Alexandra Chriselda Kings (The prophecy)

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Alexandra Chriselda Kings is The future Alpha Queen of the werewolves and also a direct descendant of the moon goddess she has a Prophecy to fulfill, but in order to do so she must go under cover as an Omega to The crescent Moon pack. Felix Damien Carter the Alpha of the second strongest pack in the world. He thinks he is happy because he has a strong mate he doesn't want a weak woman. But what happens when his wolf claims a particular Omega from the Royals pack as his Mate. Will they ever come together to fulfill the prophecy?

That shy girl
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Chapter 1

3rd person pov.

"Good morning Everyone" Alpha Felix said, his voice booming with power.

"Good morning Alpha"was the reply from the pack members.

"The Reason for this meeting is so simple, the Royal pack is coming and their daughter will be staying with us for a year so I don't want anyone to misbehave, any wrong doing will cost you your life and the life of your family members, DO YOU ALL UNDERSTAND!!!!" He asked

"Yes Alpha" they said bearing their necks.

"You peasants must not mess this up" Luna Emily said.

"You are dismissed" Alpha Felix said.

The Crescent Moon pack has not been the same ever since their alpha found his mate, Before then he was a good leader he lost his parents to a road accident when he was 15 and was left with a 11 years old sister. He became the youngest Alpha but was one of the strongest.

Now at 23 Alpha Felix has become a new and wicked person. He rules side by side with his Luna Emily who isn't any way good.

Felix's POV

My wolf was angry at the fact that all my pack members are afraid of me.

"As an alpha you are supposed to be respected not feared" my wolf Arrow said.

"But you heard what our mate said, we are supposed to put fear in their minds so they won't betray us" I replied.

"Human I have told you times without numbers that Emily is not my mate, my mate is out there somewhere and I can feel it" he said.

My wolf keeps telling me that Emily is not my mate and that she is an imposter. But I don't believe it at all. There is Sparks whenever we touch and Even though my mark is not staying on her body. She is mine and mine alone.

"Yeah she is yours I don't want that filthy thing, can't you smell her and she that her smell doesn't calm us down, she is not our true mate!" He said growling at me.

I shut down the link and focused on the paper work in front of me.

I know her scent doesn't calm us down and my mark isn't staying but i love Emily and I will do anything to stay with her. Because she is my mate and I have to love her unconditionally.
Because one day she will bear my pups.

But what if my wolf is right? If she isn't my true mate who is?


I am sorry for the short chapter
😭😭 I will try to make it Longer

So how are you liking Felix so far is his wolf saying the truth??

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