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The Game of The Underworld: (slow updates) Aurora Rosewood your typical detective with a sinful twist. Aurora is known to be "brutal" or rude towards people she dislikes, which sooner or later resulted on her being dragged down to the underworld for a sinful and fearful game with other sins and the master with a somewhat spilt personality. Will she be able to survive all the different types of worlds in the underworld with somewhat idiots and escape or will she fall into the clutches of the master? Might be a series might be a story idk don't ask :)

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1: The start of the game

How's your case going detective Arami?" He asked Arami in a serious tone.

He always has a serious tone... He has never been soft on anyone here he's a mean person but deep down I know that he was hurting on the inside. I never say anything to him directly, well I don't say anything at all about him.

"What are you staring at Aurora?!" He angrily raises his voice at me as he catches my stare from the other side of the room.

"I'm staring at how rude you're treating Amari right now Scott." I calmly state my problem as I walk up to him and my best friend.

I watch as his eyes roam all over my body as he takes in my posture when I stop right in front of him. I'm known for not holding back on people I don't like so it is a surprise that I didn't tell him off from Amari. I notice how the whole cafeteria quiets down as I have a staredown with my boss.

"And before you ask, yes I do have news on the case you gave me so hold your anger issues to yourself." I roll my eyes as he opens his mouth but I beat him to it.

"Then enlighten me Ms. Rosewood if you're so far ahead of the case." He challenges me in a threatening voice. His posture falling into a smug one probably thinking he's already won this challenge.

Smirking I opened up the file that I brought with me. 'You got this Aurora.' I try to hype myself up as this did take me a full 12 hours to come up with a couple of leads. "So Mr. Rainstone what I got for you is the following; one is that I don't think that it was suicides seen that ironically that all their letters included the following words..." I trail off just to make sure that he is on the same page as me.

"Go on Aurora." He goes to sit down so I follow him.

"Okay, so their notes included, and I quote 'the world and people don't deserve me' or in the two boys cases 'us'. Secondly, all of them died relatively at the same time at the same university. I believe- sorry know that we have a killer on our hands." I finish off the last point by sliding the file to his side of the table.

I really don't adore the look he's giving me as I slid the file to his side and at this moment I know I'm gonna be hit with some sort of deadline...

15 minutes later.

I groaned as i made my walk back to my office area. 'I can't believe i have TWO FUCKING WEEKS TO FIND THIS KILLER!' I mentally go off at myself and my stupid boss. I really only have 14 days huh- As i approach my desk i notice a game that I've never seen before.

As i sit down and move my cursor onto the male character his voice echos softly through my office. "I can help you solve the case." His deep voice says as the game character takes a folded arms position.

Struggling to find the exit button i sigh and give up. 'What's the worst that can happen anyway? A virus?' I question myself and without hesitation, i press the play button to only be met with a portal opening up under my feet.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" I violently yell and try to position myself to try and land on what's awaiting me below.

Finally landing and by that, i mean landing on my back on what feels like hard foam i hear gasps and muttering.

"Another one?" An arrogant male says and by the sounds of it, he rolled his eyes.

"Can you shut the hell up! I'm trying to fucking sleep." Another person groans in irritation.

Opening my eyes i'm met with five faces, one particularly staring at me with hatred. I mean she is good looking and it seems like she has laid her claim on a redhead.

Rolling my eyes i stand up in the circle of strangers and angrily raise my voice at them. "Do you mind getting the fuck out of my face?!"

I'm met with a few eye rolls a glare and then the laughter of the redhead and a few words of amusement. "You seem like a little bitch huh." the redhead continues laughing as his little arm clutch glares at me harder than before.

"How about you stop laughing like a psychopath and get your little bracelets jealousy in control." I slightly force out while glaring back at the woman.

"Can you guys quiet down already i'm trying to sleep" A voice groans from behind me.

"Jesus Christ how the fuck do you sleep standing up!?" I yell recovering from being scared shitless.

After a few minutes of everyone staring at me, they moved away while i on the other hand moved to a corner to take everyone in and maybe figure out what they do. First, i glanced at the redhead and by the looks of it, he seems very closed off even when he's talking he's putting up an act. Narrowing my eyes i take in his scar on his cheek and every other detail there is to take in on him. After taking him in more i settled on him being the psychopath and that i need to be careful around him but i can still put some of my trust in him, next my eyes settled on the arrogant one, he seems to be doing the same taking everyone in, everything about him seems fine and he might be the one i might put all my trust into. He's definitely a detective of some sort and seems smart.

Rubbing my forehead i move my eyes to the guy who stands up sleeping apparently. Judging by his posture he seems to be the lazy one of the group but he also seems secretive. I'll focus on him later... Lust- damn i'm really calling everyone sins huh? I take her in she's pretty and all but she seems dumber than anything and will pretty much be her own lusty death.

