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After completing his last mission, Niklaus Ashthorn finally decides to return home indefinitely. How can you live when your ex fiancé reigns the land you call home? Miserably, that’s how. With the help of some friends in high places, Ashthorn and his past lover must set aside their differences to save their home. Mysteries unravel, true colors are revealed, and magic and death lie in wait at every corner. Who better to fight off evil and save the peninsula than a princess and a mercenary? ~Forewarning, this story starts slow and picks up pace. I also don't have any editors so please forgive me for any spelling errors. I try my best :) ~

Fantasy / Adventure
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Before You Read

Hey guys! Thanks for picking up Blackthorn!

I wanted to include an index of places/pronunciations for the world of Blackthorn. A lot of the names used in this story are of my own creation, any similarities to any other works are purely coincidental. I do try to be selective and original with my worldbuilding, but I do take influences from European and Russian culture. You might notice names and places possessing common structure/dialect from these cultures.

Blackthorn is meant to be real-world adjacent; the people and places fictional, but resembling cultures from the world we know.

That being said, I have some rough pronunciations to help read Blackthorn a little more fluently. Feel free to discard this information, it’s just to show how the names and places were originally envisioned in my crazy brain box.

Altovar/Altovans: uhl-toh-VAHr / uhl-toh-VEHNS

Vraila: vRAY-luh

Barcena/Barcenians: bahr-SEHN-ah / bahr-SEEN-EE-ehns

Rhonesmith: ROHn-smith (that one’s pretty easy)

Catrice/Catricians: cah-TREESS / cah-TREE-shehns (like caprice and capricious, the last C changes from “s” to “sh”)

Silderret: SIHL-duh-ray

Dolimuth/Dolimuvans: dah-lee-MOO-θ(/th/) / dah-lee-MOO-vehnz

Ithuza/Ithuzans: ih-θ(/th/)OO-zuh / ih-θ(/th/)OO-zehnz

De Vrosse: Deh VRO-sseh

Trelov: tREH-lahv

Cesturo: SEHS-tuhr-oh

Let me know in the comments if you would like any more added to this list. Thanks, and enjoy! :)

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