My Forever... Truly? (BK3)

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Chapter 14

As soon as the Alpha and Uncle Eric were gone, Ryker picked Ember up and carried her to his room.

“Ryker! What are you doing?”

“Make mine now!”

Ember heard the rasping words flutter across her mind as Ryker placed her on her feet in his room. Before she could question him, Ryker began to nuzzle her neck and tug at her clothes to remove them. Once her clothing was gone, he ran one paw-like hand gently along her back and used the other one to push her hair away from her neck.

“Mm… Ryker,” Ember softly said as the feeling of his fur brushing her bare skin had her wolf stirring inside.

Ryker licked on her neck a couple of times. Then, with no warning at all about what he planned to do, he bit down. Ember felt a scream building, her knees buckling as she released it. Ryker’s teeth seemed to go to her very bones as she whimpered and cried.

Ember had known the mating bite was sometimes painful, but not like this. Was it because he wasn’t in human form? No. Her dad had marked her mom in wolf form, well, they were both in wolf form, but her mom had marked her dad while in human form. Dad never told her it would hurt this much, though. He could have at least warned her.

Then, as suddenly as the pain was there, it was gone. In its place, a warm heat had begun to move through her body. Ember moaned as it moved to her most feminine parts, causing her stomach to clench with need. The need for her mate, “Ryker!”

One word from her was all it took. Suddenly Ryker’s teeth were gone, and so was his fur. Ryker licked the bite mark, sealing the wound, before crashing his lips onto hers. After placing Ember gently on the bed, Ryker tenderly and lovingly made love to her.

Ember rubbed her hand along the warm skin of Ryker’s stomach.

“Ember, you’re going to get me excited again if you continue doing that,” Ryker softly moaned.

“Sorry, it’s just we waited so long, and now I can’t touch you enough,” Ember admitted.

Ryker chuckled as he pulled her up and onto his chest. “Yeah, how did a couple of horny teenagers manage to wait so long?”

“It might have been because someone forgot to put a lock on his door,” Ember teased.

Ryker huffed. “Two brothers forever walking in does kill the mood, doesn’t it?”

“Yep, it does.” Ember sighed as she thought about the few times they’d come close to forgetting how they planned to wait on his shift. She felt her face turn warm as she remembered them being interrupted and how his brothers had teased them mercilessly for days afterward. “Nevertheless, we did want to wait until you shifted. So, their interruptions were a good thing.”

“True, and now you are officially mine,” Ryker said. Then he rolled them over so that he was hovering over her.

Ember placed her arms around his neck and drew him close for a kiss. “Oh, yes, I am.”

When they pulled back breathless, Ryker rubbed gently at her new mark with pride in his eyes. “Better than any wedding ring.”

“Till death do us part.”

“Till death do us part,” Ryker agreed before sealing their promise with a kiss. “I love you, Ember Morrisey-Hollington.”

Ember smiled as he added his last name to hers. “I love you too, Ryker Hollington.”

Leaning down, Ryker kissed her once more, and Ember moaned as his hand began to roam. Ryker ran the tips of his fingers down her side until he reached her thigh, sliding it around until it was between them.

“Ryker,” Ember whimpered as her body once more heated up.

“I need you, Ember; I can’t get enough of you. Please tell me you aren’t too sore to go again,” Ryker begged.

Ember moaned at the feel of his fingers moving through her folds. “Ah… no, not sore. Oh, please, Ryker!”

Ryker brought his mouth back to hers from where it had been sucking on her new mark. His kiss was wild and hot and drew little sounds of pleasure from her.

Ember raked her nails down Ryker’s back as her hips bucked up. Ryker hit her sweet spot about then, and she let out a whimper. “Please, Ryker!”

Ryker moved over her, his hand moving her leg out, spreading her thighs. Ember stretched her arm out toward the nightstand. Fumbling a bit, she managed to grab one of the condoms that lay there and hand it to him.

Ryker took it and quickly rolled it on. In a voice thick with passion, he asked, “Are you ready?”

“Yes, my baby, take me.”

Ryker thrust in hard and fast, their hips bumping as their rhythm increased. Pants and moans of pleasure filled the room as the bed creaked along with their rocking motion. Ember cried out suddenly as she hit her climax. Her inner muscles clamped down on his cock, causing him to climax soon after. Then they lay panting, their bodies slowly cooling.

Ember placed soft kisses on his shoulder as she ran her hands up his back. “Ryker?”


“I think you might need a new bed soon,” Ember whispered.

Ryker chuckled against her neck, his breath sending hot shivers down her spine. “Oh, and why is that?”

“A whole city block could hear the creaks and groans this bed was making just now. Your dad will have no problems hearing it and know what we’re doing in it,” Ember explained. “Well, that and the fact if you’d rocked me any harder, I’m pretty sure we would have ended up on the floor.”

Ryker pulled back to look at her.

Ember smirked playfully.

Ryker threw his head back and laughed. He moved off her onto his back. In a laughter-filled voice, he said, “I’ll be sure to tell my dad I need a new bed when he gets home today.” Ryker watched Ember’s face turn beet red. Deciding to tease her some more, he added, “I’ll let you tell him why I need a new one.”

“Maybe we should just replace it ourselves…?” Ember whispered. “I have some money saved up.”

Still chuckling, Ryker got up and headed for the bathroom. “Good idea, less embarrassing.”

Ember agreed as she sat up and asked, “What are you doing?”

Ryker glanced over his shoulder at her. “I thought I’d take a quick shower. Want to take one with me?”

Ember grinned and jumped up. “I’d love to.”

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