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Chapter 3: What a pleasant surprise-

Moving away from everyone i proceeded to try to find the reason the blonde 'slipped'. Taking a quick glance at the area around her i didn't notice anything, but i knew better that just taking a simple glance wouldn't calm my raging intuition.

"Looking for anything?" The tall brunette peeked over my shoulder in curiosity.

Turning to look at him i sighed and took another glance at the floor. "Just hoping i could finfd the reason she slipped" I mumble out while picking at my fingers.

"Oh, yeah i get it." He smiled sheepishly rubbing the crook of his neck.

Smiling back at him i turned around to proceed in a more throughout search under the cabinets and stuff. It took a while before i found the culprit that made the blonde slip. 'Soap?' I asked myself picking it up with two fingers giving it a throughout examination, through which I noticed two indents of finger prints. 'This is gonna be a fun run.' I grinned for myself, placing the soap back under the counter I stood up moving away from the counter.

"Found anything?" Maqil asks as I take a seat next to him on the floor.

"Maybe, maybe not." I let a grin spread on my face, moving my arms behind my head for a comfy support.

Maqil shook his head and closed his eyes, moving my attention away from him I took a glance around the little bathroom that somehow held seven adults. My eyes caught a certain man openly staring at me from the corner, closing my eyes I bit out "What the hell are you staring at Greedy?"

The bathroom proceeded to quiet down before said mans laughter rang through the space. "What am I not allowed to check you out?" He crossed his arms leaning against the wall.

Letting out a low groan I stood up and menacingly moved towards him. "Last time I checked it's disrespectful and perverted to check out a lady. Did your mother not teach you that Greedy boy?" I bit at him standing a foot away from him.

He rolled his eyes and stood up straight leaning in trying to match my menacing energy. "No but If I remember correctly the only thing that bitch taught me before walking out is that my name is Tyke."

"Damn that's sad Tyke who would've guessed the mommy boy looking one heres mom ditched his ass?" Lazy responded before I could. "And before you call me 'Lazy' my names Michael, nice to meet you." He grinned placing his hand on my shoulder.

Looking over to Tyke I noticed his face glowed a red from anger. "Hey calm down there Tyke no need to get angry." Dan chuckled placing a hand on Tykes head.

Before anyone could say anything Maqil bit from behind us. "Before anyone of you make a childish remark or start a fight how about Tyke, Dan, Michael, and scaredy-cat there go take a walk in the hall while me and Aurora here have a conversation." He ordered and all of them nodded and moved out the bathroom.

Moving away from the door i sit against the wall, i closed my eyes and took deep breaths to calm me down. Once i was sure that my anger was in control i opened my eyes, quickly glanced at Maqil and moved my eyes to the unconscious blonde who's been out for god knows how long. 'Damn that's a nasty bruise that's forming' I cringed inwards as i looked at the dark purple bruise that's still forming openly on her head. Sighing i stood up and walked over to where i hid the soap and pulled it out.

"Is that the 'evidence' you found or are you just feeling dirty?" Maqil asked as he peeked over my shoulder.

Glancing at him from the corner of my eye i playfully bite out "Why don't you pick one?" Turning to face him i raised my hand holding the soap.

"Notice anything special about this soap?" I ask teasingly as i dangled the soap infront of him.

"Hmm,let's see maybe the two noticable finger indents that isn't yours?" He playfully guessed as he moved closer to the soap bar.

I let out a humm of acknowledgement and moved around to sit across from him.

"Well yeah but now to figure out who's it is..." I trailed off absentmindedly running my fingers around the edge of the soap.

Maqil chuckled. "Well i can think of a way to get some fingerprints, but you might not like it." He placed his arms behind his head giving me a closed eyed smile.

Groaning internally i asked the question i feared the most. "Flirt with them?" I choked out.

"Well, yeah." He furrowed his brows before continuing. "Thats the only possible way without being suspicious about it or asking" His tones changed drom playful to serious.

Sighing i nodded accepting the role i knew i had to play at some point in ny detective life. "Fine i guess i don't have another option."

Before either of us could say anything a small groan was heard from the blonde. 'Well would you look at that damsel in distress is awakening' I bit out in my brain.

A few minutes later she was fully awoken and everyone was in the room. Once again Dan was right ontop of her making sure she's doing good and stuff, but i saw right through it. I'm hoping that Maqil picks up how fake his tone is towards her and how Dan has to conceal the cringe whenever she speaks.

Shaking my head i moved out the bathroom and into the hallway, where i sit down on the floor. Sighing i lay back my head. 'I'm feeling overwhelmed again this isn't good.' I internally spoke to myself.

