My Forever... Truly? (BK3)

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Chapter 22

Ember and Ryker were running in their wolf form. Ember nipping at him teasingly, Ryker growling as he gave chase. They soon found their way to the small lake and flopped down, panting.

“It’s so beautiful out here,” Ember said as she tilted her head back to enjoy the breeze.

“Yes, it is, though not as beautiful as you,” Wolf replied to his sweet omega’s voice as it whispered through his head.

She turned to look at him. “Wolf, you know you had no reason to be upset with Gage today, right?”

Wolf nodded. “I know. My human says they’re close and reprimanded me a bit for almost coming through to growl at him.”

Ember chuckled. “Good, I’m glad because you are and will always be the only wolf for me.”

Wolf reached out and ran a paw-like hand along her muzzle, causing her to groan with pleasure. “You’re the only one for me too, my sweet omega mate.”

Ember moved over a bit to nuzzle up against him, rubbing her body all over his. “I love you, my baby.”

Wolf sighed, content as he pulled her body closer to him. Then he began to gently lick along her neck and head as he ran his paw-like hand along her side.

It could have been minutes or just seconds, Ember didn’t know, but suddenly Wolf stiffened and let out a low warning growl. Opening her eyes, she glanced around to see what had caused him to be upset. Standing in the tree line was a group of rogues. This caused Ember to whimper low. It was just the two of them, and as an omega, she had no fighting skills at all. All she knew how to do was show submission.

“Well, well, if it isn’t the freak and… I’m guessing his little mate since he’s all loved up to her,” one of the rogues said as he shifted, unconcerned about his nakedness.

Wolf growled once more as he moved to stand in front of his omega. He would protect her to his last breath. He counted six rogues and didn’t know if he could take them all, but if his omega went for the Alpha, he could probably hold them off for that long.

“Wolf, I can’t fight. All my wolf knows as omega is submission,” Ember whimpered.

“I am enforcer, and even though I’ve not been trained, fighting is in my blood. I will hold them off while you go for the Alpha,” Wolf told her.

“But Wolf,” Ember all but whined.

“I can’t fight and worry about you too,” Wolf told her gruffly. “Now, when I say run, you run as fast as you can for the Alpha.”

“Okay. I love you.”

“I love you too,” Wolf said just as the rogue spoke again.

“Come with us willingly, freak, and maybe we’ll go easy on your little mate.”

Wolf growled loudly as the wolves gave a noise that would have been laughter if they had been in human form. Wolf adjusted his fighting stance a bit, his whole body shaking as the rogue gave his mate a lustful look.

The rogue laughed. “Well, boys, it looks like we’ll be fighting. I say the first one to kill the freak gets the girl first.” With that said, the rogue shifted into his wolf and leaped for Wolf.

Wolf growled as he began to claw at the rogue when he reached him. “Go now, mate!”

Ember ran. She ran faster than she’d ever run as she let out a pitiful howl. She heard paws thundering behind her.

Wolf’s yell screamed across her mind, “Keep going!”

Just as she heard Wolf give a loud growl, then a yip. She knew a rogue had chased her, and Wolf had taken him down. She let out a whine as she picked up her pace even more. Running through the dense part of the forest, she panted hard as she headed for the Alpha’s house, where she hoped he’d be. She had to get help for her mate. Bursting through the tree line, she suddenly hit something hard and went rolling backward with a yelp of pain. Sitting up, she shook her head to clear it as she looked up to see what she’d hit, Alpha.

Ember shifted. She stood panting, trying to talk, and catch her breath from her run at the same time. “Alpha, rogues! Ryker!

“Where?” Alpha growled.

“Lake,” Ember answered.

Alpha tilted his head back and let out a thunderous howl, letting his enforcers know there was trouble. In just minutes, five wolves joined them. Alpha said one word that had the whole group of them snarling. “Rogues.” He turned to Ember. “Lead the way.”

Shifting back into a wolf, she did exactly that. When Ember arrived back to where she’d left Ryker fighting the rogue wolves with the Alpha, it was to find him down with a wolf standing on him.

He’d managed to kill three of the wolves, but the fact that he was untrained and young had worked in their favor.

Ember whined at the sight of her mate being clawed by one rogue as the other two stood watching.

Wolf turned his gaze toward her, and she saw the glazed look in his eye. He was fading fast as his blood poured from his wounds. “I love you, my sweet omega mate,” Wolf whispered as his eyes closed and the wolf on him went in for the kill.

“NO!” Ember screamed at him in her head even as she found herself running for him.

Ember wasn’t a fighter, but he was her mate, her friend. She had suffered without his friendship for two long years only to find he was her mate. She wasn’t about to lose him now. Ember let out a long growl as she dashed toward the rogue on top of her mate. Her growl caused him to pause in giving the killing bite and look up. As he did, she leaped on top of him, rolling them both off Ryker.

Ember didn’t see the Alpha as he ran after her or Ryker’s dad as he and another enforcer tore off after the two rogues who were trying to escape. All she saw was the rogue who had tried to end her mate’s life, and it made her wolf see red. In that instant, her she-wolf took over entirely, and she bared her teeth at the rogue. She felt an inner strength she’d never felt before rising in her as she jumped on the rogue, tearing into his fur and flesh with her sharp claws and teeth!

