The Game of The Underworld (slow updates)

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Chapter 2: The Kingdoms Court

The fall continues when will this end? Am I really falling to my death or will I continue falling until I die of something else? The train of thoughts keeps going my mind wandering far about if I'm going to another world or if someone or something will come to scoop me out of this abyss but that soon ended when I made an impact with a floor.

"God damn it.." I groan as I try to regain the air that was knocked out of me.

"You need to learn to land like a cat Buttercup-" Psychopathic laughs as his face comes into my view.

Groaning I sit upright. Ignoring his laughter I take in the place we've been teleported to, it's clean like very clean everything is in place. The walls are a dark hellish red with a hint of black in it, the floor is decked out in a dark oak flooring. Walking up to the decor the occurring color of gold shines through everything was perfectly in place like no one lived here but then again there are signs of people being here from the glass with some whiskey to the noticeable footprint on the rug.

"Where do you think we are Bru-" Arrogant started but I cut him off "My name is Aurora, stop calling me that." I growl out glaring at him.

"Okay, then Aurora. Where do you think we are then? Since i already saw the gears working in your head why don't you give a guess then." He rolls his eyes pressing out my name thinking it will probably provoke me or something.

"Well Steve-" I start using a random name but i got cut off by him frowning and talking. "My name is Maqil." He corrects me folding his arms.

"Anyways as i was saying Maqil. I believe we're in some fancy-ass house or castle as if it isn't obvious anyways but yeah." I fiddle with my hands and pull my mouth into a thin line taking more of the place in.

Nodding he moves away and goes to take a look at all the other stuff while i stand in one place lost in my own thoughts.

Finally moving away from the spot i walk over to a door and as i do that i feel a pair of eyes following me, steadily i turn around to make eye contact with greed. Rolling my eyes i turn back around and open the door which leads into a hallway and just as i was about to enter it the host's voice echos through the room.

"Ah would you look at this no one has spoken or try to find clues?" He chuckles knowing i can't see him makes me anxious.

"You're quite late to the party." psychopathic chimes in with an attitude.

Laughing Master started talking his voice echoing through the house. "I've been here the whole time, i was just watching if someone was going to look for an escape." His voice shifts from laughing to serious mid-way.

At this point, i knew he was watching us and i wasn't surprised anyways. Sighing i cross my arms darting my eyes around before is step forward and voicing my mind. "Well, i'm gonna second guess that you're either here to give us clues, ask if someone is willing to sacrifice themselves, or just kill us." I blurt out not holding back the amusement as the two females gasp from behind me, most probably shitting themselves not that i could give two fucks anyways.

The wait was cut short as Lazy's voice raises from behind me. "Could you just like not to say that or be so forward about things right now?" He groans at the end most probably running his hand over his face.

Anger rises within me as i turn around charging at him. "Listen here you piece of shit i'm not gonna beat shit around the bush for little miss paranoia and lusty slutty." I growl in his face harshly pushing him against the door.

A chuckle followed by Master's voice echos again. "Ah there's the brutal side Brutal or should i say Aurora." Master continues chuckling before continues. "Now as much as i'd like for you to kill Lazy over there it's still the first world and i don't see a use to kill or have someone die right now." He turns serious which is enough for me to understand that i should back off

Stepping away from Lazy i glare at everyone distancing myself from them. "Like i said i'm not gonna beat shit around the bush and if the weak bitches can't stand it they can kindly fuck off." I mumble out sending a hard glare towards both of them.

Psychopathic jumps to Lust's aid as he directs his anger towards me. "Why can't you just take in mind that they are still fresh and scared?!" His voice raises at me as he takes menacing steps towards me.

"How about i start on the run-through of this world so you guys can either work together or split up?" Master asks as the sound of hands clasping together echos through the room.

Rolling my eyes i fold my arms and glance at greed who is still staring at me but this time with a smile. Shuddering at the look i focus my eyes on the bookshelf waiting for Master to start on his 'speech'

"Now that you guys calmed down i can start on what's going to happen." He starts taking a breath and probably making sure our attention is on his voice. " This is The Kingdoms Court. Now, this world is about surviving the king's challenges, and here are your clues" He continues probably smirking. Rolling my eyes and knowing he can see us i signal for him to go on. "Eager to play the game huh?" He chuckles which results in my shaking my head getting slightly irritated by his voice. "So here are your clues, you are located in the west wing library right now and outside the door on the left it expands to the rest of the wings second floor but the door going out the west wing is locked and in front of it is a guard." He takes a breath before continuing. "This is where your first clue well it's not much of a clue all you have to do on this floor is find a Scroll of truth, Sword, and The cup of life for him and after you found it you hand it to them, after handing it to him he'll unlock the door lead you to another and final challenge of this world and that's the court. Once you arrive at the court the king will ask you questions about your 'journey' to him. That's all i'm saying so enjoy the challenge kids." He chuckles before a beep goes off signaling his department.

Sighing i start my search on the item i want to search The Sword. The first logical move is finding the place the sword is or may be hidden. Glancing around i search the bookshelf high and low in hopes of finding a map or maybe a book which opens a secret door, running my hands over the clean books my eyes catch an old book with papers sticking out. Picking the book up i start picking out the loose papers, grinning i pull out a map of the wing we're in. I open up the paper but was interrupted by mister psychotics voice.

