My Forever... Truly? (BK3)

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Chapter 20

Ember swallowed hard as she thought about what Ryker had told her. His wolf wanted her in both forms. Why? Curious, she asked, “Why? I-I mean… I suppose that isn’t a bad thing…”

“I’m not sure… no, that isn’t true exactly,” Ryder said with a heavy sigh. He stood up and walked over to the window. “Ember, try to understand. He isn’t quite a full wolf, yet he isn’t completely human either. Or as you pointed out, part of him is more human, which would make it possible for him to mount you in your human form.” He turned to look at her. “Yet he still feels wolf enough to mount your wolf also. He’s confused, so am I.” He sighed again. “This would be so much easier if I had a regular wolf form.”

Ember bit her lip. “Well, I’m just as confused as you are because my wolf wants him something fierce. The fact is, since you did what you did earlier, she’s become a bit impatient for her mate. However, I guess I feel weird about you only being half-wolf mounting my full wolf even if she doesn’t.” Ember softly huffed, and he turned to look at her. She felt her cheeks heat as she softly admitted, “I feel even weirder at the thought of him mounting my human form, mostly because…”

“Because it would be weird making love to a half-wolf?”

“No. Maybe it’s wrong of me, I don’t know, but in one way, I admit it turns me on. Ryker, he can talk to me in my head; his paws are more human than wolf…”

“So, you might enjoy it if it were ever to happen?”

Ember swallowed hard as she nodded her head, her face aflame. “Yes. I love you, Ryker, I do, and I love him too. I don’t want to hurt either of you.”

“You won’t hurt us, Ember. We’re just as confused as you are about how to go about this. However, we will figure it out,” Ryker said as he moved back her way. “Right now, you, sitting there in your birthday suit, are turning me into a beast.”

Ember laughed as he lightened the mood a bit. “A beast?”

“Yes, Ember, a horny beast,” Ryker informed her. When he’d reached the bed, Ryker picked Ember up under her arms. He then tossed her further up onto her bed and covered her with his body. “You turn both of us into horny beasts.”

“I think I like the sound of that.”

Ryker trailed his fingers down Ember’s side even as he placed kisses along her jaw and neck. His arousal lay heavy against her thigh, causing her to moan at the feel of it.

“I want you so badly, my love,” Ryker murmured as he kissed and nipped at her mark.

“Mm… I’m yours, my baby, all yours,” Ember murmured back before letting out a soft sigh.

Ryker moved on down Ember’s body to kiss and lick on her breast before moving toward her stomach. His breath moving across it made her shiver even as she bucked her hips. Heat moved through Ember’s body, making her moan and toss her head as Ryker pleasured her.

“Ryker,” Ember loudly moaned as she tugged at his hair. “Stop teasing me. I need you now.”

Ryker moved back up her body, kissing her as he pushed his hands between her thighs. Encouraging her to spread them for him, Ryker moved his body up and over her. His arousal brushed against her and caused Ember to whimper in need.

Ryker fumbled for a condom even as he continued to kiss her. Having her wet heat so close was teasing him in its way, and he could barely keep himself from plunging deep and hard right then as her hips bucked under him.

“Careful, my love. You did promise my mom not to make me a daddy yet,” Ryker teased as he nipped at her ear.

Ember whimpered. “I know, so you better hurry up with that condom. The fire of need you have created in my belly is becoming unbearable.”

“Then let me help by putting it out for you,” Ryker said, finally having gotten the condom on.

He thrust deeply, all the way to the hilt, and Ember let out a keening whine. Soon they were rocking to a rhythm all their own as moans and whimpers filled the air. Ryder felt Ember’s body began to tense under him even as his own began to ready itself for his release.

“Ryder,” Ember whimpered as her body began to tighten around him.

Ryder watched as her eyes began to glow and knew her wolf was about to make her move. He groaned in anticipation of the mating bite, moving his head sideways even as he felt his wolf stir. Ryker felt her whole-body jerk, a loud growl leaving her as she jerked up and latched onto his neck. He gave his growl then as he thrust deeply one last time.