“MINE, MINE, MINE! How dare you hurt what is mine, you filthy rogue!” She-wolf yelled though it came out as growls.

The rogue yelped, clearly shocked by her attack. The she-wolf used that to her advantage as she ripped his throat out. Turning toward her mate, she whined as she nuzzled at him, willing him to awaken. She licked his wounds and whined, needing him to open his eyes and look at her. To let her know he would be alright. She still felt him through their bond, but it was weak, she knew she was losing him, and it made her whimper in pain.

“Ember, back up, sweetheart. We need to get him to the pack doctor; without help, we’ll lose him,” a gentle voice said as hands began to move her.

She-wolf growled low.

“Ember. Listen to me, Ember!”

She-wolf looked away from her mate to the man who held her. He looked so much like her mate, just with darker hair. She cocked her head to the side and whimpered.

“I know you need him to be okay, so let us take him to the doctor. You still feel him. He’s still here. Let us help him so that he stays here with us,” the man gently said.

She-wolf gave the nod as she turned back to find a big man picking up her mate. She watched as blood dripped from the wounds in his body.

Mate,” she whimpered as she began to feel his pain through their bond. Then she passed out from it.

Ember woke up slowly, feeling strange. It was a weird hazy feeling that didn’t feel like her own somehow. Then as the events of the afternoon hit her, she sat straight up in the bed with a gasp, “Ryker!”

“He’ll be fine, he lost a lot of blood, but he’ll be okay,” a gentle voice said.

Ember turned to find her Uncle Eric sitting in a chair in the corner of Ryker’s bedroom and Aunt Anna sitting next to the bed. She looked down to find Ryker lying next to her, still in his wolf form. Ember frowned. Why…?

As if reading her mind, Uncle Eric spoke, “He will heal faster in that form. His wolf knows this, so he kept him from shifting, I suppose.”

Ember raised a hand to brush it along Ryker’s side as she looked at Aunt Anna. She had a hold of Ryker’s paw-like hand, and her eyes were red, as was her nose. Ember knew she’d been crying.

Aunt Anna looked up. “I’m glad you are alright, Ember. Eric told me how you killed…” Her voice broke in a sob, and she put a shaking hand to her mouth. “…killed the rogue who would have killed my son. Thank you.”

“I love him, Auntie. He is my world, and without him, I am nothing but a shell,” Ember whispered as she looked back down at the wolf next to her. “He is my forever… he is.”

Soft as a breeze, Ember felt something stir in her. A low, gruff voice asked, “Am I your forever, my sweet omega mate?”

Ember gave a soft sob as she looked to find Ryker’s wolfish eyes now open. “Yes, you are. You are my forever… truly. Don’t you ever forget it either, Mister.”

Anna looked up at her with a puzzled look even as Eric stood and crossed the room. “Son?”

Wolf turned his head toward his father. “I think I need some training, Father Wolf. Those rogues almost whooped my furry butt.”

Eric stared at him for a long moment. Then, with a laugh, he hauled Wolf’s body up and into his arms, squeezing him tightly. “I will give you all the training you can bear, son if it will keep this from happening again.”

Wolf shifted into his human body as he said, “Thanks, Dad.”

“Ryker,” Aunt Anna said in a trembling voice.

Ryker’s dad let him go and stepped back. Ryker turned to pull his mom into a hug. “I’m alright, Mom.”

Aunt Anna cried into his shoulder as he held her tightly. “You had us all so scared. You were out for hours!”

“I had to heal. That’s the way of it,” Ryker murmured, giving his dad a look.

His dad pulled his mom away, softly saying, “Come, love, let’s give them a moment, shall we.”

His mom gave the nod, and with one last look at Ryker, she allowed her mate to draw her out of the room.

Ryker pulled Ember into a hug. She crawled up into his lap, nuzzling her face into his neck. As she nuzzled his neck, she whispered, “I was so scared, Ryker, scared I was going to lose you.”

“I tried to hold them off and did surprisingly good for a while. Then the rogues got smart and ganged up on me. After that, it was a lost battle that I tried to survive until you got back,” Ryker murmured close to her ear as she held her.

Ember sat back and ran her hand gently along his jaw. “I love you so much, Ryker, and when I saw that rogue go in for the kill…”

Ryker cocked his head. “What did you do?”

Ember took a deep breath. “I killed him. I killed him before he could kill you, my forever.”

“Am I your forever… truly?” Ryker asked as his lips brushed hers softly.

Ember pushed closer, deepening the kiss a bit before backing away to say, “You always have been. You started as my forever friend. From the day you were born, you were the best friend a girl could have. Even though that path became a little crooked, we managed to find our way back to each other.”

“To find we are forever mates,” Ryker said with a grin.

“Yep, and now you are my forever, truly! It isn’t a question anymore, Ryker, my baby, it is a fact,” Ember told him.

Ryker laughed as he squeezed her tightly. “Oh yes, it is, so what say you we get out of here and continue on that forever?”

“Sounds like a wonderful idea,” Ember agreed whole hardily.

So, after dressing, Ryker and Ember left the room holding hands and smiling.

They had survived what happened and had a whole lifetime of love and happiness in front of them to live, truly.


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