My Forever... Truly? (BK3)

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Chapter 7

“Mate,” Ryker softly murmured again.

Ember gazed at her mate as she thought about all she needed to say. A bit hesitantly, she began, saying, “I think perhaps I kind of felt it that day at my sixteenth birthday party, but I didn’t know what it was.”

“How could you not know?” Ryker asked as he ran one of his fingers down her arm.

The electricity of his touch had her moaning, but she somehow managed to reply, “Ryker, I’m an omega, and you had yet to shift. While I knew I felt different that day, I didn’t know why. I thought maybe it was just a coming-of-age thing, although it did seem weird that I felt so possessive of you. I didn’t feel the sparks like we just felt, though, so…”

“You didn’t put the two together.”

Ember shook her head. “No. I might have asked someone, but suddenly you were gone. Then I was upset, especially when I realized Emerson had run you off somehow.”

Ryker nodded as he began to run his fingers through her hair. “I noticed you seemed more… clingy, I guess, but I just chalked it up to nervousness because of all the people at your house that day, which is why I pulled you away from everyone. Later, Emerson warned me away from you, but he was trying to be a good brother, I suppose.” His face took on a sad look as he continued. “At the time, it hurt me badly to have someone I thought was my friend threaten me that way.”

“Maybe he did mean well, but he ended up hurting us all instead. I know it broke the relationship between him and me. We just made up today,” Ember stated. “Enough about him, though. My wolf is pacing, and for once, I’m quite in agreement with her reasoning.”

“What reason would that be?” Ryker asked as he looked at her with his mossy green eyes.

“About receiving our first kiss. Kiss me, Ryker,” Ember whispered as she leaned forward.

Their lips touched, making them both moan as the sparks flew. The bond strengthened with just that one touch.

Pulling back slightly, Ember whispered, “Mine.”

“Mine,” Ryker whispered back.

Then their lips were melding together once more. Ember pushed him onto his back on the bed. Now that Ember had aligned their bodies, she wanted more. So, pulling back, she removed her shirt before laying back down on his bare chest. Bare skin now touched bare skin, and she moaned at how good it felt.

“Ember,” Ryker moaned as he moved his hands up along her spine.

Ember rubbed her nose along his neck before nipping at it. “You smell so good.”

“You feel pretty good too,” Ryker murmured in return.

Ember giggled before drawing back a bit. “We’ll be okay, won’t we?”

“Yes, I believe we will. I’ve missed you so much these last two years. I’ve almost gone to you many times, but I suppose I feared your brother and what he’d do to me. I mean, I may have enforcer blood which makes me strong, but he’s alpha making him stronger,” Ryker said as he continued to rub his hand along her back.

Moving around a bit to lay her head on his chest, Ember made herself comfortable. “Yeah, He became quite the grump, but finding his mate seems to have helped.” She paused before admitting, “I was scared to seek you out too. I thought you left that day because of something I did. I mean, I knew you talked to Emerson, but you wouldn’t return my calls.”

Ryker took a deep breath, his chest moving up, then down under hers. “Let’s put it all in the past and move forward.”

Lifting her head, Ember kissed him again. “I like that idea, and sad as this sounds, I’m fatigued.”

Ryker pushed her head down and brushed her hair back. “One question, then you can sleep. How did you finally know I was your mate?”

So, she explained it to him, her words slurring sleepily toward the end.

“And then you came through my window?”


Ryker chuckled.

“Never have I been so glad I leave my window open,” Ryker told her. “Sleep. We’ll have plenty of time to talk tomorrow.”

And safe in the arms of her mate, Ember let darkness carry her away.

Ember woke up feeling warm and snug. A delicious scent filling her nose, even as something tickled it. With a yawn, she moved away slightly, only to pause at the sound of a growl. When arms tightened around her, she stilled her movements completely, the events of the night before replaying in her mind.

Ryker is my mate. This makes me so happy I just want to howl with joy so the whole pack will know.

A tapping at the door caused Ryker to twitch against her.

“Ryker, son, it’s time to get up. Today is Greg’s baseball game, remember?” Ryker’s dad called out as he tapped again at the door.

Ryker groaned and opened his eyes. Then he stared at Ember as if he couldn’t believe she was there.

“Perhaps you should answer your dad, my baby,” Ember suggested before giggling. Then she quickly clamped a hand over her mouth. Enforcer hearing, oh, no!

“Ryker?” His dad called. The door began to open. “Who is with…” His dad stepped inside the room; his gaze now locked on her. “Ember?”

Ember raised her head to look over Ryker’s shoulder. Giving him a slight wave, she fluttered her eyes as she asked, “Hi, Uncle Eric. Or perhaps I should call you… papa?”

Uncle Eric frowned before he began to chuckle. “Uncle will work fine, Ember. The two of you are mates, and I’m guessing since you’re trying to call me Papa.”


“I’ll be out in a minute, Dad,” Ryker finally said after loudly groaning.

“I’d suggest you hurry if you want breakfast. Your two brothers are already at the table inhaling,” Uncle Eric told them. He then left, softly closing the door behind him.

Ryker slightly moved closer so he could nuzzle his face into her neck. After lightly kissing it, he murmured, “Good morning.”

“Morning, my baby,” Ember whispered back as she ran a hand through his hair. “As much as I’d like to stay here, I have a feeling your brother isn’t going to let you off the hook just because you now have a mate.”

“No, he won’t,” Ryker grumbled, yet instead of moving, his hand began to roam. It moved across her naked back, then up to cup her breast through her thin bra.

Ember whimpered. Electricity seemed to flow from his hand to her breast before moving through the rest of her. It made her tremble with need. His thumb brushed across her nipple, having slipped under the material of her bra. His lips nipped and kissed down her neck to her shoulder. Her hand tightened in his hair as her hips jerked against his.

Ryker grunted as he bit down lightly on her shoulder.

“Ryker… we have to stop. Your brother…” Ember said breathlessly.

“I’m a hormonal sixteen-year-old boy with a half-naked girl in my bed, Ember. Do you think I care about a baseball game right now?” Ryker growled in a deep, husky tone.

“No,” Ember whispered.

Ryker’s hand moved down into her baggy shorts. He pushed past the waistband of her panties, coming to a stop between her thighs. It took everything Ember had not to scream his name right then. When Ryker began to feel around as if learning all her secrets, she whimpered. He then slipped his finger inside her. This caused her to bring her leg up, draping it over his hip. She bucked against his hand, silently begging for more.

“So, warm and wet,” Ryker whispered. He took a deep breath, adding, “I can smell your need.”

“How? What does it smell like?”

“You did smell slightly of roses, but now your scent is stronger, more earthy. Like how the roses smell after the rain,” Ryker replied. He removed his hand, his head coming up as he looked toward the door.

Ember let out a whimper, missing his touch.

The door swung open. “Ryker, you promised to go to my game. We’re going to be late…” The voice stopped with a gasp. Whoever it was turned, and she heard him running down the hall as he yelled, “Mom! Ryker’s got a girl in his room, and I think she’s naked!”

Ryker choked out a laugh as he untangled himself from her and stood up. “How much you want to bet they purposely sent Greg in here to get me?”

Ember giggled, sitting up herself, then standing, reaching for her bag on the floor at the end of the bed. Once she had it, she pulled out clean clothing and dressed.

“What better way to stop what we were doing than by sending in the little brother?”

“Exactly,” Ryker agreed as he dressed also.

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