Judgment Day

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Chapter Four: Trail not traveled by many

“OK? So you have about three days to get to the top of the highest mountain on this continent?” Ace asks Anarchious as the two continue to march towards the mountains by way of the golden hills.

“Yeah,” the Mutant answers nonchalantly with his eyes on the dirt road surrounded by gold-colored grass.

“Funny, I lose some foot speed and strength when harvest moon ends,” the Lycan says to Anarchious, really just babbling as both continue the path.

The two have already been walking for half a day and are still wondering if they can make the deadline. They know walking to the mountain isn’t that hard. The hard part will be the hike up the mountain. Suddenly, Ace stops in his tracks and looks at the Mutant, who still seems to be bent on making forward progress.

“Didn’t you say you’re supposed to be delivering a message?” the curious Lycan asks as Anarchious stops and cringes at hearing the question.

“Shit!” he yells as he looks back towards Drake City, which he can’t even see in the distance anymore. Anarchious paces back and forth, trying to think of what to do as Ace watches. “I’m going back,” Anarchious says to Ace as he began to take off.

But before the Mutant can start running, Ace stops him and says, “Quick, check your pockets first.”

The Mutant stops and feels around in all his pockets, even his vest pocket. He feels nothing until he checks his underwear. “Wait, whoa! What’s this?”

It’s a white envelope addressed to “Luna” with a smeared lipstick kiss on the back. It’s kind of damp and damaged from his sweat but seems to still be in OK condition. “Must have slipped it in after I passed out. Good looking out, Ace.”

“No problem, Anarch,” Ace replies to the relieved Mutant.

“Anarch?” retorts the Mutant in a surprised tone of voice.

“Yes, figured its way easier to cut your name in half,” the Lycan replies, looking at Anarchious. “What idiot is always going to say your entire first name all the time? That’s like four syllables. Not me!” He begins to walk back towards the mountain.

Anarchious doesn’t reply. He just tucks away the letter in the front of his pants and follows behind the Lycan. He thinks to himself, That name, Anarch. He pictures his mother’s beautiful smile and gleaming gray eyes; she called him that. Abel refers to him as that when he is mad at him. “Anarch!” He hears his brother’s many angry screams, and they make him happy for a moment. A little grin appears on Anarchious’s face as both men continue on their path to the mountain. The Lycan sees this and figures it is the perfect time to spark a conversation.

“So how old are you?” Ace asks the obliviously grinning Mutant. Anarchious doesn’t answer and instead continues to stay in his own world. Ace glares back at him and yells, “Anarch!” At that moment, Anarchious snaps out of his daydream and looks at the Lycan, puzzled. “Asked how old you are, man!” Ace says to Anarchious, smiling.

The Mutant throws his hands behind his head to gaze at the sky and begins to speed walk past the Lycan, seemingly ignoring him. “Eighteen,” Anarchious sighs.

“Cool! We are the same age,” Ace exclaims enthusiastically, but it doesn’t seem to draw more conversation.

The Lycan is determined to talk to Anarchious, whom he still finds extremely mysterious. He knows nothing about this kid except how determined he is and how scary he can get when things aren’t going his way. He has to think quickly before the door closes to actual conversation again, so he just asks the first thing that comes to mind. “Why are your people nearly extinct?” the Lycan blurts out to Anarchious.

“Heh,” Anarchious answers nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders and continuing to walk faster.

Ace is dumbfounded and quickly becomes irate towards Anarchious’s attitude. “What’s wrong with you? You must be bipolar!” he yells at the Mutant, trying to catch up with him again.

Anarchious stops, turns, and looks Ace in the face. “Look, this isn’t some damn walk in the park! I’m not out here for my own leisure and casual conversation. If you don’t like it, you can go back,” Anarchious says to Ace, making it clear he is still focused on his task and is not out to make friends.

“You’re a dick with serious anger issues!” Ace retorts with a huge smile on his face.

“And you are extremely annoying!” Anarchious replies, quickly standing face to face with an irritated Ace staring back.

The two have a staredown for a moment. Then Ace breaks into a huge laugh and begins to walk towards the mountains. The Mutant watches, baffled by this behavior, as Ace continues down the road.

The duo continue their journey to White Lion Mountain, quickly passing through several tiny towns in a day’s time. The duo don’t stop to eat or rest at all until they reach the last town at the foot of the mountains that evening. The tiny town called Small Brook is hidden in the thick of the forest at the foot of a mountain that seems to be hugging the heavens. Most of the mountain seems to be hidden by a thin white haze, but you can see the shadow of the peak beyond it.

