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《Lyysophobia = the fear of going insane or mad.》 "I promise that I'm trying to change. I just need time." "Don't break this promise, and I'll give you all the time you need" STARTED : 31/8/18 COMPLETED: 16/11/20 ~ no smut, mature, violence, has a message

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Chapter 1

I am Min Yoonji aka min Yoongi’s younger sister and I am 17 years old.

Min Yoongi and I live alone due to our parent always being out of town. We have lived alone for a few years now here in Seoul after living in Daegu our whole life.

Our parents are never home because they have business trips so our parents decided to let us live alone is this house permanently because we are old enough now.

After our parents left us Yoongi became busier and he was always in his room trying to find a way to pay for the house bills. Our parents helped us to pay them for a few months but then they said we’ll have to pay our selves after months of them helping us.

It really stressed Yoongi out, because of the bills I have decided to work part time since I am old enough to support us.

I am 4 years younger than him. My brother’s friend group is popular and well known in our school. They are well known for their charms. But where?? I don’t see anything!! Haha never mind I agree they are all handsome and cute.

On the first day he introduced me to them and they are very nice and I’m lucky to be Yoongi’s sister.

Over the next few months I got close to the members and Yoongi was always with me because he is a little overprotective so he also made sure I was safe.

After a while I got very close with Jimin and Yoongi noticed this too. Yoongi told me it was okay to be in a relationship with him but also warned me about him. He told me I shouldn’t worry about that and I should only pay attention to his cute side.


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