighting stance, trying to hide his initial reaction as the rest of his gang watches.

“I’m right here. No need to look for me,” Anarchious snarls to Blaine in a very dark tone of voice. “We can avoid all of this. All you have to do is tell me where my aunt is, and we’ll forget all about this.” Blaine rolls his eyes, smirking back at Anarchious. “Oh, so you want your ass kicked! OK! I can arrange for that!” Anarchious says as he becomes annoyed at the Vampyr gang leader’s cocky gestures.

Blaine laughs and holds out his right arm, displaying the stump where Anarchious had cut off his hand a few days earlier. The gesture signals, Bring it on! Anarchious doesn’t pay attention to the cockiness or the fact that Blaine’s hand has grown back so fast, but he does notice the long, silky black scarf Blaine has wrapped around it. It looks familiar; Anarchious recognizes the weird circular symbols stitched in it.

“That’s Marie’s scarf!” Anarchious points out, becoming enraged.

“And what are you going to do about it?” Blaine replies, grinning. “You’re surrounded! You walked right into your own execution party. Blood Pack! Kill him!” Blaine yells, ordering his gang to do away with the surrounded Mutant.

Anarchious, not backing down, shoots forward and knocks down Blaine with one punch to the nose. The rest of the Vampyr gang attacks the Mutant left and right. He defends himself, punching, smacking, and kicking the swarming Vampyrs one by one. Blaine gets up and tries to make a run for it.

“Come back here, coward!” Anarchious yells as he sees Blaine trying to get away. Anarchious viciously knees an attacking Vampyr in the gut, bringing him to his hands and knees. The young man then quickly jumps off that Vampyr’s back into the air and lands on Blaine’s, forcing him to the ground. He turns Blaine around and grabs him by his leather collar. “Where is she, you fucking parasite?” Anarchious yells to Blaine in his face.

Blaine glares back and tries to choke Anarchious as the rest of the gang members try to pull the Mutant off their leader. They continue to try to pry Anarchious’s death grip off their superior. As Anarchious becomes more enraged, his body begins to surge with electricity.

“Where the hell is she?!” Anarchious yells, infuriated. He releases his electricity, shocking the group of Vampyr tugging at him and Blaine, sending everyone flying back, striking other Vampyr and motorcycles, destroying and knocking them down.

Blaine passes out, and Anarchious lets out a long mighty roar as he is surrounded by the remaining Vampyr. There are too many of them, and Anarchious realizes he used a vast amount of energy by shocking the gang members. He stands up, readies himself, and, breathing heavily, fearlessly yells, “Bring it, suckheads!”

The Vampyr begin to attack the lone Mutant once more. The Mutant finds himself with enough energy to defend himself only by dodging, but it’s no good. Eventually he is in the clutches of the Vampyr grunts. They jump and beat him, punch, kick, and stomp him repeatedly. Anarchious tries to fight back and shock a few, but he has worn himself out, and they only kept coming. The Vampyr pin him down to the ground as he struggles. One of the Vampyr pulls a machete from his leather coat and hovers over Anarchious with a disturbing look on his face. It’s the man the Mutant had shocked unconscious the night before.

“So I bet you thought what you did last night was funny, huh?” the Vampyr, still twitching, yells at Anarchious.

Anarchious pauses and glares at the Vampyr as if he’s crazy. Anarchious regurgitates blood, spits it beside of him, and then breaks out in a frenzy of laughter while the Vampyr look on, amazed at the Mutant’s arrogance.

“Son of a bitch! Hold him down!” the Vampyr furiously screams at the fallen Mutant as he raises the machete above his head, ready to hack at Anarchious’s limbs.

Anarchious feels numb. Most of his senses are shutting down, but he’s still anticipating the pain, so he looks away, closing his eyes, able to smell only the leaking gasoline from the wrecked motorcycles.

Just then, an immense roar echoes from above. Everyone freezes and directs his attention to it. An ominous figure is rapidly descending from the sky towards them. The frightened gang grunts release the weakened Anarchious and retreat from his trampled body as the figure lands at their victim’s head.

The Mutant, realizing that he has been released and that the grunts have stopped their assault, opens his eyes, lifts his head slightly off the gasoline-covered ground, and looks towards the deep violet sky. He sees someone standing over him. Anarchious, realizing who it is, relaxes his head back onto the ground and says aloud, “So cliché!”

It is the Lycan, Ace, and like a bloodthirsty predator, he begins to circle Anarchious’s body, creating a perimeter around it while glaring at the Vampyr grunts. A bold grunt aggressively steps forward, testing the Lycan. Immediately, Ace lets out a violent snarl, and the Vampyr makes a hasty retreat back into the crowd.

“Leave now and there won’t be any more bloodshed!” the Lycan shouts to the Blood Pack members.