“This is gonna suck!” Anarchious exclaims to himself while gazing at the snow-laden mountain along with his companion. “Oh well, let’s get to it,” the fearless Mutant says to himself as he sets out towards the trail separating the town and the mountain.

“Wait!” Ace yells to the Mutant. Anarchious stops and looks back at Ace as the Lycan explains the sudden outburst. “We should definitely get something to eat in that town to prepare ourselves for the hike, Anarch.”

“You’re right, but I don’t know what type of town this is or if they will accept your kind in there…or mine, for that matter,” Anarchious replies.

“Well, check that out,” Ace says as he points to a tiny symbol on the sign next to the name of the town. The symbol is an eight-pointed star and has a gemlike shape in the middle. Anarchious looks closely at the tiny symbol, confused, then looks back at Ace. “This is a town protected by this weird religious group. They are everybody friendly,” Ace explains to the ignorant Mutant.

“‘Everybody friendly’?” Anarchious asks.

“Yeah, they are a peaceful organization that feeds the hungry all over Terra Belle, the world, and I know this because, for the most part, they’ve fed me these last five years,” Ace answers as he begins to walk towards the town’s gates. Anarchious follows.

The two step into the town and immediately notice that it is lifeless. The buildings are old and run down, the streets have been destroyed, and the atmosphere is depressing. The two don’t see a single sign of life until they walk to the farthest side of town, where they find an old barbershop. The barbershop looks as if it’s in better shape than the rest of the town. The place has working lights, and the barbershop sign bears the symbol of the “weird religious group” Ace has just mentioned. They walk up to the door intending to knock, but before they can, they are greeted by an older gentleman who seems to be just human.

“Good evening!” the old man greets the duo, who are still kind of shocked the guy answered without a knock. Anarchious and Ace look at each other without saying a word for a moment. “Come on in, boys. My name is Jeb, but you guys can call me Jay,” the charismatic old man says while pulling the two into the shop.

The inside of the shop is very well organized but dusty, as though the old man hasn’t had any visitors for a long time. Despite this, it is still very warm and cozy on the inside, very homelike. The charismatic old man sits Anarchious and Ace down. He seems very happy to have guests. He offers them both some warm beef stew, and they both accept. The old man leaves the two in the front while he goes to the back. The duo quickly make eye contact with each other. Anarchious jumps up and checks the front door, outwardly frightened. It’s locked and barred shut. He goes back over to Ace and looks him in the eye.

“He’s gonna kill us!” Anarchious whispers, leaning towards Ace.

“No, no, he’s not,” Ace replies to the paranoid Anarchious. “I suspect if he was going to kill us, we’d already be chained to a radiator in a basement somewhere.”

“Yo, he’s way too happy to see us and all the more willing to ‘feed’ us beef soup. I didn’t see any cows on our way here, and if not that, I bet he’s poisoning our soup!” Anarchious continues to whisper irately.

“Clearly he’s just excited ’cause we are his first victims in a long time,” the Lycan sarcastically retorts, laughing at Anarchious’s exaggerated paranoia.

Anarchious reaches over, grabs the Lycan’s collar, pulls him close, and says, “You’d better be right because I will kill him...if I have to.” Ace looks into Anarchious’s coffee-colored eyes and for the first time sees fear. He sees Anarchious struggling to be strong, but he isn’t. What could make such a strong person cower so quickly at someone so unthreatening?

The young Mutant’s eyes are fixed on all the old weapons, which are aged human technology. Firearms of all sorts are scattered in many spots in the shop. Ace notices Anarchious’s eyes darting through the obsolete weapons, but that isn’t all that is bothering the young Mutant. The old man has guns that remind Anarchious of that dreadful day when his life changed forever. It is as if he can’t escape those memories no matter how hard he tries to suppress them.

“Ready for some grub!” Jeb says as he pops out of the back room, jolly as ever. Anarchious still has a hold of Ace’s jacket, staring at the weapons and in his own world. Ace looks at the Mutant, wondering what could have brought him to this. He begins pondering why Anarchious is full of so many surprises, and yet Ace knows very little about him.

“Y’all all right?” the old man asks, interrupting the duo and their extremely awkward situation. Ace pops out of it immediately while Anarchious, nervous, stares blankly yet suspiciously at the old man.

“Yeah, we’re fine…just a little nervous around the rifle collection,” Ace says, pointing out what is bothering Anarchious primarily. The Mutant, hearing this, turns to Ace and raises an eyebrow, slightly astonished that Ace has figured it out.

