My Forever... Truly? (BK3)

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Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Father wolf was as fast or faster than Wolf. So, they made it quickly to the clearing, only to stop just inside the tree line. Once there, they heard voices

“I’m telling you. It was a half-shifted wolf!” One guy shouted.

Wolf recognized the voice as that of the rogue who got away. His lip curled in a silent growl at the recognition.

“And I’m telling you, there is no way for a wolf to only half shift!” Another man snarled back.

Wolf snarled too as he stepped into the clearing as if to say, ‘yes, there is, and I’m proof of it.’ Father wolf moved up with him.

Three men stood there. A bald man, arms crossed over his chest and an annoyed look on his face. A red-haired man with a smirk on his face. The dark-haired man from earlier with an angry scowl on his face. All three turned toward him and father wolf simultaneously.

The dark-haired man pointed. “See, that’s him. I told you I’d seen a half-shifted freak!”

Wolf growled loudly at being called a freak. He wasn’t a freak. He was the sixth-generation enforcer who was going to remove their heads from their bodies.

Father wolf gave him a warning growl, wanting Wolf to calm down. The Red Paw Pack didn’t believe in killing rogues just to kill them; they were always given a choice to leave peacefully first. Although this group had harmed one of their own, there were only two choices: go or die.

Father wolf shifted to his human form. “You’re trespassing on Red Paw pack land. You need to leave.”

The bald man stepped forward with a nod. “Oh, we’ll be leaving, but we’ll be taking the freak there with us.”

“He isn’t a freak, and you won’t be taking anyone anywhere,” Eric growled out. Ryker’s form may be different, but no one calls his son a freak.

The rogues all laughed, and the bald one said, “Your part of a wolf pack and packs don’t like those who are different. That’s why they kick wolves like us…” He pointed to himself and the other, “…out. So, tell me, why would your pack even want a freak of nature like him?”

Wolf growled and went to step forward.

Eric put his hand on his chest to stop him, and from the corner of his eye, he saw Wolf look down at him as he shook in anger. Eric saw red as he snarled, “I told you not to call him that! He is my son, and he’s three times the wolf, or man, you could ever hope to be!”

Unable to control his anger anymore, Eric shifted. He lunged for the bald rogue who dared to call his son a freak. The man then shifted along with the two who were with him. It all broke loose then as four more rogues came from the woods behind those three. From behind Eric and Ryder, the loud howl of an Alpha split the air as he and six of his best enforcers broke through the tree line.

The fight continued until all the rogues were dead… all except the one hiding in the tree line watching the battle. No one saw him, though, so he slunk off, unnoticed in all the chaos.

Alpha Pete shifted and growled out. “Someone want to tell me exactly what was going on…?”

The Alpha stopped speaking when Wolf stepped forward and whined. Wolf didn’t want to talk right now. They could talk all they wanted after he’d had a chance to check on his sweet omega.

Alpha Pete growled at the unknown wolf now standing in front of him.

Wolf tilted his head with a whine, showing his submission to his Alpha.

Alpha Pete turned his gaze to his head enforcer. “Eric, shift and explain… this…” he waved his hand toward Wolf. “…to me.”

Eric shifted with a growl of his own. He was still worked up over the fight, and the feelings the rogue had caused when he’d called Ryker a freak. So, feeling a bit insulted, he stepped up next to his son, his lip curled back in a snarl. Then he said, a bit harsher than he should to his Alpha, “With all due respect, Alpha, he isn’t a this. He’s my son.

Alpha Pete gave a warning growl at Eric’s disrespect before turning his gaze toward Wolf once more. Stepping closer, he took a deep breath, taking in Wolf’s scent. Stepping back, Alpha grunted before saying, “I’m sorry, Ryker. You smell a bit different, and obviously, you look different.”

Wolf gave a slight head bow of respect to his Alpha. Then, as he turned to his father, he whined again. “Omega mate. Need to see her.”

Father chuckled and patted his shoulder. “Son, patience, please.”

“So, Eric, explain this to me,” Alpha Pete repeated.

“I’m not sure how to explain, sir. Maybe Ryker is a hybrid because his mother is human?” Eric said.

Alpha shook his head. “No, we have other half-humans in the pack. None of them with a wolf shift into this.”

Eric sighed, staring into space. His face heated as a thought crossed his mind.