“Ha! Empty threats! You’re surrounded, teacup!” a random Vampyr grunt insults the tiny Lycan, who is still bigger than all of these Vampyr by a long shot.

Ace continues to defend the defeated Mutant. “Believe me, you do not want this! If you continue this attack, you will be exterminated like the rats you are!” Ace shouts while breaking into an aggressive four-point fighting stance.

“You and what army?” another Vampyr shouts back.

“This one!” the beaten Anarchious says as he begins to get up from the ground, taking his sweet time.

The Vampyr laugh at the stumbling Mutant as he loses his balance and collapses onto the Lycan’s back. Anarchious then whispers to Ace, “Take cover!”

The Lycan’s eyes grow wide, and he quickly grabs the Mutant as Anarchious shoots the ground with a lightning bolt. A spark travels from the ricochet and lands in a stream of spilled gas from the broken motorcycles. Ace also swiftly grabs Blaine as the spark sets the stream aflame and travels from bike to broken bike, igniting them in a domino effect. As all of the Vampyr scramble to get away from the explosions, Ace escapes, carrying Anarchious over one shoulder and Blaine over the other.

Ace carries them a mile away, deeper into the abandoned industrial side of Drake City. The tiny but strong Lycan brings them to an abandoned junkyard. Ace tosses the passed-out Blaine like a sack of potatoes onto the hood of an old broken-down truck and places the weary Anarchious on his feet. Anarchious stands up, just barely recovered from his exhaustion. He looks over at Blaine’s lifeless body on the hood of the truck and quickly stumbles over, legs shaking. He then grasps his jacket collar and slaps Blaine in the face repeatedly until Blaine regains consciousness.

“I am going to ask this only once! Where is Marie?!” he yells while shaking the woozy Vampyr. Blaine slowly regains consciousness and looks up at him bleary-eyed. “Where is she, Blaine?!” Anarchious shouts.

“Who?” Blaine responds to the infuriated Mutant. Anarchious screams at the Vampyr, who is chuckling at the young Mutant’s threats. “Do not mess with me. I promise you, I’ll have the last fucking laugh!” Anarchious says slapping the Vampyr across the face, and Blaine retaliates by spitting in the Mutant’s bruised face.

Enraged, the Mutant grabs the Vampyr by the throat and begins to strangle him. “Son of a bitch, you will tell me where she is!” the infuriated Mutant grumbles to the Vampyr as he tries to choke the life out of him.

Ace hurries over and attempts to break the Vampyr free of Anarchious’s death grip. “Anarch, if you kill him, you won’t be able to find Marie!” Ace tries to explain to Anarchious as he grabs him, but the Vampyr seems to be losing consciousness.

Blaine begins to black out while Ace tries to pry Blaine from Anarchious’s iron grip. The Lycan, pulling on Anarchious, feels the hair on the back of his wolf-mane stand up and energy run through his body. The energy quickly increases and begins to shock him, so he releases Anarchious. The intrigued Lycan stares at Anarchious strangling the Vampyr. His wounds seem to be healing gradually, his eyes are radiating a violent violet hue, and he looks lost in his rage. Ace is mesmerized by what he is witnessing but quickly snaps out of it, remembering what could happen.

“Anarchious! You’re going to kill him!” the Lycan roars in a mighty voice. Anarchious doesn’t respond. “If you break his neck, you’ll never find your family!” Ace tries to use the enraged Mutant’s emotional tie to convince him to let go, but it seems as though it has made things worse. Anarchious clutches harder and begins to break Blaine’s neck. Hearing the slow pops and cracks of the Vampyr’s neck, Ace has to think quickly.

Ace grabs the earth-colored hair on his own head and screams in frustration, “You’ll never save her! Never! You have failed Marie!” Anarchious immediately releases the near-dead Vampyr and slowly turns towards Ace. As Anarchious focuses his attention on his associate, Blaine slides down the hood of the truck and onto the dusty junk-covered ground, coughing and gasping for air. Anarchious, with glowing eyes, slowly but aggressively makes his way towards the Lycan. Although he is scared, Ace holds his ground and readies himself.

Anarchious seems to be rejuvenated and to have some of his energy back. Ace has no idea what to do; he just does the first thing that comes to mind as soon as the blacked-out Mutant is close enough. Ace grabs his shoulders, and Anarchious’s hands slowly rise towards the Lycan’s neck. Ace looks down at the Mutant and utters, “Killing me won’t find her!” Anarchious continues to move his hands towards the Lycan’s neck but appears to be fighting himself. Ace sees this and continues to try to persuade him. “If we just interrogate him, he will give up what he knows!”