“Oh, these old things? I got those from my days as a commander in the Rebel Army,” the old man replies, placing the bowls of soup in front of both men.

Anarchious, hearing this, fixes his eyes back on the old man. “The Rebel Army?!” he asks, glaring at the old man.

“Yes sir, but about twenty-something years ago, I quit. I didn’t and still don’t believe in what they’re doing. I was all for protecting our people and continents but not the way we were doing it. Shoot, they’ve gotten so aggressive, I’ve even heard whispers of revolution against them,” the aged man explains as Anarchious lets out a sigh of relief. Even so, he still closely watches the old gentlemen, still not trusting him.

“C’mon now, son, sit down, eat, rest up a bit,” Jeb says to Anarchious with a great big smile on his face.

The Mutant reluctantly sits down and looks over at Ace, whose face is buried in his soup bowl. Anarchious looks down at his but can’t shake the jitters he is getting. He pushes the bowl away and says, “No thanks. Not hungry right now.”

Ace quickly finishes his soup, grabs Anarchious’s bowl and dives in it. Making every obnoxious noise he can, Ace slurps, burps, and belches while enjoying his second helping of soup. In no time, he is finished.

“So, where you boys headed? To the cliffs or the monastery on the other side of the mountain?” the old man asks the duo.

Ace, refreshed, answers, “No sir!”

“So why’d you stop here?” the curious old-timer asks, knowing there isn’t anywhere else to head from this point.

“Well we saw the mark of the Spirit Church or something like that. We figured it would be smart to get food, supplies, and rest before the trip up the mountain,” Ace explains to the old-timer.

“Up the mountain?! Are you young’uns crazy?!” the old man replies to the Lycan. This comment causes both Ace and Anarchious to cast their undivided attention on the old man.

“What do you mean?” Ace asks the old man attentively.

“Well, there’s nothing up there but that monster,” he responds.

“Monster?!” the duo reply simultaneously, cocking their heads back. The Lycan and Mutant look at each other, reading each other’s facial expressions. They don’t believe what the old man is saying for a second.

“Oh yeah, and the ghost of a beautiful woman,” Jeb continues.

The Lycan and the Mutant look back at each other and snicker a little more. Monsters and ghosts? They definitely don’t believe him.

Sensing their disbelief, Jeb gets a little more serious and defends his story. “It’s the truth! All the people from this town, including the church, left years ago when they showed up. That’s why I keep my firearms loaded and ready.”

“Why didn’t you leave?” Ace asks the old man.

“Too old to travel,” he replies.

“Well, have you ever seen this ghost-monster?” Anarchious asks, almost mockingly.

“It’s a monster and a ghost that stays in the cave at the top and sings, very deafening sometime, during the day.…And yes, I’ve seen the monster. He circles the mountaintop, screaming, on some of the clearer nights, and the ghost whistles a tune. Personally, I’ve never seen her. Before everyone left, several young’uns went up there out of curiosity. They all confirmed they spotted her on the mountain path, and they couldn’t touch her at all.”

The young duo still don’t believe the old man. They both laugh hysterically at his story.

“Don’t mean to be rude, sir. It’s just…monsters?” Ace says, trying to explain their amusement in the situation. “I know it’s far-fetched for an outsider to believe, but it’s true,” the old man says, staring Ace in the eyes. Immediately, Ace begins to somewhat believe what the old man has told them.

An awkward silence surrounds the shop for a little while until the young Mutant begins reeling with laughter again and mocks the old man. “Ohhhh, monster! Ha-ha-haaaaaaaaaa! It’s true!” Anarchious laughs for a while until he realizes Ace isn’t laughing with him. The old man and Ace stare at Anarchious sternly so that he will understand the situation is serious, but he fails to notice, and the Mutant continues to think it’s ridiculous.

“Look, you guys can stay tonight. Tomorrow I’ll gather up whatever you may think you need for that hike.” The old man continues ignoring Anarchious’s juvenile behavior.

In the morning, the old man has gathers old coats and hiking picks and gear and gives it all to the duo. They both gear up and ready themselves for the trip, then leave the deserted town to begin the two-day hike up the mountain. Some way up, it begins to get cold. It doesn’t affect the Lycan much. He just decides to give his coat to Anarchious and transform to his Lycan form to use his mass and body fur to keep himself warm.

“Thanks!” Anarchious says to Ace.