Ember licked the bite she had given him before flopping back down on the bed.

Ryker moved his head down to lay it in the crook of her neck. He then waited for her body to release his. “I love you, Ember.”

“I love you too, Ryker.”

He slowly moved off her, rolling onto his back. Pulling off the condom, he threw it into the garbage can placed by the bed before settling down next to her.

Ember turned onto her side and snuggled into him, her head on his shoulder. Then she sighed with contentment. Her eyes slowly closed, and after giving Ryker one last kiss on his chest, she slept.

Ryker lay awake for a long time, listening to his sweet mate and feeling his wolf almost pace inside him in need of his mate. Ryker knew his wolf wanted his mate badly, but he didn’t know how he would have her. Ryker didn’t know.

A week later, Ryker still didn’t know how to give his wolf what he wanted, his mate. He and Ember made love often, but he knew it didn’t satisfy his wolf and more than likely wasn’t fulfilling hers either. It was eating him up inside, but still, he had no answer.

That night, they went to bed early, it had been a long day for them both, but Ryker was awakened later by Ember moaning. Rolling over on his side, he pushed up to hover over her. Gently shaking her, Ryker called softly, “Ember?”

Ember’s eyes flashed open, and Ryker found himself staring into the glowing yellow eyes of her wolf.

“Mate,” Ember stated.

“Yes, my love,” Ryker agreed. “Tell me what’s wrong.” Ryker was confused as to why her wolf was showing up now.

Ember gave a whimper, her back bowing as if in pain.

At that moment, Ryker realized Ember’s face was covered in a sheen of sweat, her hair damp. Ryker frowned as he ran a hand over her brow and found it hot. Was she sick? She was fine earlier. Concerned, he asked, “Ember, are you sick? Do I need to get your mom?”

Ember’s eyes opened, and she whined again before saying, “Need Wolf.”

“Need wolf?”

“Wolf. Mate shift now. Want Wolf now,” Ember told him as she growled, her face scrunching up in pain.

Now every male wolf knows that pleasing his mate in every way is the best way to stay happy. The problem was Ryker didn’t see how his shifting and letting out his wolf was going to help Ember either. So, he continued to lay there questioning her judgment as he watched her.

Ember turned her head, so their eyes locked, giving him a low growl. She demanded, “Shift…” then she whined, the omega in her fighting whatever had made her growl at him. “…please.”

Maybe it was the whimpered please, perhaps it was the fact that Ryker now smelled her arousal strongly, or maybe it was the feeling of his wolf stirring inside him. Ryker didn’t know exactly what it was, but suddenly he found himself shifting into his wolf as if he had no control over it.

“Ah, my sweet omega mate. Tell me what is wrong, and I will fix it if I can,” Wolf soothingly murmured as he brushed his paw-like hand through her hair.

His mate sighed, content as she stared at him unblinkingly. Then she said, “I just need you, my mate.”

“Then you shall have me,” Wolf told her as he moved closer, feeling a strong desire for her move through him.

Suddenly, his sweet omega let out a pained whine before she began to shudder uncontrollably. He watched her began to shift into her wolf form. Wolf went to move back a bit to give her room, but his omega quickly grabbed hold of him.

“Need you close to do this…” Ember whispered just before her head began to reform into that of her wolf.

Within just a moment, Wolf’s beautiful she-wolf lay before him, in a half form like his. He stared at her in awe, she was so lovely, and his need and desire for her were building quickly within him. He had been denied his right to have her for too long. This caused the urge to mount her to rise strongly in him, and Wolf knew holding back was no longer an option, not with his omega in a form where he knew he could not hurt her.

Wolf growled as he grabbed her up.

She-wolf growled back as she smelled the arousal of her mate. Oh, how she had wanted him since the day she knew he was hers, now she would have him, finally.

Wolf pulled her off the bed, putting her feet on the floor. Then he bent her over so that her paw-like hands rested on the edge of the bed. Next, he bent over her back to nip at her neck, growling lovingly.

She-wolf growled back as she rubbed her body against his. “Take me, mate. I am yours.”

With a growl, Wolf did just that.

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