My Forever... Truly? (BK3)

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Chapter 19

Ryker did as Ember asked, a confused look on his face. “I haven’t done anything wrong, have I? Did I upset your mom in some way? Is that why she wanted to talk…?”

Ember put a finger over his lips. “Sh… no, my baby, nothing like that. But she is concerned, so I need to talk to you about it, okay?”

Ryker nodded.

“Okay, so she brought up the fact that I’ve yet to mark you.”

Ryker cocked his head. “Do you want to?”

“I’d like to, but first… she also said that your wolf might re-mark me,” Ember continued. “Remember, the male usually marks his female when they are both in wolf form.”

Ryker frowned as understanding lit his eyes. Looking away, he whispered, “Oh Ember, I…”


Ryker growled softly and looked down at their entwined hands. “Ember, when my dad was talking about how he, how his wolf mated mom… it made me start thinking.”

“About how your wolf was going to want his mate, possibly sooner rather than later?”

Ryker nodded, still refusing to look at her.

“That’s what Emerson and I were talking about when you showed up.”

Ryker looked up, a surprised look on his face. “Oh?”

“Yeah.” Ember sighed and asked, “Can you shift for me?”


Ember giggled. “So, full of questions, just do it, please.”

Standing up, Ryker quickly stripped and shifted into his wolf form. Then he stood, head cocked, looking at her as he asked, “What does my sweet omega need?”

“Come, sit,” Ember said as she patted the bed.

Once he’d sat down, she crawled into his lap, pushing him down onto his back.


Ember ignored him as she moved her hands over his chest and muttered to herself. “Except for the fur, your chest is the same.”

Wolf grunted as she found his male nipples and pinched one lightly. Ember looked up and giggled at him. “Sorry, couldn’t resist.”

“Why so curious suddenly, my sweet omega?”

Ember gave a soft sigh as she lay down on top of him. Listening to his heartbeat in her ear calmed her. She began rubbing a hand over his chest as she answered, “Mom is worried you might try to mate me in this form and possibly hurt me. Emerson seems to think that if your body is still mostly human that no matter how we mate, you won’t hurt me.”

“So, that is why the interest in my body suddenly. You wanted to see how human formed it is?”

“Yeah. That and the fact that I’m confused, I guess.”

Wolf pulled her up so that his yellow-green eyes locked with hers. “I love you, my sweet omega. For nothing in this world would I hurt you? Do you fear me mounting you?”

“No, not really. I-I just…” Ember rubbed her hands up and down his chest. She was feeling how soft his fur was, so different from his human skin. Yet, it attracted her all the same. She felt her wolf stir slightly.

“Mate? Tell me. There should be no shame or secrets between mates.”

“I desire you, and I think you are beautiful in both forms,” Ember admitted as she looked up at him. Then, her cheeks flushing slightly, she asked him, “Do you, do you think my wolf is pretty?”

“I think she is beautiful,” Wolf answered as he brought his hand up to rub her shoulder. “I also think this form is lovely, though a bit hairless.”

Ember laughed as she leaned down and kissed him on his snout. “Silly wolf!”

Wolf watched her as she moved off him to lay at his side. He watched as she continued her examination of his body. He swatted at her playfully when she played with his furry tail. Then he watched her glance at his male parts.

Her eyes came up to meet his. Hers was big and wide, her face bright red suddenly.

“What is wrong?” Wolf asked her, puzzled what had caused such a reaction. Was he not pleasing to her for some reason?

“I-I, you, you… you…” Ember stuttered to a stop.

Wolf glanced down at himself, studying his male parts. Then looking up, he shrugged. “It looks normal to me. Am I bigger than my human counterpart?”

“I don’t know exactly. I-I mean, I haven’t studied it except in biology books in school. That isn’t what I meant, though…”

“Mm… well, what is the problem then?”

“You’re not exactly built like a male wolf… but it isn’t completely” She rubbed her hand over her red face. “I-I mean, it isn’t exactly like Ryker’s, or it would get in your way when you run, um…”

Wolf chuckled at her cuteness before he glanced back down at himself again. His sweet omega was correct. Although his dick was covered by his fur, it was one more thing that seemed more human about him than a wolf. Hm…. Wolf looked back up at her then as he said, “I believe you are right, my sweet omega. Perhaps you would like to see if it feels the same.”

Ember sucked in a sharp breath.

Smelling her arousal perfume the air, Wolf moved quickly and flipped them, placing her under him. Then he sniffed at her neck before licking his mark he’d placed upon her. “Mm… you taste and smell so wonderful, but you seem to be wearing too many clothes. It’s only fair I get to look at you now the way you have been me.”

Then he tore her clothing off.

Wolf looked at her bared skin, so smooth and so unlike her wolf form. Different, yet beautiful, all the same. He ran his paw-like hand over breasts her wolf didn’t have, then down her ribs to her hip. Gripping it lightly, he pushed himself up until she could feel what she had done to his body.

His omega’s wide eyes came up to meet his, confusion clouding them. “Are you…? Do you want me to shift?” His omega asked in a whisper. “Mom might not like me being a wolf in the house, but I will if you want me to.”

Wolf cocked his head once more to examine her face, looking for how she felt about him. He wondered what she would say if he told her he wanted to mount her as she was. He’d spent the afternoon with her wolf, and he had felt very wolfish. Yet now, with his mate in her human form, he felt more human than wolf.

Wolf didn’t understand these feelings. Was there something wrong with him? Was it his human feelings bleeding through their connection into his wolf psyche? Wolf was… confused. Perhaps it would be best if he let his human side take over while he tried to understand the way he was feeling. He shifted.

“Ryker? What…?” Ember looked at him, confused.

Ryker sighed. “My wolf is confused right now, Ember.”

“Confused? Why?”

“Because he wants you, but he wants you… in both forms, I think?” Ryker told her.

“Oh…oh my…” Ember whispered in a stunned sounding voice.

“Yeah,” Ryker agreed with a sigh. “Oh, my is about right.”

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