The Lycan nods and replies, “You’re welcome!” As they continue walking up the path on the side of the mountain, striding against the winds, Anarchious laughs again. Ace just ignores it and continues to march on. “So what do you think about monster ghost?” Anarchious asks Ace, curious as to what he really thought.

“I don’t know,” Ace replies, not really caring about the question.

“So do you think they’re real?” Anarchious asks, still receiving a nonchalant reply from Ace. “Oh, c’mon, what did you really think about that guy? Crazy or what?” Anarchious continues.

“All I know is it was nice to have a real conversation for once,” Ace replies to Anarchious in a passive-aggressive way. Anarchious scoffs, understanding what the irritated Lycan sarcastically suggests.

They continue up the mountain. The higher they hike, the more brisk the air becomes. A calm but chilly wind picks up and begins to blow snow flurries. The frigid breeze doesn’t really bother the Lycan or Mutant much, but Anarchious is feeling tired and still refuses to slow down. About halfway up the mountain and halfway through the first night, Anarchious collapses and falls unconscious.

The Mutant’s weakened body slumps over and rolls towards the edge of the trail and the long drop over the edge. Ace reacts quickly, grabbing Anarchious’s clothing and lifting him like a mother bear does her cubs. The Lycan knows instinctively what’s wrong. The weather continues to worsen, so he finds a small cave in the mountain to set up camp and wait for the morning.

Ace huddles in front of the fire as the storm rages on, threatening to blow the fire out. He is lonely again. The caves remind him of his family and immediately bring his mood down. He then directs his thoughts to his mysterious partner, who is still in a fatigue-induce coma. The Lycan has never seen someone so angry and stubborn or someone who reminds him of both his father and himself. He notices Anarchious’s subtle body movements. The guy is dreaming and mumbling, but all Ace can smell is fear.

The sun shines brightly, and a beautiful bronze woman holds his hand. It is his mother, with a head full of long, puffy, curly hair, the kindest eyes you could imagine, and the most stunning smile. When the light hits her, it is almost as if she were from the heavens. Her radiance gives her an angel’s halo. Anarchious is happy with her and can’t stop crying tears of joy. He remembers a panic, gunfire, and bloodshed. His mother teleports him to a safe place close by. He is covered in blood, but it isn’t his. Mom is bleeding badly, but she is so strong, it doesn’t faze her. She kisses him on his forehead, and in an instant she is gone. Feeling lost and confused, he follows the sound of Mom and Dad yelling and screaming.

“You up?” the Lycan says to Anarchious, who is coming to. The Mutant looks at Ace, confused, with a tear rolling down his cheek.

“What happened? Where am I?!” he asks the Lycan, who seems worried about Anarchious.

“You passed out last night. I had to bring you to this cave in the mountain till the storm broke,” Ace responds.

“All right, well, let’s get going!” the young Mutant exclaims while jumping up and walking quickly towards the trail.

“No, wait!” Ace tries to stop a tired, weary Anarchious, but it’s too late. Anarchious’s legs buckle. He loses his balance and is headed over the edge of the trail once again. The Lycan, on all fours, almost in a blur rushes over and grips the Mutant with his fangs before he can tumble over the cliff. The Lycan pulls him back and sits him down.

“When was the last time you ate?” Ace asks the Mutant, already knowing the answer for the most part. Anarchious looks at him and begins to think about it. “You haven’t eaten at all since you began searching. Been too worried about your aunt, so you never noticed how hungry you were,” Ace obnoxiously explains for him.

“Oh, so you’re psychic now?” Anarchious responds and begins to notice his giant headache.

“No, I’m Lycan. I can hear everything…like when your stomach growls but you ignore it, dipshit!” Ace replies, taking a plastic bowl from one of his bags, popping the top off, and handing it to Anarchious. It’s some of the soup the old man fixed two nights ago. Anarchious signals no and tries to get up again, but he’s too weak.

“Stop being such a tough guy and eat the damn soup!” Ace snarls at Anarchious, his voice booming off the mountain and echoing. An extremely stubborn Anarchious refuses. This angers Ace, so he goes back to drastic measures. “Fine. You won’t make your deadline, and Marie will die!” the smart-aleck Lycan says to the persistent Mutant.

In a burst of energy, Anarchious hops back up, quickly charges a lightning punch, and swings at the Lycan. Ace avoids it with a simple and very cocky slow sidestep. The Mutant stumbles over and faints, collapsing once again from overexertion.

