My Forever... Truly? (BK3)

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Chapter 16

The following day, Ember’s parents arrived around nine. They all sat around laughing and having a lovely time while the women cooked up a huge breakfast, big enough for all the hungry wolf-men present.

When breakfast was over, Ben said his friend had asked him to come over for a basketball game, and Greg asked if he could tag along.

“I suppose that would be alright,” Anna agreed with a questioning glance at Eric.

Eric nodded. “It’s fine, not like they need to be here.”

“Alright boys, you may go, but come home in time for lunch,” Anna said.

Ben did a fist pump, and both boys ran out of the house with loud yells.

Anna shook her head as she laughed. “To have so much energy.”

Eric turned to Ryker. “Are you ready, son?”

Ryker nodded and stood up.

Ember took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze causing him to look down at her. “It will be okay, Ryker.”

Ryker took a deep breath and kissed Ember. Then the two of them followed their parents out into the backyard. Once they were all outside, Ryker stripped down to his undershorts and fell to his knees.

“Call your wolf forward, son,” Ryker’s dad softly commanded.

Ryder closed his eyes, and after taking a deep breath, he felt for his wolf. Not feeling him, he softly called to him and waited for him to stir. After a few moments, Ryker opened his eyes and whispered, “I don’t feel him.”

Ryker’s dad frowned. “What do you mean you don’t feel him? I can smell him on you, and he’s stronger now than before you shifted.”

Ryker shrugged.

“Let me try something,” Ember suggested. She stripped quickly down to her underclothes and shifted. Walking over to where Ryker still knelt, she nuzzled against his shoulder. Hey, my baby, what to take a run with me?” Ember’s she-wolf asked him.

Ryker heard the throaty growl of Embers wolf float through his head. He then felt his wolf stir and stretch in his mind as he watched the she-wolf in front of him.

Ember watched through her wolf’s eyes as Ryker’s eyes changed from mossy green to yellow-green. She took this as a good sign and backed up a bit, wagging her tail. I’ll race you to the pond.” Then she stood in a playful crouch, her tail high and wagging as she waited.

Wolf smirked while in his human form before hunkering into a crouch of his own. With a soft growl, he leaped, and as he did this, he shifted, taking off after his mate when she turned to run.

Wolf’s four-legged gait probably looked awkward to the ones he’d left behind, but to him, it was the fastest way to catch his sweet omega. His front legs looked more like human arms, his front paws more like hands with long wolfish nails. So, he looked as if he was hunched over awkwardly.

Wolf loped along behind his omega, though, her tinkling laughter floating in his head. She was happy, and that made him happy.

Then he saw his chance and shifted upright to stand on his hind legs only. Reaching out, Wolf grabbed his omega, catching her around the middle and taking her down. Before she hit the ground, he flipped them, landing on his back, her on his belly, her four paws waving in the air.


Wolf chuckled. “Yes, my sweet omega?”

“You weren’t supposed to tackle me,” his omega grumbled.

Turning them on their sides, he nuzzled her neck and began licking her jaw. “Wolf wants to play with his mate.”

He heard her sigh. “I know.”

His omega stretched her neck, then allowing him to lick further down. She gave a light groan of pleasure, causing him to ask, “Mate like it when I groom her?”

“Mm… yes, I like.” His omega moaned in satisfaction.

They lay like that for a little while, him licking her neck lovingly, before his omega asked him, “Why are you different than me?”

“Did mama wolf not teach you the difference between male and female?”

His omega gave him a dirty look that only a wolf could make before nipping at his shoulder. “You know that isn’t what I meant.”

Wolf huffed. “I know.” He stood up then and stretched before walking toward the pond. Once there, he lapped up a bit of water before returning to his omega’s side. “Wolf is different because… mama, not a wolf. My father wolf wanted to mate and take what was his, but…”

“So, you are a hybrid?” Ember asked him, trying to understand.

“Not for that reason. Wolf made while father wolf still half-human, wolf mind, human body.”

“But Alpha said that other wolves have human mates too…” Ember argued.

“I know, but…” Wolf shook his head, struggling to explain. “Wolf’s mama had Wolf too early, too early because of a trauma… So, Wolf not fully formed.”

Ember shifted into her human form and turned to face Ryker. His head was down, ears drooping. “So, because you were born too soon, your wolf wasn’t completely formed?”

“The link between human and wolf was not complete, but wolf mind was fully formed. It’s just the link between me, and my human wasn’t fully formed, so I needed my mate to help complete the link,” Wolf told her.

“How do you even know this?” Ember asked in an awed tone.

“Wolf was born knowing,” Wolf informed her. Then he quietly waited for her to absorb the new information.

Wolf sat watching as his mate struggled to understand all he had told her.

“So… it wasn’t a trauma in your life that cause you to be repressed. It was caused by the trauma surrounding your birth.”

Wolf nodded.

“So how can you talk to your dad and me, but no one else?” Ember asked.

“Because you and I have a mate bond, and because of my family bond to father.”

“You won’t ever shift into a full wolf form?” Ember asked next.

“I am Wolf.

“No, Ryker. I mean…” Ember stopped talking.

“I am Wolf.”

Ember tilted her head with a huff of irritation. “I know. You’re in your wolf form, but your name is Ryker.”

“No, I am Wolf. Ryker is human. In this form, I’m Wolf,”’ Wolf told her as he pointed to himself. ‘Bond was never fully formed so two bodies, wolf and man.’

Ember rubbed her head as if a headache were coming on. “I can remain conscious when I’m in my wolf’s body. Don’t you know what’s going on when your body is human?”

Wolf thought about this for a moment. He remembered taking over completely when he’d first shifted to this form. He also remembered pushing the human part of him back so he could have full control. What he didn’t remember was being able to communicate with his human, not then anyway. Now that he had marked his mate, could he share his mind with his human self if he desired to?


Closing his eyes, he searched for Ryker, his heart jumped as he felt Ryker stir and become alert.

Ember watched as her mate seemed to have an inner struggle. Then without any warning, he shifted. Opening his eyes, he looked at her. A bit unsure who was now in the driver’s seat, she questioned, “Ryker?”

Ryker nodded. “I think… I think I just had a conversation with my wolf.”

“Oh, and what did he have to say?” Ember asked.

Ryker shook his head. “I think I should go home and talk to my dad now.”

“Alright. Well, can you shift back into your wolf? I don’t think you want to run home naked,” Ember teased. “Although I have to admit to enjoying the view.”

Ryker’s face turned red before he once more shifted to his wolf form. Ember shifted into hers next and together they ran back to Ryker’s house. Both sets of parents were still in the backyard quietly talking when Ember and Ryker ran into the yard and stood catching their breath.

Ember walked over to her clothes and grabbed them before walking over to the small fence used to provide a covering for changing. After she stepped out from behind it, Ryker took her place.

“So, what took the two of you so long?” Ember’s mom asked.

Ember waited for Ryker, and together they headed for the loveseat swing.

“Ryker’s wolf wanted to explain somethings,” Ember began.

Everyone looked at Ryker, waiting for his explanation.

“You still only half shifted,” Uncle Eric said when Ryker said nothing.

“I know, Dad. According to my wolf, for me, that is my shift,” Ryker admitted.

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