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The fight for survival has begun and the one person who will define everything has been captured by the ones who seek to destroy everything she loves and cares about. The gods are no where to be found and she is alone. Alone with her thoughts that she will not be able to fight for long. Everything seems lost, but if that is the truth is still uncertain. Outside the walls of the hunter compound is an Alpha who became one of the strongest ones alive. An Alpha who will do anything to get her back and kill the ones who took advantage of her and tortured her. An Alpha who has the help of the gods and the one who holds the key to win or loose this war. Mera isn’t as alone as she thinks, she still has to play her part in this story, but will Killian, Edvin, Ken and Aksel be able to save her from, not only the hunters, but also her own mind? Will she be ready to merge herself with the Wild Wolf and become who she truly is? Will she be able to face the one who started everything? Loki... NOT A STANDALONE BOOK, BOOK 3 OF THE WOLFSKIN SERIES!!!

Fantasy / Action
A. Makkelie
4.9 16 reviews
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My touch has turned to stone, there is no fire left in my bones.

The whispers of a liar cursing me inside run through my mind and set my thoughts on fire.

The panic that rewinds with every sleepless night, intensifies.

I’m holding tight to the ever after.

I’m living for a sign, to survive the raging storm beyond the boundaries of my mind.

The body in which I’m living is a prison as the scheme of my life became deranged.

I need to break loose from my chains and rise above the waves that are trying to drown me.

I am fighting the darkness in my mind while I try to find the light.

I need to break out of my cage, but I am drowning in the river of life.

Can we fight the darkness, we’ve all been trying to hide inside of our minds?

Can we find the light that shines inside our soul?

I'm trying to hold on to my sanity before the darkness takes me from this place, but I am suffocating in this world.

My spirit has left with the tears that I have shed.

Can I justify the demons in my mind, while they show no mercy?

I defy the laws of humankind as they will make me keep on dreaming.

I need to to keep my mind clear and my grasp my purpose for this torture with both hands.

Yet, I can't shake this feeling that I have to die to feel alive...

And we have started book 3 of The Wolfskin Series!

I hope you guys enjoyed the prologue and are exited to see how the story of Mera and Killian will end!

Happy reading and let me know what you think throughout the story!

You guys are the best!
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