While Anarchious is passed out, Ace picks up all their equipment, grabs the Mutant, and ties him to his back along with all the other equipment and hoofs it up the mountain. As the morning passes, the sun gets hotter, and the air gets thinner. The Lycan continues to stride up the mountain with the Mutant still limp and lifeless on his back. Ace knows he could just scale the mountain the easy way and it would be effortless, but he can’t run the risk of dropping Anarchious and the supplies.

As nightfall approaches, Ace feels movement on his back. Figuring he will have to force-feed the Mutant, the Lycan calms himself and gets ready to deal with Anarchious’s stubbornness. As soon as Ace mentally prepares himself, he looks back, and before he can open his mouth, he is surprised to see the stubborn Mutant has taken it upon himself to indulge in the soup he had spitefully rejected earlier that day.

The day is quickly coming to an end. The duo are almost at the top of the mountain. Ace is dead tired, and Anarchious, full and rejuvenated, begins to hear something. It is like a light whistling, very elegant, very peaceful. “It’s coming from the top,” he says. “Sounds as if it’s coming from a cave.”

Ace informs his now-alert Mutant counterpart, “OK, let’s get there, then.”

Anarchious is anxious to see for himself, although he already has a pretty good idea what is making the sound. It has to be the person he has journeyed to deliver a message to. He just knows it in his soul. He is only about ten minutes away from freeing Marie.

The anxious duo rushes up the remainder of the trail, passing hardened obstacles with ease. The closer they get to top, the louder the whistling gets. In just minutes, they reach the top of the mountain, both tired and out of breath.

As they get closer, the duo realizes that the whistling has become singing, and it seems to be coming from the cave right in front of them. Anarchious is sure it’s the person he’s supposed to deliver the letter to, so he darts into the depths of the cave as Ace staggers along, drained. Anarchious rushes in past where the moonlight reaches, almost running into a woman.

He comes to a screeching halt, excited to see her. “Hey, hi! I was sent here to deliver you a message!” Anarchious exclaims to the woman. He notices she is glowing. The glow is almost like a halo, though her aura is cold and gloomy.

She turns to the Mutant and looks him in the eye. She is pretty, short, and petite but busty, with hazel-colored eyes that seem to glimmer as the moonlight gleams off of them. Her skin is pale, so the duo assume she is a Vampyr.

Anarchious, excited, reaches in his pants and pulls out the letter, which was now in even worse condition than when he found it the first time. “Here is the letter, Luna, I guess.” The relieved Mutant hands the emotionless woman the letter.

She neither smiles nor shows any care for the letter as she gazes upon it. The woman looks up at Anarchious with Ace standing by and says, “It must be that time of the year again.” As she says this, she slips into the shadowy depths of the cave, losing the cold aura that has surrounded her like a halo.

Confused, the Mutant steps towards the shadows, asking, “What? Wait, what does that mean?” But he receives no answer. He continues to walk forward, trying to spot the woman, but there seems to be no sign of her. He looks back at Ace, who is also puzzled but seems a little more attentive than usual.

“Anarch, be careful. That chick was kind of creepy,” Ace says to the Mutant, worried that something bad is about to happen.

“Hello, just need to know if we can leave now. Luna?” Anarchious says as he continues to look for her in the pitch dark.

“Ahh!” A womanly shriek echoes through the cave.

“Luna?!” Anarchious yells as he runs deeper towards the sound of the screaming.

“Anarch, don’t!” Ace yells, but it’s too late. The Lycan, even with his keen eyesight, loses track of the Mutant’s whereabouts in the darkness. He darts forward, but something stops him. He smells something, something fierce, and the hair on the back of his neck stands at attention.

Deeper in the cave, Anarchious hears little whimpers and cries but can’t see anything. Then he hears something he can’t quite make out. It sounds like cracking and crunching. Anarchious continues to walk forward, trying to make out what those sounds are, until he walks face first into a hard but hairy barrier.

The crackling continues as Anarchious tries to figure out what it is. He blindly grasps upward on this fuzzy barrier, caressing it, contacting two rotund objects extruding from the wall. He cups the burgeoning swells, but they are too plump to fit in his bare hands. They feel cold to the touch and soft. It’s not the mountain, he thinks to himself. It can’t be; it’s too soft. Maybe I can get around it. Anarchious feels a big, warm huff, and it immediately dawns on him what it might be. “Oooooh, shit!” Anarchious yells as he is immediately grabbed by this object, but the Mutant tears himself loose and runs back to the entrance of the cave, tripping and stumbling.