“Eric?” Alpha questioned, getting a look at his expression.

“My wolf took over that day, feeling his mates… desires. I was in human form, but my wolf was very much in control. Ryder was conceived that day. My wolf and I knew it,” Eric explained.

Alpha cleared his throat, looking a bit uncomfortable. “Okay. Explain this situation with these rogues to me.”

“Long story short? Four rogues took Ember. Ryker killed all but one. When he returned here with me, that one had two more with him. The rogue made a few comments, I jumped him, and more came from the woods just as you did, Alpha,” Eric gruffly explained.

“How did they get Ember to begin with?” Alpha asked.

Eric looked over at Wolf. “Son?”

Wolf grunted. “Don’t know, have to ask omega mate.”

Eric turned back to the Alpha. “He says he doesn’t know. You’d have to ask Ember.”

“He can talk to you in this form?” Alpha Pete questioned.

Eric nodded.

“Mate,” Wolf whined again.

“How about we go talk to Ember? She’s at my house,” Eric suggested to his Alpha.

Alpha Pete nodded. Turning to the men who had come with him, he said, “Get this mess cleaned up. I’ll be going with enforcer Hollington.”

The Alpha and Eric shifted, then the three of them headed out at a fast pace.

Arriving at the Hollington home, Wolf quickly ran in. He found his sweet omega awake and watching TV in his room.

Ember jumped up off the bed when Wolf walked in. “Ryker! I was so worried when I woke up to find you gone. Then I figured you went to tell the Alpha about the rogues.”

Wolf took her in his arms, running his nose along her neck as he whined softly.

Ember giggled. “That tickles!”

“Sweet omega, you smell so good, clean, not like those filthy rogues anymore.”

Hearing those words, Ember answered with, “I showered their stench off and put your t-shirt on.”

“Mine,” Wolf said, tightening his hold on her.

“Yes, my baby. Your scent is the only one I want on me. Well, sometimes I’ll smell like my dad or brother.” Ember softly laughed. “You know what I mean.”

Wolf nodded as he moved his hand up and down her back. This would place his wilder scent on her since he was in his wolf form. It was the same, yet a bit different.

“Ryker, Ember, you need to come out and speak with Alpha Pete now,” Eric called from outside the door.

Ember pulled back from his embrace. “The alpha is here?”

Wolf nodded.

Ember moved swiftly to his dresser. Finding a pair of shorts, she pulled them on under her t-shirt before grabbing ahold of his hand. Ember then led them to the living room. Ember saw her Alpha standing near the window and bowed her head in respect. “Alpha, sir, you wished to speak to me?”

“Yes, I understand rogues grabbed you. Can you tell me what happened?” Alpha asked.

“I was waiting for school to let out when they showed up…” Ember started, then continued to explain the afternoon’s events.

When Ember finished, there was silence until Wolf’s voice in her head stated, “Mine!”

Ember hugged him tightly as she reassured him, “Yours.”

“Wait, you can talk to him also?” Alpha asked.

“Yes. Well, I hear him in my head which surprised me because he hasn’t marked me,” Ember explained.

“Highly unusual,” Alpha commented with a nod. “Do you know how Ryker found you, though?”

“Before the rogues knocked me out, I yelled for his help in my head. Honestly, I hoped it would work, yet feared it wouldn’t.” Ember sighed. “I mean, I think our bond is strong, but without being marked, it wasn’t a sure thing. Anyway, I guess it worked because he came for me.”

“Mate call, I come,” Wolf said in Ember’s head.

Ember smiled up at him. Then, turning to face him, she rubbed her face in his chest as he held her.

“Her calling out to him in fear must be what caused him to shift. Though I still don’t know about him being able to talk to her or you. It shouldn’t be possible, most unusual,” Alpha murmured to Eric as he watched the two.

“You’re right, sir, highly unusual. I have no idea either,” Eric replied. “Do you think that was all of them, the rogues, I mean?”

“I’ll have an extra patrol sent out to make sure. In the meantime, I need to get back to work,” Alpha said as he looked at the clock.

“Me too. I’d only run home for lunch and ended up… well, a lot longer than that. The guys probably wonder where I went,” Eric agreed. “Ember, I hope you’re alright, and I’ll see the two of you later.”

“I’m fine, and Ryker will take care of me,” Ember said as she turned slightly to look at him.

Then Eric and the Alpha left.

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