The bathroom door creaked open as the person revealed themself it was none other than Tyke himself.

Groaning internally i smilled at him. "How can i help you, Tyke?" I asked weakly.

Laughing he took a seat next to me. "Well i wanna apologize for what i did in the bathroom and disrespecting you like that." He lowered his head probably in embarrassment.

I knew i could this to get his finger prints so i smiled weakly and said. "Well it's okay i have to apologize for trying to challenge you." I looked down taking caution as to what im doing.

'Come on Aurora all you have to do is get a fingerprint of him on your bracelet or ring' I encouraged myself before making the next move.

"Also I'm sorry about your mom packing up and leaving you" I said sincerely as i turned to him and took his hands in mine praying to some god that i collected a fingerprint or two from him.

He let out a sigh and lowered his head. "Thank you but please don't pitty me, i hate it." He lets out a shaky breath and looks at my from under his lashes.

Nodding i do the thing i despise the most, i give him a hug. "I'll be sure not to in the future." I give him a small smile.

Out of the corner of my eyes i catch a certain dark brown haired man looking at me from the bathroom. As the dirty blonde haired boy stand up and move back into the bathroom i shoot a grin and a wink at Maqil.

He lets out a small snort. "Didn't know little miss coldhearted here is sentimental." He says humorously resulting in a small gag sound and laugh coming from me.

"Please i hope my attempt to cover the pained look in my eyes worked." I sighed and lifted up my hand to see if i collected anything.

Much to my surprise i collected one, grinning i use my sleeve to slide off the ring. I pulled out tape and teared off a piece to lift the print from my ring.

"Well that's one out of five." I groaned placing the piece of tape in the bag with the soap.

"In my opinion you collected one very fast, well done." He pats my back the look of admiration visible on his face.

"Well thank you kind sir." I stand up and bow dramatically.

He laughs and stands up to move into the bathroom. "I'm gonna go check up on the bruised princess you work on collecting the prints."

I nodded and proceeded to head off to a dining area decorated in a teal blue and sea green. Sighing i busied myself by trying to find more clues for our pop quiz that's yet to come.

Finding little i gave up and moved to sit on a chair, i rested my head on my arms as i tried to recall what happened in the lobby area we all first met in.

I scouted my brain for anything strange when i settled on the fact that the game masters voice changed tones, it's almost like it's two different people fighting for control over the body. Sighing i give up on trying to solve that, just as my next victim walks.

I lift my head to look at the raven haired girl. "Well hi there little miss paranoia." I grin at the fact that she jumped at the sound of my voice.

"O-oh hi Aurora, i was actually looking for y-you." She stutters while avoiding eye contact with me.

Giving a small smile i sit up straight and look at her. "First of all before i help you what's your name?" I ask picking at the bracelet.

"Oh, m-my name is Marise." She gave a shy smile that made me feel slightly uncomfortable but i brushed it off.

"That's a nice name. I like it." I say resting my head on my hand.

"So with what can i help with?" I ask noticing that she's admiring the glassware on the table touching it.

'Bingo'i thought to myself as i try to conceal a growing smirk.

"Oh actually, uhm." She trailed off moving closer to me eyeing both me and the stuff on the table.

Brushing off my ever growing intuition i wait for her to go on. I realized almost too late what she was planning.

"I actually wanted to show you what a thirty minute knockout feels like." She grinned menacingly and she graps the little statue thing on the table and swings at me.

Widening my eyes i dodge at the last second feeling the gush of wind blowing infront of my face.

'God dammit with that force she swinged with she could've killed me instead of knocking me out.' I growled as i move swiftly off of the chair.

Taking a low defensive stance i try to communicate with her. "Marise what are you doing?" I growl out while dodging another viscous swing.

"Oh nothing i think? Maybe just trying to stop you from ruining my plan!" She growled out taking a break from swinging at me.

I let out a laugh throwing my head up. "So you're the one who tried to kill Rachel?" I ask still maintaining distance.

"She's in the way and the sooner we can end this the better, isn't it?" She asks circling me like a vulture waiting to jump out at me at any moment.

Just as i was about to answer her she jumps at me successfully knocking me over. Fighting against her i try to keep her hands clutching the statue away from me.

Much to my dismay a certian red head popped in, his face changed from curious to panic fast as he rum towards me and the black head.

"Hey stop it!" He yelled but was seconds to late as she successfully dropped the statue on my head resulting in me being knocked out.

I don't know people this one feels a little short, might be my imagination.
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