The Mutant grabs the Lycan’s throat; however, he still continues to be internaly conflicted, Anarchious’s eyes begin to become more normal, but he is still gone. “We will find her together. I just need you to pull through whatever this is!” Ace explains to the Mutant as he continues struggling in and out of consciousness, though continuing to choke Ace. The Lycan digs his nails into Anarchious’s shoulders, fearing he will suffer the same fate as Blaine.

“Fight it for Marie!” Ace shouts at the top of his lungs. At that moment, Anarchious snaps out of his episode. He screams at the top of his lungs and drops to his knees, releasing Ace, shaking, not knowing what has come over him. The Lycan bends down in relief and puts his hand on Anarchious’s shoulder to comfort him.

Blaine realizes his situation. Panicked, he tries his damndest to crawl off quietly but gives himself away tripping on some debris. He jumps up quickly and tries to hobble away but is quickly confronted by a recovered, more irate Anarchious.

“How’d you get…right there? You were over there; now you’re…” Blaine babbles in confusion as the Mutant interrupts him.

“Shut the hell up! You will tell me where Marie is!” Anarchious demands while grabbing the Vampyr’s right arm on which the scarf is wrapped. The Vampyr attempts to rip away from him, but the tenacious Mutant trips Blaine up while ripping the scarf from his arm. Anarchious stands over the defeated Blaine dominantly as the Vampyr looks up at him, fearful but stern.

“Where the hell did you get this?!” Anarchious yells at Blaine.

“Do I look like a snitch to you? I’m not telling you shit!” Blaine responds, still holding out on information while trying to crawl away from him. Anarchious advances towards the downed Vampyr. His body begins to surge, with little sparks of electricity pulsing through his clenched fist.

“Anarchious, let him go!” Ace yells from behind the two.

The irate Mutant looks back with a familiar look in his eye and replies, “Not until he tells me where she is!”

“Hello? Are you deaf? I just told you I’m not telling you shit!” the Vampyr says, egging on the Mutant.

“Well, is that so?” Anarchious responds sarcastically. The pissed-off Mutant towers over Blaine. “Well then, I am going to sever each and every limb, slowly, until you do,” Anarchious threatens the Vampyr.

Blaine laughs for a moment and then glares at the young man threatening him. “You really think I am scared…of you?! Ha! There are things out there worse than you, more frightening. Let me say quite frankly, you ain’t shit!” Blaine replies with a smile on his face.

Hearing this sets the Mutant off. He is ready to kill Blaine, but before he can get a hold of him, Ace bear-hugs the out-of-control Mutant and lifts him off his feet. Blaine sees this and makes his getaway.

A surprised Anarchious watches the Vampyr get away and yells to Ace, “What are you doing?! Let me go! Don’t let him get away!”

“Calm down! We don’t need him anymore,” Ace responds to a struggling Anarchious.

“What the hell do you mean we don’t need him?!” the irritated Mutant exclaims.

“Just trust me!” Ace says, struggling to keep his grasp on the aggressive Mutant.

“We don’t have shit without him!” Anarchious yells at the top of his lungs.

“We have the scarf!” Ace responds quickly as Anarchious continues to try to break free from the bear hug.

“It’s a fucking scarf! It’s useless!” the feisty Mutant responds, trying to wiggle his way free.

“I can find her just using that! Just stop flailing and trust me!” Ace replies as Anarchious ceases trying to break free and looks over his shoulder at the Lycan.

The Lycan releases Anarchious and snatches the scarf from him. Ace glares at Anarchious as the Mutant fixes and straightens his attire.

“How much do you know about Lycans?” Ace asks Anarchious while probing his nose into the torn, tattered scarf, smelling it deeply.

“Stop yapping and get to the point, Ace!” Anarchious says to the Lycan, eager and ready to find Marie.

“Did you forget what I told you, or are you just plain stupid? I can track anyone down from miles and miles away using my hyper sense of smell. However, I have to have come in contact with them or something they possessed,” the Lycan explains to the young Mutant.

Anarchious thinks for a moment and grimaces at Ace, then proceeds to speak in a mocking voice, “So you’re telling me you can find her by smelling that piece of cloth!”

Ace replies by grunting, “Yeah,” and continues to smell the scarf deeply.

Anarchious turns in the direction Blaine disappeared and begins to walk in that direction. “No, we need to go find—” And before Anarchious can finish, Ace bolts off in a different direction.

The Mutant turns to watch Ace dart off on all fours towards the busy part of the city. “Not again! Where the hell are you going?!” A confused Anarchious hollers to Ace but receives no response. Soon, Ace disappears around a corner, and the Mutant is all alone. He looks in the direction of junk-filled yard where Blaine disappeared and then looks off into the distance of the bright city of Drake.

Anarchious thinks to himself for a split second. “Damn it!” he mutters out of frustration.

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