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My crazy ex

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chapter 2 permission

• viridity =
naive innocence.

Jimin pov
I texted yoongi hyung to ask him something important. Well it is important to me... Yoonji. I love her soo much.


Chimchim: I’m outside, make sure yoonji is in her room and then let me know.

Agust D:

Chimchim: sorry hyung...😒😆

Agust D:
Sure but why does she have to be in her room? Is it about her?

Chimchim: yes it’s about her but I’ll explain when I get in.

Agust D:
Okay fine, but u better not playing with me.

Chimchim: hyung you can trust me, dont worry and thx 😇😇😄

Agust D:
Okay she is in her room now, come in.


I got out of my car to go and meet yoongi hyung. He was standing by the door when I knocked and we sat on the couch. “So what did you want to talk about?” yoongi asked, rolling his eyes at my presence. Yeahh...I did wake him up after all.

“So I wanted to come and talk to you about it before I did anything-” “did anything??” He cut me off and said slightly raising his voice. “What do u mean by ‘did anything’ I told you jimin don’t do anything stup-” “hyung, calm down, I wasn’t going to do anything stupid, don’t worry” “okay so what we’re you going to say?” he asked suspiciously. “I was going to talk about me and yoonji’s relationship” “oka- wait WHAT” yoongi yelled with wide eyes. His wide eyed expression quickly went back to his annoyed expression.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner? How long has it been? Wait. Why hasn’t she told me yet!?” yoongi mumbled to himself. “Aish that girl YAH YOONJI COME DOWN-” I quickly jumped and covered his mouth with my hand. “Hyung shhh! She can’t know that I’m here!!” I whispered hoping she didn’t come running down the stairs.

He looked at me with a weird expression before I sat back in my seat grinning sheepishly. “Let’s just pretend nothing happened” Yoongi side whispered to me even though no one else was in the room. “Uhh okay sure” I mumbled resting my head on the back of the sofa. I saw yoongi looking the other way and coughing. His face was slightly red. “Uh hyung are you okay?” I asked as he looked back at me and smiled. “Yeah I’m fine just got a cough” he smiled again. Somethings up...he never smiles this much.

“Hyung why are you smiling so much..? Do I need to run?” I asked cautiously getting up from my seat and getting ready to run. He chuckled. “Lol no” he said gesturing me to sit back down. “I’m just happy for you” he said smiling widely. “Who are you and what have you done with yoongi hyung?” I said getting a pillow from the couch and holding it in front of me, for defence. “I’m serious” yoongi said laughing at my gestures. I eyed him suspiciously before setting the pillow down beside me.

“Hyung, I was wondering, if you were okay with me being with yoonji the whole time then why did you get so mad?” I asked changing the subject. “I was just testing you” yoongi said trying to dodge the question.

“When are you planning on telling her?” yoongi asked curiously. “On her birthday” I said jumping in my spot, smiling widely as the memory collided in my mind again. “Okay shall I tell the other members?” yoongi asked. “No I want it to be a surprise” I said shaking my head. Yoongi looked at me smiling widely again. It’s so freaking creepy when he does that! “Our jiminie is getting all big now!!” hyung said ruffling my hair. Well this is embarrassing... “Hyunngg!! I’m not a child anymore!! I’m 23!” I whined shuffling further away. “Okay fineee” he whined retracting his hand from my hair which was all messy now.

I was on my phone looking at my hair in the camera trying to fix it when I caught yoongi staring at me with a serious face. He looked troubled. Damn even that is scary too. “What is it hyung?” I asked looking at hyung with a worried expression.

“I want you to promise me something. I want you to promise me to look after her as if she is your life, your angel. Your beginning and your end. I don’t want any problems and I trust you to take care of her with your heart” yoongi said holding my shoulder staring in my eyes deeply. I slowly nodded understanding what he was saying. “I promise, hyung” I smiled standing up to leave.

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