"What did you find here, Aurora?" He peeks his head over my shoulder curiosity lacing his voice.

I sigh trying to contain the irritation bubbling inside of me before answering. "I found a map of where we are in hopes of having an idea of where i can find the item i'm after." I growl out softly keeping my eyes on the open map.

"Well that's great we all can work as a team." He laughs also glancing at the map.

Laughing i shake my head. "Actually you guys figure this out on your own, i'm gonna do this round on my own." I say coldly and follow the path with my eyes to what seems like a collection room.

Before anyone can say anything i move out of the library bar room and move fast to the collection room. I obviously know that there's gonna be something on my path on the way there so i have to keep my eyes open and focus on everything. As i took the left turn i come in contact with a feral looking animal thing, sighing i took a fighting and defensive stance.

"Well, would you look at that..." The animal thing laughs out before continuing. "One of today's contestants decided to break off from the group knowing full well that there's gonna be something on her way soon." It growls slowly moving towards me.

Keeping the stance i glare at it. "Did you just assume i'm a weakling?" I growl out while predicting his movements.

Laughing it charges at me as i directly move in full defense mode taking and blocking a few of his hits, growling at my fast movements blocking him he backs off now absorbing my movements. Smiling, i make it seem like i'm not attacking but little does he know i already have a surprise on the way. Right, when he adverts his eyes from me i charge at him cutting my arm through the air-punching him right in his face. Obviously surprised by my attack he staggers which leads me to land a few more hits.

Pinning him to the ground i laugh. "You see i'm a master at not giving away about what im gonna do, so you just lost to a human being." I growl and with one last hit i knock him out.

Taking deep breaths i move on hoping that i don't run into another thing i have to fight. Taking a few more turns i stand right in front of the room, cupping my ear i lean softly against the door trying to listen for anything. Hearing nothing i take a deep breath bracing myself in case there is something. Kicking open the door i move my eyes fast around the room, noticing nothing i step in and directly move around trying to locate the sword. I knew this wasn't gonna be easy to find it so i started to rummage through everything still glancing around to make sure i don't get jumped.

"Come on. Where is it?" I growl softly searching through multiple boxes in the collection room.

Almost giving up i find it at the bottom of an armor pile, sighing i grab it, and right as i was about to head out of the door i come in contact with Maqil holding the cup.

"Well, would you look at that miss Aurora found the sword." He laughs and looks at it in my hands.

Rolling my eyes i take in the sword that lays softly in my hands. "Well duh, i went for it because for all i know the others wouldn't hesitate to kill someone with it."

Before he could answer the rest of the "team" shows up behind him.

"Okay, so we found the scroll. Do you guys have the sword and cup?" Mr oh so psychopathic chimes in, holding up the cup.

"Well, no shit sherlock, i just fount the sword and Maqil here found the cup god knows when." I rolled my eyes glancing at the sword.

A sigh echos through the room. "Dan my name is Dan." Psychopathic says in a dull voice.

"Guys, where is the blonde girl and that brown-haired dude?" The paranoid girl questioned from the door, picking at the hem of her sweater.

Me, Dan, and Maqil glanced around, silently confirming them missing. As if on que a scream and a tud softly echos through the walls resulting in me groaning and dashing towards the noise.

'For freaking hell's sakes i can't with these stupid ass idiots.' I thought to myself, still clinging to the sword that weighed me down slightly i continued my way to hopefully the missing pair.

Turning the corner i run into the brown-haired boy also nicknamed "Lazy". Pausing on my feet i turned to him, with menacing energy i demanded a answer. "What did you do to the blonde?"

He glanced to the floor mumbling softly. "Nothing she slipped and fell in the bathroom and i don't know what to do."

Groaning i make a b-line for the bathroom. 'God dammit Aurora why do you get involved with shit like this' I mentally cursed myself for having a hidden good heart. Bursting through the door my eyes directly laid on the unconscious girl, she seemed fine at least her head didn't split open or something.

Moving to her side i started bracing her neck and laying her head on a towel for incase she hurt her neck. "Is she okay!? What happened!?" Dan came in rushing to her side and holding her hand like he's her husband.

Mentally rolling my eyes i glare at him for invading the space. "If you gave me time i could've told you what in five fucks is wrong with this stupid blonde and what may have happened here." I lowly growl out, while continuing my search on her to make sure she didn't break anything.

Dan then proceeded to pace around seeming stressed, but something is bothering me like a gut feeling telling me that something isn't right. Luckily for me the person that has most of my trust walks in Greed, Paranoia, and Lazy following behind him.

"So doctor Aurora, hows miss Lust doin'?" Greed mocks me as he moves from behind Maqil.

Earning a solid glare from me and a suspicious glance from Maqil i proceeded to answer with no emotion. "She's fine for the most, the only thing she has besides a serious case of jealousy is a motherfucker of a bruise and maybe a sore neck."

"Well then seems like she isn't dead, YET." He chuckles and bothers his shirts cuffs.

I ignored that comment from him and proceeded to do my own thing in hopes of finding the reason the blonde is laying unconscious on the floor.

Morning, Noon, Goodnight! Hope yall enjoy this! This is only the second chapter after all and just a fore warning I'm a slow updater so please be patiend 🤧

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