A high pitch scream catches my attention, i quickly move my attention to the girl that screams, and ironically "lazy" is first to her aid.

"Are you okay? And do you always have to scream?" He asks grazing his eyes over her to make sure she isn't hurt.

"There's a rat-" She sighs and apologizes to him about screaming all the time under her voice.

Paranoid is how i identify her she's always on edge, might be no help at all i'll leave her to lazy he can handle her... Next stop the last person who's just staring at everyone's pockets. Greed i'm gonna call him greed. He also seems to be the quiet one of them all.


"Doing what i'm doing huh." Arrogant walks up to me as he asks wait no states folding his arms.

"Pft seems like you also have a little detective in you huh arrogant?" I bite out softly. "Not as useless as i thought you are" I continue smirking darkly as i shoot him a look.

He chuckles darkly. "Am i that easy to figure out? Brutal."

Before i could make a sarcastic comment a loud bell rings twice signaling a win?

"Would you look at that the groups two clever people figured out the first challenge." The guy on the screen chuckles.

My mouth falls open that's the guy on the loading screen that said he would help me-. Shaking off the sudden shock i regain my posture and look at what i assume is the game host. At this point, i wouldn't even be shocked if he killed us all right now. Sighing i give my full attention to him.

"You- Well those two solved the first challenge." He said nodding right at me and Arrogant, crossing his arms and smirking at me.

"This room was a challenge!?" Paranoia screamed in fear as she gripped her hair mumbling about how she is gonna die

"Well yes, Paranoia everything here is a challenge but don't worry i won't kill any of you just yet." He chuckles darkly at her. I pick up on his voice changing tones so something is definitely up with him.

Stepping forward i ask the questions everyone is afraid to ask. "Who are you and what am i and strangers doing here anyway?" I rake my eyes over him and watch his posture change from joking to serious.

"Well Brutal." He forces out my 'name' looking me dead in the eyes before he continues. "You and these other 'sins' are here to play a game and for your information, i'm the host or aka Master." He challenges me with a look waiting for me to say a thing.

As the challenge lies in the air i let out a light chuckle before i accept it. "Funny of you thinking i'll let that challenge go 'Master'." I laugh louder as he rolls his eyes.

"Enough." He growls out which forces me to stop laughing before he continues. "I will briefly explain what's gonna happen here, GOT IT?" He forcefully asks shooting glares at Lust and Psychopathic which in result makes Lust take five steps away from her 'lover'.

After a couple of minutes of silence, Lazy opens his mouth. "The stage is all yours." He nods towards the host for him to start on the 'rules'.

Taking a deep breath Master starts explaining the 'rules'. "So this is how it's gonna work; I will give you all tips at the start of each challenge aka at the start of every new world, and before you ask there is seven worlds in total this is just the lobby." He glares at Arrogant answering an unasked question.

"Okay now, how do we get out of the game?" Psychopathic asks the host, rolling his eyes and crossing his arms

Making eye contact with psychopathic before redirecting his eyes back to me he further explains. "The only way well ways to get out is to either finish the game or to sacrifice yourself or one of the others." He states as if he's talking to me.

Rolling my eyes i ask what's on my mind. "What do you mean 'worlds'? Are we in some type of alternative universe or something?" I make direct eye contact with the host.

Seeming quite satisfied he smirks at me as he changes his posture in excitement? Before he answers my question. "You're correct in a way... You guys are indeed in another place but this is the underworld." He folds his arms as he takes the other's faces in.

"I'm not on earth?!" Paranoid screams in agony as fear crosses her eyes.

"What did you expect? And how did you not notice it young one?" Master asks in amusement.

"Hold up no need to be rude to her 'Master'." Lusts catty voice squeaks from behind Paranoid.

"I'm not rude i'm just irritated at how much time you guys are wasting here.." He trails off making eye contact with Lazy, and it seemed like he recognized him.

Keeping in mind that he recognized Lazy i just change my position taking everyone and their attitudes in, and it doesn't surprise me with how unmotivated they seem besides arrogant he seems ready for this. Hmm, suspicious...

"Great now that it seems no one has more questions i'll now teleport you to the first world." He smiles clasping his hands together.

He says a little chant and then for my second time i'm met with falling and just white around me for gods know how long... Maybe he lied maybe it's just endless falling until i'm met with my death or maybe he spoke the truth, who knows...

1994 words without this author's note so proud of myself. Anyways please enjoy the very first chapter although im not very confident in this, i do hope that it'll gain some recognition. I didn't dive in on the characters appearances right away because they take up a lot of time and i don't plan on it just because i like to leave it up to the readers to face claim my characters. Anyways enjoy

~Miss author~
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