At the entrance, Ace stares into the dark of the cave, hair still erect on the back of his neck and almost frozen almost in fear. He hears Anarchious’s screams and yelps and becomes more afraid, but he stays to be brave and to prove to the Mutant that he isn’t a coward. He hears footsteps getting closer and closer. Someone or something is running towards him, and he readies himself.

Out of the shadows bursts Anarchious with a look of horror in his eyes. “A monster! A monster ate Luna!” Anarchious yells as he scurries toward the frightened Ace. Before Ace can reply, out of the shadows crawls a giant evil-looking creature. It resembles a Vampyr bat but is enormous. It’s roaring and snarling as it chases the terrified Mutant down.

“No, the monster is Luna, Anarch!” shouts Ace as Anarchious tries to avoid the beast, but it’s too late.

The tenacious beast pounces on Anarchious, pinning him to the ground. The animal then proceeds to pummel the Mutant to the point where it literally knocks his mind back to minutes ago when he thought this thing was a furry wall. Then Anarchious realizes something. “Furry giant monster tits!” he blurts out with a giant perverted smile on his swollen face.

The worried Lycan looks at the battered Mutant, confused and wondering what the hell he’s talking about. Even the creature stops battering the Mutant, drawing a blank at his comment. The Mutant, coming out of his forced daydream, looks up at what is allegedly Luna and gets a glimpse of an upshot of her giant, full, furry breasts. He couldn’t help staring at them.

Anarchious then realizes the predicament he is in, and his instincts take over. Simultaneously, the beast sees what the Mutant is gawking at. It angers her, so she proceeds to grab his head and tries to squash it like a grape. Anarchious, thinking quickly as the monster tries to squish his head with her giant batlike claws, lightning-blasts her with everything he has.

The cave erupts and seems to shake the entire mountain. It knocks Ace on his knees and nearly blows him out of the cavern, but he digs his claws into the groves of the cave’s rough surface and hangs on. There is a rumbling outside, which seems to be simultaneously occurring with the shaking of the mountain. The blast is so spectacular, it causes an avalanche on the east end of the mountain.

Meanwhile, inside the cave, which surprisingly hasn’t collapsed or taken much damage, the smoke is clearing. Ace anxiously tries to make out what happened in the blast. In one flap of its wings, the beast blows away the rest of the settling smoke. Anarchious is still pinned under Luna, who has suffered hardly any damage and struggles to get free.

“Yo, are you going to just sit there, or are you going to help a brother out?!” the angry Mutant yells desperately at the Lycan. Ace hesitates for a moment as the bat beast victoriously snarls at the top of her lungs, exerting her dominance.

Ace thinks to himself intensely. He hates violence and fighting and doesn’t want to do it, but he remembers Anarchious’s words to him a few days ago. “Look, in this world sometimes you have to fight when you don’t want to, and other times you shouldn’t fight when you want to.” The Lycan musters up all the confidence he can, and in a fearless burst of power and speed, he tries to spear the creature off of Anarchious’s crushed body.

Ace smashes into her shoulder first but is repelled backwards before he even touches her. For a moment, he sits back, surprised, and admires his courage. He never knew he had that type of power or force in him or, most importantly, such bravery.

“Hello?” Anarchious yells impatiently, waiting for the Lycan’s assist as the beast chuckles at the Ace’s attempt.

Back to action, Ace thinks to himself. Something has prevented him from making any type of contact with the bat beast. It’s like an invisible barrier. “Anarch! There’s a barrier preventing me!” Ace informs the Mutant as he continues to try to defend himself from the attempts to end his life.

“No duh! Figure something out!” the Mutant responds as he drops his guard. The bat’s onslaught continues. She throws Anarchious up against a cave wall and pummels him some more.

Ace tries to tackle her again, but his attempts are feeble. Every time he fails at striking her, his newly gained confidence begins to crumble more, becoming fear.

“Dude…kill the bitch…before she… kills me!” Anarchious says as he begins to feel his consciousness slip away while the beast continuously slams him on the cold, hard ground.

Ace, feeling hopeless, terrified, and infected with cowardice decides to flee from the cave, leaving Anarchious to fend for himself. The last thing the battered Mutant sees is Ace fleeing into a bright white light out of the cavern before he starts to black out. He knows he is done for. He is weak, numb, and mentally broken at this point. Death, he thinks to himself. It would be so easy. He is going in and out of consciousness as the beating from the bat creature with the huge breasts continues. Death…he’s beginning to accept it. It feels right as his lights are seemingly punched out for the last time…

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