My Forever... Truly? (BK3)

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Chapter 21

Wolf lay next to his she-wolf, panting as their bodies cooled. He rubbed his paw-like hand along her side before cupping her breast and gently squeezing.

“How?” Wolf asked her.

“I don’t know. I have felt your turmoil for days now. Wanting me yet fearing you would hurt me if you mounted me. Fearing that your body was too human to mount me as a wolf, not human enough to mount my human.”

Wolf stiffened at her words. “You felt that?”

She-wolf gave a wolfish huff that, had she been human, would have been a laugh. “Yes. You are my mate; we are bonded. I feel many of your emotions. Although, me being an omega makes it harder unless I’m in wolf form. Once I marked you, it was much easier. Do you not feel mine?”

“Yes, but I never thought about you knowing how I was feeling,” Wolf admitted.

His omega mate rolled over then to face him. She ran a hand over his head and ear, causing his eyes to close at the pleasure of her touch. “I felt it, and I felt the same. Wolf, I don’t think I will be able to do this often. It is excruciating to stop a full shift.”

Wolf opened his yellow-green eyes to look at her. “Then let us make the most of it this night.”

She-wolf agreed with a light growl and a loving nip to his neck before Wolf once more positioned her so he could mount her.

Ember bounced down the stairs the following day to find her mom in the kitchen. “Morning, Mom.”

“Well, don’t you almost glow this morning,” Mom stated as she turned to look at Ember.

Ember felt her face heat. “Um…”

“Something you need to tell me, perhaps?” Mom asked, giving Ember her full attention, eyes on Ember’s freshly bitten mark.

Ember stepped closer and hugged her mom. “You know how you were worried about Ryker’s wolf and mine mating?”


“Well, don’t,” Ember said as she stepped back. “My wolf took it into her own hands… er, paws and half shifted.”

“Really? Huh, I didn’t know she could do that. I’m glad the two of you worked things out, though.” Mom snickered as Ryker walked in. Then she turned her back as she mentioned, “Although I’m not sure his mom will if you made him a daddy.”

Ryker looked at her wide-eyed as he almost choked. “I didn’t, at least that’s what my wolf says.”

“I’m relieved to hear it, though not getting pregnant in wolf form is almost impossible, you know,” Mom stated.

Ryker and Ember groaned. Both knew it was true, but they were on too much of a high from their mating to care.

“Now sit down. I have breakfast ready,” Mom said.

And that was all that was said, well, until Ryker’s dad noticed Ryker’s mark anyway.

Two weeks later, Ryker was still floating from his wolf’s emotions. He could still remember how good it felt to finally, fully mate, how he and Ember had spent the night as wolves, loving many times until they were both exhausted. Waking up the following day in human form, not even remembering their shift back.

Then they’d stared at each other wide-eyed as they realized wolves don’t worry about pregnancy. Ryker had felt his wolf laugh inside him as he told him not to worry, now wasn’t the right time, but make no mistake, it would happen eventually.

Of course, the conversation between him and his parents had been so embarrassing. His mom was convinced he’d gotten his mate pregnant no matter how many times he denied it and had been marking days on the calendar as she muttered under her breath. His dad laughed every time he walked by the said calendar.

Ember was so lucky to have two wolf parents.

“Mr. Hollington, am I boring you today?”

Ryker looked up at his teacher. “Sir?”

“Just curious because you haven’t been answering my questions and have sighed at least four times in ten minutes,” Mr. Barring, his science teacher, said.

The class laughed as Ryker felt his face flush. “Sorry, sir, I’ll pay attention.”

“Good. Turn to page forty-three and answer the question on the bottom of the page for me.”

Ryker quickly did as he’d been told. He’d embarrassed himself enough for one day. The bell rang ten minutes later, and Ryker sighed relief as he left the classroom.


Ryker turned at the yell coming from behind him. Smiling, Ryker said, “Hey, Rivera, my man!”

Ryker gave his friend Gage Rivera a grin as they fist-bumped. He and Gage had been friends for a long time.

“Dude, what’s got you spacing out so bad these days? I thought Coach was gonna blow at practice last night when you missed the ball… for the tenth time,” Gage teased, his dark eyes shining.

Ryker bumped his shoulder on his friends. “Hey, it was only… nine times, I think. And it’s just some personal things.” Friend or not, Ryker wasn’t telling Gage about his sex life.

Gage gazed at him, eyes squinted, asking, “Have anything to do with the girl you’ve started ditching your friends for?”

Ryker shrugged a bit sheepishly. “Yeah, sorry. I was friends with her since baby days, and then we sorta fought…”

“And now she’s back in your life,” Gage finished.

“Yeah. I missed Ember,” Ryker softly admitted. A good friend or not, Gage was human so that he couldn’t tell him much of anything.

“It’s cool and good luck. I’ll see you later at practice,” Gage said as he ran off down the hall toward his next class.

Ember sat on the bleachers next to the football field, waiting for Ryker to finish with football practice. She saw the looks some of the guys were giving her, but she paid them no mind as she watched her mate practically fly down the field with the ball.

“So, your Ryker’s new girl,” a voice said from next to Ember, causing her to turn.

Next to her stood a short, extremely tan boy with dark eyes and hair in a football uniform. He was possibly Hispanic from the looks of him. “Yes, and you are…?”

“Oh, sorry, I’m Gage Rivera,” he said as he stuck out his hand. “I’m one of Ryker’s best friends.”

Ember gave him a slight smile, shook his hand, then turned back to find Ryker watching her. She could almost see the half snarl on his face at another male touching her. She stuck up her hand in a wave before blowing her a kiss.

“He is love-struck, isn’t he?” Gage chuckled.

“You have no idea,” Ember murmured.

“So, how come he never said anything about you before?” Gage asked.

Ember watched Ryker head their way and smiled. “Oh, well, we had a falling out, but we’re over it now and closer than ever.”

“Mm… he did say you were diaper buddies,” Gage snickered when Ryker, who was close enough to hear him, frowned.

“Are you pestering my girl, Rivera?” Ryker asked as Ember stood up to hug him.

“Who me?” Gage said innocently. “I wouldn’t do that. I was just introducing myself. I figured if the two of you are going to be attached at the hip, she needed to know your best bud.”

“Whatever,” Ryker said, rolling his eyes at Gage as he kissed Ember’s cheek.

Gage just laughed at him.

Ryker turned all his attention on Ember. “Plans?”

“Always. No work tonight. So, I thought we could go to our favorite place for some peace and quiet,” Ember said.

Ryker grinned down at her. “Sounds good. Let me shower and change, and I’ll meet you at the car.”

Ember nodded and turned to Gage, saying, “It was nice to meet you, Gage.”

“Nice meeting you too. I don’t suppose you have a sister?” Gage asked with a grin.

Ember laughed. “Nope, just a twin brother, sorry,” Ember informed him with a laugh. Giving Ryker one last kiss, she jogged off the field and to the car to wait for him.

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